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Chapter 1923 - I do like seeing you vexed like this

Chapter 1923: I do like seeing you vexed like this

After saying that, the Heavenly Emperor threw three pieces of compressed Heavenly City Fragments over to the Almighty Merchant.

The Almighty Merchant had an expression of disbelief when he saw this.

She’s actually returning them?

He pulled out a long golden staff and used it to tap on the Heavenly City Fragments to check on them.

These are actual Eastern Spring Pavilion fragments! They’re the real deal!

But the Heavenly Emperor was too cooperative; she had surely hidden something inside them—if he were to take them just like that, then he should pluck off his head and give it to Almighty Seller to kick around!

“What tricks are you playing here?” the Almighty Merchant said solemnly. He then stretched out his hand and used the sheet on his body to cover the three Ancient Heavenly City Fragments before putting them away.

“Why are all of you business people like this? You’re always full of distrust toward others. When I wasn’t cooperating with you, you said that you had a harder fist than me, and now that I have softened up and decided to cooperate and return your goods to you, you’re stirring up more trouble. What do I have to do to make you satisfied? You’re honestly making things really difficult here.” The Heavenly Emperor laughed, and said, “However, I do like seeing you vexed like this.”

“…” The Almighty Merchant.

The Heavenly Emperor said slowly, “I can assure you that the goods I returned to you are the fragments of Eastern Spring Pavilion. Moreover, I did not secretly exchange them for others, these are the three fragments that you took away from me back then.”


The little sun behind her exuded a dazzling light, setting off her stunning appearance.

“What did you do?” The Almighty Merchant’s heart felt stifled.

For the first time, he found himself extremely uncomfortable when the other party suddenly decided to cooperate with him. He discovered that he would much rather prefer them to fight, and that he would have much more peace of mind if he had just snatched the Heavenly City Fragments back from the Heavenly Emperor instead.

“I’ve already made my move. This is a battle of ability between us. If you can crack what I’ve hidden in the three fragments, then you win. Otherwise, you lose.” The Heavenly Emperor stretched out her hands, revealing a confident look on her face.

“You’re that confident?” The Almighty Merchant clutched his sheet and shrank back into a ball.

“That’s because I am the Heavenly Emperor.” The Heavenly Emperor raised her head slightly.

The Almighty Merchant laughed and disappeared into the shadows.

No matter what the Heavenly Emperor had done to the three Heavenly City Fragments, as long as they were in his hands, he was absolutely confident that he would be able to find out what she had left.

The Almighty Merchant disappeared, and the spatial blockade was lifted.

“Study it well, Fellow Daoist Almighty Merchant.” A slight smile emerged on the Heavenly Emperor’s face.

She then opened a spatial gate, stepped into it, and directly traveled into the vicinity of the scholarly faction’s White Cloud Academy.

Even if Fellow Daoist Almighty Merchant studies those fragments until next year, he won’t be able to find anything. After all, I didn’t leave anything on those fragments.

She could already picture the scene of the Almighty Merchant scratching his head while studying the fragments diligently.

She liked leaving other people in great confusion.

As for why she simply returned the three Heavenly City Fragments to Almighty Merchant?

This was because the thing she needed from the three Heavenly City Fragments, particularly the parts of them that were related to her path, had already been retrieved by her. As such, she would be able to make up for the lack of the three fragments.

In the ancient era, the Heavenly City was often demolished or partially damaged due to various accidents, and the Heavenly Emperor naturally had certain means to repair such damage.

These three fragments were not large in size, so it would not be too troublesome to recreate them.

Last but not least, she knew that the seller of the Eastern Spring Pavilion was little friend Song Shuhang. This gave her a lot more room to play with… She found little friend Song Shuhang a lot more fun to play with. She would much rather spend her time playing with Song Shuhang rather than waste her time with the Almighty Merchant.

“Mm-hm, time is precious.” The Heavenly Emperor’s figure disappeared into the spatial passage.

She was still busy retrieving the Heavenly City Fragments of the scholarly faction.


At the scholarly faction

Senior White’s clone, Song Shuhang, Su Clan’s Sixteen, Senior Turtle, Lady Onion, and True Monarch White Crane were brought by True Monarch Eternal Fire to the entrance of the world of the golden lotus.

The entrance to the world of the golden lotus had not yet been opened.

As Song Shuhang approached, he sensed a faint resonance between his inner world and the world of the golden lotus.

However, during the last accident in the world of the golden lotus, Song Shuhang and True Monarch Eternal Fire had worked together to seal up the passage connecting the world of the golden lotus and the world of the black lotus.

Therefore, Song Shuhang’s Inner World was unable to connect with the world of the golden lotus.

After the two small worlds faintly resonated with one another, they quieted down.

Song Shuhang turned his head and looked at Senior White’s clone, who was beside him.

He was neither suddenly dozing off nor entering seclusion. Senior White’s clone was in a normal state.

Coupled with his decent luck and that there was no darkness in the space between his brows, Song Shuhang felt especially calm.

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior Eternal Fire, what are we going to do next?”

True Monarch Eternal Fire responded, “I’ll show little friend Shuhang and Fellow Daoist White something first. When I heard little friend Shuhang mention that he transferred an Ancient Heavenly City Fragment into his small world, I returned to the scholarly faction to prepare and try doing the same. But in the end, it did not go smoothly.”

After saying that, True Monarch Eternal Fire clapped his hands. In the distance, a scholarly faction disciple controlled several pages of scriptures and carried a huge fragment of a public square.

Those texts on the scripture pages were written by the scholarly faction disciple by memory. After activation, 20 scripture pages were able to support the weight of a huge public square.

“The entrance to our world of the golden lotus is relatively large,” explained True Monarch Eternal Fire. “Anything the size of this huge public square can be stuffed through and into the world of the golden lotus.”

Song Shuhang was envious.

With the thousands upon thousands of years that the scholarly faction had been operating, the sect was easily able to make use of the world of the golden lotus. Once the world of the golden lotus was born, it was very huge, and it was a complete small world. They had been able to make great use of it and develop it in a short period.

Meanwhile, Song Shuhang was working on his Inner World nearly all on his own. In addition, the size of his small world was completely incomparable to that of the world of the golden lotus.

True Monarch Eternal Fire said, “Normally, other objects of the same volume can easily be sent into the world of the golden lotus. However, when transferring the Heavenly City Fragments, we are faced with a form of rejection.”

That group of scholarly disciples controlled the Heavenly City Public Square Fragment, and stuffed it into the world of the golden lotus.

With that, the fragment was slowly sent into the world of the golden lotus.

Song Shuhang said curiously, “Isn’t it going quite well?”

As soon as he said that, Song Shuhang’s Inner World sensed the world of the golden lotus producing a throbbing like it was experiencing nausea.

In the next moment, the huge fragment of a public square was spat out.


Perhaps due to the influence of the Inner World, the Heavenly City Public Square Fragment that had been spat out by the world of the golden lotus shot straight toward Song Shuhang.

“Why was it reflected over there?” True Monarch Eternal Fire said softly—nevertheless, the scholarly faction had already long prepared for this reaction, so there was no need to worry.

“Be careful!” Song Shuhang took Sixteen’s little hand, and brought her behind Senior Turtle to squat down and hide.

Senior Turtle was currently in its three-meter-tall giant turtle form—in this form, it was relatively wide.

Its turtle shell was just enough for Song Shuhang and Sixteen to hide behind.

“Aaah, what do I do?” cried Lady Onion. Since she was too lazy to walk, she was stuck on the enlightenment stone on Senior Turtle’s shell.

If the Heavenly City Fragment crashed down on Senior Turtle’s shell, wouldn’t she be squashed into onion paste?

Senior Eternal Fire smiled, and said, “Don’t worry, we have long been prepared for this. This isn’t a problem at all.”


The Ancient Heavenly City Fragment that was spat out hit an invisible barrier before finally falling in front of Senior Turtle slowly.

Senior White’s clone said, “Don’t worry, you have decent luck today. There definitely won’t be a case of you getting squashed by a Heavenly City Fragment.”

With Senior White having said that, Song Shuhang felt at ease all of a sudden.

The black-skinned Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “As it is now, it would at most crash in front of you, but it definitely would not hurt you.”

Song Shuhang suddenly got the urge to move his right hand and use the ❮Saber-Nurturing Technique❯.

True Monarch Eternal Fire said, “This is what happens to most Heavenly City Fragments. Even if they can fit and are then sent into the world of the golden lotus, they will be rejected and repelled by the world of the golden lotus after a short while.”

Senior White’s clone squatted beside the Heavenly City Fragment. “Are all Heavenly City Fragments rejected?”

True Monarch Eternal Fire said, “Almost all of them are. So far, the scholarly faction has only been able to transfer two very small fragments into the world of the golden lotus. This is why I asked Shuhang to come and have a look.”

Song Shuhang walked forward to the side of the Heavenly City Fragment, and stretched out his hand to feel out the fragment.

He did not feel any difference between this Ancient Heavenly City Fragment and any of the other fragments that he had been in contact with.

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior White, what do you think?”

Senior White replied, “I don’t know yet. Let me check it out first. We can enter the world of the golden lotus and take a look at the two Heavenly City Fragments that were able to be moved in and see what’s different with them. What do you think?”

Song Shuhang nodded, and said, “Just now, when the Heavenly City Fragment was sent into the world of the golden lotus, my Inner World sensed that the world of the golden lotus felt nauseated.”

“Nauseated?” True Monarch Eternal Fire looked bewildered.

Lady Onion snapped her fingers. “So you’re saying that the Heavenly City Fragment was not in line with the tastes of the world of the golden lotus, and it found it disgusting and spat it out? If that’s the case, do we have to make the Heavenly City Fragment taste better?”

Song Shuhang chuckled, and said, “For example, sprinkle some fragrant onion oil on it?”

Lady Onion shivered.

“I’m just kidding. You work for me now, and I promised not to take your onion sprouts out of nowhere,” Song Shuhang said seriously. “That is, unless you give me your permission.”

Lady Onion shook her head desperately.

At this moment, Su Clan’s Sixteen asked, “Shuhang, since the world of the golden lotus rejects this Heavenly City Fragment, does your small world also reject it?”

Song Shuhang thought for a moment, and said, “Senior Eternal Fire, should we try transferring this Heavenly City Fragment into my small world and see if my Inner World rejects it?”

They just had to be careful when carrying the experiment out lest the Inner World directly incorporated the Heavenly City Fragment into itself.

“No problem, we actually had the same thought,” True Monarch Eternal Fire said.

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