Cultivation Chat Group

Chapter 24: Student Song Shuhang, here’s your express delivery

Chapter 24: Student Song Shuhang, here’s your express delivery

9AM in the morning.

The pair sat on the train heading towards Jiangnan University. They had good luck, as they arrived at J City’s Black Elephant station at 8:45 while the train was due to leave at 9AM.

The journey back was peaceful.

When they arrived at Jiangnan University City, it was already noon.

“Would you like to go to my place to play?” Song Shuhang said politely. He realised upon asking her that having only known her for a few days that he wasn’t close enough to her to suggest that. Their relationship was similar to that of acquaintances, asking this of her was extremely rude of him.

“Thank you very much Senior, if I ever have time in the future I will definitely come find you. However, I must now rush home to complete the contract with this spirit ghost first. Furthermore, if I delay any further daddy might return, and that would be very bad.” Soft Feather kindly declined with a sweet smile and a slight bow.

Song Shuhang laughed heartily. “Then this is where we part. You can take a taxi directly to Jiangnan Airport once you exit the train station. Will you be alright by yourself?”

“There’ll be no problem, I have already booked the ticket for my return flight as well. I just need to get to the airport and then I will be able to get home. By the way Senior, what is your address? I still need to send you those two boxes of herbs!” Soft Feather suddenly remembered the promise she had made before their trip.

She is a proper lady that keeps her word, if she promises to do something she would definitely do everything she could to fulfill it.

“Forget about it, let’s talk about that another time.” Grasping this so called ice pearl with a ‘ghost sealed’ within, Song Shuhang faintly felt that the medicinal ingredients that Soft Feather had mentioned earlier weren’t nearly as simple as he previously thought.

“Senior, please don’t think that I am one who goes back on their word. The word of a Butterfly Islander holds the weight of nine cauldrons!” Soft Feather seriously insisted.

“Okay then…” Song Shuang knew that he couldn’t refuse, so took out his notebook and wrote down his mailing address on it, then tore out the page and gave it to Soft Feather.

Soft Feather carefully stored this note, and then bade Shuhang farewell.

Song Shuhang watched her leave, then heaved a sigh of relief.

“It’s finally over! I probably won’t have any interaction with this lady again, right?” Song Shuhang scratched his head and laughed to himself. “Time to go back!”

To the future Song Shuhang, you have to be grateful to Soft Feather’s insistence on this day!

If she hadn’t insisted on sending those two boxes of herbs, Song Shuhang would have stayed an ordinary person for his entire life. He would finish university, find an ordinary job, marry an ordinary wife and have cute kids. A simplistic, idyllic life would have been his future.

As a result of Soft Feather’s support today, Song Shuhang’s life would soon experience a transformation that would shake the heavens and rock the earth.



Nine Provinces (1) Group.

North River’s Loose Practitioner: “Soft Feather, did you manage to find the Ghost Lamp Temple?”

Spiritual Butterfly Island’s Soft Feather (Online via Mobile): “I found it and managed to accomplish my task smoothly, and I’m now on my way home.”

“I had mistakenly went to the wrong place, and ended up in Jiangnan City’s Luo Xin Street. However, I was fortunate to meet a powerful senior from the group there, Senior Song, who helped me find the J City’s Luo Xin Street and the Ghost Lamp Temple. Then he helped me accomplish my mission as well!”

“The group’s Senior Song? What is that senior’s dao name?” The North River’s Loose Practitioner asked. The surname Song was a very common surname, there were many seniors with the surname Song in the group.

“Ah!” Soft Feather sent a tongue stuck-out expression. “I asked him for his dao name, but he didn’t tell me. I then forgot about it afterwards, but I do know that his name is Song Shuhang!”

“Song Shuhang, this name sounds familiar…” The North River’s Loose Practitioner felt that he heard the name somewhere before but couldn’t remember where. “Haha, in any case, I should congratulate you on your smooth completion of the task.”

After all, he had agreed to help but in the end yet wasn’t much help at all. He felt guilty in this regard.

“Thank you North River Senior, you were very helpful too!” Soft Feather happily commented. “I am boarding the plane now, I’ll talk to you later!”

On the plane, Soft Feather switched off her phone and looked out the window.

The seniors in the chat group are truly very nice.

Especially Senior Song, he’s such an incredibly nice guy!

The shining good friend card was firmly placed onto Song Shuhang’s head despite the great distance between them.


The next day.

June 4th, Tueday, relentless heat!

Jiangnan University City, the lecture theatre had fourteen large fans blowing frantically, yet all it blew was hot wind, making people turn even more muddle-headed.

The lecturer’s back had long been soaked with sweat, it was hot to the point that speech became a lot softer.

Shuhang sat upright in the classroom on this hot summer’s day. Unlike the others in the room, he felt pretty clear-headed.

He had attended so many classes ever since he was young, yet this was the first time he had attended in such a relaxed manner. He was able to memorize the contents of the lesson that the lecturer was teaching, and was even able to clarify three points just from hearing one point, speedily grasping the important things.

He even had the ability to multitask in this situation. While paying attention in class, he was also allowing his thoughts to run wild on other matters.

By his side, there was a female student that was sitting three seats away from him. She could not help but get closer and closer to him. In the end, she wished that she could stick her well-developed body onto Song Shuhang, and let the smell of her perfume unceasingly enter his nose.

This was not because Song Shuhang’s charm had increased overnight. Rather, in this blistering hot weather, he was producing cold air, almost like a human air conditioner. It made it hard for people to not move closer to him.

Song Shuhang secretly lowered his head to look at the pearl hanging from his neck. This was the ‘Ghost Sealing Ice Pearl’ that Soft Feather gave her. When he put on this pearl, it automatically removed all of the torrid heat on Song Shuhang’s body, and even gave him a cool layer of protection against the sweltering heat.

Moreover, when he wore this pearl, he felt that his mind became very clear and agile. In the past, he had to recite the English idioms three to four times before he could memorise them. Now, he felt like he was able to keep them firmly in his heart just by hearing them once.

This… was definitely a godlike item for studying! With this, he could get through school with no difficulties.

This item was already somewhat beyond the realm of what science could explain.

The scene of what happened when Soft Feather ‘sealed the ghosts’ surfaced in his mind.

“Do they really exist?” Song Shuhang murmured to himself. This miraculous ice pearl made him believe in the existence of cultivation a little bit more.

In this pearl, is there really a spirit ghost sealed inside?

Cultivation, is it truly more than a legend?

Immortals that could fly? Do they actually exist?

Is it really possible to move the mountains and seas?

One after another, questions surfaced in Shuhang’s mind, filling his brain.

If these things truly exist…… Then are the people in the Nine Province (1) Group really immortals?

He never had a day that he wanted to look at ‘Nine Provinces (1) Group’ more than today, he wanted to see the conversations between the people inside, and find evidence to support his hypothesis.

Why hasn’t the class ended yet? Please end quickly.

Shuhang muttered in his heart.



*Ding Ding Dong*

The bell for break time had sounded.

The students in the classroom all cheered excitedly then quickly stood up to leave the steamer-like classroom, and walked out to the hallway to cool down.

There was only the girl who sat beside Song Shuhang who felt reluctant to leave. She felt that it was very cooling by his side, and it was even more comfortable than an air conditioner. It was a shame she wasn’t Song Shuhang’s girlfriend, it wasn’t appropriate to continue bothering Shuhang when class had ended.

Should she try to be Song Shuhang’s girlfriend? She quietly eyed Shuhang. Although he didn’t stand out in class, wasn’t he very manly? It’s so tempting, if she could hug a cool man like him to sleep in the hot summer, he would make the best body pillow, right?

“Hello, may I ask if student Shuhang is around?” At this point, there was a powerful voice by the door.

This ear-splitting sound made all the students at the scene come to a stop.

Shuhang looked over, and noticed the man dressed in a suit. He had a scary face which displayed an awkwardly kind smile.

I don’t seem to know him?

He got up and raised his hand. “That would be me. May I ask who are you and what do you want from me?”

“Haha, I am from Feng Shou Courier. There are two large packages for student Song Shuhang that had been sent by means of express delivery via air travel, sent to you at maximum speeds overnight. Because this was sent at the request of an extremely important customer, so I require your personal signature before handing it over.” The formal man laughed, and respectfully handed his name card over to Song Shuhang.

Shuhang received the business card and looked at it.

Feng Shou Courier Corporation LLC, Sima Jiang!

This was a simple name card, with no information on his post, just the his name and the name of the company.

Even courier personnel hands out name cards these days?

Shuhang kept this name card with doubts in his head. What express delivery did he have which required immediate air delivery?

It was at this point that Soft Feather’s bashful smile surfaced in his mind.

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