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Chapter 9: The Other Luo Xin Street

Chapter 9: The Other Luo Xin Street

Song Shuhang was in Jiang Nan region, with his good man character, he definitely wouldn’t reject an effortless matter like leading the way. However, at that moment, he had the spirit to help but not the strength. Because University city was a 2 hour car ride from Jiang Nan airport. Jiang Nan region was a county after all, its territory wasn’t small.

Moreover, Song Shuhang was unfamiliar with J City, and had never ever heard of that Ghost Lamp Temple before.

All he knew was that J City was adjacent to the Jiang Nan region, and was also a very well known city within Huaxia.

Because that place is also the holy site of various religion, the many religious people can cause eyes to blur. Every year, during the religion’s festivals, the number of believers who make a pilgrimage to J City is enough to cause it to be packed to the point where not even an ant can squeeze its way through.

There were as many temples there were hairs on an ox, trying to find a little temple in a city like that was truly difficult.

“Come to think of it, the name Luo Xin Street sounds really familiar, have I heard of it before?” Song Shuhang murmured.

Nibbling on his steamed stuffed bun, Song Shuhang leaned back on the rocking chair and swayed. Searching for the words ‘Luo Xin Street’ in his mind, he tried to draw out the source of this mysteriously familiar feeling.

Mankind’s brains have always been strange, some memories will surface whether the host wishes to or not, yet when the host tries to recalls that memory, they will not surface no matter how the host racks their brains trying to force it out.

“I probably heard this name from some news channel before, right?” Shuhang gave up, and no longer wasted his brain cells on this matter.


Soft Feather dragged the huge suitcase to the taxi stand.

In barely a moment, there were several taxis moving towards Soft Feather, this proved that a pretty face is advantageous in any situation. Otherwise, solely based on that huge suitcase, many taxi drivers would dispel their thoughts of picking up this passenger.

“Miss, where to?” A red taxi took up the first spot, the driver was a middle-aged man with a square face, speaking Mandarin with a heavy Jiang Nan region’s accent.

“Sir…… Do you know where Ghost Lamp Temple is?” Soft Feather asked, her voice was gentle, a stark difference from a youthful and lively appearance, but all these only made her all the more attractive.

The middle-aged man with a square face thought hard and bitterly, and shook his head, “Ghost Lamp Temple, I’ve never heard of it before.”

Seeing the middle-aged man with a square face shake his head, Soft Feather’s heart sunk, her little face was a little red, for she was extremely disappointed.

Fortunately, the middle-aged man with a square face immediately asked, “Do you know which street it is in?”

“I know, it’s Luo Xin Street!” Soft Feather replied at once.

“Luo Xin Street, I know of this place, and I’m very familiar with it, for I stay in that street. However Miss, are you sure you got the name of the temple right? I’ve stayed there for many years, and have never heard of this Ghost Lamp Temple before.” The middle-aged man with a square face seriously replied.

Because of his vocation, he had a thorough understanding of all of the nearby areas. He was especially familiar with Luo Xin Street where he stayed, to exaggerate a little, every inch of land had his footprint, yet he had never heard of the name Ghost Lamp Temple.

“Ah?” Soft Feather’s little face turned even redder, however she immediately replied with resolution, “Then Sir, please bring me to Luo Xin Street!”

She was prepared to go there and ask around, if it truly cannot be done…… Then she could only thicken her skin and call her dad. However, that is her final plan, and must not be used unless there truly is no alternative in sight.

“Miss, are you in a hurry? If you aren’t, you may take a bus to Luo Xin Street. Taking a taxi there would be a little expensive, for it’s a 2 hour drive.” The middle-aged man with a square face explained.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to earn money, but the fee to take a 2 hour taxi ride truly wasn’t small. The other party obviously had no knowledge of the distance, if the distance and price wasn’t clearly mentioned before the journey, a dispute could easily occur after arriving at the destination.

“That’s alright, you only need to worry about bringing me there.” Soft Feather revealed a bashful smile, money wasn’t a problem for her at all.

When the middle-aged man with a square face confirmed this, he was delighted inside. The amount that would be earned in this trip was pretty significant.

“Alright then, you may enter the vehicle, the suitcase can be placed into the boot.” As he said that, the middle-aged man with a square face opened up the boot, then opened his door to prepare getting off and helping to lift the suitcase.

After all, that suitcase was very bulky, where would this young lady find the energy to lift it up?

However, when the middle-aged man with a square face opened his door and turned his head back, his mouth opened into the shape of an ‘O’ and couldn’t close for a long time.

What he saw was that the young lady who seemed weak and gentle lift up the huge suitcase with a single hand…… She did not drag it up, hug it up or whatever. It was like she was merely lifting a small plate as she dexterously lifted up the suitcase with a single hand, and placed it into the boot.

Could it be that the suitcase looked big, but was actually very light?

Just as he was thinking of that, he felt the car’s rear slightly sink. The middle-aged man had been a taxi driver for many years, and had long achieved the stage of one with the car. Once the car’s rear sunk, he could roughly estimate the weight of the object.

This suitcase is probably over 60kg, right? Maybe even heavier, approximately the weight of an adult male.

Does this lady practice weight-lifting? This truly is some godly innate strength.

The middle-aged man with a square face swallowed his saliva. Fortunately, he was always a kind taxi driver, if it was someone with evil intent that schemed after seeing a beauty that met this lady, they would definitely brought down in a flash.

Soft Feather didn’t know how shocking her actions were. After placing the suitcase in, she took two steps back to the car’s rear door and got in.

“Miss, you’re pretty strong, please sit tight.” The middle-aged man with a square face laughed and stepped on the accelerator. The red taxi left the taxi stand, and headed towards Luo Xin Street.



Nine Provinces (1) Group.

Spiritual Butterfly Island’s Soft Feather (Online via Mobile): “Senior North River, I am headed towards Luo Xin Street right now, but the taxi driver does not know of Ghost Lamp Temple. I intend to ask the residents there after arriving at Luo Xin Street, perhaps somebody would know.”

“Alright, I asked several people, however, nobody knows anything about it for now. Anyways, I will contact you if there’s any information.” North River’s Loose Practitioner replied.

“Thank you senior.” Soft Feather sent a smiley, and quietly formed a fist. With North River’s Loose Practitioner’s reply, her restless mood slightly calmed. To be honest, this was her first time travelling so far away from home alone. In the past, she always either had her father to keep her company, or travelled only to regions close to Spiritual Butterfly Island.

She kept feeling a little excited.



Song Shuhang had not read the chat log above yet…… Because he was too bored with having nothing to do, he once again went to window read.

He carried the thick book he rented previously. This was a book that he hasn’t finished reading. To him, if something like a book isn’t read in the shop, it would lose a lot of its taste.

Just like the ‘Handsome Guy Kang’ instant noodles, the taste of it dry and the taste of it cooked is totally different.

[TL: Raws wrote 康帅哥 instant noodles, but I believe he mean 康帅傅 instead, maybe the author was trying to be funny, no idea here.]

Before he left, he brought coincidentally brought his cellphone with him. Song Shuhang doesn’t have the habit of bringing his cellphone around with him.

In present day, cellphones have more and more functions, similarly, the sizes of them also increased. Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to find a cellphone that only has the function of making phone calls. Due to the size of the cellphones becoming too big, Song Shuhang even used that thing as a landline telephone.

“7% battery strength, it should be enough to use.”

There’s not much left, but if it’s only to pick up calls and reply messages, it should be enough to last him an afternoon.

Thinking this way, he carried his phone, picked up his rented book and headed for the book shop’s bliss of window reading.


Time flew past.

Approximately 1.5 hours later.

“Strange, could it be that I got up in the wrong posture this morning?” Song Shuhang placed the thick book in his hands back to the bookshelf. Unexpectedly, he couldn’t continue reading!

Regardless of whether it was fiction, car theories, manhua or classical works, he totally couldn’t extensively read any of them. This was the first time he met something like this in his lifetime.

“This is strange.” Song Shuhang murmured, then sighed. He then casually picked out a book and headed for the renting counter.

If he can’t immerse himself in it, then window reading has no meaning.

Thinking for a while, he decided to have a stroll around the vicinity of University City, and relieve his boredom.

When it comes to relieving boredom, the well-known spot near Jiang Nan University must be mentioned——Foodie Paradise.

I shall go eat something good!


Foodie Paradise is a prosperous food street, 2 streets apart from Jiang Nan University, requiring a 20 minute walk. But this little distance is absolutely incapable of stopping the march of the foodies.

Over here, other than the airplanes that fly in the skies, and the four-legged stools that stay on the ground, everything can be found. All appetites can be satiated.

All this time, this place has been named ‘Foodie Paradise’ or ‘Food Paradise’, while its original name has instead been forgotten.

What’s this place called?

Song Shuhang raised his head to look toward the street’s sign.

‘Luo Xin Street Welcomes You’, the sign with 5 bright and gold words brilliantly shined under the sun.

Oh that’s right, this place is called Luo Xin Street, great name.

Shuhang thought that way, and entered the street.

After walking two steps in, he fiercely turned around. He then quickly moved back to the large signboard, and stared at the 5 large bright and dazzling golden words.

Luo Xin Street Welcomes You!

He wasn’t seeing things, it was Luo Xin Street.

Song Shuhang was speechless.

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