Cultivation Online

Chapter 17 - Blood Sec

Chapter 17 - Blood Sec

'H-He should be fine, right? This is just his reaction as an NPC, right? His arm will regrow as if nothing happened after I leave, right?' Yuan tried to convince himself so that he'd feel less guilty for cutting the disciple's arm.

"Y-You bastard! I will fucking kill you!" Ren Fuchen roared in anger, but he was secretly fearful of Yuan's tyrannical strength. Even now, his arms are shaking from Yuan's strike.

"It's not my fault he jumped into our fight," Yuan directed the blame towards the disciple, which caused the disciple to cough up a mouthful of blood upon hearing his words.


The disciple continued to yell at the top of his lungs, but the nearby disciples did not assist him, as they did not want to be caught up in their ruckus.

Eventually, the disciple's voice reached Elder Jiang's ears, who was sipping tea not too far from the place.

Throwing his tea down, Elder Jiang leaped into the air and approached the noise. The way he jumped from rooftops to rooftops made it seem as though he could control the gravity around him, allowing him to be weightless.

When he arrived, Elder Jiang's eyes widened with shock at the puzzling situation. He then quickly reacted by stopping the blood from spurting out of the disciple's arm.

Once he fixed the problem by placing some sort of seal around the disciple's arm, Elder Jiang wiped the sweat from his forehead and turned to face Mo Zhou.

"What the hell is going on here, Mo Zhou?!"

He directed his anger towards Mo Zhou, who was trying his best not to piss his pants from listening to the disciple's agonizing screams.

"T-T-This… T-They confronted us with hostility, and in order to protect me, Daoist Yuan sparred with senior apprentice-brother Ren… When senior apprentice-brother was on the verge of losing, senior apprentice-brother Huang tried to back-stab Daoist Yuan, which resulted in this situation…"

"Daoist Yuan? That child?!"

Elder Jiang turned to look at Yuan, who was trying to hide the bloody sword in his hand behind his back while awkwardly smiling at him.

"This child, who is only a ninth level Spirit Apprentice, defeated not only Huang Ding but also Ren Fuchen, one of the top Inner Court disciples?"

Elder Jiang couldn't believe his ears. Although Cultivators achieving victory against people with a higher Cultivation base is not that uncommon, such a large skip in level is unheard of!

"It doesn't matter who is right or wrong here right now, but is this how you repay my generosity for letting you inside as a guest? I don't care what background you came from, prepare to face the consequences for attacking a disciple of the Flying Sword Sect!"

Elder Jiang began approaching Yuan, who felt something amiss here. They are clearly the ones in the wrong for confronting him, and he even defended one of their disciples from getting bullied, yet he's going to be punished?

Sure, he did slice that disciple's arm off, but that was an accident that could've been prevented if he didn't jump in the middle of their match.

"It doesn't matter who is right or wrong? Although I do not belong here, don't I have the right to be safe as a guest in your house? One of your students provoked me into fighting him, but you don't care about that. Your own students are being bullied by their fellow students in plain sight, yet nobody even bothered to prevent it. If this is how you act as a teacher of this place, then I don't think you should be a teacher!" Yuan said what was on his mind without saving any face for Elder Jiang.

"How dare you! Who are you to lecture me?!" Elder Jiang's eyes turned red from anger, clearly provoked by Yuan's words.

Seeing Elder Jiang emit faint killing intent, Xiao Hua also silently prepared herself. If Elder Jiang so much as tries to hurt Yuan, she will not hesitate to kill him.

Just as Elder Jiang prepared himself to punish Yuan for speaking out of line, a sudden voice resounded in his ears.


Elder Jiang instantly halted his movements and turned to look behind him.

When he saw that it was a middle-aged man with sharp features and a dominating presence standing behind him, his eyes widened with shock.

"S-Sect Leader!"

Not only Elder Jiang but everybody there exclaimed loudly.

"Step back, Elder Jiang. I will personally take care of this."


Elder Jiang was shocked speechless, but he didn't dare refuse and silently nodded.

Once Elder Jiang stepped back, the Sect Leader stepped forward.

He then looked at Ren Fuchen and Huang Ding and spoke, "I have been watching since the beginning."

His words dumbfounded the two, causing them to tremble in fear.

"How pathetic. Not only did you lose a two on one but you also had the audacity to attempt a back-stab. Where did you learn to fight like cowards? I do not recall teaching this type of swordsmanship in my Sect! I will surely discipline both of you afterward."

Ren Fuchen's expression paled upon hearing the Sect Leader's words. Knowing his character, they will surely be experiencing hell after this. As for Huang Ding, he directly fell unconscious after hearing the Sect Leader's words.

"What is your response?!" The Sect Leader suddenly roared.

"Y-Yes, Sect Leader!" Ren Fuchen replied in a cracked voice.

"Hmph." The Sect Leader coldly snorted.

He then turned to look at Yuan. "That technique you used just now… You must be from the Blood Sect."

'The Blood Sect?! That evil place?!' Elder Jiang cried inwardly.

He didn't expect someone innocent-looking like Yuan to be apart of that vile place! If he'd known, he would have never allowed him inside this place!

"I do not want any trouble with you or your place, so please just leave us alone. As for this incident, it was our fault, so you don't have to worry about anything."


Everybody there was speechless watching their domineering Sect Leader act so humble before someone way younger. Not many of them even have heard of this Blood Sect, so they were also puzzled.

"Uhhh…" Yuan was also speechless. He didn't expect the situation to make such a turn and was at a loss of what to do.

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