Cultivation Online

Chapter 457 - Chairman Zhao

Chapter 457 - Chairman Zhao

"S-Sorry, I spaced out…" The bulky man said in a still dazed voice.

"You have passed the cultivation test."

Meixiu nodded and stood up.

"If you don't mind me asking, what cultivation base have you achieved?" The bulky man suddenly asked her.

"Ninth Level Spirit Apprentice," Meixiu responded in a calm voice.

"N-Ninth level!" The bulky man trembled upon hearing this.

"Is there anything else?" Meixiu then asked him.

"N-No…" he quickly shook his head.

However, just as Meixiu started walking back to Yuan, a loud voice suddenly resounded, causing everyone to turn to look at the source.

"Wait a second, young lady!"

At the end of the hall, an old man followed by four other individuals could be seen approaching them in a hurry.

"C-Chairman!" The bulky man exclaimed when he saw this old man, and he quickly lowered his head to bow.

'Who?' Meixiu wondered inwardly as they approached her.

"Hello, young lady. My name is Zhao Zheng, and I am the chairman of the Cultivators' Association. I saw your cultivation just now, and it left me in awe. Can I get your name?"

"Meixiu," she responded.

"Then, Lady Meixiu, would you like to join my Cultivators' Association? We are currently in need of talented cultivators, and you're exactly what we are looking for. If you join us, we can guarantee you a Heaven-grade cultivation technique, and when we acquire a Divine-grade cultivation technique in the future, you will also get to practice it." Zhao Zheng said, trying to recruit Meixiu into the Cultivators' Association.

However, Meixiu quickly shook her head and said, "Thank you for the offer, but I do not wish to join the Cultivators' Association."

The spectators were shocked when Meixiu refused Zhao Zheng's offer so casually. Many of them had plans to join the Cultivators' Association after this, so when they saw Meixiu getting recruited by the chairman of the association, they were overwhelmed with jealousy.

"What! The chairman himself personally invited you to join the Cultivators' Association and you dare refuse?! Know your place!" One of the figures standing behind Zhao Zheng suddenly exclaimed.

Another one then said, "You may have some talents in cultivation, but without a proper cultivation technique, you can only go so far. However, if you join us, we can guarantee you a limitless future."

Despite their words, Meixiu remained calm and said, "I refuse."


"Stop." Zhao Zheng suddenly interrupted.

Once there was silence, he continued, "Can you at least tell me why you're refusing my offer? Are you already part of another power? Or do you have something against our association?"

"I have nothing against the association. My hands are already fully occupied with other matters, and I'm not interested in the Cultivators' Association in general." Meixiu said.

"Other matters? There's nothing my association cannot solve. If you join us, we'll help you with whatever you're occupied with." Zhao Zheng wasn't willing to give up someone as talented as Meixiu so easily.

Hearing his words, Meixiu smiled and said, "No thank you. I enjoy what I am doing, and I will continue doing it until I am no longer needed."

"What a pity." Zhao Zheng shook his head.

He then said, "Well, if you ever decide to change your mind, my Cultivators' Association will always have its doors opened for you."

Zhao Zheng turned around and walked away without saying anything else. The four people with him lingered for a little longer to stare at Meixiu with displeased looks on their faces before leaving with Zhao Zheng.

Once the place returned to being somewhat peaceful, the bulky man could finally breathe properly, and he continued the examination shortly after.

"Young lady, you're going the wrong way." The bulky man said to Meixiu when he noticed her returning to the line.

He then pointed at the door on the other side and continued, "If you're finished, you go to that room."

"I didn't come alone," she said to him.

Meixiu then walked to Yuan and began pushing his wheelchair.

"He's with me, and he's also here to register," she said.

"He's also a cultivator?" The bulky man raised his eyebrows when he saw Yuan.

This is his first time seeing someone in a wheelchair registering as a cultivator.

As they approached the bulky man, Meixiu whispered to Yuan, "I think you should keep it low-key. I don't want those people coming back to bother you. They're definitely a troublesome bunch. I can only imagine what will happen if they see your real talents."

"I know. I'll restrain myself." Yuan said.

Meanwhile, after they left the test room, Zhao Zheng didn't actually leave and stayed behind to continue watching Meixiu.

"Do we have any information on that girl?" He asked the four behind him.

One of them pulled out his phone and said, "According to the clerk that spoke with them, she's a servant from the Yu Family. They're a powerhouse in the entertainment industry."

"What about that young man in a wheelchair? How is he related to her?"

"He's also from the Yu Family— their son. That girl is probably his caretaker or something."

"I see…"

Back in the other room, the bulky man said, "Whenever you're ready."

Yuan took a deep breath and began to absorb the spiritual energy in the room, making sure to keep things to a minimum by imitating the cultivation speed of other cultivators that went before him.

When Zhao Zheng saw Yuan's abysmal cultivating speed when compared to Meixiu, he sneered in a cold voice, "She's throwing away her talents for that trash? Ridiculous!"

After a moment of silence, he said, "Get the Yu Family on the line and tell them that I would like a meeting with them! I am not going to let such a talented cultivator go to waste for that useless thing!"

"Right away, Chairman Zhao."

The person proceeded to look for the Yu Family's contact information before dialing their number.

A minute later, the bulky man said, "Alright. You passed."

"Go through those doors to complete your registration."

Meixiu nodded and left the room with Yuan shortly after.


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