Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

"This… Isn't this a type of a credit card?" Michael was gasping in astonishment . He had not anticipated that the [System] would issue him a line of credit .

Although he had not used this line of credit from the [System] before, he understood what the [System] meant immediately . This is no different from a credit card on Earth! The only difference is, this 'credit card' is only good for ingredients that were purchased from the [System] .

To avoid letting him have the ingredients for free, the [System] had really given the situation very careful thought . Although the ingredients are not free, at least the [System] had a heart and did not let him starve to death .

3,000 copper coins are enough to purchase 10 plates of Yang Zhou Fried rice . If he could sell some plates of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] within these two days, he could earn some monies and continue to purchase ingredients from the [System] . But if he could not sell any, then the [System] will charge high interest rates .

"[System], the amount of credit you extended to me is too little! In my past life, I had an unlimited credit - black credit card [1] . But now you only extend 3,000 copper coins in credit to me . Are you suspecting my trustworthiness?" Michael was a bit unhappy .

"The amount of credit extended to you is dependent on your current situation . Please quickly earn more monies, and purchase more ingredients . When you do that, your line of credit will naturally be increased . " The [System] replied .

Michael thought for a while and he conceited the point . Right now, other than the land, the rest of the items in the house are provided by the [System] . The fact that [System] is willing to extend 3,000 copper coins to him is considered quite generous .

In his past life, as the son of a billionaire, he is used to spending money without looking at the price tag . But in this life, he needs to worry about living expenses and making ends meet .

To him, this is quite interesting . Michael was quite confident that once the restaurant is opened for business, the business will quickly earn some monies and he need not worry about money again .

"I will use the credit to purchase one set of ingredients," Michael informed the [System], and took the ingredients from the fridge . In the past, he had often thought that these ingredients are of a good quality, but he could not tell how good these ingredients were . Now that he had learned some facts about these ingredients, he suddenly felt that the rice in his hands seemed to be pulsing with life energy originating from the spring of life .

"Since these rice were watered using the waters from the spring of life, would eating these rice extend a person's lifespan?" Michael suddenly asked in curiosity .

"The rice was cultivated with only one tiny stream of water from the spring of life, and this stream of water happened to flow underground, and hence was undetected by the elves . Although eating the rice would make a person healthier and stronger, it would not extend a person's lifespan . " The [System] replied .

"Making a person healthier and stronger is excellent!" Michael nodded his head in satisfaction . Right now, his body is really weak . In restoring his health and constitution, every little bit counts!

Michael took out the remaining rice from the rice cooker, and asked the [System] a question that had been on his mind, "Then do you sell the waters from the spring of life?"

"Right now I do not offer this ingredient for sale . " The [System] replied .

"Now it is not being offered means that it may be offered in future . " Michael frowned . He had already understood the language that the [System] uses .

Right now, he must earn more monies and save these monies . In future, when the waters from the spring of life are made available for purchase by the [System], he would purchase them and use it to become much healthier and stronger .

This world's ingredients are really different from the ingredients on Earth . Although they looked similar, because of the environment in which they are cultivated in, their nutrients content is different . After eating the food made using these ingredients, a person may grow stronger, healthier or may have other side effects .

Of course, Michael would slowly investigate and find out about these special effects . Already, he is looking forward to seeing what happens when the common, everyday food that he eats on Earth is introduced into this fantasy world . Just now, he did not really taste the effects of the [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] that he had made . Perhaps it was because he only had one spoonful of the rice . Later, he must try it!

As he expertly prepared the ingredients, Michael began to consider the new task that was assigned to him . The cost of the ingredients for a plate of fried rice is already 296 copper coins . With so high-quality ingredients, Michael felt that even if the ingredients cost 3,000 copper coins, it could still be considered cheap .

But, he could sell a plate of fried rice for 3,000 copper coins . At this price, no one will purchase the fried rice from him .

He dared not reveal the source of these ingredients . If the elves knew that the rice was cultivated using water from the spring of life, they would pepper him with arrows until he becomes like a cactus plant .

As well, the other races are also quite scary, and are not to be offended . As for the origins of these ingredients, the best thing to do is to keep it a top secret .

"Then let's set the price at 600 coppers for one plate . " After hesitating for a moment, Michael made up his mind . In this way, he could make 304 copper coins for one plate of fried rice . If he sold 1,000 plates, he would have made 3,040 gold coins .

Having made up his mind, Michael will not think about it anymore . This is, after all, the first dish that he had learned to cook . After he had learned to cook more dishes, he could increase the price of this dish . Right now, he had not yet opened his restaurant for business, and setting too high a price would not be feasible .

Just now the [System] had mentioned something about unlocking a juicy hamburger as a 2nd dish if he completed this task . Since the pancakes in this world are so popular, then a juicy hamburger should also sell well . This should help the restaurant attract regular customers and increase the fame of the restaurant .

But the most important thing to Michael is, of course, Amy . Amy loves to eat pancakes . If he could make a dish similar to a pancake but filled it with juicy meat, she would be very happy .

"Isn't it just 1,000 plates of fried rice? I do not believe that I could not sell this amount of food!" Michael gained the confidence he needed . He was thinking of how to promote his newly opened business and attract more customers when the voice of the [System] rang out again .

"[Master], please set a price for the dish, and a name for the restaurant . The [System] will list the price and create a menu . At the same time, the system will assign a signboard to advertise the name of the restaurant . "

"Yang Zhou Fried Rice, 600 copper for a plate . " Michael immediately replied .

As for the name of the restaurant, Michael thought for a moment . As he saw his daughter who was still looking at the reflection of light on the glass, he immediately came up with a flash of inspiration . "Let's call the restaurant Mickey Restaurant [2] - It uses the first character of my name and the last character of Amy's name . "

"Yang Zhou Fried Rice - 600 coppers for a plate . Mickey Restaurant, the name of the restaurant had been assigned . "

"Making the changes to the restaurant……"

"Renovations completed . "

The voice of the [System] immediately rang out . Looking out of the glass panel that separates the counter from the dining area, he could see that on each table there is now a black color menu placed there .

As well, he could see out of the glass window that there is a small signboard placed outside the door .

"Having a [System] is really convenient . " Michael shrugged his shoulders . Yesterday this place is just a shabby wooden house . In the span of one night, it had been transformed into a house and a restaurant . If this was on Earth, just the renovation would take several months to complete .

Michael finally finished cooking the plate of fried rice . He took a small bowl and filled it for Amy, and then he took the plate and the bowl towards the dining area .

Looking Amy who was staring intently at the glass of water and watching the light reflecting from the glass, Michael put the two dishes on the dining table . He then squatted down and placed his face near the glass of water . From the opposite side of the glass of water, he could see Amy's eyes . He widened his eyes and in a deep voice, he remarked, "Princess, your fried rice is ready . Please enjoy your meal . "

"The princess had already received your message, and will be there shortly . " Amy raised her head . Seeing the grin on Michael's face, she suddenly felt that today her dad had changed a lot . He had become much warmer and more interesting . Unlike his previous self that was always working or too tired to chat .

"Enjoy . " Michael placed a spoon into Amy's hand .

"En En . "Amy nodded her head . Looking at the bowl of multi-colored rice, she immediately used one hand to pick up the bowl, and with her other hand, she grabbed the spoon . Then she helped herself to the food .

Michael also placed a spoonful of fried rice into his mouth . The soft, tender egg favor was infused into the slightly harder rice, creating a perfect harmony . As well, the taste of various ingredients constantly bombarded his taste buds .

Perhaps it is because he knew the facts about these ingredients, but he seemed to have a deeper appreciation for the taste of these ingredients . He felt as if the taste of each ingredient was so unique and delicious, and yet they come together in perfect harmony . After swallowing a spoonful of the fried rice, he could still taste the clarity of the waters from the spring of life .

"After eating, my body seemed to feel a bit hot . But it seemed to be more like a warm and comfortable feeling . It was as if every cell in my body were rejoicing . Any feeling of tiredness I felt had vanished . Could this be the special benefits that eating a plate of fried rice brings?"After finishing the last spoonful of fried rice, Michael put down his spoon, and was mildly surprised .


[1] Amex grants black credit card with unlimited charge –

[2] The first character of Michael's name is Mike or Mick for short . The last character of Amy's name is my (pronounced as me) . So when I combine them, I end up with Mikey or Mickey . As soon as I thought about Mickey Mouse, Mickey it is . Easy to remember and not too confusing .

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