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Chapter 1202 - A Century Egg That Bounces

Chapter 1202: A Century Egg That Bounces

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Bonnie took a quick glance at the clock on the wall. She needed to receive a very esteemed customer, Madam Maffia of the Marquis Family, later that morning.

She was a loyal customer of the jewellry store who spent millions every year. She knew her for years, and it was always she who handled her business. It was still the same after she was promoted to the store manager.

However, Madam Maffia had a very serious mysophobia. Her requests were so stringent that they were almost perverted.

After handling her for years, Bonnie was already very familiar with all types of situations, but the biggest problem today was not someone else, but her throat’s condition.

“Cough, cough.” Bonnie used her silk handkerchief to cover her mouth as she nodded to an elf sitting across from her apologetically. If she coughed in front of Madam Maffia, she would never come to this jewellery store again. Her already precarious job position was going to get worse.

I should have gone to look for that magical pharmacist yesterday. I should have also prepared a portion of cough syrup for emergencies like this. She sighed in her heart. She could only drink more water when she got to the store, and hope it would stop her coughing.

“Your congee with pork and century egg and sweet tofu pudding.” Yabemiya came over with a tray, and put down the congee and sweet tofu pudding.

The aroma of meat and a unique aroma greeted her nose.

Smells so good!

Bonnie’s eyes lit up, and her gaze was attracted by that bowl of congee with pork and century egg in front of her. Semi-transparent century egg and minced meat were mixed among the thick white porridge, and chopped green onions were scattered on top with an aroma.

She came early to line up, and her stomach was already growling. She was already drooling when she watched the cleaners eat it, so she ordered one for herself.

Bonnie wasn’t sure if it was her misconception, but she felt the aroma of the bowl of congee with pork and century egg in front of her seemed to be even thicker than the ones that the cleaners had earlier.

Century egg? Boss Mag is always giving his food items interesting names. Bonnie laughed slightly as she used the wooden spoon to scoop the congee up, and there was a piece of semi-transparent brown century egg in it.

She suddenly had an idea, and she raised the wooden spoon against the window to have a look. The shiny and transparent century egg had a glow that resembled gemstones. There was even a beautiful pattern of pine twig on the surface.

“Wow.” Bonnie opened her mouth in disbelief. She had worked in the jewellery store for years, and this could rival many gemstones for their clarity, color, and beautiful and soft luster. It was hard to imagine that it was just an egg.

This should be called a gem egg. Boss Mag is indeed a master artist. Bonnie marvelled. She was curious how a complete century egg looked like. It had to be beautiful.

Although she couldn’t bear it, the aroma that greeted her and her rumbling stomach made Bonnie eat that spoon of congee with pork and century egg.

The white porridge melted almost instantly in the mouth with a hint of meat aroma and the unique egg aroma. Then, it was the absolute main in this congee—century egg.

The mushy and tasty porridge didn’t soften the century egg. It wasn’t hard, nor was it soft. There was a special bounciness against the tongue.

Bonnie let the century egg roll about at the tip of her tongue. After she was sure that it didn’t dissolve, she used her tongue to split it apart.

It had a soft and bouncy texture. After biting it apart, a faint aroma spread out from the tongue, and it was the source of the congee with pork and century egg’s unique aroma. It became nicer as one continued to chew.

Like a kid who discovered something fun, Bonnie chewed on that bouncy century egg happily. Her gloomy feeling seemed to get much better too.

She swallowed the chewed century egg, and it became a refreshing coolness that glided down her throat into her stomach, as if she had swallowed a sweet and refreshing cough syrup. Bonnie felt the symptoms of her scratchy throat were alleviated instantly. Even her breathing felt much smoother.

“T-this, this is?” Bonnie touched her throat in disbelief. The coolness faded away slowly, but the dry and itchy feeling didn’t return immediately. It was as if a pail of cold water was splashed on it, and made it go away.

Could this congee with pork and century egg have the effect of soothing an itchy throat?! Bonnie was surprised, and she quickly ate another spoonful of congee with pork and century egg. After swallowing the chewed century egg with the congee, the refreshing sensation in the throat was even more obvious.

It really works! Bonnie ate mouthful after mouthful of congee with pork and century egg. The congee warmed her stomach, but the throat felt cooler and moist, and the dry and itchy feeling was dispelled.

This sensation is extremely soothing. There was only one feeling in Bonnie’s heart. She had to spend a lot of time dealing with the symptoms of her itchy throat every morning with lots of warm water and lozenges before she would feel a little better, but just a bowl of congee with pork and century egg had now achieved the effect that she had never achieved before.


Bonnie looked at the empty bowl in front of her as she finished the entire bowl of the scrumptious congee with pork and century egg unknowingly. The scratchy throat symptoms were totally suppressed, and the refreshing and soothing sensation made her feel like singing.

This congee with pork and century egg is scrumptious and unique. It seems like I don’t have to worry about my throat’s condition today. Bonnie smiled as she touched her throat. She moved the empty bowl aside, brought the sweet tofu pudding over, and started eating.

Eating a bowl of tofu pudding for breakfast every day made her skin smoother and smoother. The whitening effect was also much better than the pearl powder’s. This had become Bonnie’s biggest motivation to come and line up 30 minutes earlier every day. She would miss it if she was late.

Bonnie gestured for Yabemiya to come over after she finished the tofu pudding. “Excuse me. Is the congee with pork and century egg available for takeaway? I would like to take away a small helping of it.”

“The congee with pork and century egg is available for takeaway. One small helping, please wait at the counter for collection.” Miya nodded, and then told Anna, who came over to settle the bill with Bonnie.

“Thank you.” Bonnie quickly received the wrapped up congee with pork and century egg, and left Mamy Restaurant with it.

Although her throat felt soothed now, and the urge to cough was gone, she never liked to take risks. Hence, she took away a helping of congee with pork and century egg to eat before the appointment to be 100% sure.

Shia Jewellery was one of the top three jewellery boutiques in Chaos City. It was located at the busiest location in Aden Square among dozens of jewellery shops. But without a doubt, Shia Jewellery was the shiniest among them.

Bonnie was the first to arrive at the store. She put the congee with pork and century egg in her store manager’s office before assigning the jobs for employees who came gradually.

“I heard Madam Maffia is coming to the store today, but the manager’s throat seems to have worsened. Would there be any problems?” a young store assistant said softly with a hint of worry.

“Madam Maffia has mysophobia. She is definitely not going to come to Shia Jewellery again if the manager coughs in front of her, and we will lose a big spender. I wonder, will Boss feel a heartache?” a slightly older store assistant said with a smile. There was a hint of schadenfreude in her eyes.

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