Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant

Chapter 1674 - The Young Master With Kidney Deficiency!

Chapter 1674: The Young Master With Kidney Deficiency!

Isaac froze. He shook his head gently, and said, “Of course, I’m not this hot pot restaurant’s service staff. I’m just—”

“That’s great. Seems like Boss Mag didn’t disappoint me.” Gjerj nodded. His gaze already went over Isaac, and landed on the two maidens in red uniforms standing at the door. Their elegant airs and graceful smiles were a familiar feeling.

Gjerj retracted his gaze with a frown when he realized Isaac was still blocking them. He didn’t want to hear any advertisement before his meal. He said, “Excuse us, we’re going to have our meal.”

During this time, another small group of customers who were still deliberating gathered in front of the hot pot restaurant. This was a new restaurant, after all, so people were still hesitating if they should go in to try it out. Furthermore, this was a restaurant that was opulently renovated, and looked very expensive.

Isaac didn’t expect Gjerj to be so impatient, but he didn’t seem to be angry. Instead, he smilingly said, “Don’t rush, Sir. I’m not a bad guy. I’m just an ordinary customer too. I just heard that the Cassia Hot Pot Restaurant over there—”

“Alright, you can stop talking now. I’ve specially come to eat at Mana Hot Pot Restaurant today. This is Boss Mag’s branch. Hence, those who know about a golden brand and guaranteed quality would naturally know,” Gjerj interrupted Isaac again. The latter was indeed here to advertise his own restaurant. Furthermore, this technique was obviously to steal Mana Restaurant’s customers. He didn’t expect someone would dare to do this on Boss Mag’s territory.

Randy got off a horse-drawn carriage, and smilingly continued, “Hey, hey. The service staff here are all beautiful.”

“You know it very well!” Gjerj gave Randy a thumbs-up.

“Thank you for your praises.” Randy cupped his hands. He walked past Isaac and entered the hot pot restaurant directly.

Isaac felt embarrassed after his lies were exposed. This was the first time that he met such difficult customers.

Gjerj was about to walk past Isaac with Christy in his arms, but he stopped next to him, and turned to say to Miranda, “Come, you guys walk in front of me.”

Miranda flicked a glance at Isaac before she carried Angus and led Parmer and Parber toward the restaurant’s entrance.

The other customers who were hesitating earlier were now all interested after hearing that. Everyone knew about the famous Mamy Restaurant. They were prepared to follow them in to try it out. They could take a look even if they didn’t eat.

Isaac quickly smiled after he saw that. “Don’t be mistaken, Bro. I didn’t come to bring harm to you all. I’m just a friendly person, and I’m afraid that you don’t know that Cassia Hot Pot Restaurant over there is having a big promotion today. The hot pot soup base is free, the dishes are having a ‘buy one, get one free’, and the alcohol is free flow. The average spending per person is less than 50 copper coins. If you miss it today, you will—”

Gjerj looked at him sarcastically, and said, “Tell me, how do you earn this dirty money? Let’s all earn it together.”

Isaac choked on the words that he had planned to say. He only managed to smile and say after a while, “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

“Bro, you can only do such things at noon.” Gjerj patted Isaac on his shoulders before he walked straight toward the hot pot restaurant’s entrance.

“Why is that so?” Isaac asked, staring at Gjerj’s back.

“Because you will be getting into trouble sooner or later,” Gjerj replied without even looking back.

Isaac paled as he felt a hint of ominous feeling.

Meanwhile, some customers also followed Gjerj and his family into the hot pot restaurant.

“This hot pot restaurant is a bit too big. Just the first floor alone can accommodate a few Mamy Restaurants, and moreover, there is a second floor.” Randy couldn’t help lamenting after he entered the hot pot restaurant and saw the spacious hall. In Chaos City, only Ducas Restaurant was able to rival a restaurant of this scale.

“However, the service staff are actually all elven maidens, and they are all fair and beautiful with long legs. Boss Mag is indeed Boss Mag. Just the standard of the service staff alone is beyond other restaurants.” Randy swept his gaze around the hall once, and his gaze was completely attracted by those elven maidens.

A service staff member went forward to him with a smile, and asked, “Sir, are you alone, or do you have company?”

Randy looked around him, and after thinking for a moment, he replied, “Erm… may I share a table with someone?”

“Sir, there are plenty of seats in the restaurant now, and you can choose to sit wherever you want. You don’t have to share a table,” answered the server with a smile.

“It’s a little sad… to eat hot pot alone.” Randy sighed. He had been sharing a table with Abraham lately, but because Mamy Restaurant was having its regular off day today, when he heard that Boss Mag had opened a new hot pot restaurant at the very last minute, he decided to come over to try it out. He wanted to see if he could use it as a new topic, but he had forgotten about the awkwardness of having to eat alone.

He could even have the nine-squared pot too. It was fun to eat, and he could also make some new friends. People who ate hot pot were all geniuses, and they always had interesting conversations…

“Bro, since we are both alone, let’s share a table then. We’re both Mamy Restaurant’s regulars, and I always see you there,” a voice spoke out behind Randy.

Randy turned around and saw a tall, skinny and pale man. His eyes lit up as he said, “It’s you! The young master with kidney deficiency!”

“I’m called Vicennio.” Vicennio flicked a glance at the elf, who was concealing her smile at the side, with a sullen look. Even though he looked rather weak, the other man shouldn’t have called him that in public.

“How do you do? I’m Randy,” Randy introduced himself with a smile. Vicennio looked familiar to him too. Randy could often see him together with a voluptuous young married woman, and the man seemed to like roujiamo. However, he was alone today.

Of course, it was mainly because he looked as if he was being squeezed dry every time, and that gave people a deep impression.

Although they had never talked to each before, since they were both Mamy Restaurant’s regular customers, they could be considered as half an acquaintance. It would be better than eating alone. The two of them immediately found a corner table and sat down together.

Randy couldn’t wait to pick up the menu as soon as he sat down. His eyes lit up as soon as he flipped it open, and he exclaimed, “So cheap?!”

On the menu’s top left corner were the three soup bases that they could choose. They were the spicy hot pot, the mushroom pot, and the double-flavored pot, and they cost 30 copper coins each. One had to know that the same soup base would have cost 200 copper coins per helping at Mamy Restaurant. However, that bone broth was really delicious, and he could drink three bowls of it on its own.

Looking further down, a helping of pig’s brain only cost 25 copper coins! A helping of sliced beef only cost 35 copper coins! A helping of duck intestine also only cost 25 copper coins!

This pricing was at least 10 times cheaper than Mamy Restaurant’s!

“What is going on? Is Boss Mag trying to steal his own business too?” mumbled Randy. This pricing was bringing the hot pot from the high-end dining to the level of average spending. Even a normal white-collar worker could choose to have it once a month.

“Let’s share a spicy soup pot, and then choose other items individually?” Randy asked Vicennio.

“That’s fine.” Vicennio nodded in agreement.

The two quickly ordered their food, and while waiting for it to be served, they began to chitchat.

“Why didn’t your wife come with you today?” Randy smilingly asked. He had a deep impression of that seductive young madam. Being 35 or 36 years old, she was at the age where she was at the peak of her sexual appetite. Moreover, she looked like she was very demanding. No wonder Vicennio’s body couldn’t take it.

“She had gone to collect the rent today, so she was not free to come.” Vicennio shook his head. After hesitating for a moment, he then asked, “Bro, may I ask you something? My wife always drapes herself all over me like an octopus when we are sleeping. Is there a way to stop her from doing that?”

Randy looked at Vicennio, and then meaningfully said to him, “When I was still schooling, the teacher always made me wipe the blackboard. It wasn’t because the blackboard was dirty, but because I didn’t hand in my homework.”

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