Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant

Chapter 1729 - Where’s My Cart?

Chapter 1729: Where’s My Cart?

Because of the Great Old Ones, Amy finally managed to get a break before the school holiday after Krassu and Urien had a discussion.

Amy, who just woke up, sat right up in shock as she asked Mag, “So it means that starting from today, I can sleep in every day, don’t have to go to school or to the magic potion shop, and I just need to stay at home with Ugly Duckling?”

“Yes. Your holiday has officially started from today onwards.” Mag looked at Amy with a smile. It seemed like the little fellow had been looking forward to the winter break for a long time.

“That’s fantastic!” Amy jumped up from bed, and kicked Ugly Duckling off the bed first before jumping around on the bed and jumping into Mag’s embrace. She looked up at him expectantly, and asked, “I don’t want to sleep in. I want to play with Jessica. Can I?”

“Of course.” Mag lifted his arm up to look at his watch. “But, if you want me to send you over, you’ll have to wash up right now and go down for your breakfast.”

“Alright.” Amy let go of Mag’s neck obediently, and jumped off the bed to open her wardrobe. She chose a white down jacket and a pair of cute white furry boots for herself. She turned back to look at Mag, and said, “Father, I want to wear these today. I also want a pair of pigtails.”

“No problem. Leave it to me.” Mag nodded with a smile. Pigtails were a piece of cake to him.

“But, Father, where’s Mother? Why don’t I see her early in the morning?” Amy asked Mag when he was tying her hair.

“She’s been a little busy recently. She went out after having breakfast,” Mag said with a smile. Irina went to the Demon Islands the day before to fetch a batch of elves back.

“Oh.” Amy nodded obediently, and did not probe further. She changed the topic to the interesting things that happened.

After breakfast, Mag cycled with Amy to Jessica’s house. The two little fellows had not met up for quite some time, so they had unlimited things to talk about. Mag left Amy with some reminders and rode off.

“Where’s my cart?

“It was still here yesterday!”

Just as Mag rode out from an alley, he heard a shrill voice call out.

Mag turned to look. A middle-aged man with greasy hair was grabbing his hair while looking very distressed. There were around six to seven passers-by crowding around to look.

“What car is it? Is it very beautiful?” an old man mocked.

“It’s not beautiful. It’s very special. It’s long and squarish. It’s not what any ordinary person can own. The car plate number is… is…” the middle-aged man said as he pulled his hair anxiously, looking like he was about to break down in tears. “Why can’t I remember it? My heart hurts. I’m so sorry and reproachful!!!”

“Old Sir, there’s a bullock cart covered with crocodile skin. Go see if it’s yours,” Mag said as he rode past.

The man was stunned, and quickly turned to run into the alley. A while later, he happily exclaimed, “It really is here! Thank you, young man!”

Mag smiled. He’s probably another confused drunkard.

After reaching the restaurant, Mag was busy giving out warm congee to the cleaners.

The congee with pork and century egg had become the benefit that the cleaners of Aden Square looked forward to the most. It could help them pull through even the coldest winter day.

Before the morning operation hours, Mag announced at the breakfast table, “The restaurant will be closed two days later. I’ve already promised the city lord to provide dining services for a meeting. If any of you have anything on that day, it is fine not to come. This meeting will be a racial meeting with representatives of the various races, so if any of you need to avoid anyone, it’s fine not to come as well.”

“Cough, cough… I have something on that day, so I won’t be coming.” Camilla coughed awkwardly.

“I need to stay away,” Elizabeth said straightforwardly.

“It might not be appropriate for me to be there.” Shirley shook her head.

“Will the Wind Forest be sending a representative as well?” Firis asked softly with a hint of worry in her eyes.

“Just rest assured and take a break,” Mag said with a smile.

“Oh.” Firis nodded obediently. She was afraid that she would implicate the restaurant.

“I’ve nothing on, I can come to work,” Yabemiya said with a smile.

After that, Gina, Jane, Rena, and Angela all said that they could work.

“Alright, that’s settled. There won’t be many people coming anyway, so it will not be as busy as usual. If things really get too busy, we can just have them eat hot pot,” Mag said with a smile.

“If it’s hot pot, won’t they get into a fight for taking others’ meat?” Anna was a little worried.

Mag thought for a while. That was a possibility. “It seems like we can’t have hot pot. If a racial war happens because of a piece of meat, we won’t be able to shoulder this responsibility.”

Miya asked, “Has Babla’s work ended? She hasn’t been back at the dormitory for days.”

The others also looked at Mag with concern.

“She was asked by the city lord’s castle to take part in a highly confidential case, so I don’t know when she can come back, but she definitely is safe,” Mag said with a smile. Babla was currently saving the world.

“Alright, everyone, tidy up, and let’s start work.” Mag turned to walk toward the door.

The door was opened, and the customers were welcomed. A day of work had officially begun.

After the morning operating hours, Harrison, who had waited for a while outside, came in, and asked Mag, “Boss Mag, I need to say a few words with you. Are you free now?”

“Let’s go outside and talk. They need to clean the restaurant up.” Mag led Harrison out again. Mag actually wanted to ask Harrison if the orcs had fulfilled their wishes. His mission was not considered a success yet.

“Do you remember the two orcs Gjerj and I brought over to you a couple of days ago?” Harrison went straight to the point.

Mag nodded with concern, and asked, “Yes. How are things looking for their mutton restaurant?”

“Gjerj and I have been running around for days because of that. The orc said that he can’t open the restaurant on Aden Square to steal your business, so he wanted us to find him a shop on the city’s west side. We’ve been busy with the renovation works these couple of days.” Harrison nodded with a smile. After that, he pulled out a document, and continued, “I came specially to look for you because of this. The three of us have partnered up to open this mutton restaurant. Gjerj and I will come up with the capital for the shop, while Bro Leiden will be in charge of the cooking. Both parties will each take half of the shares for the restaurant. However, Bro Leiden said that you need to have half of his half as well, so I came today with the contract for you to sign.”

“I didn’t do anything, how can I take 25% of the shares just like that?” Mag looked at Harrison with bewilderment.

“You can’t put it that way. If it weren’t for your selfless sharing of preparing the mutton, we wouldn’t have been able to come up with that mutton stew.” Harrison looked at Mag with a smile, and said, “This was what Bro Leiden said. He’s busy trying out the taste for the mutton stew in the shop today. Otherwise, he would definitely come over personally to thank you. Therefore, take these shares with peace of mind.”

Mag thought for a while, and nodded as he said, “Then I’ll thank you. However, I’ll not take the dividends for the shares. Please help me total it up, and donate it to Teacher Luna as a scholarship foundation in the mutton restaurant’s name.”

“Aright. I will settle that. I’ll add my dividends as well and donate it together.” Harrison nodded with a smile. After that, he praised, “I heard that that teacher is a really reliable person, and she manages the foundation really well. Even a piece of old clothing would be declared transparently to build school buildings for the children and even give them food and winter wear. She has helped a lot of children.”

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