Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant

Chapter 1738 - Of Course Father Is A Superman!

Chapter 1738: Of Course Father Is A Superman!

Mag used 12 words to pay for his meal that cost 80 copper coins.

As for Leiden and his son, whether or not they could stay true to those 12 words, it would depend solely on their choice.

“Father, have you learned how to make the mutton stew already?” Amy asked expectantly as she sat on the backseat of the bicycle.

“This is a dish made by Uncle Leiden. I didn’t learn how to make it from him.” Mag shook his head with a smile. “If Amy wants to eat it again, I can bring you over.”

“Alright!” Amy nodded happily.

“Meow~” Ugly Duckling poked its head out from the basket. Although it was having motion sickness, it did not want to become nonexistent.

Amy looked out from behind Mag, and decisively said, “We’re not bringing you.”

“Meow…” Ugly Duckling retracted its head back into the basket with grievance.

“Ding! Congratulations for helping Leiden and his son achieve their dream! You’ve won a chance to spin the mysterious wheel!”

Just then, the system sounded in Mag’s head.

“Mysterious wheel? Isn’t it supposed to be a mystery gift?” Mag raised his brow.

“The mystery gift is the chance to draw any rare gift, including top-tier recipes, strength, top kitchenware…”

“What’s the chances of drawing the strength?” Mag’s eyes completely lit up. Even his breathing became faster.


“That’s way too low. I’m making such a huge contribution to the world, allowing everyone to have the chance to try delicious mutton stew, and even helping a pair of father-and-son to fulfil their dream of opening a restaurant, and I only have 1% chance of drawing strength?

“You need to know that Daddy is dying!

“If that octopus monster breaks out from the seal, this world will be ruined, and Mamy Restaurant will not exist, and the main mission of me becoming the God of Cookery will be turned into ashes!

“Meanwhile, you will be the useless system that will be mocked by countless other systems, and might even be kicked out of your group chat,” Mag said earnestly.

“Who leaked it?”


“Ahem. According to the system’s conjecture, whether you obtain the strength would be of no direct help to resealing the Great Old Ones, and even if you did obtain the strength, that would similarly be unable to stop the escaped Great Old Ones from destroying the world.”

“Nonsense! If I regained my strength, I would at least be able to run a little faster. If I ran faster, I would have the chance to get back up, and then you would have a chance to get back into the group chat!” Mag went on seriously.

“That did sound like it made sense? But something seems wrong,” the System mumbled.

“Is there a card available for sale for this mysterious wheel? The kind that increases the chances of a certain option?”

“I think so.”

“That’s the way.” Mag smiled.

“Chance Increase Card: Increases chances by 1%! It can be stacked together! Price: 10,000,000 copper coins per card! Can be stacked together!”

“10,000,000 copper coins for a card?” Mag frowned. “System, that’s daylight robbery!”

“Last-minute props are usually a little pricer. Please think before buying,” the System said proudly.

“Sure. Give me 99 cards,” Mag said almost immediately.

“99 cards? Are you sure?” The system seemed to be in disbelief, but it quickly reported the price: 990,000,000 copper coins!

“Yes. I want 99 cards. 100% chance of drawing the strength,” Mag said firmly.

Money was meant to be spent.

He had accumulated quite a fortune previously on Dragon Island and in the Falk Tribe. The total would be around a billion, so he would be spending it all in one go this time.

However, in the face of the possibility of the world becoming chaotic, being strong would be way better than being wealthy.

Therefore, he did not even bat an eyelid when he spent this money.

He wanted a 100% chance of breaking through to the 10th-tier before the peace talks.

“Ding! 990,000,000 copper coins deducted. The insufficient balance was taken from the host’s liquidated goods!

“99 Chance Increase Cards credited!

“The mysterious wheel is activated! Please draw quickly!”

As the system’s voice rang, there was even the background sound effect of coins falling into a bag.

Mag looked at the wheel in his head. The Chance Increase Cards were used, and there was only one option left on the wheel: the 0.5 strength.

“Perfect.” Mag pressed the start button, and the needle spun a few rounds, and finally came to a stop.

“Congratulations for drawing the 0.6 strength!” the System congratulated.

“Very good.” Mag received the precious strength. This was not a simple draw, but a draw that could change fate.

Although money might not be able to solve all problems, it could solve most problems, for example… bribing this darn system.

Amy tilted her head, and looked at Mag as she asked, “Father, are you smiling?”

“Little Amy, do you believe me if I say I am superman?” Mag asked with a smile.

“Of course! Father is superman! A very very super man!” Amy said with a nod.

“It’s not easy to be superman.” Mag smiled confidently. He seemed to have gained the courage to take on everything and the heavy responsibilities that followed.

The grudge with the Roth Empire, the future of the Mamy Restaurant, facing the Great Old Ones head-on, the situation of the Norland Continent at this crossroad… All these things were unavoidable.

Back in the restaurant, Mag did not share this joy with anyone. He made a pot of tea for himself, and locked himself up in the study upstairs.

He needed to calm down.

Once he had regained his 10th-tier strength, all the plans would change.

He knew that he had to shoulder some things and fight for some things.

“10th-tier thunderbolt must be wonderful.” Mag finished his tea in a gulp and smiled.


“Sally, this is the first time you appear in front of our people as the elven representative ever since you’ve become the elven princess. Irina should be there as well. I hope you will not disappoint me.”

Helena looked down at Sally in the Starry Cave of the Wind Forest.

“I will do my best to protect the dignity and interests of the elves.” Sally nodded.

Helena gazed deeply at her before saying, “Go on.”

“Yes.” Sally turned to leave the cave.

“High Priest, wouldn’t Princess Sally’s presence lose to Irina?” an elf asked worriedly.

“So would your presence defeat Irina?” Helena glanced at him.

That elf cowered, and did not dare to make another sound.

“She will have to face this sooner or later. This is just the simplest test.”

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