Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Michael was very surprised . Although the [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] is indeed delicious, the portion was quite generous . Even those that could eat a lot would definitely be full after eating two plates . Does this mean that dwarves have bigger appetites than humans?

Despite his suspicions, Michael's face is still as emotionless as ever . He nodded his head, "All right, please wait for a moment . "

Then he cleared the empty plate and made his way to the Kitchen .

Moby also bowed his head as he continued to attack his food with relish . The more he eats, the happier he becomes . This type of succulent food has the effect of a medium restoration potion . If he continues to eat this dish regularly, Moby felt that he would be able to restore his body to peak condition, and maybe work for several more decades .

"Woah, Grandpa Dwarf . You are indeed awesome! You can finish 3 plates!" Amy opened her mouth in astonishment, and was looking at Moby with a mixture of admiration and envy .

Moby raised his head and looked at Amy . This is the first time that he did not feel that the young lady was despising him . He felt quite pleased, and sit up straight . Then he ate another mouthful of the fried rice, and boasted, "This type of fried rice, not to mention 3 plates, I can easily finish 4 plates!"

"Really? Can you really eat so much?" Amy's expression was full of admiration, and you could almost see the stars shining in her eyes .

Moby hesitated and looked at the expression of awe on Amy's face, and he could not bring himself to say no . He nodded his head and replied, "Of course, it is real!"

"Papa, Papa! Grandpa Dwarf says he wants to eat a fourth plate . Remember to cook one plate for him . Otherwise, he would not have enough to eat!" Amy immediately shouted out loud into the kitchen .


Moby turned around and looked at the innocent smile on Amy's face . He felt something seemed to be off .

"Is this what you want?" Michael turned around and asked Moby . His face was as expressionless as ever, in his heart, he was in peas of laughter . If he did not know Amy's character, he would also suspect Amy of forcing his customers to purchase something he does not want or need .

"That… . " Moby's face was a bit embarrassed . Although he had a bigger appetite than most men, after 2 plates of fried rice, he was quite full . With 3 plates, he would be very full . If he had a 4th plate, his stomach would probably be bloated and swollen .

"Grandpa Dwarf, you yourself told me that you could eat 4 portions . If you are lying to me, I will not like you anymore . " Amy pouted and spoke in earnest .

Moby wanted to slap himself . Why did he boast so much? If it was any other person, he had no qualms about not ordering a 4th plate . But looking at the young lady who was earnestly and anxiously staring at him, he could not bring himself to admit that he had lied . After a slight hesitation, he bit his teeth and looked at Michael, and said, "Right, one more plate!"

"Woo hoo! This is real! Grandpa dwarf is really incredible . " Amy happily clapped her hands, and the smile on her face was so genuine .

"Forget it . It is difficult for me to have the opportunity to eat such tasty food . Maybe it is a blessing to eat until my stomach swells . " Moby was trying to console himself . But when he looked at the delighted smiled and the look of reverence in Amy's eyes, he immediately beamed with pride .

One more plate of Yang Zhou fried rice is nothing!

"All right, please wait a moment . " Michael nodded his head, and cooked more rice . As he was cooking the 3rd plate of fried rice, he could not help looking back at Amy . His eyes were filled with gratefulness to Amy .

Today she was above to successfully retain the first customer, and also sold four plates of fried rice . This little girl should be proud of her achievements .

Michael took out the two plates of fried rice and placed them on Moby's table .

Amy immediately stared at Moby as he polished off the two extra plates of fried rice .

When Moby finally put down the spoon, he burped with satisfaction . Having stomached 4 plates of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], he was feeling very warm and comfortable . His worries of having a swollen belly were unfounded . Instead, he felt a feeling of great satisfaction rise up, as if his life had finally become complete .

Michael was also observing Moby as the latter ate . Looking at the empty plates, he suddenly felt very good, as if he had accomplished something great . Being a chef is not too bad after all .

"Grandpa Dwarf, if you are done with your meal, the bill is … . . 2400 copper coins . Please pay now . " Nobody noticed when Amy walked towards the table, held out her tiny hands, and look very fierce as she requested payment .

"All right, but I did not have so much copper coins . I will give you 24 gold coins instead . " Moby smiled as he replied, and from his pocket, he picked up his coin bag .

"Gold coins?" Amy was surprised, and looked back and asked Michael, "Papa, 24 gold coins and 2400 copper coins, which is more?"

"It is the same . 1 gold coin is equal to 100 copper coins . " Michael smiled as he explained to Amy . He was quite surprised that this girl could count up to the thousands figure . But it looked like this girl is not very good with the exchange rate of gold and copper coins .

"Oh… " Amy seemed to understand as she nodded her head .

"Here, 24 gold coins . " Moby carefully placed the gold coins onto Amy's outstretched hands . These coins seem like a small hill on her tiny hands .

"Wow! The gold coins are so beautiful!" Amy's eyes sparkled . She carried the gold coins and carefully placed them a nearby table and begin to count them .

"The [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] that you made is very tasty . May I know your name?" Mobby looked at Michael and asked . He pulled his gaze away from Amy and picked up his heavy warhammer .

"Michael . " Michael smiled as he replied . This guest may be a bit proud and easy to anger, but he is quite easy to get along with .

Moby was surprised as he glanced at Michael . There are very few people in this world that introduced themselves without specifying their surname . But in the City of Sin, there are also a lot of people that are trying to conceal their identities, and he is one of these people .

Therefore, he did not give the matter much thought, and smiled as he nodded his head, "Then I will call you boss Mike . My name is Moby, you can call me old Mold . I will be back to dine here again . "

"Great, see you again . " Michael smiled as he nodded his head .

"Young Lady, in future you should address me as Grandpa Moby and not as Grandpa dwarf . " Moby was about to leave, but he could not resist informing Amy .

"All right, Grandpa Dwarf Moby . " Amy was totally absorbed in counting the gold coins and she replied without lifting her head .

"This girl… . " Moby shook his head and made his way out . This girl could make him speechless with rage . But if you considered her words, she did not say anything offensive . The most damning thing is that she is so cute, and he could not bring himself to scold her .

Michael cleared the plates and spoons on the table . He looked at the Amy, who was counting the gold coins again and again with a sparkle in her eyes . Looks like this little kid not only loves to eat, she also love money . A glutton and a money-grabber, what an irresistible combination!

He entered the kitchen and immediately prepared lunch for himself .

A short while later, Michael exited the kitchen with a plate of Yang Zhou Fried rice in his hand .

Amy, who was excitedly counting the gold coins a moment ago, had now lie restlessly on the table . When she heard the sound of her father's footsteps, she looked up at Michael and asked, "Papa, am I useless? I could not even collect the money properly, how do I help Papa?"

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