Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Michael looked at the neatly arranged multiplication table with clear rows and columns . It was very neat and uncluttered . Thankfully, he had clear handwriting . Looking at this table, he sat down with satisfaction, and said with a smile . "Right . There are 9 columns and 9 rows, therefore this song is also called '9 x 9 multiplication table' . You have the basics of maths and knows how to add and subtract . It should not be too hard to learn this . "

"Then what is the small 'x' sign in the middle?" Amy could not understand what the 'x' sign means .

"The x sign represents 'times' . It had the same meaning as 'times' . In this way, it is easier to write and looks much cleaner . " Michaels smiled as he explained . Amy sat down beside him, and looked at the multiplication table . "Only I know about this multiplication table . If you can memorise this 81 sets of information, then learn the tens times table, you can solve most of the problems in real life . "

"Wow! Papa is really impressive! Teacher Luna asked me to memorise some of the times tables, and I need to memorise about 1770 or so items . I could only remember around 100 or so . " Amy looked at her father with awe .

She had not anticipated that not only the words that her father wrote were neat and tidy . Even the multiplication table that he taught her was much easier than Teacher Luna's .

His mathematical skills were a direct result of his standing on the shoulders of the giants of maths world . Therefore, it is inappropriate of him to claim credit for inventing the times table . But the look of revere on Amy's face made him felt so good that he shamelessly tried to claim credit for this 'invention' . He smile and pointed at the first row and said, "Then let's try to learn the first row first . The numbers between the 'x' are the numbers we are multiplying each other by . The '=' sign means equal, and is the result of these multiples . "

Michael explained to Amy the basics of the multiplication table . Under Teacher Luna's guidance, Amy had a basic foundation in Maths . At least she understood the numbers from 1 to 9 . She could add and subtract without difficulties .

But this world's maths standard is quite backwards . Therefore, he had to spend some time teaching Amy that the order of the numbers do not matter . i . e . 1 x 3 is the same as 3 x 1 .

The thing that please Michael the most is that Amy did not suspect him at all, and cheerfully took what he said at face value . Even if what he had taught her was in conflict with what Teacher Luna had taught her, she listened attentively and learned well .

"Now, let's sing the song! 1 x 1 is 1, 1 x 2 is 2… . . " Amy followed Michael and repeated . Her memory is quite good . After singing it for several times, she could recall the 1 times table very quickly .

Michael continued to strike while the iron is hot, and immediately taught her the 2 times table .

Amy had repeated the 2 times table song, but she was puzzled about something and immediately asked, "But Papa, what is the point of memorising all these . "

"Oh, this is very useful!" Michael smile and pointed at the multiplication table . "Look, right now our [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] is 600 coppers coins, or 6 gold coins . Just now Grandpa Moby ate 4 plates . That is 6 x 4 = 24 . If you memorise this, you will immediately know the answer, and need not use your fingers to count . Isn't this convenient?"

"It is really 24 gold coins!" Amy's eyes lit up . Just now, she had counted the monies for some time in her little head before she come up with the figure of 2400 copper coins . But just by memorising the multiplication table song, she could immediately come up with the answer . This multiplication table really convenient! She was very excited, and immediately shouted, "Papa, Papa! I want to learn, I want to learn this! Once I learned it, I could help Papa out in the restaurant and collect money easily!"

"Ok, then we will learn the 3 times table . We will continue to learn the rest tomorrow . " Michael smiled and nodded his head . Studying requires the learner to be willing to learn and a positive learning attitude . Amy met both of these requirements . She should be a very fast learner .

The afternoon was spent guiding Amy on the multiplication table song . Other than Moby, there were no other customers . This place is really remote and few customers passed by .

After selling 4 plates of fried rice, Michael's heart had relaxed a bit . At least he need not worry that the taste of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] is unsuitable for the inhabitants of this planet . From Moby's expression, he seemed to enjoy the feeling of his fatigue being washed away . Maybe he would become a regular customer here . This is a piece of good news for Michael .

"3 x4 = 12, 3 x 5 = 15, 3 x 6 =… . . 3 x 6 =… . Papa! 3 x 6 is too hard!" Amy was looked at her father with puppy's eyes that were on the verge of tears . This is the fifth time she got struck here . Her eyes turned moist, and it look as if she would cry at any moment .

"All right! Then let's stop at 3 x 5 today! Amy is really smart! Most of the other children at your age could not even memorise the 1 times table song . As for the rest, we will continue tomorrow . By remember a bit each day, the effect is the best!" Michael immediately kept the piece of paper containing the multiplication table . Then he stroke Amy on the head . He could recall a scene of a girl crying when she could not memorise the multiplication table in his past life . That girl was of the same age as Amy, and had the same problem .

"Really?" Amy heard what Michael had said and immediately her eyes shone . She thought that her father was going to punish her for not memorising the 3 times table . But Papa actually told her that she is a lot smarter than other kids her age .

"Of course it is real! When did Papa ever lie to you?" Michael looked into Amy's eyes and nodded his head in earnest .

"En, Papa would not lie to me . Then tomorrow I will definitely try again and memorise the other half!" Amy nodded her head as well . Her face that was about to cry a moment ago, suddenly broke out in smiles, and she looked more confident .

Michael placed the paper containing the multiplication table behind the counter . At this time, it is already late afternoon . It is highly unlikely that there would be any guest at this time . Looking at Amy's messy hair, he walked towards the door, and changed the sign 'Welcome, please come in' to 'We are closed' .

He locked the door of the restaurant, and held Amy's hand, "Let's go, Papa will help you bath, and become a pretty little lady .

"Then do we need to boil some water, and pick up the big wooden pail?" Amy asked .

"There is no need to do so . There is a bathtub in the toilet, and there is a pipe that directly spray out hot water . " Michael grinned as he shook his head .

"Just like the kitchen's tap?" Amy asked in surprise . The thing that her father called a tap is really strange . She just need to turn it, and immediately, clean water will pour out of the tap . It was like magic .

"En, yes!" Michael nodded his head, and held her hands as they made their way upstairs . At her age, Amy is still learning about this world, and is full of curiosity . Therefore, she was quite curious about the modern electrical appliances in the home .

The first time Amy saw a bathtub, she quickly adapt to it . She sat in the bathtub, flapped her feet, and used both hands to play with the bubbles . She giggled as she played in the bathtub . She laughed and happily said: “Papa, this bathtub is fun! And these bubbles are pleasant to touch and smell good!”

"En, this is called a shower gel . You use it to clean your body . Right now, what I have in my hands is called shampoo . This is used for washing hair . After you washed your hair, your hair will become very clean and pleasant smelling too!" Michael grinned .

He carefully placed the shampoo on Amy's head, and gently told her, "Be a good girl and close your eyes . If the shampoo accidentally enters your eyes, it will feel very uncomfortable . "

"En . I want to be as nice smelling as Papa!" Amy obediently closed her eyes .

Michael gently massaged Amy's hair . Although he is quite clumsy, he was very careful . He slowly separated the hair that was lumped together as he shampoo her head .

It is quite difficult to help little children to bath and to shampoo their hair, and it require a lot of patience . After he had bathed and shampooed Amy, he was totally soaked . But looking the little girl who was covered in a towel and the clothes that she had, Michael felt a bit flustered . He tried asking the [System], "[System], do you sell clothes?"

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