Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant

Chapter 2300

Chapter 2300: When a Girl Is of Age, She Must Be Married Off

The one day and one night team building event ended perfectly. Lookin at the maidens, who were lying on the floor drunk, Mag rubbed his hands together and walked over smiling.

He sent them all back to the dormitory and set a seven a.m alarm for them.

He also left a note: Work hard, worker!

Placing Gina back into her tank and closing the door gently, Mag heaved a breath of relief.

He was indeed a good boss.

When he returned to the restaurant, Irina was playing ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ on the tablet.

Ugly Duckling was crouching next to her and watching with great interest.

Mag was wondering what was so fun about this little game. He couldn’t help watching her for a while before commenting with a weird expression, “What game are you playing?”

Irina tapped on the little suns agily as she planted a potato in front of a zombie and said matter-of-factly, “Isn’t this a game about rearing zombies?”

“Oh, I see.” Mag nodded thoughtfully. That made sense.

Irina only did two things when she played this game: Collect the suns and plant potatoes for the zombies to eat.

This was indeed the first time he had seen somebody play ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ as a real life simulation game.

“See, there are many more zombies now. It’s just that the pen isn’t big enough, otherwise I could grow more zombies.” Irina waved her tablet at Mag.

“Mmm. You did a great job.” Mag nodded and sat across from Irina, waiting for her to be finished with being consumed by the zombies and potatoes.

Around 10 minutes later, Irina ended the game happily. She raised her arms over her head to stretch out, stretching her beautiful curves as she laughingly said, “This game is so simple. I always successfully rear so many zombies every time.”

“Yes. This game is quite simple.” Mag nodded with a smile before giving her a glass of warm water.

Irina took a sip as she raised her eyebrows and smilingly asked, “Have the ladies all settled in?”

Mag calmly answered, “Yes. They have all been sent back to the dormitory. I even set an alarm for them to come back to work on time.”

“Tsk. What a heartless capitalist.” Irina rolled her eyes.

“Fun is fun, but we can’t be late for work. This is a basic principle,” Mag said seriously.

“Isn’t Hope School opening tomorrow? Are you going to join the opening ceremony?” Irina asked.

Mag slapped his forehead. “I would have forgotten all about it if you didn’t mention it. Let’s take a day off tomorrow then. As a part-time teacher, I have to take part in such an important occasion.

Luna had told him about the Hope School’s opening ceremony and had invited him and Gloria to take part in it.

Mag wouldn’t reject such an invitation, so he would definitely be there tomorrow morning.

“Oh yes. We met two little maidens from the Night Elves on an island today. They almost fell into the hands of a few demons.” Mag told Irina.

“There are still demons who dare to target the people from my Night Elves now?” Irina’s expression became solemn.

Mag told Irina what happened that day concisely before he smilingly said, “They were lucky to bump into us today. They might not be so lucky next time. I think you Night Elves need to conduct a professional anti-scam training. Some elves are rather naive after living in the Wind Forest for so long.”

“I’ll talk to Ashley about this.” Irina nodded. She thought Mag’s suggestion was reasonable, but she still asked, “What about the Abyss Demons’ Sixth Elder?”

“I went to test the gun. Its accuracy was not bad. It was a shot to the head,” Mag answered with a chuckle.



The Field Manor.

“Family, the Carrod Family came to discuss a marriage alliance again yesterday. Do you think we should get Luna to come back?” Derek asked the old man who was reading a book next to a fireplace.


“Luna wrote a letter to me some time back. She said Hope School is almost completed and the children are going to start school in the next few days,” Byron Field answered calmly without even looking up.

“You know that this betrothal was agreed upon long ago. The Carrods are powerful in the court and our Family is getting weaker. We will be gone in a few generations if we don’t depend on the Carrod Family,” Derek said with a solemn expression.

Byron put down his book and gradually looked at his son with a hint of disappointment and a sneer in his expression.

Derek felt uncomfortable from Byron’s gaze, but he still said through clenched teeth, “I know you have always doted on Luna, but she has already reached a marriageable age and we can’t let her do as she pleases anymore.”

“I watched Luna grow up. Everything she does is well-planned with a motive. She has never done anything stupid or rashly.” Byron banged the table and his voice turned severe and cold. “But you, as her father, have never tried to improve yourself. You only want to exchange your daughter’s marriage for your own future and the family’s glory. How dare you come and tell me about all these things?”

Derek went white. He lowered his head and didn’t dare to make a sound.

“Luna is teaching in Chaos City and training so many children. She is even building Hope School and taking in 3000 poor students right now. You actually want her to come back to marry that wastrel from the Carrod Family with such a great ability?” Byron looked at Derek coldly. “Just for a future that a useless father like you can’t even see?”

“Family… I-I do this for our family’s future…”

“Shut up!” Byron interrupted Byron’s words coldly and said, as though he had expected better from him, “If our Field Family has reached such a low level that we need a woman to make a marriage alliance for our future, we deserve to go into a decline. What’s the point of maintaining a fake prosperity like this?”

“What about the Carrod Family?”

“Just reject them directly. Tell them I say so. Luna will decide on her own marriage. No one has the right to interfere,” Byron said with conviction.

Derek looked at Byron and sighed inward. He said in a low voice, “Yes.”

This was the first time that he had seen his father get so angry and say such harsh words in so many years.

Byron also said, “Oh yes, I have already planned to take my leave. I’ll make a trip to Chaos City tomorrow. I want to witness Luna’s Hope School’s opening ceremony personally.”

“I’ll go make the arrangements for you right now.” Derek bowed and quickly left.

This matter was obviously beyond discussion. Derek was starting to have a headache about how to inform the Carrod Family about the rejection of the marriage proposal.

The Carrod Family had already promised him the lucrative position of the assistant to the chancellor of exchequer after the wedding. Now, he had to consider how to quell the Carrod Family’s anger and still keep his current position.

“Sigh… When a girl is of age, she must be married off. I shouldn’t have let her go to Chaos City.” Derek sighed.

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