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Chapter 974 - This Time I Will Fight Alongside You All!

Chapter 974 This Time I Will Fight Alongside You All!

Red braised pork was not a complicated dish. The homemade version could be made by anyone following a tutorial.

The bad part was that Mag had made too many unreasonable requests in the past, and now they were going back to him.



“Fail again!”

Mag looked at red and shiny red braised pork on the plate, and unconvincingly said, “This request of yours is too much, System. This coloring’s already done evenly enough, right? You can’t reach my standard even if you use a brush, but you still say it failed!”

“Let this system make a correction. This isn’t requested by this system. The details can be referred to the first request: every piece of the red braised pork should be red, shiny, and flawless as if it was colored with the finest paintbrush.”

“Damn. Which idiot made this request?” Mag rolled his eyes.

“Weibo user: Shen Mag, released on 2017.5.20.”

Mag: “…”

“Excellent. Only this unrelentless attitude could result in the most scrumptious red braised pork.” Mag forced a smile, and then threw the red braised pork into the rubbish bin. He began to make the red braised pork anew.

This was a difficult night.

Mag had wished to transmigrate back many times so he could punch himself who was dating an influencer that day. Why did you say so much nonsense!

Rodu, the second prince’s manor.

“Your Highness, Alex had appeared in the Dragon Islands today. After he rescued Rankster’s daughter, he disappeared again,” a man in black reported to Josh.

“He had appeared frequently near Chaos City recently. Continue the search, focus on Chaos City and its vicinity,” Josh said in a deep voice.

The man in black hesitated for a moment before he forced himself to say, “However, Your Highness, even if we found Alex, given his capabilities, nobody could threaten him. Instead, we could be retaliated upon if we antagonize him.”

Josh narrowed his eyes, and coldly said to the man in black, “You have to find him even if you get retaliated upon by him. I want to know his whereabouts and where he hid his daughter. I can only control him if I find his daughter. I’ll make him to understand what’s respect!”

The man in black still wanted to continue. “But—”

“You only have three months’ time. You have to find him before the signing of the peace treaty, or else all of you will commit suicide,” Josh interrupted the man in black coldly.

“Yes.” The man in black paled immediately. He swiftly acknowledged and left.

“How’s the situation in the Wind Forest?” Josh asked the butler who just came in.

“Your Highness, the scout has replied. After Princess Irina was deposed, she retreated into the Tree of Life. The Spring of Life has stopped flowing for a period of time, but it started flowing again a few days back. However, Princess Irina still hasn’t shown herself.”

The elf queen was still in her retreat, and nobody knew when she would come out of it. According to the think tank’s deduction, there was a 50% possibility that she was already dead.

“Helena didn’t explain why she’s joined forces with the first prince. She even stopped the mail communications with us this month. Instead, Borg has made tentative contact with us,” the butler reported coherently.

“Borg made such a big hoo-ha so he could be the first elf king in the elf’s history, right?” Josh smirked sarcastically. “Ah, he really dreams big. Only Irina will ascend to that position, and then she will marry me so she can play her best role.”

“Your Highness, do you want us to reject the contact made by Borg?” the butler asked.

“No, we shall maintain the contact to see what Borg wants.” Josh shook his head. “The situation with Helena is unclear. If she is going to forgo our cooperation and work with Sean, then we have to be prepared in advance. Borg’s status and capabilities within the elf race are already on par with Helena’s. Besides, he is much more stupid.”

“Alright, I will make the arrangements now.” The butler nodded and strode out.

“Alex, even though you are back now, I will make you remain dead the next time.” A cold voice reverberated throughout the room.

The Wind Forest.

Under the Tree of Life, Irina, who was restored to her peak form, walked one round the Tree of Life perplexedly.

She mumbled, “This is weird. Why did all the Ghost Aura disappear?”

The Tree of Life’s branches were all green again. The hundreds of hanging branches were full of life as if spring was here. The branches swung happily as if they were in a good mood.

“Maybe it is the God of Life? But it doesn’t look like it. I didn’t feel the befall of the Magic of Life. It seems to be that heavy rain that night.” Irina shook her head as she still couldn’t understand.

“Never mind. One thing that I’m sure of is that both old pal and me have recovered totally. Then, I should be doing something now.” A smile appeared on Irina’s face. Her feet tapped lightly, and she leaped out of the opening at the top of the cave and stood on top of it. She cleared her throat, and loudly spoke, “I, Irina, am back again!”

A clear and melodic voice reverberated throughout the Wind Forest and greeted every elf’s ears.

“Princess Irina!”

Some of the elves were shocked, some cried out in their shock, some were worried, and some were happy.

“It’s the Princess!” Sally, who was following Elliot to Helena’s dwelling, halted and looked toward the Tree of Life in surprise.

“Has she recovered fully?” Elliot’s expression was complicated. He looked at Sally, who had a happy expression, and continued onward.

Sally retrieved her gaze and quickly caught up with Elliot. She was going to accept the final votes of the elders that was going to decide if she could be the new elf princess.

Of course, she knew in her heart that as long as Irina was there, nobody in the world could ever replace her status in the normal elves’ hearts.

She didn’t want to replace her. She had only hoped to guard that position for Irina and prevent the elf species from falling into the dark abyss before she returned formally.

In Borg’s residence, in a dark secret chamber, Borg, who was holding a piece of elf’s skin, was shocked. He turned around and revealed a hideous face. There were lines of black corrosive marks where bones could even be seen at some parts. It was startling.

“Irina… How could she recover?!” Borg shouted hoarsely.

“Princess Irina is back!”

The elven slaves cheered restrainedly. The happiness in their hearts was indescribable.

The only hope they could feel in the whole forest was Princess Irina.

“Since freedom is shackled and abandoned, tear away the shackles and return to the souls of the elves! Fight back, my people. This time I will fight alongside you all!” Irina’s voice sounded again as she left the top of the cave at the Tree of Life.

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