Dark Blood Age

Chapter 691 - Did you really forget it!?

Chapter 691: Chapter 691 Did you really forget it!?

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Old man No.1 smiled faintly. He seemed to have never cared about Old Youling’s explanations, but looked at Chu Yunsheng deeply, and then gently persuaded:

“Chu, I know what kind of sadness and despair you have in your heart, but no one can change the past. You have tried your best. For them, you have attacked the realm messenger, destroyed the sky, and died after stabbing God. You have done everything you could, and also everything you couldn’t.

Before obtaining the godhood, you and I are all ordinary people, so why bother to insist on doing things that you can’t do at all, and torture yourself in the endless reincarnation over and over again?

The so-called going against fate is nothing more than the nonsense of the ignorant and incompetent losers.

Chu, you definitely know what I mean, because you are a smart person. . .

In fact, you and I are both unfortunate people. We don’t care what others think and only do the things that we want to do. I will not conceal my purpose from you. Fusing the Cambrian soul and releasing the pre-Cambrian beings from the cruel ethereal suppression is my lifelong wish.

Therefore, as long as you are willing to return to the real world, I will do everything possible to help you.”

Gradually, Chu Yunsheng’s eyes became calm and clear, “You want me to avenge you?”

Old man No.1 stood up, took two steps forward, and said solemnly, “Don’t you hate them!?”

” I don’t trust you.” Chu Yunsheng turned around, walked to the window, and said quietly, “You are indeed very good at persuading people. I almost believed you because I really couldn’t find any other way to explain the questions you asked me.”

Old man No.1 said with a deep voice, “Then why…?”

Chu Yunsheng said lightly with his back to him, “Do you know why I sighed before Old Youling came?”

Old man No. 1 shook his head and said, “I said that your mind is closed, so I don’t know what you have in your mind.”

Chu Yunsheng said quietly: “I am a rational man. So much so that it bores me sometimes. But I also can become much more crazy and irrational than you think. . . .”

Old man No.1 was silent for a moment before he said: “You still refuse to believe… If that’s what you choose to believe. Fine. But I didn’t lie to you.”

“I know you didn’t lie. But a great liar can use the truth to deceive other people.” Chu Yunsheng turned around, leaned back against the window, looked at No.1, and continued, “Also, you are wrong again. I believed it.”

As he said it, there was a faint sadness in his eyes, “Because I feel the tingling pain in my heart. It hurts, and it hurts in my soul. However, I don’t know where it comes from, and why it hurts so much. So I have been searching for it while you were arguing with Old Youling…”

Old man No. 1’s eyes moved and said with excitement, “Did you find it?”

Old Youling also looked at Chu Yunsheng nervously.

“Does it matter if I found it or not ?” Chu Yunsheng smiled weakly and sadly. He turned around and looked out the window, and said quietly, “You don’t understand. You will never be able to understand…”

After a long time, he said coldly again, “No.1, I have also questioned myself how many times I have repeated the simulation inside the Pseudo-Monolith. I have also asked myself if the reason why I am here is for the jade pendant. I even know that my judgment earlier was wrong. It sounds very confusing, but you should understand it. You can just think it as I believe it, but still don’t want to wake up, because I want to give it a try. I want to try it one more time!”

Old man No. 1 shook his head and sighed, “Why? Is it really worth it?”

Chu Yunsheng said lightly, “That’s why I said that you don’t understand. Although I am not as smart as you, I have my own methods. In your opinion, it may be very foolish, but it is very practical in my opinion.

Yes, logically, I should have transferred my life to that spear. This is concrete evidence, so I can’t deny it, and I also believed it. However, this is not because of what you said.

The Lord of the Ice Race once gave me a piece of advice. Do you want to hear it? ”

Old man No. 1 nodded and said, “Please.”

Chu Yunsheng said lightly, “she said that in this world, people can tell you a lot of things, but they are not necessarily all true. However, it is not that people intentionally want to lie to you, after all, no one knows the real truth of this world.

So no matter what, I will find the truth myself. Because although that spear was made from the bodies of Mins, and theoretically it had the ability to carry life, but actually…”

He suddenly paused, revealing the infinite melancholy on his face. Old man No.1 asked, “What is it?”

Chu Yunsheng sighed, “Actually, I really hope that everything you said is true.”

Old man No. 1 said in confusion, “You didn’t want to admit it before. But why do you want to say that now?”

Chu Yunsheng smiled and said, “Do you really not know? If I really died, the ancient book would protect her. If godhood really existed, she would not be possessed. She would still be alive, and I would be very happy. ”

Old man No.1 trembled slightly, “You are such a lunatic.”

Then, No.1 frowned slightly and asked: “If she-”

Chu Yunsheng’s eyes suddenly turned cold, and he said coldly, “Then I will really become a lunatic!”

In the end, he added: “I will destroy the so-called God’s Kingdom and slaughter them all!”

Hearing these words, Old Youling shuddered inexplicably, and hurriedly said: “Boss, don’t worry, this is the real world, nothing will happen.”

Chu Yunsheng frowned and looked at Old Youling. His rationality told him that what Old Youling said was most likely not true.

However, whether it was true or false, he had to quickly verify The Lament for The Falling Sky. Thinking of this, Chu Yunsheng suddenly asked strangely: “why did you come here?”

Old Youling’s heart skipped a beat and then quickly said, “I almost forgot! Song Ying went missing !”

Chu Yunsheng was taken aback for a moment, then reacted, and said in shock: “How did she go missing? Wasn’t she being watched by people 24/7?”

As he spoke, his gaze had drifted coldly towards Old Man No. 1. Could it be that No.1 distracted him and then took her away? It was very possible. After all, Song Ying had the ability to break the mind control of the Duo Neng race.

Old man No.1 said with a bitter smile: “Chu, don’t tell me that you are thinking that I did it? Well, although I do have this kind of motivation, it really wasn’t me.”

Chu Yunsheng stared at him, and said, “Who else can it be apart from you?”

Old man No. 1 was silent for a moment and said: “Chu, the energy of the miniature robot is about to run out because of the long-distance transmission of information. But there is something I have to tell you now.”

Chu Yunsheng said, “Say it.”

Old man No. 1 said sadly, “this time, it really wasn’t me. It was actually you! Why would you hurt her and humiliate her like that… Do you know that it was actually worse than anything that she had suffered in the past! Do you really think that Song Ying’s feelings for you are not genuine? Do you really think that it was because of your eyes!?

Chu, did you really forget it? Did you really forget the person who went through endlessly reincarnation over and over again with you without complaint and regret? It was she who sacrificed the most for you in every simulation. But all you did was humiliate her!

The look in her eyes when she looked at you was not fear, but empathy and pain, and endless tears that could fill the oceans all over the world!

Chu, did you really forget her…”


once again, Song Ying’s name means shadow.

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