Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 3467 - 3467 Chapter 3470 a gentleman on the surface but a black-hearted man on the inside! 1

Chapter 3467 - 3467 Chapter 3470 a gentleman on the surface but a black-hearted man on the inside! 1

3467 Chapter 3470 a gentleman on the surface but a black-hearted man on the inside! 1

Gong Sheng frowned slightly when he heard this. He turned around and stared at her. His tone was solemn as he said, “You want to run away on such an important occasion? Woman, you’d better behave yourself!”

This disobedient woman was too irresponsible!

Even he had been so serious in playing along with the act. He had pretended to be a loving couple with her in front of the foreign guests’wives to protect the image of the leader of the country. How could she not cooperate?

He gently made a hand gesture, indicating to the interpreter that he should not interrogate him and translate it for the foreign guests’wives.

Yun Qiao was originally filled with joy when she met the head of the imperial guards again. Who would have thought that the head of the imperial guards would rebuke her instead?


“Ah Sheng, you dare to talk to me like this. You are really audacious. Aren’t you afraid that I will exterminate your entire family?”

Yun Qiao pouted. Although she was full of vigor and pretended to be fierce, she didn’t have much of a deterrent force because her embarrassment from falling into the water hadn’t dissipated.

Gong Sheng’s face darkened again.

He thought that her acting addiction was acting out. If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have let her go to the artiste training class and become an actress.

A little girl at this age should have taken the college entrance examination and gone to university.

She had just stepped into the entertainment industry, but she was already infected with all kinds of problems. How would she be in the future?

With a guest around, he couldn’t say much. He only picked the thing that she cared about the most. With a dark face, he lowered his voice and said, “You don’t want the Big House anymore? You Don’t want the money anymore? !”

Hearing that, Yun Qiao, who had pretended to be cruel and coquettish just now, was scared back a little!

This, this, this man isn’t Ah Sheng? !

This was clearly the two conditions that she extorted from the president when Uncle Zhang took her out of prison today.

Ah Sheng couldn’t have known.

Ah Sheng was definitely not that evil!

Looking more carefully, the man’s features were deep and bottomless. This kind of evil shrewdness and the noble aura of a superior all over his body were definitely not like Ah Sheng!

He was not Ah Sheng!

He was that cheapskate husband, the president!

Gong Sheng did not continue to be aggressive. Instead, he gently held her hand and led her to follow the foreign madam.

In the crowd, a foreign madam glanced at the two people’s tightly clasped hands and a strange look flashed across her eyes.

She deliberately took two steps back, she said, “I heard that the President’s fiancée is a commoner. In S country, nobles and commoners are not allowed to marry each other. Moreover, commoners are not suitable to be the mother of a country. “The president is only talking to this lady as a friend. He is not serious about getting married, right?”

Gong Sheng glanced at the wife of the Prime Minister of S country.

His gentle face froze and his lips turned cold.

He did not use a translator but used the official language of S Nation, he said calmly, “Everyone in the Empire is equal. Since ancient times, monogamy has been respected the most. “The Prime Minister of your country has many wives and concubines. I’m afraid that he doesn’t understand the relationship between a husband and wife in our empire. They have a life-and-death bond. They hold their son’s hand and carry their son with them as they grow old.”

Palace saint didn’t reprimand the other party for being disrespectful, nor did he directly answer the other party’s question.

Instead, he used the ancient language of the empire to describe an attitude of loyalty.

At the same time, he also ridiculed the bad habit of polygamy in S country without leaving a trace.

It made the wife of the Prime Minister of S country turn green and white, but she couldn’t say anything.

Her husband had several concubines. She could only participate in these kinds of national events and still show her face. How could she have the chance to be close to her husband?

Now that she saw Gong Sheng and Yun Qiao together for the rest of their lives, she was really envious!

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