Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 4053 - 4053 Chapter 4056 fairy fans, Super Awesome! 1

Chapter 4053 - 4053 Chapter 4056 fairy fans, Super Awesome! 1

4053 Chapter 4056 fairy fans, Super Awesome! 1

The scene that made Sun Fenfang suffocate came!

A few tall and handsome blond-haired blue-eyed men, each holding an extremely beautiful bouquet in their hands, walked over quickly. Their eyes were filled with romance and admiration as they looked at Yun Qiao and said something in French.

A fan hurriedly translated for Yun Qiao, “Boss, this is our domineering fairy battle team, the person in charge of the French branch and the representative of the fans. They specially brought you the delicate Lily of the valley orchids. One of them is an internationally famous fashion designer from the Alexander family. He said that he has prepared an aristocratic gown that is especially suitable for you…”


Those handsome French guys who were obviously tall, handsome, and rich were Yun Qiao’s hardcore fans!

Moreover, the moment they made a move, they used delicate Lily of the valley orchids and luxurious aristocratic gowns!

Sun Fenfang was so jealous that her eyeballs almost popped out.

She didn’t have half of the fans of the handsome French guys that she yearned for, but Yun Qiao had a bunch of them!

Just now, she foolishly thought that those people were some “Customers who came to complain”. It was simply a slap to her face!

They were diehard fans! Diehard fans!

Yun Qiao was also very surprised to be surrounded by her fans.

“Mantis shrimp, why are you here?”

The mantis shrimp in the lead rubbed his nose, he chuckled foolishly. “Boss, I missed you! “When we heard that you were filming a show in France, we couldn’t wait. We wanted to catch a glimpse of it first! “Actually, a few days ago, when you guys were playing in the Prince’s stadium, we had already arrived, but we didn’t dare to alarm you! “We saw the fire just now and were worried about you, so we accidentally exposed our target…”

Yun Qiao was touched but helpless, she poked the mantis shrimp’s nose. “You! As the team manager, you should take it easy in the future. Don’t cause trouble for everyone. The trip to France is very expensive. I don’t want you guys to spend money in vain, understand?”

Upon mentioning this.., the mantis shrimp patted his chest and promised, “Boss, money is not a problem! The money that this baby earned from starting a company can be contributed to our team! Moreover, we recently joined a little cutie called ‘The King’s Man’. Aiyo, he’s super awesome. He directly sponsored the entire cost of our little fairy team’s representative’s trip to France. I like such a domineering Big Brother! Boss, he’s so enthusiastic. I directly gave him the position of the vice-captain of the battle team. I haven’t even asked for your permission to report to you. You Don’t have any objections, right?”

Yun Qiao was also shocked by the generosity of this fan.

“I don’t have any objections. Regarding the battle team’s matters, you just have to help me make the decision.”She fully believed in mantis shrimp.

Moreover, never doubt a person when using him. It had always been her principle to not doubt a person.

It was just that..

The “King’s man”that mantis shrimp had mentioned..

Why did the name Sound So Strange?

It wasn’t strange, but the style was somehow… somehow familiar to her!

She was the fairy queen, and this guy was the King’s Man?

Cough, cough, cough, let’s Hope she was overthinking it!

The fans met with Yun Qiao, and they were so happy that they seemed to have sharp eyes, they grabbed the barista and said, “Did you throw the lighter at our boss just now? Huh? What do you mean? Do you know that this is murder? Do you think that our fan team doesn’t have a French lawyer?”

The barista was so scared that he kept stepping back.

Because of his language barrier and his clumsy personality, he couldn’t say anything for a long time. “I… I’m blind… the lighter is slippery… I’m sorry… I really didn’t do it on purpose…”

Yun Qiao picked up the lighter and glanced at it.

Then she looked at the barista and used her eyes to measure the distance between her and the cart that made the coffee.

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