Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

‘Wh, what is that? What are they…… .’

I was shocked at the sight.

The hyenas walked around Eclise, who was standing still in the spot, and drooled as if they’ve starved for days.

Both his arms and legs were cuffed. Large movements were restricted from it.

A small wooden sword was all that was given to him.

Adding to that, all he was wearing was a piece of clothing that covered his lower body. No protection at all.

‘That’s just too much!’

My heart dropped. It was as if their intention was for Eclise to be eaten by those starved beasts.

‘What should I do?’

I started to think if I should shout out that I’d buy him before anything happens.


Just then, the largest hyena jumped for Eclise.

At the same time, Eclise lowered and rolled his body over to the wooden sword and stabbed it in that hyena’s one eye at a lightning speed.

He finished off by giving the hyena a good kick.


The hyena cried and fell to the floor. It soon lost its consciousness as it was now motionless.

“Crrr, growl!”

The remaining hyenas jumped for Eclise all at once after that.


I let out a short scream.

He was able to fight them one by one but I was sure it would be too much to handle a lot of them all at once.

However, it turned out that all my worries were for naught.

Eclise dodged hyena’s sharp claws and teeth with his restricted movements and fought them off. With just a wooden sword.

Two more hyenas were down in seconds. Only two were remaining.

One hyena aimed for Eclise’s back when he was busy fighting the one in front of him.

Eclise twisted the neck of the hyena he was fighting and quickly turned around to face the other one.


Then he stabbed the hyena in its stomach. With that wooden sword that’s not sharp at all.

Flop- The last hyena dropped to the floor, bleeding, leading to the end of the fight.

“Ha, haa…… .”

Blood dripped down the hands of Eclise whose shoulders were heaving.

Silence filled the space.

Then one by one, people started to give their applause.

“Thank you!”

The auctioneer announced the end of the show.


Eclise went hyper after seeing blood and kept on swinging his sword though the fight ended.

He swung his sword dangerously at the people approaching him to restrain him, but he flinched as he fell unconscious before he was able to strike them.

Then, he was dragged off the stage.

It seemed like they attached something to him, probably to prevent the slaves from acting out.

“Haha, he’s quite an energetic one…… It’s hard to control him in a normal way.”

The auctioneer laughed and calmed the startled audience down.

“Now then! Shall we go nice and easy and start the bid with 50 thousand golds?”


The auction for Eclise officially started. The starting budget for him was already on a different scale.

I got nervous as I focused on the auction.

“60 thousand!”

“90 thousand!”

“100 thousand! I see 100 thousand!”

The price of Eclise increased rapidly. At this rate, I expected the price to easily reach 10 million.

“200 thousand! Ah, I see 400 thousand over there!”

Thankfully, people willing to get Eclise started decreasing in numbers as time went by.

There weren’t too many people willing to buy a slave who came from a defeated country with over 500 thousand golds. Especially when he was too wild to be used as a night partner. (NOTE: Please don’t search that word up if you don’t know what it means.)

Unless there are people insane enough that’d do that.

“500 thousand! 600 thousand! I see 600 thousand!”

You could afford a small house with that many golds.

Now there were only two people still betting.

I couldn’t see their face because of their mask but I could tell that one was an old woman with wrinkles all over her neck while the other was a fat man.

Their keenly half-closed eyes sparked in greed. I could tell the reason why they wanted Eclise from that.

“900 thousand!”

The old women raised 300 thousand more to the precious price, which made the price now 900 thousand golds.

“10 million! It’s now 10 million!”

However, the fat man didn’t back down. The auctioneer’s jaw dropped as he moved his gaze to the old woman.

The woman seemed like she gave up though because she threw the picket to the floor in anger.

“10 million! Is there anyone else? 5! 4!”

The countdown started.

I cautiously looked around me. It was to check if there were anyone else who looked like they were going to challenge the fat man.

“3! 2……!”

I finally raised my picket in the air when I realized that there wasn’t going to be anyone who would bet higher than that.

“100 million.”


Dead silence.


If there existed a sound for people turning to look at me, then I’m sure it was going to be really noisy.


The auctioneer’s jaw dropped again. He tripped on his words a couple of times as if he couldn’t believe what he just heard, then soon shouted in joy.

“100 million! She said 100 million! Is there no one else!”

There was no way there’d be someone else. Even if there was, it wouldn’t have mattered.

That was because from the start, I already decided that I’d shout out ten times the number that the last better shouted.

My life depended on this. Even if it wasn’t 100 million but 10 billion,

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