Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~

Chapter 11 - Volume 1

Volume 1, Chapter 11: I’ve Become a Four-Year-Old

After my snack, feeling a bit drunk, I followed Eleanor-sama’s scent to join up with her.

“… Over there, they’ve been doing something scary”

*beso beso* While crying, I hugged Eleanor-sama, Eleanor-sama let me purr on her lap,

“You know, we left lots of markers when we came here. Soon my husband and Folt-sama will be here to save us, let’s wait together.”

She said to me.

I must seem super sly for a three-year-old. Actually I’m not acting… I was just crying from being drunk.

I’m a bit [Inebriated] from having too much to drink while I was in cat form, my bad…

And then, in less than half a day, Father came to help along with hundreds of knights.

Kyaa, so cool. Where is Eleanor-sama’s husband? Dunno. Is Father a soldier? At last, the handsome Father I wanted to see has secured me. My breathing was constricted from being Squeeeezed by his hug; I completely missed what he said.

Once I calmed down, I gave thanks in my heart to the huge amount of people for saving me, sorry for making you worried.

Incidentally, when I woke up the next day… I had a hangover. No more food in the near future.


In the surroundings of the Royal Capital an incident occurred: a mass kidnapping of children, high treason, and, worst of all, another demon summoning incident, with every suspect killed by the summoned demon.

Out of the kidnapped children, the locals and travelers that had been taken recently were identified and investigated, so most of them have been safely returned.

The ringleader, Marquis Brunnow was confirmed dead, after which his family fell into ruin. Several other noble families also disappeared from the Holy Kingdom.

A witnessed collaborator in the demon summoning, The Duchess of Koeru, Albertine, had also been confirmed dead. While not the head of the family, high treason was not a light crime. Inside information about the Duke, a leading figure of the nation, was withheld, but the Koeru Dukedom is considered de facto crushed.

At the same time, the second prince who had left the royal family, releasing his right to the throne, did not return to the Koeru ducal house. Instead he formed a new house. One which held the same name as the royal family: [Verusenia].

Together with his new wife… along with the still young [Princess].


Two months from that incident, I finally became four years old.

Four years in this body… after all this time, my current life is comfortable. My demonic thoughts are back to some extent, but strangely my human part, my [Human Heart] is stronger.

On my birthday, I got lots of presents from everyone. Rick had a luxurious birthday, but my party just had my whole family: that style made me happier.

Shelly also came from the Royal Capital. The flower and herb seed set she gave made me happy. She had a matching set, too.

Rick also stopped by, for some reason.

Staring at my face, stroking my hair “…crap…” I say on my way back… Something in that child feels similar to [That Man].

Furthermore, from him I got a necklace with a blue stone. And, most likely… Bonbons.

From Father, I got a single-horse carriage like a lily flower, and a very nice tea set.

But… it was sent.

Father didn’t come.


After that, half a year has passed, it’s now spring.

I’ve been exchanging letters with Shelly, but suddenly a letter from Rick comes. This guy just does whatever… perhaps, does he thinks we are friends?

Anyways… in all that time, Father didn’t come home.

I wonder if his job is keeping him busy. Did he get sick of my relying on him so much…?

As I thought that, Mother invited me and everyone to go see Father at the Royal Capital. Yay!


I’m at the royal castle.


Royal castle… The castle where His Majesty the King lives.

Yup, something’s off, I thought. Coming into the Royal Capital from our house, we rode in a large six-horse-drawn carriage, rather than the single horse drawn carriage we always use. Including our escorting knights, there were around 20 people.

The old butler was also there.

For some reason he seemed extremely happy. I had tried to find out his name, but all he ever wanted to be called was [Grandpa]. Grandpa’s name… eh, whatever. I’ll find out eventually.

The Knight-sans who saw me looked nervous. Yup, my appearance is scary.

I won’t eat you, don’t be scared, alright?

Thinking about that time… I wonder if those children are doing ok.

And then…

Finally, I’m able to meet Father.

He’s as handsome as ever. Making a patter patter while running, I went to him, “So High, Sca~ry”, I said as he swung me round and round, He then hugged me suuuuper tight.

Father must have been as lonely as me. Thank goodness.

Right after we met up, Father and Mother and I went out into town. I was looking forward to sightseeing in the Royal Capital with them… hmm? A clothing store?

We entered a huge, ultra-luxury clothing store. Waiting for us were about ten assistants, who took us away. They already had a dress perfectly tailored for me somehow; it looked like a dress a luxurious princess would wear. Moreover, a large amount of money was given as if it were nothing much…

Still stunned by the extravagance, when I came out of the store, there were a dozen female knights that weren’t there before…? They were assigned to defend the carriage until we arrived at the castle.

Why are they here?

The castle had an atmosphere like a cathedral; all of the windows were stained glass. The entrance hall alone had me open-mouthed, speechless.

Look at that height, a two-story house would easily fit below this ceiling, ‘how do they clean it’ was the only thought that entered my head.

While Father hugged me, he talked about how the stained glass on the right side tells the story of the Holy Kingdom’s founding, the left side is of the achievements of the royal family.

My apologies, Father. I’m not paying attention.

“We’re going to the garden, Yurushia, is there anywhere you want to see in the castle?”


Before that, tell me what’s in the castle, am I stupid for not knowing?

Turning his head to smile at me, Father said to pick something that caught my eye while he walked with mother.

Nothing has caught my eye… isn’t the problem.

But as a four-year-old, saying “I want to go to the torture room” with an innocent smile…can’t happen.

Anyways, the castle garden… is it generally open to tourists for no reason?

Being called to the castle, wearing this doll-like dress, are we meet with powerful people? I wonder…

Does he have an audience with the king?

The garden was inside of a large wall, on the other side of a big gate.


“Did you notice?”

Yes, I noticed. This large garden was the one we were in for the tea party…Huh? Did you use a part of the castle for a tea party?

Maybe one of those brats was a big deal…?

I thought we were at Rick-chan’s house.

In a white roofed gazebo, at a large table, I noticed Eleanor-sama waving to us.

Among the others… Rick and an older boy, an old guy I don’t know, and a couple in their mid-fifties.

All of whom look at Father then at Mother… I quiiiietly peek.

Father kneels down in front of the old guy… how rare.

“Father… I have brought Riasteia and Yurushia.”

…Father? He’s, my Grandfather? ……………………Eeh?

“I see… this is the child.”


When I muttered that, Grandfather put on a big smile and lifted me up with strong arms.

“Yes, that is so. *We* are your grandfather. Hahaha”

Laughter spreads, the beautiful old lady, (my Grandmother?), also earnestly stroked my cheek and hair while smiling widely.

… These people are amazing, aren’t they. They aren’t scared of me.

“Now that everyone’s here, let’s go.”

Grandfather quickly walks the way we came while still hugging me. I understand… you’re the new hug person.

…Wait, where are we going?

Father and Eleanor-sama followed, after which a huge number of respectably dressed people and knights marched along the majestic corridor beside us.

The knights and butlers open a luxurious door…


In that huge hall, thousands of people… more castle servants, nobles, and knights, aligned side by side, greeted us.

“Thank you for waiting, *We* introduce this child to you. She is Folt’s child, the Duke of Verusenia’s daughter, and my grandchild. Her name is…”

Yurushia of Verusenia. For the first time, I know my full name.

While I internalize it, I’m stunned; all of the eyes of the place were looking at me.

“This child… is your [Princess]!”


At that moment a murmur rises, followed by a cheer, followed by a roar from the knights.



I am the granddaughter of His Majesty, holding the same family name as the royal family, a duke’s daughter: Yurushia of Verusenia.

They didn’t tell me the little details during the talk, since I’m a child.

My standing is that of a Duke’s third daughter from a second wife… it seems.

Mother was his secret lover, which was why he didn’t stay too much, but the first wife is now no longer a problem… wait a second.

Grandfather said [Princess], shouldn’t it be different because I’m a duke’s daughter? Is it… because there’s still only one boy in the royal family, they must have accepted it as natural.

Really, this world is haphazard… Even if calling it that is a little strong, I shouldn’t let myself be taken off-guard about the common sense of this world. Live Humbly.

Those knights, they seem to have been longing for the presence of a [Princess] to protect and be devoted to… a man’s romance, huh.

But… hmm?

Don’t I have two older sisters…?

“Eh, whatever…”

Are you joking? Since I am… well, I’m a demon.

We left that mansion which we lived in for so long, together with Mother and the maids, to the Tule territory’s main ducal residence.

The mansion was many times larger than the other one; my room was much bigger as well. I begin to think while staring at the calm late night streets from the window.

I’m a demon.

My [Human Heart] is still there, in my mind, making ripples of anxiety.

But someday, I might trouble Father and Mother.

Aside from those two, it really doesn’t matter… or so I thought, but over the course of living as a human, the number of people you care about grows little by little.

I will live as a [Human].

I will be a valuable [Human Being] and will have their love.

I will live as a [Demon]

The precious… and foolish humans, when they’re struggling in their sorrow, I’ll love them back.

[Demon Me] is hungry for love.

As a [Human]… I will save the people for their love. As a [Demon], I will devour their tasty souls.

From what I can tell through the window, even during this silent night, people are indeed still alive. I can hear it… their breathing.

Being afraid of things like the dark, those lovable feelings…

You all should instead… devote your [Love] to me.

“…I the [Demonic Princess] will lovingly take your souls…”

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This marks the end of Volume 1 and the start of a truly fascinating story. Next chapter, we’ll be going on a trip.

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