Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~

Chapter 13 - Volume 2

Volume 2, Chapter 1: I’ve Become a Princess, Part 1

Well now. It’s a brand new day.

It’s been nearly a year since that second demon summoning incident, and I will be five years old in three months.

Having a good snack, meeting my grandfather who turned out to be a king, this year has had a lot happening. Quite a bit of tension. To top it off, staring out my window at the city and muttering “Give me your love”…


… Pardon me.

Just going to squirm in my bed a little.

Well now. It’s a brand new day.

It’s been nearly a year since that second demon summoning incident, and I will be five years old in three months.

… Hmm? You think something’s wrong? Ignore it.

Anyways, my life has dramatically changed.

Although, since I’ve been overly pampered from the start, not much has changed, but, it has been increased further.

… Today is one of those days.

“For Princess Yuru, the head chef has baked a lot of treats that are trending wildly in the Royal Capital.”


A little human food won’t kill me.

A voice came my way, the head maid… when father moved into the castle, the people that started caring for me grew by a lot. Ever since he became a Duke, maids have been coming by the dozens.

That old butler guy, “Just Grandpa”-san’s wife, forces me to call her “Nanna”…Why are you two so insistent on this?

Nanna and I walk slowly while holding hands.

I’m almost five years old, it’s about time I graduated from being carried around.

However, my other hand is being held by another maid, holding me on both sides.

For some reason, I remembered a black and white photo of a monkey being held up on either side.

Being pulled by two people can barely be called walking. Or rather, my feet are floating.

I don’t want it to be like this, but when I complain I get carried around instead, no objection.

I… I am a princess, right?

As an aside, when Mother carried me down the hallways, I saw Vio through an open door with all the younger maids, doing intensive-training-like push-ups.

What are you training for…?

All of you guys’ love is heavy.

Our home… let’s just say that the household of Verusenia is in a very good financial state.

This country, the Holy Kingdom Taterudo is a rich land, maybe because people are religious, they work hard and pay their taxes.

Seems there’s no corruption in the religion in this nation…

Well, cutting to the chase, Father’s Touru territory pays a lot of taxes.

The money isn’t all the Duke’s, of course.

A portion is taken, and we stay profitable through the foreign trading that the Duke, Father, does on his own.

The Touru territory is in the west of the kingdom. Further to the west is the Shiguresu country, where about 30% of the land is farmland: it’s an agricultural superpower.

Shiguresu, as a mostly agricultural nation, worships the same goddess as us, the Goddess of Good Harvest, Kostoru. The queen there is my father’s older sister, in other words, my aunt.

Well of course he’s profitable; who could he trust more as a trading partner.

All the same, I heard from the old butler that when the retired minister was in charge, there was an even greater amount of profit made.

Anyways, our house is quite rich, even among aristocrats.

Since both Mother and Father have no extravagant hobbies, they focused all their money on me.

Of the butlers and maids that showed up when Father came here, who pamper me so intently, some had even left their previous employers who they’d worked with for a long time, Vio has been fiercely training the new maids.

It’s quite scary, you know.

I have lots of dresses and extravagant meals; I’m just not used to this degree of luxury.

I can’t say “I don’t need it” properly.

Why, you ask, would what’s happened deviate from the new norm?

For one thing, whenever I go out, I’m escorted by Knights. Well, it’s normal to be escorted by normal knights, but this time, a dozen female knights followed us…do they like crossdressing? You guys, guarding us that fiercely isn’t necessary.

Female knights… sounds good, doesn’t it.

However, we were at the back of that knight formation for a reason this time.

“Look, Yurushia. We can see the castle from here”

“I shee”

Without thinking, I accidentally lapsed into baby talk. But it doesn’t matter, right now, I’m riding on a horse together with His Majesty. In other words, with my Grandfather.

Although his looks aren’t bad, grandfather is anything but delicate. He’s giving me love.

Grandfather and Uncle are all the same: [Wild]. They have no delicacy.

Thank god that Father resembles Grandmother.

Today I’m taking a long ride with Grandfather.

That’s right; I’m in the Royal Capital. The knights who escorted us to the Royal Capital did so under the King’s instruction.

I stay for three days and it takes one week to and from the capital. We are commanded to visit the castle once a month.


Grandfather gives me lots of love.

I have a terrifying look for a child… I thought. But it seems that since my uncle only had sons, Grandfather is full of love to give me. It seems like he’s been waiting for a granddaughter. His love is intoxicating.

Uhmm… what about my two older sisters?

“Yurushia. Today, we’re hunting a bird called pheasant in that forest.”


I appropriately chimed, looking for where a bird would be. I’d never experienced hunting in the world of that dream, so I’m curious.

… Oya? There’s a sign of a [Beast] in the forest.

Of course, since we’re so close to the Royal Capital, there shouldn’t be many beasts. In Demon terms, [Beast], as a group, refers to things like ghouls, which eat people.

… In other words, things like me.

Well, at least the sign isn’t that strong. It’s at most the type that would [Kill for food] rather than being of the level where it would [kill for its own sake], it’s reassuring. Though, even if I know how to use my demonic power to a certain extent, I can’t get conceited. Although that was told to me, I also don’t know what the magnitude of the forces of the country is.

Whatever, I wouldn’t be hostile, would I? I [Love] “Humans,” after all.

But… for [Me], there’s no need to worry for this level of presence…


I noticed something, directly in my line of sight past the sign.

But, after seeing that I saw it, it flinched and disappeared.

“… What is it? Yurushia”

“Uh, uhm, a squirrel.”

When Grandfather asked, I pointed to where I had seen the [Squirrels] that were solidified in the previous aftermath.

You don’t have to stiffen just because you’re being looked at…

“Oh, how cute. Do you want it?”

“E-eh, isn’t a bit sad to catch…”

It was scared off.

“Yurushia is so gentle, huh.”

A laid back voice came from beside us.

Looking that way, I see a pink-honey-blond boy, looking at me with a warm, fuzzy face.

He is Rick’s brother. The tentative first born of the crown prince. Timothy-kun, age 13. My cousin.

In addition to his strawberry-honey-hair, his appearance as a whole is a mess of [Sweet]. Besides taking after Elea-sama and looking exactly like a model [Prince], Timothy-kun is filled with fluffy and sweetness inside. Rick, on the other hand, will never be called [-Sama] in my heart.

Just [That Guy] is fine. [Brat] is also good enough for Rick.

This time, Timothy-kun is here to provide the companionship of a cousin.

Father and Uncle and Elea-sama, even Grandpa are always playing around like it’s their job.

By the way, I thought Rick had started school. Good for Timothy-kun, I thought. On the other hand, it’s too bad that the new students will be stuck with Rick. But, Rick hasn’t gone to school yet.

I was mistaken. To enroll in the Magic School, rather than the child being seven years old in that year, they need to be seven by the time of enrollment… in other words, they are admitted when they would have started the second grade of elementary school (TL: On earth). The children graduate from the Magic Academy when they’re 17.

“I’m not gentle…”

“To think of Squirrel-san’s wellbeing, Yurushia is kind at heart.”

Says Timothy-kun with a sweet smile, as he strokes my hair.

He speaks a lot like Elea as well. Such unreliable men in the royal family, only the 10-year-old brother doesn’t act like a spoiled child. He’s not scared of me either.

“… Haha”

That made me a little happy. While I was smiling in satisfaction while my hair was being stroked, Grandfather came over and stroked my head *GashiGashi*. It’s a little painful.

“Yurushia. Watch that bird!”

Your voice is too big, Grandfather.

Handing me to the female knight who was ahead to the side, Grandfather pulls back the string of a superb looking bow, and in one hit, the pink bird… a pheasant?… was shot down.

Oooooh… Behind the knights… Grandfather and Timothy-kun’s escort of 32 people and my escort of 15 knights Ooh and Aah.

But to me, I kept having a hallucination of someone saying [Naisu Shotto!](TL: Sound it out)

“How was it.”

“Grandfather, ama~azing!”

Yup, I should praise or else. If I don’t praise while you are making such a face.

In things like this, Grandfather is very similar to Rick. I feel like Uncle is similar to Grandfather, too.

Also, they’re similar to [Him].

It seems as though I’m weak against this type.

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