Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~

Chapter 16 - Volume 2

Volume 2, Chapter 4: I am now Five Years Old: Part II

That night, in the Holy Kingdom Tatarudo’s capital city, His Majesty, the King’s doted upon granddaughter, Duke Verusenia’s daughter, Yurushia la Verusenia, was about to celebrate her fifth birthday.

Known as an [Debut], the amount of people attending was said to be well in excess of 1200 people.

It was unusual for the birthday party of a duke’s daughter to be held in the royal castle, but even more unusual was how many attendees signed up to participate on their own. Everyone was trying to see the [Princess] from the [Rumor].

Since the situation was as such, the amount of people who were there genuinely to celebrate Yurushia’s birthday were few.

After all, the rumor had evolved into [The captivating beautiful golden princess of the royal family]. [The saint who healed countless wounded children in mind and body]. [The one who used the most sacred heavenly magic of angels]… they wanted to ascertain the reality of the [Rumors], as it was outrageous that a five year old would be able to do all of that.

She is being visited by not only the state religion of Kostoru, but be various other denominations as well.

The rumored title of [Saint]. Each sect of the head temple has come to confirm this, and should she be a pretender, she will face condemnation from their sect, no matter how well advertised.

For that matter, even if the [Rumor] proved not to be true, to gain the favor of the royal family’s favorite, or propose deals with the wealthy Duke Verusenia, there was no loss in coming.

But those thoughts were soon laid to rest.

Appearing in the entrance as the music changed, the two princes escorted someone who seemed to be the [Princess]. The faces of the guests froze upon seeing her.

It may have been a primal [Fear].

She was a cold beauty that looked as though the gods themselves had made a doll

Her hair, like golden thread, seemed to shine with a faint light by itself.

Silky smooth skin with a lustrously fair complexion that resembled porcelain.

If she was a human, we aren’t worthy to call ourselves [Human], they all thought.

Such a presence that caused such fear, like a curse, was lifted as she gave a small smile.

‘Thank God… She is a [Human]… We’re humans as well.’

There were some who shed tears of relief.

Everyone knew that this girl was the [Princess] of this Holy Kingdom.

All but one person, who was feeling deeply suspicious…

That was dangerous… I overdid the [Intimidation] in that opening.

It seemed… before entering the venue, I caught the [Scent] of negative [Emotions] drifting all around.

A weak demon like me, there’s no way that I was scared and brought out my [Intimidation], right?

But as expected, everyone looks so scared, so I tried to be deceptive and put on a fake smile in a hurry. Yup.

“… Yurushia.”

“… Eh?”

“Are you scared…? Your hands are trembling.”

Rick is looking at me with an anxious look in his eyes.

I… I’ve been holding Rick’s hand this whole time. Rick was silent while holding my hand up till now. My palm is drenched with sweat… I’m sorry, Rick… I know it probably feels gross.

“I was nervous too, the first time I was in front of a lot of people. Yurushia, there’s no need to keep making a scared face.”

Timothy-kun gives me a fluffy smile, while stroking my head.

As expected of my provisional Older Brother, he gives a bit of peace of mind.

“Thank you… both of you.”


“You’re very welcome.”

I’m impressed; I was properly received, though as I thought, Rick’s a brat. And so, me and Timothy-kun walked with each other while he wore his fluffy smile.

“Yurushia, let’s go. The guest of honor should be on stage, even if you don’t like it.”

“Eh? Hold U-”

Rick, while still gripping my hand, started down the stairs with a *Zun*.

S-stop, you’re walking too fast.

My legs are weak, I’m fragile. I’ll fall. I’ll fall, you know? Slow down you brat.

“Brother Roderick.”

While in a hurry, when Rick is called [Brother] by me, he stopped his legs and made a surprised face. I couldn’t tell from it whether he was happy or sad.

“I’ll fall, so… walk slowly.”

“… I understand.”

Finally, Rick the Brat seems to have understood me, and escorts me slowly so that I don’t fall down. Phew, what a relief.

I hesitated to call Rick [Brother] before, but maybe it felt normal to use it when I was panicking, so… I guess it worked out…?

He’s sensitive, after all… I wonder how Rick’s doing. He seems awfully adult now.

“… Was me calling you Brother… strange?”

I say in a small voice. Rick shakes his head a little bit.

“So~o… not strange, then. But, wouldn’t it be better to drop the honorific normally…?”

“… Yup.”

And so, the two of us fell silent. Yup… Rick is amusing.

“Hey, Yuru-sama!”

*Don*, a small shadow rushes through the entrance before the guard has time to herald them.


“Yes, long time no see.”

“Y-yeah… It’s been a whole two days.”

I met with Shelly when I visited the City Government. Is she having amnesia…?

Shelly’s still young, huh.

Thanks to Shelly acting so erratically, the strange mood in the air went flying. With that as well, the aristocrats started greeting me, for better or for worse.

“Father… how many people did you invite…?”

More than fifty noblemen have come to greet me now… too many.

Since greeting everyone would be impossible, I focused on friends of Father and Grandfather, but it still took close to two hours.

All the couples are taking too long.

Isn’t it rude to line up one by one with such rigor?

“That’s true. Let me and your father receive the guests for a while. Take a break.”


Leaving Father to apologize, Mother brings me to the [Cage].

Well, it’s not a cage, since there is a plush sofa and a low table, and we’re surrounded by knights and maids, so anyone who approaches would need some real guts.

It just feels like being an animal at the zoo in plain view, so I call it such.

On the other side of the [Cage], Grandfather and Uncle are clamoring like middle aged men while drinking sake. That place is dangerous.

Huh…? You aren’t helping Father?

Right now, I’m in the [Cage] with Shelly, surrounded by my escort knights that seem adamant that it remain a [male-prohibited] safe zone for me.

“Yuru… I need to go return and help Folt-Sama, okay?”

“ …Yes, Mother.”

Ah, the healing fluffiness of Mother has left. She’s worried about you after all. Grandfather, you’re unforgivable.

Shelly was greeted by Sarah-chan who began escorting her the moment she entered the [Cage].

“Yuru-sama, he~re you are.”

Seeing Shelly so full of fluffiness, and running low on fluffy, I sat down on the couch with her.

“The line of people is growing, huh…”

“Faces… I can’t remember them all.”

Father, on the other hand, is able to remember all of the people, thought it would be bad if he couldn’t. It’s impossible for me to distinguish between the pig slop, though.

Vio had us brewed a cup of tea …but I can’t taste it, after all, I finally feel comfortable around humans.

“Yuru-sama~a, what will you be doing for your first tea party?”

Based on how she’s asking, I get the feeling she’s expecting something.

“It’s Grandmother’s tea party… I’m sorry.”

“Okay, it’s fine. After all, it’s the [Golden Princess]’s party.

What’s that?


“Yuru-sama…? Have you not heard?”

Since I have golden irises and hair, it seems I’m being called the golden princess.

How appropriate… though apparently there is a person who was named [Silver Princess] earlier, so I seem to be called so after them.

That person, I feel sorry for her being called such a shameful name…

“A beautiful girl with silver hair. Yuru doesn’t lose to her at all.”

“I see… who is she?”

Hearing me, Shelly tilts her neck, and Vio tells us gently.

“The Lord Count Barus Oberu-sama, since you were young, he hasn’t come to the Royal Capital. His daughter Milaine-sama is 14 years old, and started moving around in social circles from last year. She is rumored to be an amazing beauty.”

The “Princess” with silvery white hair.

“That Milaine-sama, is she here today?”

“No, due to her weak body, it seems she’s been made to recuperate in her territory recently. Since she’s not able to to attend school, we’ve heard that she’s tutored at home.”

“That’s how it is, Yuru-sama. Once Milaine-sama has an improvement in her body and visits the Royal Capital, she will likely hold a tea party again.”


What a strange story, the maids and female knights told us it in detail, even speaking at the same time from excitement.

Because of there were only women around me, there was a high degree of attention that was directed towards us, keeping everyone away, or maybe something else.

But I’m the guest of honor.

But a noble girl playing about like this, that can’t look good, can it? Oy Oy, you’re not afraid, are you? I’m a gourmet, can’t I cherry pick a little?

I wonder if I’m scary after all. I’m scared, but the “title” makes me even more scared.

And so…

At last, those two have finally come.

The main event was about to start. Fufufu.

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