Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~

Chapter 21 - Volume 2

Volume 2, Chapter 8: A Six-Year-Old’s Magnificent Daily Life, Part 2

Author’s note: The third person part is longer than I thought.

I went out into the town with Noel and Bree-chan.

I asked Sarah-chan to watch over those four. Why? It’s because I’m worried, you know? About the Ducal assets.

“This… do I look weird?”

Since my normal appearance makes people think of that shameful rumor, I’m only wearing a dress at the level of a merchant’s daughter going into town.

It’s a flawless disguise once I put on this cap… My powers of perception scare me sometimes.

“It matches very well, Prin-, Young Lady.”

Bree-chan… you almost called me [Princess-sama], didn’t you.

“… Cute… Saint-sama”

You’re the cute one, Noel-kun.

The destructive power of a cute boy squirming in embarrassment is inconceivable.

“Noel… Don’t call me Saint-sama. Just use my name, okay?”

“But… to call you by only your name is …”

How rigid… Do you want to call me Saint-sama that much? Well, it might be a longing for his savior, his… [Saint-sama].

I can feel the itch of his willingness to worship me, though it makes me feel lonely that he can only see [Me] as a [Saint].

Since I have so few acquaintances, I wanted to become friends with him.

Hmm? Could it be that he doesn’t know my name or something? ~Uwaa~, am I being overly self-conscious?

“Umm… Call me Yurushia. No need to use an honorific.”

“Such a thing, it’s impossible. To call Saint-sama without an honorific…”

Noel… how stubborn. Rather, should I command him? No, that’d be unpleasant like ordering a servant around.

“Exactly, at least call her Princess Yuru-sama.”




“If you call me “Princess” one more time, you will have to move 20 steps away from me and stay there.”

“… Yes….”

Will she even listen to that order? I don’t know why, but this child seems to be pleased when I coldly order her around… Sarah-chan.

But, since Bree-chan can’t stop calling me [Princess Yuru], it may be impossible for Noel to just call me [Yuru]… Another nickname, huh.

“Hey, Noel.”


I pull the hem of my dress in a theatrical gesture.

“Today, I am the local girl [Lucia]. Since Noel is the friend of [This Girl], it’s strange for you to call me in such a reserved way.” (App note: Yurushia-> Rushia-> Engrish it up into Lucia)

Right? … I made sure to put on a gentle smile.

Are the instructions too little? Or is it the setting? Did I apply too much pressure?

“ “ … … ” ”

The two of us stared pointedly at each other in silence… …

“… Lucia…”

“… Yes.”

I’ve done it, I’ve finally done it. Calling me without [Yuru] is just one step away from a cute nickname.

“So then, let’s go.”

“Yes, … Lucia.”

“Yes! Princess-sama!!”

Bree-chan will be following me and Noel from a distance of twenty steps.

“Lucia… Is there anything you would like to see?”

“That’s right… what would you recommend?”

“I’m sorry, this is a small town with little to be proud of… ah, that’s right. Would you like our town’s special fried sweet potatoes? They’re sweet and delicious.”

Oh… something like that, doesn’t it feel like a date? We’re only ages six and eight, though.

But food… how tiresome.

“M-my apologies, Lucia doesn’t want potatoes…”

Oh crud, did I let it show on my face?

“I-I’ll eat sweet potatoes, I love~ them.”

“Really? Then, I’ll buy you one.”

With a terribly happy smile, Noel goes running to the stand. Ah… you don’t need to buy that much. Isn’t it enough to just share one between two people?

My last resort, after I ate a mouthful, I said “I’m so full I can’t eat another bite, can Noel eat the rest?” Once he heard that, he ate the rest of it up.

Yeah… this little boy is unexpectedly honest.

“L-lucia, there’s a candy story over there… should we…”

Noel, are you still not full?

“I appreciate it, but… I can’t eat that much, you know?”

“It’s delicious, Lucia… just… one bite?”

“ …?”

I thought he would hate sharing with me, after all, kids love sweets.

But it’s difficult for me.

“Ah, yeah, Noel, you can use magic, right? What magic can you use?”

I forcibly changed the subject to something that’s completely unrelated to the town tour.

“Magic, huh…?”

Noel put on a serious face, but still talked happily to me.

“The result of the examination was that I was shown to be gifted in fire, wind, water, and earth spirit magic, at the basic level.”

“… All of them?”

“Oh, and… [Light] …”

When Noel casted his spell, a little light like a feather appeared and disappeared.

“… Amazing.”

Having all the attributes!? Lord-uncle, the child you picked up isn’t just excellent.

When he heard my mumble, Noel shook his head a bit.

“No, I don’t have an aptitude in Holy magic. But this power…”

Noel gently… picked up my hands as if they were fragile.

“Lucia… you gave me this [Power]”

He said while staring at me with dazzling eyes and wearing a soft smile.

Ah, he misunderstood. Since I’m a Demon.

It was probably something that happened while he witnessed me doing magic as the [Saint]. His strong yearning for strength and that desire for [Light], probably won over the favor of the weak-willed [Spirit of Light] and gave him results.

But I can’t say for sure.

I couldn’t say a thing against the cute smile of Noel who was in full [Believe in Saint-sama] mode.



Noel calls me out at the faint change in my expression.

“Just a little… unusual presence.”

“A presence?”

I didn’t know what to say to Noel, who noticed my state.

I felt a presence just like this in the forest by the Royal Capital, the presence of a [Beast]

Why is it in the middle of this town?

“I’m sorry… I don’t know what you mean.”

“I may be imagining it, but… I’m a little tired.”

We only walked for a little bit in the town square and ate potatoes, though…

“I’m sorry, Lucia… I didn’t notice… do you want to go back?”

“ … No, Noel. Over there.”

Over in the shadow of a building, I point to an empty bench.

“Let’s go over to that bench. Also, tell Bridget to bring me a cold drink…”

“Yes, Lucia.”

He could tell that I was in the [Duke’s Daughter] mode, rather than the [Lucia] mode, so Noel obeyed his instructions like a servant.

It drew closer… little by little.

Its aim seems to be us, maybe because we are children? The [Beast’s] presence comes towards me, since I’m [Alone], quietly… steadily closing in.

Ye~s… Come.

You pest, you’re trespassing in my feeding grounds.


The sharp sound of Bridget’s voice resounds through the square, and there was a scream as someone tried to kidnap a lone girl.


Noel had just left Yurushia to convey her needs to Bridget, who was 20 steps away, and both the boy and girl watched aghast as Yurushia was taken away.

“Noel-kun, fetch the lord,”

“Bridget-sama, please bring me along with you, I can use basic magic!”

Bridget, who was already running forward, instinctively looked back to the sound of the voice, the look in her eyes changing.

“Alright, let’s go!”


Things such as involving children like Noel, it wasn’t praiseworthy as an adult or as a knight.

If there was trouble, his life would be in danger. He might be taken hostage. But Bridget, even with all that in mind, was completely determined to save Yurushia, even at the expense of Noel.

Noel agreed. He wanted to save Yurushia’s life even if it would cost him his own. Similarly, Bridget was resolute in saving Yurushia even if she had to give up her own life.

These two people began to run together, their understanding clear the moment they looked in each other’s eyes.

It’s enough if the other can save Lucia, so even if I fall, it would be fine… So.

“Over there.”


The kidnapper was dressed like a normal commoner. Was this person sent by some aristocrat? Or he could be an agent from another country, or maybe even a religious sect.

Although no one could be directly identified as the culprit…as someone who was born of royal lineage, the daughter of a duke, and having strong holy magic, her very existence meant that she would have many enemies.

Now then, what about this man and woman duo? They seemed to be especially trained at being unseen, given that the kidnappers hadn’t even uttered a word, and were maintaining a distance where they couldn’t be identified.

Still, for all that could be said about their competence, they were still unable to silence their own footsteps, and given that signs of pursuit could still be seen, it was quite impossible for them to escape. Unfortunately, the pursuers couldn’t catch up either, and with the way things were going, Noel, the child, had already run out of physical stamina next to Bridget.

Just as Bridget and Noel’s exhaustion began to build up……


A huge shockwave resonated through their insides, and the two people tripped involuntarily *Tatara Tatara*.

What happened? Still confused in their clumsiness, Bridget and Noel looked around the bend of the alleyway and saw someone.

“Oh, Bree-chan, Noel.”

That voice that was as carefree as someone greeting their friend on a stroll stunned the two people who were called.



The kidnapper appeared to just be a [Man], standing there at a loss, and Yurushia didn’t look towards the kidnapper as she walked over towards the two, stretching out a hand with a happy smile in greeting.

Bridget quickly moved forward to protect Yurushia, pointing her sword at the [Man].


Yurushia stared in surprised and amazement as she was strongly hugged all of a sudden by the boy.

“Lucia… Thank god…”

“… Princess, are you hurt?”

“Yes, Bree-chan, I’m fine.”

Yurushia spoke unusually quickly and impatiently.

“It’s inexcusable. I have failed in my duty. Punish me according to your whims later on. Shouldn’t there have been one more enemy, did you see them, Princess-sama?”

Wanting to rejoice in her safety, but first needing to solve the problem at hand, Bridget pointed her sword at the [Man].

“Oh… yeah, I sent it away with holy magic. It’s fine since that [Person] wasn’t a person~.”

“Ah… I see…”

Despite her yearning for the charming Princess, her love for her beauty, and her dedication of all her might and her sword to serve her young master, her master’s carefree manner and relaxed (TL:Yuru-i) atmosphere made it difficult to remain tense.

But as usual,she was saved by the gentle (TL:Yuru-sa) Yurushia.

If she wasn’t so kind, one would fear getting close to her with her cold beauty.

… Gu~uru~u…

As Yurushia said, the thing wasn’t a [Person]. The [Man’s] eyes became bloodshot as he leaked out a growl, and his hideous nails grew out with an awful creak. *Gichigichi*


Without a hint of hesitation, Bridget, held out her sword calmly, and, standing next to her, swung down, *Gakin*, the sword and the nails struck each other, producing sparks, the two taking a step back and taking up fighting stances.

“Lucia… stand back.”

At the sound, Noel finally released Yurushia from his hug, chanting [Basic Wind Magic] and holding a small dagger.

“I will protect Lucia.”


Yurushia gave a soft reply, seeing that Noel was faintly trembling, breathing unevenly, she put one hand on his back and pulled him back.

“ … [Let There Be Light] … ”

“ “ …! ” ”

Seeing Yurushia use holy magic, Bridget and Noel who received her blessing were startled.

Only by receiving it could it be fully appreciated, the Evil-repelling [Blessing] . The defense strengthening [Fortify]. The magical shield [Barrier]. The blessing of arms with holy power [Holy Sword]. A reduction of fatigue, and a constant regeneration, [Rejuvenation]…

In addition, there were many other [Advanced Support Magic] spells cast that exceeded the knowledge of the two people, what surprised them was the amount of power in the magic, the [Saint’s] true strength, was triggered with only [One Aria], so much protection in one spell… they were amazed.

This is almost as if…

Just before each decisive battle with the Daemon Lord, the [Saint] would give blessings to the [Hero], just like this…

“ … Aaah, Ah, AaaaaAAAaaAah!”

The [Man] called out something like [Words] like a beast, but they couldn’t be understood.

“ …What…?”

Bridget had a feeling and took a few steps back.

All of a sudden… a dark sensation filled the dim alley, from the shadows, an inky blackness oozed out of the corners.

“ … Lesser Demon…?”

Bridget murmured as she pulled herself together, she realized that the Lesser Demon was closer to the children than she was, kicking herself towards it.


“You’re a nuisance!”

The [Man] who got in her way received the power of Bridget’s [Holy Sword], blasting the horrible nails and even the whole arm off.

However… the unimaginable occurred.

Naturally, the Lesser Demon who had thrashed around violently at the children had an expression of fear, not being able to even let out a growl.

What’s happening? A Lesser Demon that could cause fear in all life of this world, what is it scared of?


A small shadow spiritedly spoke and jumped forward at the chance.

*Zaku*… Noel’s dagger rips through the hide of the Lesser Demon. But, even a weapon that had received the magic of [Holy Sword] couldn’t defeat a Demon when held by a child.

“…. Gugaaaaa!”

The injured Lesser Demon roared angrily and raised its fists overhead.


Noel heard the voice of the girl who had given him the vast blessing of [Light] and chanted the [Words] that gushed forth from the depths of his soul.

“ … [μυα] … ”

It was the [Sound] that meant [Light] in the spirit language… The moment the light that extended from Noel’s dagger hit the Lesser Demon, the Demon was dissected in a single blow and its life was extinguished.

While Noel was stunned by what had happened, Bridget finished defeating the [Man] and spoke out.

“Noel-kun… what was that light?”

“I-I don’t know… it was the spur of the moment.”

The enemy was defeated. The rescue was completed. But the enemy’s identity or the Demon’s actions, or Noah’s light, there were too many things that they didn’t understand.

But that…

“Both of you, thank you for your help.”

Their doubts and worries were blown away by her [Big Smile]. The two people’s minds became blank for a moment.

“Well, shall we return to the tour of the town?”

“ …Eh?! Lucia.”

“Princess-sama!? Let’s just be safe.”

As Yurushia caused panic in the two people, with a quiet “Shh,” she placed her index finger on her lips.

“Let’s keep today a secret between the three of us, okay? You don’t want father to get angry at us… right?”

And thus, after the trouble of the “Little Princess-sama’s first field trip,” they were on their way back the next day.

Noel remembered.

Living in pain and despair, hoping for [Death], her speaking harsh words while looking at his eyes with compassion, a beautiful, little, saint-sama…

The whole of him had been touched by her presence. Noel had harbored feelings similar to worship for her.

After more than two years, when he finally met her again, she had become even more beautiful, an unapproachable [Saint-sama]. Noel was reminded that she was just a lone [Girl].

Rather than being referred to as [Saint], she took joy in being called like a normal girl, a girl who would stuff her cheeks with the food of the common people with a mystified expression.

In the eyes of such a beautiful, dazzling girl was a girl of carefree character with slightly sleepy eyes, who had a leisurely way of talking. Thinking of it, his cheeks slackened.

When she was kidnapped, everything went black with the fear that he might lose her.

When she was found, and he embraced her once again, he noticed his feelings.

Her… I want to protect [Lucia]. At any cost…

That [Light] was given for the sake of her, Noel thought.

‘I will get stronger.’ ‘I will protect her.’ ‘I will not let her be snatched away again.’

That day… the boy took the first step.

In order to stand beside the one and only [Saintess]

He will be called soon… as the [Hero] of the Holy Kingdom.

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