Demon Wang's Golden Favorite Fei

Chapter 210

Special Chapter: The last princess (1)


August, with the scorching sun, a caravan (a group of merchants) moved slowly at the foot of Dayu Mountain.

“Damn, it’s so hot!” Song Xi, the leader of the team, wiped the sweat off his face, “If it continues to be hot like this, I’m fucking be shedding a layer of skin when we get to the Fish Gate.” Song Xi’s words didn’t make the people of the caravan laugh.

If it was under normal circumstances, when Song Xi spoke, there was always someone who goes along with him, but this time this delivery wasn’t the same. First, the weather was too hot and second, because of the arrival at Dayu Mountain. The bandit Xi Mei from Dayu Mountain was very ferocious, so everyone couldn’t be happy.

After seeing the demeanor of everyone, Song Xi beckoned Ah Nan over, “Ah Nan, that brat Ah Wei went to scout the road, why hasn’t he returned yet?”

“I don’t know.” Ah Nan was a newcomer who just came to the caravan. This time, just before departing, the boss elder Yu especially told Song Xi that Ah Nan was his (Lao Yu) distant relative’s nephew and asked him (SX) to take special care of him on the road. Song Xi hated this kind of entering through the backdoor the most. He especially ‘took care’ of Ah Nan through the whole journey. The hard ones, the tired ones, he let Ah Nan do it all. If it wasn’t because Ah Nan was a newbie, Song Xi would also make him do things such as scouting the road.

However, Ah Nan was a good-tempered one and was good at his work. No matter what Song Xi made him do, he (Ah Nan) had done it carefully and properly. Song Xi couldn’t find any mistakes.

Moreover, this brat was lively. Where he went was where the joy was. Not long after he entered the caravan, he was able to blend in with the guys. In addition, on several occasions where they had encountered danger, Ah Nan took the lead and saved everyone. Therefore, in the caravan, Ah Nan’s prestige was almost equal to Song Xi. It made Song Xi had a sense of crisis for the first time.

“Don’t know? Aren’t you two close enough to wear the same pants? You don’t know?”

“Uncle Song, I don’t have that of a big waistband, and I’m not a demigod.”

Ah Nan’s words caused laughter in the surroundings. Even Song Xi who saw Ah Nan’s serious expression afterwards, also laughed and scolded him, “Get lost…Don’t stand in front of me, seeing you make me feel irritated.”

After Ah Nan left, Song Xi rubbed the sweat on his face and stared at the misty green hills not far away, and muttered, “Could it be that Ah Wei ran into the bandits?”

Nan Feng had been steady and stable in Ming Yue Cheng’s hands. It could be regarded as a strong and prosperous nation. However, in such a country, there was an exception like Dayu Mountain.

Dayu Mountain was located in the north of Nan Feng, near the frontier fortress. Because the mountain was high and far away, the officials couldn’t care much about it. Five years ago, Dayu Mountain was occupied by a group of bandits. In less than two years, the name of the female leader of Dayu Mountain Xi Mei spread out, and it was now even more resounding throughout Nan Feng.

All caravans going out of the border must pass through Dayu Mountain. As long as they passed by, they must pay tribute to Xi Mei. Otherwise, they would be looted. In order to avoid being robbed, some caravans made a detour around Dayu Mountain. But after Xi Mei discovered it, she directly took people and outflanked them (caravans). In the end, they came to an even more tragic end and directly lost their lives.

The imperial army had also come over to encircle and suppress them several times. But because Dayu Mountain was big and deep, the army failed to do something significant to the bandits. After a few times, the imperial army had lost a lot of troops and horses. It gradually became unbothered. As a result, the bandits of Dayu Mountain also became notorious all over the world. Those caravans saw that even the imperial court couldn’t deal with Xi Mei. So they might as well pass through Dayu Mountain and honestly paid tribute to Xi Mei. This way, it was more peaceful.

Song Xi was on this road for several decades. Since the appearance of the bandits, he had also paid tribute to Xi Mei according to the rules, and every time it was safe and sound. This time, Song Xi sent Ah Wei to scout the road, was to see where the bandits were so that he could be prepared. But didn’t expect Ah Wei to be gone for half a day and still didn’t return. It was really anxious.

“Boss, are we going or are we still waiting?” Someone asked. Song Xi clenched his teeth, looked at the sky, and ordered. “Let’s go ahead!”

The caravans entered in big groups the Dayu Mountain and still didn’t encounter bandits in the evening.

There was something odd about it. Song Xi felt that going this ‘smoothly’ was wrong. Did the bandits got drunk and went to sleep? Those were actually devils who killed people without blinking their eyes. He heard that many wanted criminals had fled to Dayu Mountain to become bandits. These people couldn’t be offended.

Just as Song Xi was racking his brains about the abnormalities of the bandits, a ‘rustling’ sound came from the nearby forest. Then a ‘hand over the money, don’t kill’ was heard, which scared Song Xi so much that he almost fell off the horse.

After looking again, a pink figure slowly appeared in front of everyone. That woman’s black hair was hanging down on her left shoulder, the hair wrapped in pearls, gold and silver threads. There was a quail-egg-sized gem that hung in her earlobe, lengthening her white earlobe.

She was wearing a pink short dress with dark red knee pads on her legs, and a collar so low revealing the aqua-blue undergarment with the white flesh swaying with each step, letting people daydream.

“Tsk, tsk, boss Song, I haven’t seen you for a few days, but you have already forgotten the rules of Dayu Mountain.”

It turned out that the woman in front of them was the bandit Xi Mei that gave many a headache. Seeing that somebody came over, Song Xi quickly filled his face with a smile, “Miss Xi, you misunderstood! This time, I have sent Ah Wei over as soon as I arrived at the mountain. But after waiting for a long time, Ah Wei didn’t come back…And I’m in a hurry, so that’s why…”

“I haven’t seen any Ah Wei or Ah Mao that you mentioned. Brothers, have you all seen them?”

“NO….” The men at the side waved their swords and shouted fiercely. It scared the people of the caravans so much that they dismounted their horses, and lowered their heads for fear of annoying the bandits and make them taking their lives.

Compared with these people, Ah Nan who was still on the horse, stood out particularly. Xi Mei soon noticed him.

Ah Nan was sitting upright on the horse and was holding the reins with a straight back. He looked at Xi Mei without squinting. There wasn’t the slightest timidity in his eyes, which aroused Xi Mei’s interest.

Xi Mei swayed the colorful horsewhip in her hand, swinging her hips and walked to the horse. She raised her pretty face and looked at Ah Nan.

This face of the oval type didn’t have the fairness of women in the boudoir. Instead, because of the long-term exposure to the sun, it was dyed with a healthy red. On the oval face, there was a flamboyant pair of long, shapely eyebrows with thick dark colors. Under the eyebrows, there was an indescribable charm in the eyes. On the left face of Xi Mei, there was a thin scar that continued from the tip of the eyebrow to the corner of the lip.

At this moment, Xi Mei was looking at Ah Nan with strong interest. In the eyes of Xi Mei, Ah Nan was a tall man with wide shoulders, a thin waist, narrow hips and a superb body. Compared with the good figure, Ah Nan’s face was rather ordinary. Not handsome, but charming, and very young, at most sixteen or seventeen years old.

“This brother, first time going out?” Xi Mei jumped up and sat down in Ah Nan’s arms. Her hands reached into Ah Nan’s clothes and squeezed a few times. Hard muscles, great body! Xi Mei burst into laughter.

“Yes, Miss Xi, please take good care of me.” Ah Nan with a straight face gripped the hand of Xi Mei to not let her go any deeper.

Ah Nan’s voice had a special kind of magnetism. Listening to it, made Xi Mei’s heart tremble. She wasn’t a little girl who had no experience. But Ah Nan’s clean body air made her feel good and happy. After looking into the eyes of Ah Nan, this feeling in Xi Mei’s heart was more obvious. This man was full of magic, people couldn’t help but want to explore.

Xi Mei moved sideways to expose the white flesh on her chest to Ah Nan. She put her hands around his neck and rubbed gently her chest against Ah Nan’s strong chest. “How old are you, brother? Is there a wife in the family?”

“There isn’t.” Ah Nan shook his head and leaned backwards, trying to create more distance between Xi Mei and him.

After Song Xi, who was in front of the team, heard Xi Mei’s questions, his forehead was covered in cold sweat. What did this woman want to do? Could it be that she took a fancy to Ah Nan and wanted to make Ah Nan her bandit den’s husband? The slutiness of Xi Mei was as notorious as her ruthless and spicy attitude. A man with a bit of good-looks would be kept by her. Although Ah Nan wasn’t outstanding in appearance, he had entered the eyes of Xi Mei, which was a troublesome matter. If Xi Mei really wanted to keep Ah Nan, how was he going to explain to the boss (elder Yu)?

“Don’t have a wife?” Xi Mei hooked her hands and stroked Ah Nan’s chin. The black stubble was still soft, proving that this man wasn’t mature and still unripe.

Xi Mei stared at Ah Nan’s eyes. She looked at the shadow inside, and her voice softened up. “Then do you have someone to marry?”

“There isn’t.”

Ah Nan’s answer made Xi Mei very happy. She laughed heartily and showed two rows of white teeth and pink gum flesh. Just when everyone thought that Xi Mei was going to snatch him directly, Xi Mei got down and came to Song Xi. The horsewhip hooked around Song Xi’s neck and brought him into her arms. “Song Xi, you broke my rules today. As a rule, you have to leave all the goods.”

Song Xi didn’t dare to look at that spring bosom and quickly dodged to the side to make a bow with his hands to Xi Mei. “Miss Xi, I really sent Ah Wei out. That brat must be hiding somewhere playing. If the goods are confiscated, even ten heads of mine won’t be enough to compensate! Miss Xi, be generous. We can pay more for the toll.”

Seeing Song Xi like this, Xi Mei smiled and didn’t answer. Her eyes looked straight at Ah Nan. As it happened, Ah Nan was also looking at her. Xi Mei felt that there was a fire burning inside, making her fidget. She whipped her whip and pointed to Ah Nan, and said to Song Xi, “The toll is tenfold and he has to stay.”

At the first part of the sentence, Song Xi was relieved. Tenfold, then tenfold was fine. As long as the goods weren’t confiscated. However, why was the latter sentence so wrong!?”

“What are you doing by keeping Ah Nan? He’s clumsy, he can’t do anything well, and he’s still a novice. Do you want to change to somebody else…”

“No! I just fancy him! This lady just like beautiful young boys!”

The stubbornness of Xi Mei was well known. The things she had set on wouldn’t be changed. But leaving Ah Nan, Song Xi couldn’t do it. Although he didn’t like this young man who entered the caravan through the backdoor, Ah Nan wasn’t bad. For the success of the caravan, he needed to leave Ah Nan in the bandit’s nest. But in the event if something happened to Ah Nan, not only it wasn’t easy to tell the boss (elder Yu), Song Xi himself would also feel very apologetic.

“Miss Xi, we can pay more for the toll, but Ah Nan really can’t stay. I promised the boss to protect him. This is hard to comply.”

“Hehe, then there’s nothing to say!” Xi Mei laughed and clapped. The bandits flocked over and surrounded the caravan. “Since boss Song refused, I can only let you all stay! Brothers, take them all to the Chao Tian village!”

Immediately, the bandits came forward and shoved the crowds. They (bandits) bound their (caravan) hands one by one with hemp rope, and their eyes were wrapped in black cloth.


Special Chapter: The last princess (1) (Part 2)

Chao Tian village was located in the deep mountains of Dayu Mountain. Song Xi and the others were blindfolded by a black cloth. When they were taken to the village, the sky was already dark.

When they saw the light, the crowds found out that Chao Tian village was actually a dam in the mountain, with only a narrow path out. The dam was surrounded by cliffs. It was a smart move to choose such a place for a village.

“Do you like it here?” Xi Mei came up to Ah Nan and stood beside him. She then found out that her height was barely at Ah Nan’s chest. The more she looked at him, the more satisfied she was, the more she liked him. She decided that Ah Nan was her man. She simply leaned in his arms and felt the masculinity of his body.

“Not bad.”

Ah Nan didn’t push Xi Mei away this time but looked closely at Chao Tian village. It was easy to defend but difficult to attack. It was no wonder that the imperial court hadn’t found the bandit’s nest for so long. So, it turned out they were hiding here.

“I picked this place! People of the imperial court can’t find it!”

Xi Mei leaned on the wooden fence and looked at her Chao Tian village. Her eyes were full of confidence.

Ah Nan turned his face to the side and looked at Xi Mei. This woman was in her twenties, less than thirty. Usually, she looked just like a gorgeous beauty, somewhat vulgar, somewhat sexy, like the owner of a bar, both flattering and flirtatious. If it wasn’t because the reputation of Chao Tian village was too well-known, and there was too much blood on her hands, no one would believe that the woman in front of him would be the bandit’s leader who coldly killed people.

“Why did you become a bandit?”

“Do you discriminate against bandits?” Xi Mei frowned and her two red lips moved close to Ah Nan. “My father was a bandit, my mother was a bandit, and my dead man was a bandit, so I’m naturally a bandit too!”

This answer made Ah Nan smiled faintly. When he smiled, the corner of his mouth was very beautiful. Xi Mei’s heart trembled and turned her eyes to one side. She had seen men more handsome than Ah Nan. Why did she think that Ah Nan was different? The smile was so charming. This Ah Nan was really good-looking!

“What’s your name?”

“Ah Nan.”

“Ah Nan? Good name… Xi Mei suddenly tiptoed, trying to give Ah Nan a peck on the lips, but was avoided by him. Her lips just rubbed the stubble on his chin. “Ah Nan, I like you! If you don’t want anything to happen to them, stay here.”

“What if I say no?” Ah Nan smiled wickedly. That smile made Xi Mei almost be indulged in it.

If other people were provocative, Xi Mei would immediately kill that person without saying anything but Ah Nan was different. At first glance, Xi Mei took a fancy to Ah Nan. So that was why she took him to Chao Tian village.

“Ah Nan, you should have heard of my reputation. If you don’t agree, I’ll kill them one by one and let them die in front of you.” Xi Mei smilingly spoke, but her eyes looked like it had a knife. She was determined to have this man. The men she had fancied, there wasn’t one who she couldn’t obtain.

“It doesn’t matter. I heard that anyone who has been taken to Chao Tian village, end up with dead eventually. You’re afraid that people will leak the location of Chao Tian village and therefore will kill them every time. This is your usual trick. Since they are doomed to die in the end, why should I care so much?!”

Ah Nan’s answer was somewhat inhuman, but the more Xi Mei listened, the more she liked this man.

Everyone said that she Xi Mei’s methods were cruel. Not only robbing the money but also robbing people of their lives. However, she never cared about these claims. She liked this kind of life. Who in this village didn’t have a few lives in their hands? She killed the most! In this line of work, she had long forgotten the virtues and moralities. She was just going to live in the moment.

“Ah Nan, you can’t run away! You’re mine, just mine.” Xi Mei’s hand pulled out the hairpin on Ah Nan’s head and put her hands in his thick black hair. “Tonight, you can’t avoid the consummation! Looking at your appearance, you’re still a virgin. You can rest assured. I’ll teach you step by step!”

After saying that, Xi Mei laughed loudly and swung into the room.

This time, except for Ah Nan, everyone else was tied up and thrown into the hut. The bandits in the village were drinking heavily and eating large pieces of meat. Those wooden houses were covered with white skeleton head on the roof, as if they were advertising their glorious achievements.

“Husband Ah Nan, come on…” Xi Mei changed to a thin layered red-burning gauze dress, with only embroidered ‘mandarin ducks playing in the water’ on the red undergarment and a red shorts inside. The white flesh was particularly enchanting under the red dress. The bandits on the field cheered and immediately filthy words were filled in Ah Nan’s ears.

“Husband, are you shy? Would you like me to come to you?” Xi Mei had put on makeup, and it looked very sexy under the lights.

Ah Nan ignored Xi Mei. Instead, he pulled the rabbit meat in front of him and stuffed it into his mouth, and chewed it up.

“Leader, the husband is perhaps shy! Look at him, he’s certainly a small chicken. Leader, you must remember to be gentle!”

“Hahaha! Husband, you must eat enough, then you’ll have the energy to work hard! It’s been a long time since the leader has cared about someone!”

Everyone’s words made Xi Mei very happy. She simply sat beside Ah Nan and served him the food. Seeing Xi Mei like this, the bandits whistled and roared one after another. They all said that Ah Nan was blessed enough to enjoy Xi Mei’s close service.

“Get lost!” Xi Mei looked at those people and put her hands on Ah Nan’s arms. “You all must have a good drink and good meal today! Right, don’t come to disturb the bridal chamber! I want to be happy today!”

After saying that, Xi Mei went into Ah Nan’s arms. “Husband, are you done with eating? If you’re full, let’s go do something meaningful~~~.”

Ah Nan, who was avoiding before, lifted her up and put her on his shoulder. And in the whistling sound of everyone, they went to their bridal chamber.

If Xi Mei had foresight, she would definitely let go of Ah Nan and the caravan. However, she wasn’t a god and couldn’t do fortune-telling. She didn’t know that her life would come to an abrupt end on this day.

When seventy-six people lively heads fell in front of Xi Mei, she screamed. No matter what, she couldn’t connect the former ordinary Ah Nan with the crown prince of Nan Feng, Feng Xiao, in front of her.

Looking at the red figure in front of her, handsome and with an unusual purple-eyed man, Xi Mei knew that she was wrong. She couldn’t imagine that the magnificent crown prince would disguise as a servant in order to clean up the Dayu Mountain’s bandits. When she entered the bridal chamber and was knocked unconscious by him, Xi Mei noticed something unusual. But this oddness happened so suddenly that she was caught off guard.

“Bastard, kill me! Just kill me!” Xi Mei looked up and looked at Ah Nan fiercely, no, it should be Feng Xiao. “Just kill me!”

“Rest assured, the next one is you.”

Feng Xiao clapped his hands and a person came forward to read the crime of Xi Mei. Until only now did Xi Mei knew that she had 143 lives on her hands. She couldn’t remember it herself but didn’t expect that Feng Xiao could find out.


“Wait a minute!” Just as the big knife was about to fall, Xi Mei shouted out. “His Royal Highness, I, can I ask you something?”


“The mute girl who cooked for us is innocent. Her parents were killed by me. I saw that she was young and there wasn’t any threat, so I let her stay as a servant. She’s clean and innocent. Please be generous and don’t kill her. She, she’s only nine years old, still a child….”

“I know. Execute her….”

The head of Xi Mei fell down and rolled to the ground. Before dying, Xi Mei had been staring at the small figure not far away. There were too many unwillingness and intolerances in her eyes. Rong Hua, aunt could only help you till here. How your future would unfold, it would depend on your own fortunes…

~~~Rong Hua~~~

When that heaven-like man came over, my cold heart suddenly jumped up. He came up to me and lowered his body. I found out that he had a pair of deep purple eyes, which was different from ordinary people. Beautiful and flirtatious, emitting an enchanting radiance.

“What’s your name?” His voice was very soft and low, with an enchanting luxury. I clenched my fist and looked at his eyes with some fear. I don’t know what kind of existence I would be in Feng Xiao’s eyes. At least my petite body, and wide and fully patched rough cloth would make him pity me from the heart. Moreover, I’m a mute.

“Can you write?”

Feng Xiao opened his palms and put it in front of me. His fingers were slender. I thought that such a noble person as him must be very spoiled. But didn’t expect that there was rough callus on his palms and fingers. It seemed that the rumored imperial crown prince who was a master of pen and sword, wasn’t fake. Otherwise, Feng Xiao wasn’t able to sneak into the Chao Tian village alone and eliminated the bandits that plagued the people in one go.

“Rong Hua.”

I extended my fingers and wrote these two words in the palm of Feng Xiao.

“Rong Hua? Good name!” Feng Xiao rubbed my head. Just when I thought he would hand me over to the soldiers behind him, he picked me up. He looked young and not very sturdy. However, he was very tall and was strong enough.

It was the first time that I was held like this. I was a little nervous. My small hands tightly grabbed the clothes on his chest. The firewood ash that was on my hands left a small handprint on his red burning brocade. I was so shocked that I pulled back my hands.

Although this was Chao Tian village, news from the outside wasn’t blocked. Aunt Xi Mei would bring back all kinds of news from the outside, such as news about Feng Xiao. I knew that he had germophobia (obsession with cleanliness) and liked red. The clothes on him must be the brocade with golden carp. I heard that once a palace maid went near him and wanted to get the favor of the crown prince, but she was thrown into the fish pond.

Now, looking at the grey handprint on his brocade, I closed my eyes and my small body shivered. I don’t know if my fate would also be thrown out by him like that palace maid. But with my frail body, I would be seriously injured if not dead landing on the ground.

After waiting for a long time, when I felt hopeless in my heart, I heard a chuckle in my ear. “Ha, this little fellow is very interesting!”

He wasn’t mad? I was very surprised and looked at Feng Xiao with wide eyes. His smile was very charming. Although I was only a nine years old child, I couldn’t help but blush. Devilish beauty! It was probably to describe such a man like him!

Feng Xiao held me and went out all the way. I saw the head of aunt Xi Mei. The look before her death was filled with all kinds of complicated feelings. I knew that she was worried about me.

“Don’t look! Children mustn’t look at these things….”

Just when I was about to say farewell to aunt Xi Mei, a fragrant handkerchief covered my head and blocked my view. The handkerchief smelled very good. I had never smelled such a smell. It actually had the same scent as Feng Xiao.

Feng Xiao didn’t let me see, so I just rested on the shoulders of him. Children always made people put their defenses down. This was what aunt Xi Mei often said.

Feng Xiao obviously regarded me as an ordinary child. What he didn’t know was that I grew up with aunt Xi Mei, so I was used to seeing all kinds of blood. The scene just now didn’t frighten me at all. As early as the day when Chao Tian village was established, I knew that there would be a day like this. Aunt Xi Mei also knew. In other words, for the past five years, we had been waiting for this day, waiting for Feng Xiao to come.

I held on Feng Xiao’s shoulder and watched Chao Tian village where I grew up these years. I got far and farther away. My mood became heavier too.

Aunt Xi Mei was dead. My only relative was gone, and my future looked dim. I don’t know how I could stay with Feng Xiao and how I could survive.

Aunt Xi Mei had said, “Rong Hua, no matter what happens, you must hold on to it. Even if you drift and lives without purpose, you must live on. Because your body is filled with noble blood. You won’t be petty and low forever. You must not only live but also live a splendid life….”

Thinking of aunt Xi Mei and Chao Tian village, I slowly fell asleep. When I woke up again, I was lying on a clean bed. This room was far better, cleaner and more beautiful than my cottage in Chao Tian village. The curtains hanging on the side of the bed were translucent, embroidered with fluttery butterflies on it. Even the wings of the butterflies were decorated with beautiful little gems.

The things from Jue Se Fang were really exquisite. I couldn’t help but reach out and touch the butterflies on the curtains.

“Miss Rong Hua, you’re awake?”

After hearing the movement on the bed, a pretty girl appeared in front of me. She wasn’t much older than me. About thirteen year’s old and looked very friendly.

“This servant Dong Rui is sent by His Royal Highness to serve you!”

Dong Rui was the second person I got to know after leaving Chao Tian village. She smiled every day as if she never knew sorrow. In Dong Rui’s words, I was too depressed. She thought it was because I had been in the Chao Tian village for a long time and was frightened by the bandits, so that’s why I had lost my childishness and innocence. But how could Dong Rui know, I was also a bandit.

Feng Xiao placed me in the Hua Yang Hall of the Eastern Palace. Here, it faced the sun and was warm. Feng Xiao said that I’m too thin compared to children of the same age and should be nourished well. Moreover, basking in the sun was one of the tasks that Feng Xiao arranged for me. He said to supplement me with calcium. I don’t know what calcium supplement was, but I followed the request of Feng Xiao. First, it was to please him, this was the request of aunt Xi Mei to me; second, his words were reasonable.

I liked the warm sunshine and I also liked the freshness and cleaness on Feng Xiao. It was just that I remembered the words of aunt Xi Mei: the hatred of destroying the country, made us unable to live under the same sky. Feng Xiao, he was destined to be my enemy in this life.

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