Demon's Diary

Chapter 1391: Blood-Colored Crystal Stone

Chapter 1391: Blood-Colored Crystal Stone

When Liu Ming rescued Zhao Qianying, Mo Tian and Qing Ling were still in a standoff.

Hehe, in addition to Ouyang Ming, are you going to sacrifice this little girl as well?” Mo Tian cast a glance at Zhao Qianying who was rescued by Liu Ming not far away and said with a smile.

“This woman also has the power of a demon soul in her body, so she can naturally be sacrificed. The more sacrifices there are, the greater the chance of summoning the Celestial Mirror.” Qing Ling said lightly.

Mo Tian chuckled, showing a noncommittal expression.

“After talking so long, I still don’t know how to address you?” Qing Ling asked.

“You can call me Mo Tian.” Mo Tian said movingly.

“Mr. Mo Tian. We are all well aware of the current situation, so I won’t waste words with you. The enchantment unfolded by my 2 puppets is far inferior to the enchantment of the divine thunder. If we keep fighting, I’m afraid before summoning the Celestial Mirror, that person has already been alerted.” Qing Ling glanced at Mo Tian’s half body and said lightly.

“You can just tell your plan directly.” Mo Tian said in a deep voice after hearing this.

“After all, our goal is the Celestial Mirror. It is unwise for you and me to fight here before the treasure has appeared. I have a suggestion. Why don’t you and I summon the Celestial Mirror together, then we will fight for it after that?” Qing Ling suggested.

Hearing this, Mo Tian showed a pensive look with his eyes flickering slightly.

Qing Ling didn’t urge him. She just waited patiently.

After a while, Mo Tian sighed lightly and nodded,

“Miss Qing Ling is right. We should stop fighting for now.”

“Since this is the case, let’s start now lest more unforeseeable changes occurred.”

Seeing that Mo Tian agreed, Qing Ling showed a gleam of joy. She waved and the blood ball transformed by Ouyang Ming flashed and flew above the blood-colored cloud cast by the blood-red heart. Then, she threw a cold glance at Liu Ming and Zhao Qianying and said,

“There are 3 sacrifices. We should have more than 60% chance of summoning the Celestial Mirror.”

Zhao Qianying had just woken up. Hearing Qing Ling’s words, her pretty face turned pale.

Not to mention that she was seriously injured at the moment, her spiritual power was only less than 10%. Even in the peak state, she was not a match for Qing Ling and Mo Tian at all. Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but look at Liu Ming beside her.

There was a gleam in Liu Ming’s eyes. Instead of looking at Qing Ling, he looked at Mo Tian.

Although Mo Tian’s back was facing Liu Ming, he could clearly feel Liu Ming’s gaze. He suddenly said with a laugh,

“Miss Qing Ling has misunderstood. Although this Mr. Liu also possesses some demon soul power, he is not a sacrifice. As for that little girl, although she is also possessed by a demon soul, but it is not pure. I have another way to summon the Celestial Mirror.”

Qing Ling was taken aback.

Mo Tian didn’t explain much. As he chanted, the gray light of the Celestial Tablet converged, revealing the black and white tablet.

But at this moment, the tablet had undergone a change. A faint blood red appeared in the center of the black and white tablet, which was faintly similar to the blood-colored cloud in front.

Qing Ling looked at the Celestial Tablet in surprise, then she said faintly,

“Sir actually has such a treasure. It seems that you have already made preparations for the Celestial Mirror. Since that’s the case, let’s start now.”

After saying that, Qing Ling took out a black jade bottle. In a flash, a black and red object flew out and merged into the blood ball.

The blood ball changed immediately. There was a muffled thunderous sound inside. The color turned from red to black. It quickly turned into a cluster of black light. In a flash, it condensed into the shape of a vortex funnel. The bottom of the vortex funnel was facing the blood-colored cloud below.

As Qing Ling chanted, the bottom of the funnel became brighter and brighter. Black lightning emerged one by one. This situation was somewhat similar to the huge black air vortex behind the golden-black enchantment.

Seeing this scene, Mo Tian glanced at Qing Ling with some surprise. He waved his hand, moving the Celestial Tablet not far from the black funnel.

The next moment, black and white light radiated from the tablet. At the same time, the blood-colored light quickly spread out. In the blink of an eye, half of the Celestial Tablet was enveloped in red light.

Seeing Mo Tian and Qing Ling’s actions, Liu Ming and Zhao Qianying were startled.

“Brother Liu, you seem to recognize that girl in green clothes, and that Mo Tian, ​​who are they exactly? I always feel that their purpose is not as simple as taking treasure.” Zhao Qianying communicated with Liu Ming through sound transmissions.

“I don’t know either, but from their conversation, it seems to be related to the demon soul reincarnation you mentioned earlier.” Liu Ming immediately replied with his guess.

Qing Ling and Mo Tian were both demon soul reincarnations, and they both wanted to get the Celestial Mirror. They were obviously hiding something important in their words.

What was happening on the ninth floor of the Demon Abyss Tower right now was far beyond his expectations. What would happen in the next moment was no longer something he could fathom.

Thinking of this, Liu Ming felt a little regretful to step into this quagmire without knowing how serious it was.

But even if he wanted to leave, it was too late, so he could only take one step at a time.

At this moment, a change had occurred in midair.

A thunderous sound!

A black lightning shot out from the bottom of the black funnel and hit the blood-colored cloud.

The black lightning seemed to be incompatible with the blood-colored cloud below. After a thunderous sound occurred, the black lightning scattered a blood-colored cloud, but it also dissipated itself.

Qing Ling smiled as if she was very satisfied with the situation.

Mo Tian chanted. The blood-colored light of the Celestial Tablet was getting brighter and brighter, and it blended with the original black and white light of the Celestial Tablet, turning into a strange color of chaos.

He stopped chanting and waved his arm. A chaos flame ball was launched by the Celestial Tablet into the blood-colored cloud.

The blood-colored cloud dissipated under the scorching chaos flames.

Qing Ling and Mo Tian looked at each other and nodded. They continued to launch black lightning and chaos flames into the blood-colored cloud.

The blood-colored cloud was originally tens of meters in size, but after a while, it was only 30 meters in size. The item inside the blood-colored cloud could vaguely be seen.

In the distance, a purple light flashed in Liu Ming’s eyes. He saw the item through the blood-colored cloud, and he was startled

The huge heart had lost its flesh color and turned into a huge heart-shaped transparent blood-colored crystal stone. Inside the crystal stone was a small white mirror about the size of a foot.

“That’s the Celestial Mirror…” Liu Ming secretly guessed in his heart.

Mo Tian and Qing Ling obviously also saw the small white mirror. They showed a trace of fanaticism on their faces. They were more focused on launching attacks.


Black lightning and chaos flames quickly dispersed the remaining blood-colored cloud, completely exposing the huge heart-shaped crystal stone inside.

Qing Ling and Mo Tian took a quick breath. They looked at each other with a hint of hostility. They activated their magic weapons at the same time.

Qing Ling chanted and launched black lights from her palms into the black funnel in mid-air.

The black funnel suddenly expanded several times, and the black lightning at the bottom became several times brighter.

Immediately afterward, Qing Ling swiped her wrist with one finger and shot a blood arrow into the black funnel.

The black lightning at the bottom of the funnel burst into light again. A black lightning dragon several meters long flew out with a roar. With a flash of lightning, it rushed toward the crystal stone.

The lightning dragon spurted a head-sized black thunder ball toward the blood-colored crystal stone.

The blood-colored crystal stone made a muffled sound and shook a few times, but it didn’t break.

Qing Ling snorted. She launched a black light symbol. The black lightning dragon grew a bit larger, then it spurted thunder balls again.

At the same time, Mo Tian also chanted nonstop. The Celestial Tablet had become several times larger at some point. A huge green beast head pattern emerged.

This beast face looked like an ape with a green face, sharp fangs, and bloodshot eyes, looking terrifying. However, the most peculiar characteristic was the huge vertical eye on its forehead. A chaos light was flickering in it.

Mo Tian grunted and launched a symbol. The third eye on the beast head opened and shot a light beam at the crystal stone.

The blood-colored crystal stone shook violently. This light beam obviously contained extremely powerful power.


A crack finally appeared on the crystal stone. Although it was only a few feet long, it was very obvious at this moment.

Seeing this, Qing Ling suddenly looked at Mo Tian with a stern look. She continued to chant and spurted a puff of black air. In the black air was a black bead with holes lining on it. It was her real pellet.

In a flash, the black real pellet merged into the black lightning dragon.

A burst of crackling sound occurred!

The black lightning dragon suddenly shone and grew larger. Black scales emerged one by one on it.

The black lightning dragon twisted and suddenly disappeared in mid-air. The next moment, it suddenly appeared next to the blood-colored crystal stone and entangled it.

The lightning dragon’s 2 eyes flashed and shot 2 glaring black lightning bolts at the blood-colored crystal stone.


Another crack appeared on the crystal stone.

TL: Who is the person they mentioned? Zhao Qianying’s mum?

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