Demon's Diary

Chapter 1531: Qu Huang and Qu Chi

Chapter 1531: Qu Huang and Qu Chi

Madam Zhen’s tone was calm as if she had expected this.

The spiritual pressure emitted by the 2 gray lights far exceeded the Celestial State. Wherever they passed, the surrounding low-level Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao were shaken by the strong wind.

The 2 Mystic Comprehending State rushed in front of the alliance army in the blink of an eye.

From the alliance army, a green light and a blue light shot toward the gray lights.

Bang bang!

After the 2 gray lights clashed with the green light and blue lights, they were both stopped.

The gray light faded away, revealing 2 centipede-like Hellish-Insects. The green light and blue light revealed a male and a female at the Mystic Comprehending State. They were from the 8 great families.

Both sides looked at each other for a moment and immediately started fighting.

2 bursts of intense spiritual powers intertwined, forming huge light beams rising into the sky from time to time. The nearby Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao would be immediately reduced to ashes.

After sending 2 Mystic Comprehending States to hold the enemy back, the alliance army continued to move deeper into the Gufeng Mountain Range.

However, not far forward, an earth-shattering roar came from the mountains.

Huge rocks were flying in all directions, then the whistling sound came again!

4 silver lights shot out from both the left and the right toward the alliance army.

The aura emitted by each of these 8 silver lights were not inferior to the two Mystic Comprehending State Hellish-Insects just now.

“Mystic Comprehending State Hellish-Insect again! No, this time it’s Qu Yao!” Madam Zhen stood up in shock.

“These Qu Yao came with prepare. Everyone, get ready!” Grand Elder Xuan Yu’s expression also changed.

The silver lights faded, and 8 half-human, half-silkworm, huge silver Qu Yao appeared in front of the alliance army.

These Qu Yao formed a circle and blocked the front of the alliance army. Before the alliance army could react, their bodies glowed with silver light.

These Qu Yao sprayed out countless silver filaments, shrouding the dozens of warship puppets at the front of the alliance army.

These silver filaments were extremely fast. The warship puppets were instantly wrapped by these filaments 8 times. After some struggle, although they broke several layers of filaments, they were still trapped by the filaments.

The human cultivators behind immediately attacked the white filaments. Attacks of various colors fell on the white filaments like raindrops.

But those white filaments were nearly indestructible.

The surrounding Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao roared with excitement, then they rushed toward the alliance army.

Seeing this scene, the alliance army became slightly disordered.

At this moment, several powerful escape lights from the alliance army shot toward the 8 Qu Yao.

One with brilliant golden light went toward the white filaments sprayed by the 8 Qu Yao.

A figure appeared with a golden flash. It was Elder Hao Shou of the Haoran Academy.

A golden tome was suspended in front of him, which emitted the brilliant golden light.

The golden tome emitted waves of strong law fluctuations. This was the treasure of the Haoran Academy that appeared once after the Tianmen Conference.

As Elder Hao Shou chanted, he launched symbols into the golden tome.

The golden light emitted by the golden tome suddenly doubled in strength, and its size also increased rapidly, turning into a huge book several meters in size.

The golden tome opened, and countless golden runes emerged around it.

Elder Hao Shou pointed his fingers, and those golden runes turned into huge golden fireballs and shot toward those giant silver nets.


The golden fireballs hit the silver filaments with loud impacts. These fireballs seemed to contain a trace of law power, burning those filaments immediately.

In a few seconds, the silver filaments blocking the front of the alliance army were burned away.

The old man’s face was a little pale. Using the golden tome consumed a lot of his energy.

At this moment, in a valley near the space fissures deep in the Gufeng Mountain Range, black air had filled the entire valley.

In the center of the valley, there was a black and white spider-like Hellish-Insect.

This Hellish-Insect was extremely large. It had 8 giant black-white feet supporting a body that was 300 meters long. The aura it exuded was also vast. It was several times more powerful than the ordinary Mystic Comprehending State Qu Yao.

There were more than a dozen huge black mist balls surrounding the black-white Hellish-Insect. Within each mist ball was a Mystic Comprehending State Hellish-Insect. They were waiting for the command of the black-white Hellish-Insect.

On the other side of the valley, there were 5 giant Qu Yao who were also at the Mystic Comprehending State.

In the valley, a huge black light screen showed the current battle situation. The old man of the Haoran Academy had burned all the white filaments spewed by the 8 Mystic Comprehending State Qu Yao in one fell swoop. The addition of several Mystic Comprehending State cultivators stopped the 8 Qu Yao from disrupting the alliance army.

Seeing this scene, the Mystic Comprehending State Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao in the valley looked restless.

“Don’t panic! That man just happened to have a powerful weapon that restrains Qu Yao.” The black-white Hellish-Insect spoke slowly.

After hearing this, the other Mystic Comprehending State Hellish-Insects calmed down a little.

“The human’s attack is much more fierce than we expected. It is difficult for our people to stop their progress. What should we do next?” A black beetle-like Mystic Comprehending State Hellish-Insect said to the black-white Hellish-Insect.

The other Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao also looked at the black-white spider-like Hellish-Insect.

The black-white spider-like Hellish-Insect did not answer immediately. His compound eyes looked at the space fissures in mid-air.

Huge space fissures emitted a faint light. Amidst the constant trembles and expansion, the fissures were gradually merging together, but the whole process was extremely slow. It was almost imperceptible to the naked eye.

“How long will it take for Master Qu Chi to break through the space tunnel and descend on the Middle Sky Continent?” Black-white Hellish-Insect pondered for a moment, then he asked the Mystic Comprehending State Qu Yao.

Hearing this, a snow-white Qu Yao took out a white hexagonal disk array and spewed a light beam into it. A white light emerged on the disk array, and strange sounds came from it as if someone was whispering.

“Master Qu Chi replied that it will take about a day to initially open the space tunnel and descend to this plane. In addition, Master Qu Huang will also come this time.” After a moment, the snow-white Qu Yao said.

“Master Qu Huang! Great, if he can come, even that old guy Mo Ya won’t be a problem…” The black-white Hellish-Insect murmured.

“Everyone must have heard that. As long as we persist for 1 more day, Master Qu Huang and Master Qu Chi will descend to the human realm. Then it will be our victory! No matter what, we must hold on for 1 more day.” Black and White Hellish -Insect flew into the air and spoke loudly.

The Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao responded in unison.

A moment later, more than 10 black shadows and several silver lights flew toward the human alliance.

Ye Tianmei was chanting with a frosty face, then she waved her finger.

The silver flying sword beside her turned into a 30 meters long silver sword light and slashed toward a Celestial State Hellish-Insect.

The Celestial State Hellish-Insect roared and spurted a black light beam to resist the silver sword light.

Ye Tianmei chanted and changed her gestures.

8 slightly smaller silver sword lights appeared around the silver sword light, then struck the Celestial State Hellish-Insect with astounding speed.

Celestial State Hellish-Insect was terrified. He tried to resist with a bodily protective light, but it was too late.

The silver sword light slashed the Celestial State Hellish-Insect into several pieces. Blue blood splattered everywhere.

Ye Tianmei waved her hand. The silver flying sword and the 8 sword lights returned and hovered around her.

She looked around with a stern face.

The fight between the alliance army and Hellish-Insect and Qu Yao army had reached the climax. The dying screams of the cultivators and Hellish-Insects could be heard from time to time.

More than half a day had passed since the alliance army invaded the Gufeng Mountain Range. The battle was fierce. A small half of the Gufeng Mountain Range was destroyed by the war.

At the beginning, the alliance army used the giant puppets as vanguards to advance into the Gufeng Mountain Range with overwhelming force.

However, as they gradually went to the depths of the Gufeng Mountain Range, Hellish-Insect and Qu Yao’s counterattack became more intense. The enchantment shield of the giant puppets was finally breached by the Hellish-Insects, then the giant puppets were destroyed.

Without the Cloud Warships, the Human Alliance had to engage in close combat with the Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao. They approached the space fissures in the mountains little by little.

At this moment, the battle situation couldn’t be considered great to both the human alliance and the Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao. Both sides had suffered heavy losses.

3 more Real Pellet State Hellish-Insects bit toward Ye Tianmei suddenly.

Ye Tianmei frowned slightly, and she flicked her fingers expressionlessly.


The silver sword light and 8 smaller sword lights flashed past the 3 Hellish-Insects instantaneously.

3 muffled sounds were heard!

The 3 Real Pellet State Hellish-Insects burst into blood mist before they could react.

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