Demon's Diary

Chapter 1533: Familiar Figure

Chapter 1533: Familiar Figure

Liu Ming put the Mountain River Pearl away, took a deep breath, and looked into the depths of the mountains again.

The next moment, his body shook slightly. He was slightly dazed.

Through the Purple-Patterned Demonic Pupils, he discovered that at the forefront of the alliance army, a beautiful woman in silver palace costume was killing the enemies with a silver flying sword.

If she wasn’t Ye Tianmei, who else could she be?

However, after searching around, he could not see Qian Rupin.

“Isn’t Ping’er among the army?” He frowned slightly and muttered to himself.

The next moment, Liu Ming shone with green light, turned into a faint shadow, and dashed toward the mountain range at an astonishing speed.

Ye Tianmei waved one hand, and the 9 flying swords, 1 big and 8 small, turned into 9 silver lotus. With a single spin, she tore the surrounding Real Pellet State and Crystallization Period Hellish-Insects into pieces.

But instead of showing joy on her face, her beautiful eyebrows wrinkled slightly and her face looked paler.

Although the sword controlling technique was indomitable, her spiritual power wasn’t as high as the freak Liu Ming.

Coupled with the poor defense of body and sword fusion, after fighting continuously for more than half of the day, only half of her spiritual power, and she suffered several minor injuries.

Not only her, but the other Celestial State cultivators around her, except for a few with unusually profound spiritual power, were all showing signs of fatigue.

This was when they were fighting while taking the best recovery elixir provided by the alliance.

Ye Tianmei quickly consumed an elixir, then she glanced deep into the mountain range.

Just now, a sudden change occurred in the fight between the Mystic Comprehending State powerhouses in mid-air. 6 Mystic Comprehending State powerhouses suddenly left the battlefield and dashed toward the depths of the mountains. The objective was obviously self-evident.

Immediately afterward, loud noises came from the sky. The battle became a little more intense than before.

A hint of anxiety flashed across Ye Tianmei’s beautiful eyes.

Although she didn’t know exactly what happened, she could make a rough guess.

Now that the war situation was in a stalemate, the executives of the alliance army were launching a desperate move.

Such radical nive made the originally low success rate even lower.

Originally this had nothing to do with her, but since the war started this morning, she had been unable to contact Qian Rupin.

They had previously agreed to escape from the war together in case the alliance army failed.

At this moment, her spiritual power was about to be exhausted. If this continued, she would consider leaving the battlefield, but Qian Rupin suddenly disappeared.

Regardless of the deep relationship between them, Qian Rupin was regarded as a family member by Liu Ming. No matter what, she would not abandon Qian Rupin and escape alone.

Ye Tianmei was slightly in a trance, and the silver sword lights surrounding his body slowed down for a moment.

At this moment, a Celestial State Qu Yao suddenly turned into a silver light, dodged the silver sword lights, and charged toward Ye Tianmei from behind.

Qu Yao spurted a bunch of silver filaments.

Ye Tianmei was horrified. She waved her finger swiftly, and the silver flying swords shone and slashed toward the bunch of silver filaments. At the same time, she retreated backward.

However, her movements were slow for a moment. Although the silver sword lights blocked most of the silver filaments, a small portion of the silver filaments still passed through the sword lights and shot toward her shoulder.

When Ye Tianmei was about to be injured by the silver filaments, a giant silver tiger stopped in front of Ye Tianmei.

The silver filaments penetrated deeply into the silver tiger. The silver tiger collapsed, but the attack was resisted.

Ye Tianmei quickly chanted and made a sword gesture.

The silver flying sword transformed into a 30 meters silver sword shadow.

At the same time, 8 smaller sword shadows appeared around the huge sword shadow.


With a low shout, the huge silver sword shadow and the 8 small sword shadows slashed the Celestial State Qu Yao in a blitz.

The Celestial State Qu Yao was immediately swarmed by the silver sword shadow, then a scream came from the sword shadow.

Ye Tianmei snorted coldly and waved her hand. The huge sword shadow returned and turned back to normal size.

The Celestial State Qu Yao was slashed into several pieces.

“Junior Sister Apprentice Ye’s sword controlling skills are truly unparalleled. The number of same-level Hellish-Insect and Qu Yao that you killed today must have exceeded 10. This will be a great merit after the war ends!” A silver-robed young man stopped beside Ye Tianmei and laughed loudly. He was Luo Tiancheng.

Luo Tiancheng had excellent qualifications. In these hundreds of years, he also advanced to the Celestial State.

Although he was only at the Celestial State early stage and his skills were not as powerful as Ye Tianmei, he had a dutian spiritual body after all. His spiritual power was greater in fighting such a protracted war than Ye Tianmei and even the Celestial State later stage cultivator.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Luo has overpraised. Thank you for your help.” Ye Tianmei said lightly.

“We belong to the same sect, so don’t worry about this trivial matter.” Luo Tiancheng looked at Ye Tianmei with an eager look as he said with a smile.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Luo, you’re too polite.” Ye Tianmei showed a slightly cold face and said no more. She flew into the Hellish-Insect army and continued fighting.

Luo Tiancheng’s face darkened.

With his current status and cultivation, there were of course many female cultivators pursuing him.

But since he met Ye Tianmei by chance after she joined the Taiqing Sect, he was startled by her beauty. He immediately launched a fierce pursuit of Ye Tianmei.

However, Ye Tianmei was always indifferent to him, which affected his high ego.

But he would not give up of course. He thought only he was the most qualified person in the Taiqing Sect to have this girl.

Ye Tianmei went to the frontline and waved her hand. A wave of silver sword light swept an area of ​​dozens of meters in radius.

Dozens of low-level Hellish-Insects were killed instantly.

But at this moment, a very faint green figure emerged beside Ye Tianmei. He released a yellow light and wrapped Ye Tianmei’s body.

Ye Tianmei was shocked. The silver flying sword burst into silver light, about to slash the green figure.

But the next moment, her delicate body suddenly stiffened. She stared blankly at the green figure. Her frosty face showed an expression of disbelief.

The yellow light just flashed away, and Ye Tianmei suddenly disappeared from the place.

Several nearby Celestial State cultivators immediately discovered the abnormality here in shock. Luo Tiancheng was especially furious.

“How dare you! Where is Junior Sister Apprentice Ye?”

Luo Tiancheng shouted, turned into a silver lightning, and punched the green figure.

A burst of dragon and tiger roar!

6 silver dragons and 6 silver tigers shot out from his fist and turned into 12 silver lights, instantly surrounding the green figure.

Luo Tiancheng also took out a silver warhammer, which slammed toward the green figure with dozens of hammer shadows.

This series of actions was Luo Tiancheng’s most powerful move.

But the green figure glanced at Luo Tiancheng indifferently, then he looked away, seemingly not caring about this stormy attack.

Luo Tiancheng was startled. The green figure’s gaze just now gave him a vaguely familiar feeling.

He was slightly in a trance, but when he thought of Ye Tianmei, he immediately smashed the silver hammer toward the green figure.

However, the green figure just flickered, and he disappeared into thin air.

The next moment, the silver warhammer and the silver dragons and silver tigers missed their target.


The silver warhammer slammed into the ground below, then a series of silver lights came along with a loud impact.

The ground shook violently, making a muffled thunderous sound. It took a while before it stopped.

When the silver light disappeared, a huge pit with a radius of 300 meters appeared where the green figure had been. It was so dark that no one knew how deep it was.

Luo Tiancheng appeared above the pit with a horrified look.

His Divine Thought could no longer sense the traces of the green figure.

Not only he, but the other Celestial State cultivators also looked at each other in confusion.

Not far away, Long Yanfei also noticed what just happened. She showed a confused look.

But before these people could say anything, the Hellish-Insect army in front and on the left and right had already surged toward them again. They hurriedly took action to resist them.

Luo Tiancheng looked angry, but he was on the battlefield under the orders of the alliance’s top executives. He couldn’t care less about Ye Tianmei.

The disappearance of Ye Tianmei, a Celestial State early stage cultivator, would not cause any disturbance at all to the entire war situation. The armies of both sides were still in a stalemate.

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