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Chapter 996: Egg Identification

Chapter 996: Egg Identification

Swoosh“, the golden chicken emitted soaring flames, causing the surrounding temperature to skyrocket.

Scorpions and chickens were natural enemies, so they became hostile to each other as soon as they met.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s face flashed a hint of surprise.

Facing the four crown golden chicken king of the Crystallization Period, Xie’er obviously did not have the slightest sense of fear. Instead, she released black gas and grew to the size of 3 meters. She pounced forward at a quick speed.

The four crown golden chicken clucked and charged toward Bone Scorpion.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, you…” The burly man with short hair glanced at Liu Ming and frowned.

“Brother Qiu, don’t worry. This is my purpose of renting the three crown golden chicken.” Liu Ming said lightly.

As soon as he said that, there was a violent collision in the air. A red light and black light were flashing fiercely.

However, in just a second, the four crown golden chicken king was thrown to the ground after wailing. The flame on its body had mostly dissipated, and a long wound on its left wing was clearly visible.

On the other side, a black light flashed. Xie’er stood firmly on the ground, making a smug hiss.

The four crown golden chicken king roared angrily, and the four cockscombs were glowing with red light. It spouted a thick purple-red fire beam.

As the fire beam shot out, there was scorching heat. The ground was scorched black, and even the nearby air seemed to be ignited. The burly man with short hair couldn’t help but take a few steps back.

Liu Ming raised his eyebrows. This should be the beastkin flame that the burly man with short hair was talking about.

Xie’er hissed without showing weakness. Her giant pincers flashed, and countless stones were launched from the ground. The stones formed a torrent and collided with the fire beam.

The temperature of the purple-red flame was extremely high. The stones were turned into green smokes instantly, but more and more stones gathered and overwhelmed the purple-red fire beam.

Bang bang!

The four crown golden chicken king wailed and was knocked back for 30 meters. Countless feathers were falling in the air. It looked extremely miserable.

“Enough, Xie’er!” Liu Ming sighed and stopped Xie’er, who was still eager to try, with his mind.

Xie’er let out a smug sound, then she turned back into palm size and landed on Liu Ming’s shoulder. his body shrank sharply, and once again turned into a slap-sized body and landed on Liu Ming’s shoulder, rubbing Liu Ming’s neck with the pair of pincers.

The burly man with short hair on the side was dumbstruck! ,

Although this four crown golden chicken king didn’t have the same cultivation as Bone Scorpion, its beastkin fire should be able to counter beastkins like scorpion. However, Bone Scropion defeated this four crown golden chicken of the Crystallization Period without suspense.

“Brother Qiu, I’m done. This is 100,000 spirit stones. Please put away this golden chicken.” Liu Ming took out a storage talisman and handed it along with the red bag and token to the burly man with short hair.

The burly man with short hair gave a wry smile, then he took the bag and token and launched a symbol at the bag. The small red bag released a red light to retrieve the dejected four crown golden chicken king.

Liu Ming pondered for a while, then he took out a pale golden beast egg.

“Brother Qiu, as a guard disciple here, you should be very familiar with the eggs of the three crown golden chicken. Please take a look at this egg.” As Liu Ming said, he handed the egg to the burly man with short hair.

Xie’er was not even afraid of the four crown golden chicken king of the Crystallization Period, so this egg was probably not a three crown golden chicken egg.

“This is a three crown golden chicken egg, but it seems to be a dead egg.” The burly man with short hair took the golden egg, but after checking it for a while, he said with a lack of interest.

“I found this by chance in a ruin. There were many dead eggs of three crown golden chicken nearby, but this one seems to be special, so I took it out.” Liu Ming said lightly.

Hearing the words, the burly man with short hair pondered for a while, then he tapped the golden beast egg with a white light.

After a while, he removed his fingers with doubts. After examining it carefully for a while, he finally handed the egg back to Liu Ming, shook his head and said,

“Sorry, Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu, I can’t recognize the origin of this thing. It looks like the egg of a three crown golden chicken, but there is a strange aura inside. Maybe it’s a mutated egg, but its vitality is low. It should be impossible to hatch.” Liu Ming frowned. Even the guard of the Spiritual Beast Garden couldn’t see the origin of this egg, it seemed that it would be really troublesome to figure out its origin.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps came from a distance, they turned their heads subconsciously. A horse-faced old man walking toward them from a building near the top of the mountain.

“Elder Bai, why so early.” Upon seeing this, the burly man with short hair greeted the horse-faced old man with a smile.

Liu Ming scanned with Divine Thought and found that he was a Real Pellet State cultivator. Based on his clothes, he should be the elder of Spiritual Beast Garden.

“Brat. With so much noise, how can I still rest.” The horse-faced old man glared at the burly man with short hair angrily, but there was no real anger in his words.

The burly man with short hair smiled as if he didn’t care, then he spoke to Liu Ming,

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu, this is Deputy Elder Bai of the Spiritual Beast Garden.”

“Greetings, Elder Bai. Sorry that my spiritual beast disturbed the elder’s rest just now.” Liu Ming bowed and said apologetically.

“It’s just a small matter.” The horse-faced old man waved his hand and looked at Xie’er with interest.

Xie’er felt the gaze of the old horse-faced man, and she cried out in dissatisfaction. She turned into black gas and went back into the soul-recovering bag.

Seeing this, the horse-faced old man hurriedly asked Liu Ming, “You should be Liu Ming right?”

“I’m indeed Liu Ming of the Fallen Serene Peak.” Liu Ming said without concealment.

“It turns out that you are Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu, the first disciple of the inner sect. Sorry if I was disrespectful.” After the burly man with short hair heard the word “Liu Ming”, his eyes lit up.

“I’m really not worthy of the first inner sect disciple title. I’m just an ordinary inner disciple.” Liu Ming said with a slight smile.

The horse-faced old man glared at the burly man with short hair, seeming to be complaining him for intervening, then he looked back and said to Liu Ming.

Hehe, it turned out to be Nephew Disciple Liu. Your scorpion has a lot of potential. Can you sell it to me? You don’t have to worry about the spiritual stone. As long as it’s not too outrageous, I can satisfy you.”

“Sorry, Elder Bai, I got this spiritual beast since I was at the Spirit Apostle Stage. I won’t sell it.” Liu Ming naturally shook his head when he heard this.

“You think again, how about 50 million spirit stones?” The horse-faced old man was not angry, and he reported an extremely exaggerated number for a Crystallization Period cultivator.

“Even if it’s 100 million spirit stones, I don’t plan to sell it.” Liu Ming still refused.

The horse-faced old man saw that Liu Ming had made up his mind, and he looked disappointed. He waved his hand and said,

“You’re Yin Jiuling’s disciple right? For that guy’s sake, I won’t be hard on you, lest he comes to me. My old bones can’t handle it.”

“Thank you, senior.” Liu Ming breathed a sigh of relief and bowed his hands.

“Your spiritual beast should have been stuck in the Crystallization Period later stage for a long time. I just observed that its aura is chaotic. It seems to contain some beastkin aura and demonic qi… If you want to advance it to the Pseudo Pellet State stage, then you need to sort out the chaotic spiritual power in its body. Otherwise, it can only stop here for the rest of its life.” After thinking about it, the horse-faced old man said again.

“Thank you for your guidance, senior.” Liu Ming was shocked when he heard the words, and he bowed deeply to the horse-faced old man,

“Yin Jiuling and I are already old friends, so it’s fine to give some pointers to his disciples.” The horse-faced old man was not a rigid person, and he said in a witty tone.

“Disciple has a question for Master Bai…” Liu Ming immediately took out the golden beast egg.

“I just checked this thing with Divine Thought from a distance. I’m not so sure about

the origin of this thing, but I’m certain that it is by no means the egg of a three crown golden chicken.” The horse-faced old man seemed to know Liu Ming’s thoughts. He shook his head and said directly.

When Liu Ming heard the Spiritual Beast Garden’s deputy elder said so, he couldn’t help but let out a wry smile.

“Have you heard about a ten thousand year sect called “Heavenly Beast Mountain”? They mainly cultivate, sell, and tame spiritual beasts. If based on the understanding of all kinds of beastkins, they will definitely be the best in the Middle Sky Continent. If you have time, you might as well ask them.” The horse-faced old man stroked his beard and gave Liu Ming a suggestion.

“Heavenly Beast Mountain? I have heard a little about it, it seems to be close with our sect.” Liu Ming was moved.

“Yes, although our Taiqing Sect also has such a large Spiritual Beast Garden, we are not good at controlling spiritual beasts. There is a Thousand Beast Pavilion in the Heavenly Beast Mountain that keeps illustrations and materials of many exotic spiritual beasts from ancient times to the present. Even the spiritual beast from the Savage Wild Continent and Thousands Demons Continent are also included. For the sake of Yin Jiuling, I will help you. I’m familiar with an elder in Tian Beast Mountain. You take this spiritual talisman and find Elder Huo Can. After paying some spirit stones, you should be able to enter the Heavenly Beast Pavilion once. As to whether you can find out the origin of this golden egg, it depends on your luck.” The horse-faced old man said as he threw a light green talisman at Liu Ming. A ‘beast’ was painted in gold lacquer on the talisman.

TL: Even the elder can’t identify it? Could it be another holy beast?

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