Descent of the Demon God

Chapter 21 Unexpected News (2)

Chun Yeowun seemed pissed.

As a result, everyone in the office was extremely attentive.

The president was restless.

When Ho Jeong stole the terminal, which could detonate the nano bombs, he, too, wanted to run away.

‘Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it….’

But Ho Jeong was killed.

As a result, there was nothing but the fear of death running through his mind.

It was a pity to see his sweaty face.

‘He must be really scared.’

Geum Jong-so bit his tongue as if he was the president.

They were completely broken.

It was the same with Jo Yu-seong, who was kneeling in the corner with a pale face.

‘He, he… showed it to us on purpose.’

Geum Jong-so was sure.

From the beginning, he was puzzled by the fact that no matter how strong the man was, he wasn’t blocking their blood points.

Even if the nano bombs were there, there were chances to run.

Because variables can occur.

‘It wasn’t that Ho Jeong got the detonator, nor did he seize the opportunity. The man just gave it to him.’

The device couldn’t be just taken away from such a monster.

If one thought about it, it was strange to leave such an important object on the sofa’s armrest.

And with that, everyone found out.

The fact that the nano bombs could be detonated without the terminal.

‘What the hell?’

It wasn’t sure what he did, but now this monster could detonate the nano bombs without the terminal.

And with that, their reality looked even worse.

Starting with the company’s CCTV, the security guards, the director who is a Superior Master, and the hidden safe with three levels of security, that terminal couldn’t be stolen no matter how many times Geum Jong-so thought.

‘A monster that crushes everything with overwhelming force.’

That monster had control of the nano bombs.

The Public Security Bureau ended up putting his life in the hands of an unknown person.

Geum Jong-so’s mind was messed up.

‘Now, there are two ways.’

The Public Security technical team finds a way to disarm the bomb.

Or that monster in front of him disarms it.

The former was the safest method, but

‘Will they really do that?’

The Public Security Bureau doesn’t want the public to learn that they’ve planted spies in companies out of fear of garnering a bad reputation.

That was the reason why they used him and not some official person of their bureau.

It wouldn’t be strange if they abandoned him.

‘… should I try making a deal with that man even if the risks are high?’

He looked at Chun Yeowun, who sat at Yun Mun-pyeong’s desk and stared at the monitor.

He was afraid of making a bad impression.

‘Sigh… he doesn’t have a bad face unlike Ho Jeong, but I’m terrified.’

When he looked at Chun Yeowun, it was like an overwhelming force was being pushed onto him.

If he did nothing, his life could be in jeopardy.

‘Should I give up and trust the Public Security Bureau… no, rather than trusting them, I’ll work something out.’

Geum Jong-so, who was worried, decided.

The situation was a mess.

It would be better to bet everything on this.

‘Looking at his reaction… I might be able to give him information and strike a deal.’

Geum Jong-so’s eyes shone as they looked at Chun Yeowun.

On the other hand, Chun Yeowun was intently looking at the monitor.

A lot of information was displayed.

[Simyang Daily, 2043. 07. 14

Black Sky Company, one of China’s three largest enterprises, collapses.

After Chairman Chun Hyun-seong was arrested last year, the company’s stock prices plunged to the bottom, and the executives of the Black Sky Company announced the dissolution of the company at noon today, through their shareholders’ meeting.

63 affiliates are already in the process of dismantling and merging, and the Chinese government expects this situation to cause serious economic turbulence….]

This article was from 26 years ago.

In addition to that, several articles were reported as hot topics.

Most of the articles said that the company’s image was damaged, and its stock price plummeted after the chairman’s arrest.


‘It doesn’t make sense.’

The company disbanded after the chairman was sentenced to life in prison.

It was too fast.

Chun Yeowun, who simply received the information, didn’t think it made sense.

‘Something is odd.’

The information seemed too fake.

It was like something related to Murim had happened.

A clear example was the next article.

[2043. 07. 25

Founding of the State Council’s Murim Department.

Prime Minister Dang Ji-san, who announced the establishment of the new Murim…

… the first year’s goal is to have more than 60% of Murim people register with the department.]

About ten days after the Black Sky Company was disbanded, the registration of Murim started.

This was the point where the line between the government and Murim was erased.

Chun Yeowun thought that it wasn’t a mere coincidence.

‘This is enough.’

He needed more information, but it was 26 years ago, and many things were missing.

According to Nano, a lot of important data was deleted.


A sigh.

Yun Mun-pyeong wanted to know what was happening, but he couldn’t ask.

He only knew about the current rival groups of the Blade Six.

There was a limit to how much information he could get from his position.

‘Useless bastard.’

Chun Yeowun looked at him.

Maybe he felt the eyes on him, Yun Mun-pyeong trembled.

Chun Yeowun rested his chin on his hand as he thought.

‘Even if it’s a different time axis, the cult collapsed too easily. I just can’t understand.’

As the 2nd Chun Ma and the Lord, he couldn’t admit it.

If it was the Sky Demon Order he knew, it couldn’t fall to threats and crises.

He never imagined how easy it would be for it to break up.

‘… there is only one answer.’

If the Sky Demon Order was in danger and disappeared, there was one thing he had to do.

‘Find them!’

After reading the data for nearly two hours, Chun Yeowun grasped the situation and got up as he organized his thoughts.

Everyone in the office stared at him.

That was when he called.

“Yun Mun-pyeong.”

“Y-Yes! Senior!”

He answered right away.

For two hours, he was worried about what would happen to him.

But now, Chun Yeowun said something unexpected.

“Didn’t you say that you have a position where you can talk with your superiors?”


“Great. Then let the head office know that you hired the new one without any problems.”


“Did you not understand what I said?”

As Chun Yeowun asked with his eyebrows raised, Yun Mun-pyeong shook his head.

“Ah-no! I will bury what happened here and make sure that it doesn’t leak out!”

Chun Yeowun nodded at that answer.

Chun Yeowun was going to cover this situation up so that the Blade Six wouldn’t notice it.

“You understand too?”


Even the president answered in the same way.

He answered, but he couldn’t erase his displeasure.

‘… I’m the president, so why is he acting like my superior?’

He was still annoyed with Yun Mun-pyeong.

No matter what he felt, Chun Yeowun would go ahead with his plan.

And now, Chun Yeowun intends to use the Blade Six and find traces of the Sky Demon Order.

‘They don’t know of my existence. If they do, I will completely destroy them this time.’

Everything is still unclear for now.

However, the disappearance of his cult was certainly not a natural occurrence.

He wasn’t heartbroken, just determined.

‘If I use this one properly, it will be worthwhile.’

Chun Yeowun thought that as he looked at Yun Mun-pyeong.

The position he held could be used in many ways.

Chun Yeowun planned on using him till the end.

As if he instinctively read something in Chun Yeowun’s eyes, Yun Mun-pyeong couldn’t hide his anxiety.


Chun Yeowun pulled something out of his sleeve.

A paper from the Blade Six.

  1. As a result of the requested investigation, the probability of a spy is 80%. Team 7 should be removed.

  2. Secure the 3rd team leader of the violent crimes squad, Moyong Lee Myeong.

  3. From February 23rd to 24th, Gate 26 warning is scheduled. Be sure to destroy the confidential internal data.

  4. Reviewing the report on the operation to assassinate the executive director of the Yeon Company, which was taken to the upper level. Payment is due before Gate Warning 26.

The directive to be followed.

Chun Yeowun noticed two things.

He didn’t pay attention to it before, but it seemed like the Moyong family was involved.


If not, he would have had to search other places for information.

If the descendants of the Moyong clan were there, then they might have different information.

It was written to secure someone of the Moyong clan.

‘Violent crimes, huh.’

Chun Yeowun called the name of the man who was obedient to him.

“Yun Mun-pyeong.”

“Yes! Senior.”

“I need the best attire and Human Skin Mask of this era.”


The director frowned.

It was strange to call it this era.

But he couldn’t understand what a skin mask was.

“I… what is a skin mask, senior?”

Human Skin Mask.

It refers to a face mask made from human skin or a specific animal to disguise someone as another person.

When he was in Murim, it was beneficial to Chun Yeowun.

Chun Yeowun decided that he would need it to change his appearance because of the Public Security Bureau.

“You don’t know what a Human Skin Mask is?”

That was when someone intervened.

“Are you talking about something like cotton wool that you can put on your face?”

It was Geum Jong-so.

Yun Mun-pyeong nodded his head at those words.

Chun Yeowun roughly understood it.

“I want one…”

“That! Director. There’s an expert that I know. Can I guide you?”

Geum Jong-so intervened.

This was a good opportunity for him.

‘This is great. I was trying to create an opportunity.’

The director looked at Geum Jong-so with narrowed eyes.

He knew that this kid was a spy of the Public Security Bureau as it was in the orders and information given on the paper in the safe.

He tried to warn him.

[That, senior. That one is…]

[I know.]


Of course, Chun Yeowun had looked at the paper too; there was no way he wouldn’t know.

But Chun Yeowun didn’t care.

He was planning on using Public Security to some extent too.

[It doesn’t matter. I can take care of it myself. Don’t worry about it.]

[I-I understand.]

Yun Mun-pyeong nodded his head and backed off.

And Chun Yeowun said to the young one.

“Guide me.”

“Yes! I will guide you right away!”

Excited, Geum Jong-so tried to guide him outside.

He was already under suspicion, so he had to rush out.

It was then.


Yun Mun-pyeong stopped him.

‘Damn it!’

Geum Jong-so stopped with a frown.

It seemed like this wasn’t going to be easy.

His heart was pounding.


Chun Yeowun, who was following Geum Jong-so, asked when Yun Mun-pyeong pulled out a business card and said.

“Please accept this.”


“This is the corporate card. If you get tailored clothes and cut your hair, you might need this. You can use it as much as you want.”

Yun Mun-pyeong was trying to please Chun Yeowun.


Geum Jong-so, who was nervous, sighed.

He was glad.

He was worried that someone else would tell Chun Yeowun the truth, so he quickly guided them out of the building as soon as possible.

Outside, a few blocks away, the RV of the dead Ho Jeong was parked.

‘I’m good at driving.’

If he wasn’t good at driving, he wouldn’t have held the key, then the key would have been destroyed when Ho Jeong burnt.

Like a secretary, he opened the door for Chun Yeowun and then got into the driver’s seat.

He needed to head to a place where he could have a conversation with Chun Yeowun.


Geum Jong-so moved towards the northern outskirts.

He knew a place where neither the bureau nor the company would find him.

After driving for about 30 minutes, Chun Yeowun, who was in the back seat, opened his mouth, seeing that the place had no buildings and very few people.

“How far are we going to talk?”


Geum Jong-so looked at Chun Yeowun through the mirror.

He didn’t think that Chun Yeowun would recognize his intentions.

‘… he is good at catching stuff.’

He looked around.

The place he was currently at had electric poles and very few people.

‘This should be enough.’


He stopped the car on the side of the road.

Geum Jong-so turned his head, to tell the truth, thinking that Chun Yeowun would let him off.

“I apologize. I should have told you in advance…”

It was then.



A black RV was seen rushing towards them at great speed through the rear window.

No matter who looked at it, it seemed like they intended to hit this car.

It was too late to start the car and step on the gas.

So Geum Jong-so shouted.

“Y-You need to get out right no…”

“Such a hassle.”

At that time, Chun Yeowun swung his hand back and pushed something sideways.

Bang! Woong!

At that moment, the black RV that was about to hit them turned over and crashed.

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