Descent of the Phoenix 13 Years Old Princess Consort

Chapter 602 – Xianbei 17 7

Xianbei 17 [7]

She can’t start to doubt him. Even if she doesn’t trust anyone in this world, she must trust him.

Her doubt was flung away as she waved her sleeve. Liu Yue quickly walked away.

She isn’t someone who would sit and wait for her death. She needs two more days to deal with the matters here. Afterward, she will secretly go to Tian Chen.

Without Xuanyuan Che, all her efforts would be unnecessary. She won’t put the cart before the horse.

(Put the cart before the horse – value what she’s doing right now over Xuanyuan Che)

The night is dark yet her heart is boiling hot.

She needs to distribute the grains and items, consolidate her power, and heal Empress Dowager Xiao’s wound.

Everything is proceeding in a busy but orderly fashion.

The days past by quickly. The major matters had come to its end.

On this day, the sky is clear and the refreshing spring wind blows past the horizon, bringing the smell of spring.

Bei Mu Palace.

Liu Yue and the Bei Mu emperor, Yelu Ji sat on the highest seat in the Golden Palace Hall. Ouyang Yu Fei stood next to Liu Yue. Officials don’t look like officials and the masters don’t look like masters. Below them, two rows of officials stood on attention on both sides of the hall.

Liu Yue slowly said, “Right now, half of the Ku Sha grassland’s Tong Tian river has been dug out. Soon, it would finally be able to connect with the blocked river, allowing the river to flow into the Ku Sha grassland once again.”

Because this is such a big matter, ben wang would like to personally go see it. Is there any objections from my officials?”

Liu Yue looked at the officials below her as she sat on her high seat in the Golden Palace.

“This official has no objection,” the officials below immediately responded as they bowed towards her.

The matter regarding the Tong Tian river flowing into the Ku Sha grassland is a big matter. It is natural for the Regent to personally go and oversee the matter. Therefore, they have no objections.

Liu Yue nodded her head when she heard their reply. She’s not planning on going to Ku Sha. Instead, she’s seizing this opportunity to take a detour from Ku Sha and go to the Central Plain. She has no doubt that even without her overseeing the matter, the river would still flow to the Ku Sha grassland.

Liu Yue immediately said, “Good, ben wang will personally go. The political matters will be given…”

“Reporting to the emperor and regent, seventeen Xianbei clans jointly wishes to seek an audience.” Liu Yue didn’t finish speaking when someone quickly came in to report that the Xianbei clans wish to see her.

“The seventeen Xianbei clans?”

When Liu Yue heard that, she couldn’t help but stare blankly at the person reporting.

The officials in the hall also looked at one another. They glanced at each other’s eyes, all containing traces of surprise.

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