Chapter 3 - Do You Believe In Love? (3)

Chapter 3: Do You Believe In Love? (3)

The chief prosecutor shook his head.

"It's not a murder, it's a heart attack. I was immediately contacted by the Incheon Police Agency."

"What are you talking about? Incheon? The crime scene is Nonhyun-dong!"

The crime scene? Nonhyun-dong? What…did she hear that wrong?

"You mean Eunseong Group Chairman Seo?"

"Yes, the murder of Vice Chairman Minhyeok!”

Vice Chairman Minhyeok was Seo Geon-u's eldest son and his successor.

"What? Seo Minhyeok? Vice Chairman Seo Minhyeok was murdered?"

"Who else are you talking about?"

"I heard that the father, Chairman Seo Geon-u, was dead. Not the victim of murder but of a heart attack… That what the Incheon police chief had said…"


She heard the prosecutor general sigh.

A chill sprang up the spine of the chief prosecutor.

"Hey, hey, hey! This situation is huge. Find out what's going on right now!"

"Yes, Prosecutor General!"

The chief prosecutor's hand shook as he put the phone down.

Unless the Incheon police chief was playing a joke or the Prosecutor General was given a false report…

Last night the vice chairman of the Eunseong Group died.

Someone had murdered him and his father died of a heart attack.

Even after nearly thirty years of numerous cases, where he started as a lowly prosecutor then ascended to the second-highest post in the district, this was the first time he face something this monumental.

This would be an earthquake that would shake the Korean business world.

His pupils trembled as if impacted by a magnitude 10 shock.

Jiyeon's heart was also pounding.

"This going to be a pain in the ass…ahhh…"

The chief prosecutor, who was reluctant to say anything else, looked at Jiyeon.

"Prosecutor Cha. We need to set up a special investigation team right away. You will be the junior member."


She was in shock. There was a whole line of prosecutors who would fight to take on this megaton-class case.

She was hardly an elite prosecutor, and wasn't she the one that caused the office to fall into chaos?

Was this part of a game?

She couldn't directly ask him that.

Her stomach twisted. It was an order and she had to obey.

Jiyeon took several deep breaths.

"What about the Eunseong Group? And who is the successor after the vice chairman?"

"The oldest son is dead… Who is next to inherit the company? The house is complicated. There's a family tree somewhere…"

The chief prosecutor opened up a file of the Eunseong Group family tree on the computer monitor.

Numerous family members were intertwined with each other, giving a brief glimpse into their complex private lives.

The chief prosecutor pointed to one of them with his finger.

"Seo Minho. He's the younger brother of the now deceased Vice Chairman Seo Minhyeok."

The district prosecutor enlarged his image with a click of his mouse.

He was dressed in a stylish suit, and had well-groomed hair and chiseled features like a Greek statue.

Unlike the other solemn portraits of the other businessmen, this man had a cheerful smile.

"Is he the second generation of the conglomerate family? He looks like a movie star or model."

"Handsome, yes? All the children of the Eunseong Group are good-looking. Vice Chairman Seo Minhyeok was as well."

"Seo Minhyeok is well-known among the public…I've never seen Seo Minho before though. I thought the next youngest brother was Seo Minseok, president of the Eunseong Motors."

"Seo Minseok is the third son. His mother is different from his half-brother Minhyeok. He was born by the chairman's second wife.”

The chief prosecutor pulled up the face of Minseok on the monitor.

Minseok was just as famous as his older brother, Minhyeok.

Eunseong Motors became one of the world's top 10 car companies due to his aggressive management style, and the Eunseong Foundation became popular for its social contribution projects.

"So the second son, Seo Minho, is in management business."

"It seems so. Officially, Minho is the head of Eunseong Food which oversees the restaurant chain. Sales are in the hundreds of billions of won, but it's a small business compared to his brothers. Instead."

The chief prosecutor put Minho's face on the monitor again.

"He's a famous socialite. I believe he's nicknamed the Prince of Night. He owns several clubs in Gangnam and Itaewon that are considered the best. In his 20s he often had scandals with celebrities but these days its quiet. He’s seemed to have matured."

Come to think of it, Jiyeon remembered seeing an entertainment article about Eunseong's relationship with an actress a couple years ago.

"Anyway, for now the second or third sons Seo Minho and Seo Minseok are the likeliest to inherit Eunseong Group."

"In other words…which one would benefit the most from this situation?"

The chief prosecutor did not answer.

Jiyeon stared at the smiling face of Seo Minho on the monitor.

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