Chapter 33 - The Killer Is (1)

Chapter 33 – The Killer Is (1)

Inside the small box was a USB flash drive.

The USB, the size of a little finger, was old tech nowadays where dropboxes and cloud services where common.

He connected the USB to a computer in the study and opened the files on the monitor.

They were photos of Jiyeon nine years ago when she was a university student.

An innocent girl rather than a woman.

He flicked through the pictures slowly, as if he were admiring each one.

Jiyeon going to school alone, Jiyeon walking on campus, Jiyeon walking in the rain with an umbrella…it was all Jiyeon.

When he reached the last picture of her chatting with her friend and smiling brightly, he closed his eyes.

He felt as if he was struck by something unknown.

The glow of the city filtered through the window and fell on his face, adding to the mysterious atmosphere.

After a few minutes of rest, he opened his eyes again.

He gave a long sigh and stared at Jiyeon's smile on the computer screen.

His mouth opened and cryptic words flowed out.

"How did you come back?"


A grand three-story mansion loomed proudly in Hannam-dong, boasting wealth and the finest architecture.

It was the home of Chairman Seo Geon-u, his wife Jang Eun-a, and his young song Seo Ha-neul.

Now that Seo Geon-u was dead, only his widow and her son would live in this vast place.

A family gathering was to be held in the main living room on the first floor.

It was Jang Eun-a who formally called the meeting.

The only other guests were Minho and Minseok.

Ha-neul, still a child, was playing with his nanny on the upper floor.

The first person to arrive was Minseok.

He had returned to his position as head of Eunseong Motors, which he left vacated during the funeral. He still wore a black suit and black tie.

"You're here, welcome."

Eun-a greeted him with a smile.

She treated her two other sons with respect even though they were not related by blood, and their ages were not far apart from hers.

"Yes, mother."

Minseok also used title of mother in a polite manner.

"Park the car,"

Eun-a told the housekeeper, then seated herself on the living room sofa.

"There's been so much work the past few days."

"Yes. But we can handle it."

"It's good that we don't have to worry about Eunseong Motors under your care."

"Thank you."

Minho came in.

He wore jeans and a t-shirt with a heavy metal logo on it, the opposite of Minseok's formal suit.

Eun-a frowned upon seeing this but hastily replaced her expression with a smile.

"Sorry I'm late."

Minho bowed to Eun-a and approached the sofa.


Minseok stood up and greeted Minho with a light hug.

The three members of the family were now gathered together.

Two brothers, and a young widow who was not related to either of them.

"I'm sure everyone is busy during this trying time, but there is something we need to talk about."

"Just get to the point,"

Minho said, crossing his legs impatiently.

"Don't be in a hurry. Have some tea."

Eun-a gently pushed a cup towards him.

"Aren't you the ones in a hurry? How many days has it been since the funeral? What was so urgent that you called me? Do you think we'll put them aside and swallow ES Electronics, ES Semiconductors?"

His voice was deceptively calm despite his harsh condemnation.

"That's why I called you here. Eunseong is not owned by just one family member. Don't you think it's necessary to solve this leadership crisis immediately so that our shareholders and employees can feel less anxious?"

Eun-a coolly looked straight into Minho's eyes.

They stared each other down.

"What are you thinking of, mother?"

Minseok cut in.

"This will be an opportunity to find another executive."

Minseok nodded thoughtfully.

"It would be too much for you to manage both companies."

"Yes, I don't have the time to oversee both the automobile and electronic sectors at the same time."

When Minseok finished Eun-a nodded.

Minho tilted his head.

"I have plenty of time. Why don't I take charge of Eunseong Electronics?"

Eun-a looked incredulously at Minho.

"What? You look surprised?"

"Not at all–"

Eun-a was speechless.

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