Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 32

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 32: Shedding off burden

"I didn’t expect you to have some beastman blood." His collar pulled up, Dyfer walked in front of Yurou and calmly observed the transformed Belo. "However, you still can’t condense arcane particles. You must be keenly aware how much of a difference there is between someone who can condense arcane particles and someone who can’t. You better give up."

"Belo, what should we do!" Ayrin shouted. Belo stood immobile; Ayrin had no idea what he was plotting.

"You’re too noisy!"

Belo leaped backward, jumping back to Ayrin’s side, and said in a voice only the two of them could hear, "This Dyfer is stronger than I thought, I can’t beat him alone. Also, that Kybaver with the funny erect braid, he can’t condense arcane particles yet, but his body and spiritual power have already reached the required level. His family runs a body-training class, so he has more body techniques than ordinary people. Even ordinary arcane masters might not be able to beat him. His strength won’t be all that lower than Dyfer’s. Our only hope of victory is to sneak-attack Dyfer together."

"These two guys are full of cunning and deceit, don’t waste time talking nonsense with them." Kybaver stepped forward just when Belo and Ayrin were making their plans in secret. He stood shoulder to shoulder with Dyfer, his expression flickering from good to bad. "Let’s first smack them down!"

"Things are getting bad!"

Belo and Ayrin both had funeral-like expressions on their faces.

Both of them locked their stares on Yurou at the same time.

"Ah!" Yurou shouted subconsciously and retreated back a step. He realized Belo and Ayrin’s plan: since they couldn’t beat them anyway, they might as well hit the weakest one into a flat cake even at the risk of getting smacked down.

"A senior student who can already condense arcane particles, don’t tell me you feel no shame bullying two freshmen!"

Just at this moment, a silhouette suddenly jumped down from a great tree, silvery hair glittering under the stars.


Ayrin was surprised and happy when he recognized the newcomer.

"How come this guy’s everywhere, he pops up every time to fight for justice and protect the weak, don’t tell me he has a secret crush on Ayrin?" Belo couldn’t resist muttering.

"It’s you? What, you want to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong?" Dyfer said, his face entirely expressionless.

No matter in which academy, students with special bloodlines were extremely rare, and as long as a student had some unique bloodline, they would become well-known figures in the school. You could tell at first glance that Rinloran possessed high-level elven blood, hence he became very famous as soon as he joined the school. Whether freshmen or seniors, the students all knew of him.

"You could also avoid doing something so senseless," Rinloran coldly said, looking at Dyfer and walking to a spot not far away from Ayrin and Belo.

"Are all the freshmen as rude as you guys?"

Dyfer threw Rinloran a glance, then lowered his head, as if he had no desire to pay attention to Rinloran any longer. But the moment he lowered his head, his body suddenly went into action.

He arrived not far in front of Rinloran in a single flash.

"Double Snake!"

Two moving fire snakes once again appeared in the air!


Arms crossed in front of his body, Rinloran slid back a full five to six meters.

Holy Dawn Academy’s school uniform was made from some unknown material and didn’t catch fire, but Rinloran’s hands were burned into a bright red, and, just like back when he blocked Huston’s strike, his hands trembled nonstop.

Many spots on his previously fair face were burned by the fire sparks, several obvious red patches left on his skin.

"If you don’t want trouble, leave right now."

Dyfer looked at Rinloran with a contemptuous air that said "so you’re only at this level," half his face still hidden beneath his collar. "You must understand this truth already. No amount of natural bloodline and talent can make up for the difference in training. I can already condense arcane particle, while you guys can’t, that’s why all of you are trash in front of me, why none of you could possibly be my match."

"Rinloran, are you ok! This guy is too arrogant!" Ayrin was so angry his nose was soon going to crook. He would have charged forward already if not for Belo stopping him.

Rinloran didn’t say anything.

His anger had obviously reached its pinnacle, but because his face was even prettier than a girl’s, it didn’t look ferocious at all. It merely gave off a very cold feeling, as if it glinted with cold light.

He looked at Dyfer, began to undress.

"Why are you removing your clothes?" Ayrin couldn’t make head or tail of it. "You want to seduce them?"

"Seduce your ass! He’s a boy!" Belo fiercely knocked Ayrin’s head.

"This is?"

Dyfer and the others had no idea what Rinloran was doing either, but when Rinloran took off his school uniform, they all sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

On Rinloran’s body and legs hung many things, all of them looking extremely tough and heavy.

"Arcane master weights!"

The next second, Kybaver called out the name of those things. His eyes couldn’t be possibly any wider.

"What are arcane master weights?" Aryin asked Belo, dazedly watching Rinloran remove these things from his body at the same time.

Belo’s eyebrows scrunched tightly together, a peculiar expression emerging in his blood-red eyes. "Arcane master weights are extra weights arcane masters hang on their bodies when doing body training. Each one of these is extremely heavy. People usually don’t use them before becoming an arcane master."

"You actually wore so many arcane master weights on your body!"

Dyfer suddenly felt his body run cold. In the short time he said these few words, Rinloran’s figure already vanished from his vision.

His breath suddenly froze. Magenta arcane particles flickered under his feet as he charged more than ten meters forwards in a flash.

When he turned his head back, Rinloran’s silhouette was at the spot he previously occupied.


Dyfer was extremely alarmed and angry. After removing all his arcane master weights, Rinloran was turned out to be so fast he couldn’t even clearly see him.

"So fast!"

Ayrin’s eyes were already dizzy. He only saw a blur, and then Rinloran was already behind Dyfer. If not for Dyfer’s reaction being also fast enough, he’d certainly have been hit in the back and struck flying already.

"Indeed, no other bloodline could compare to someone with high-level elven blood when it comes to speed and agility."

Belo exposed an expression that said he expected as much. He ground his teeth, very much like a savage beast. "Ayrin, help me and Rinloran stall Kybaver for a bit. I’ll go sort out Yurou first, then I’ll help you handle Kybaver or help Rinloran against Dyfer."

He charged in Yurou’s direction, dragging many afterimages after him, without even waiting for Ayrin’s agreement.

"Is this the true strength of high-level eleven blood? People with high-level elven blood are already so frighteningly fast even during the arcanist stage?"

Dyfer once again lost sight of Rinloran’s shadow. He subconsciously used a wind walking arcane skill. The moment he flew out along with the raging winds, he saw several strands cut off from his hair. The afterimage of a hand flew past his neck, almost pasted to it.

Drips of cold sweat oozed from his back. Even the raging winds blown up by his arcane skill had no way to blow them dry.

"You were correct, there’s a very great difference in strength between those who can condense arcane particles and those who can’t. However, the difference is only in the power of your moves."

Rinloran’s ice-cold face looked at the pallid Dyfer standing inside the raging winds. "But as long as you have no way at all to hit me, then it’s all useless no matter how mighty your moves!"

At this moment, Ayrin was already facing Kybaver.

Kybaver probably had the same kind of thought as Belo. He wanted to sort out Ayrin immediately, then go help Dyfer. That was why, the moment Ayrin charged his way, he also charged at Ayrin as fast as he could.

"Ardent Whirlwinds!"

The moment their two figures were about to come into contact, Ayrin suddenly stretched his hands out in a surprise attack and used Ardent Whirlwinds, with its extremely fast execution and large area of effect.


However, the instant the ten spinning wind whips swept out, Ayrin lost tracks of Kybaver.

Kybaver’s body actually fell straight down toward the side. The moment his face was about to be pasted on the ground, his body actually started to spin, with the palm of his right hand as axis of rotation, one sweeping foot landing on Ayrin.

"Bang!" Ayrin’s body shot out, swept away by his kick like a piece of deadwood.

After kicking Ayrin away, Kybaver propped himself on a single hand and immediately jumped up.

His gaze swept around. He saw Yurou’s hands and face already covered in bloodstains, beaten black and blue by Belo to the point he was about to hug his head and hop about pathetically. On the other side, Dyfer used his arcane skills to dodge nonstop, facing a Rinloran who kept appearing around him like a devil. He had simply no opportunity at all to act, but he probably wouldn’t be beaten before his arcane particles ran out.

That was why he decided he would first charge at Belo, then face Rinloran with the there of them acting in concert.

"Ouch, Belo was right, you’re indeed very strong." What made him stunned however was that, together with the voice, Ayrin had already climbed up from the ground. He rubbed his chest and walked his way him.

"Is he that resistant?"

Kybaver had a little trouble understanding for a while. He was extremely confident in his own strength. An ordinary student couldn’t possibly get back up when hit by his Whirlwind Spin.

"Explosive Air Surge!"

"Flurry of Leaves!"

"Ah!" A miserable scream rang. Ayrin once again flew out, hit by at least a dozen palms.

Kybaver rubbed his face scraped scorching raw by the air, and thought with disbelief, "Explosive Air Surge, isn’t that teacher Carter’s move? This guy only joined not long ago, how can he already use Ardent Whirlwinds and Explosive Air Surge?"

"This guy’s really too hateful, he actually used Chris’ move to hit me!"

Landing heavily on the ground, his breath almost cut off by the fall, Ayrin’s mood was entirely different.

Just now, Kybaver’s move hit him once again as soon as he managed to clearly see it. And what made him most irritated was, this move was one Chris used during the match.

"I won’t believe I can’t beat you!"

Black patches danced in his eyes from the blow, cold sweat poured down his face as if it were a river. Ayrin stood up once again, refusing to resign himself to defeat.

"He can still stand up?"

Seeing Ayrin stand up all of a sudden, Kybaver almost jumped in fright.

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