Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 696 New Era Epilogue

Chapter 696 New Era (Epilogue)

The huge magic eye gazed at the entire continent. Ice and fire showered the mountains, rivers and every residence on the Doraster Continent. Anyone who walked out of their house could see the magic eye that rose along with the sun. They fell into complete panic while watching the falling ice and fire.

However, as time passed, they noticed there was nothing worse happening. So, they calmed down and set about extinguishing the fires within the forest and cities.

Many people began preparing to continue fighting against the Evil Dragon.

Even if the strongest arcane masters in this continent had lost, they would continue to fight back.

After sustaining for several days, the ice and fire finally disappeared. Two tattered Sky Crystal Ferries that seemed unfit for flight appeared at the border of the Kingdom of Eiche.

A message was transmitted by these Sky Crystal Ferries and swept over the entire Kingdom of Eiche, and then the entire Doraster Continent like a storm.

Waves of cheers rang out within cities, valleys and mountains.

The news that came from the Sky Crystal Ferries was not the nightmare of the Evil Dragon’s complete resurrection, but the true ending of the Evil Dragon’s era. The era of righteous arcane masters had arrived.

When night fell again, dazzling starlight shone down on the Kingdom of Eiche.

Within St. Lauren, fireworks bloomed everywhere.

Ivan and Wilde stood shoulder to shoulder on the Holy Dawn Academy Medical Center’s roof. Their eyes were filled with emotion and respect as they looked at the dazzling light of the stars and fireworks.

Ivan heaved out a long sigh and slowly spoke, “They really did it.”


Many days later, the entire Doraster Continent finally began to adapt to life without the Evil Dragon or Evil Dragon followers. The terror of the Evil Dragon went to the back of their minds.

Abandoned towns were being rebuilt.

The consecutive wars caused many powerful arcane masters and Corps to vanish. Many things had to be built up from scratch. A true new era.

Peace usually meant plain. However, all the arcane masters that showed extraordinary courage in the fight against the Evil Dragon had become new legends.

Courage and faith had allowed Ayrin and his companions to reach a new height.

This height originated from the deeds they had accomplished, but not the strength they possessed.

Because of the tales of those who had turned into legendary heroes, more and more people settled in St. Lauren which was not really a bustling city before. The entire city needed to be expanded.

The usually quiet Holy Dawn Academy was extremely lively. Never before in all of history had they received so many applications.


Another several days later.

At a quiet graveyard in the park behind the Holy Dawn Academy, beautiful flowers grew out from the patch of grass where small tombstones were erected.

A handsome young man with long blonde hair arrived at the graveyard and put down a bouquet of flowers.

Behind him, there was a mature female arcane master with dark skin. She was about the same height as him.

After the young man put down the bouquet of flowers, a wave of nature aura scattered from his hand.

In front of the tombstone, a pale green tree sapling miraculously grew out. It rapidly grew up and took the shape of a quiet girl.

Soft footsteps rang out behind the young man.

“Jean Camus?” The young man turned around and called out in surprise, “Have you recovered from your injuries?”

Jean Camus nodded. He calmly looked at the young man and then at the tombstone. He softly spoke, “Stingham, if Shanna sees the current you, she would feel so proud.”

Of course, the blonde young man was Stingham.

After everything he had experienced, he had grown into a mature man.

He no longer blamed himself. He just looked at Jean Camus and asked, “Is there news of Ayrin and Rinloran?”

“I heard from Ciaran that Songat and the first medical team have completed their treatment. They should be coming here today as well.”

Jean Camus walked next to Stingham, “What do you plan to do next?”

“Plan?” Stingham scratched his head and spoke embarrassedly, “I don’t really have any plans...... You also know I usually don’t make plans.”

Jean Camus spoke, “How about you return to the Kingdom of Doa with me?”

Stingham was startled, “Return to the Kingdom of Doa?”

“The Evil Dragon is dead, and the Master of House Baratheon is dead...... the current Kingdom of Doa is in chaos. If we want to reform the Kingdom of Doa, we not only need the stronghold Corps, we also need the person who can unite the citizens.”

Jean Camus calmly looked at the confused Stingham and spoke in a serious tone, “You are the true Green Dragon Prince, you must shoulder your destiny.”

Stingham thought over it for a few seconds and answered earnestly, “I will try.”

Jean Camus turned around as another few figures were walking toward them on the quiet road.

Stingham’s eyes blurred.

Ayrin, Chris, Moss, Belo, Charlotte, Meraly...... Everyone had come.

Suddenly, the teary-eyed Stingham became excited.

“Rin...... Rinloran!” He shouted and dashed over, hugging one of the figures.

The person he hugged had shoulder length hair. Although he was male, his face was prettier than the average girl. He was none other than Rinloran.

Rinloran suffered the greatest injury during the final fight. He remained in a coma for a long time. So, Stingham was unable to hold back his excitement.

“What...... What are you doing?”

However, Rinloran suddenly blushed and stuttered, “Please...... Please respect yourself!”

He did not shout ‘idiot’ coldly, nor react in any way he did in the past.

Stingham stiffened up. He looked at Ayrin and the others in shock, “What...... What happened to him?”

“Hahaha......” Ayrin laughed carefreely.

“It’s fine. He’s like this to everyone now.” He explained to Stingham, “Teacher Ciaran said that he will be fine. Just that his mental strength suffered great damage and his memories will take some time to recover. He will not remember many things for the time being. However, as time passes, by seeing the places he has been to and us telling him the stories of what happened in the past, his memory will recover.”

“I see! Rinloran, I’m glad you’re fine!”

Stingham hugged Rinloran tightly again and tears fell onto Rinloran’s shoulder.

“Are we this familiar?”

Rinloran looked a little embarrassed. He frowned while looking at Stingham and still had some doubts.

“Of course, we are the best teammates and comrades!” Stingham pointed at the laughing Ayrin, “We are the inseparable Holy Dawn trio!”


Rinloran believed it a little, but innocently mumbled, “But you all really look like idiots!”

“Haha, you always called me an idiot in the past!” Stingham became more excited and hugged Rinloran tighter.

“Eh...... Please respect yourself......”


Holy city Eichemalar, within the original Office of Special Affairs.

Dozens of arcane masters who held high positions within the original Office of Special Affairs and Kingdom of Eiche had gathered here.

“We must monitor and restrict Ayrin’s abilities, otherwise......” An arcane master spoke sternly and rapidly. At that moment, the closely shut door was suddenly pushed open.

A large number of arcane masters surrounded the room.

An arcane master calmly looked at the shocked arcane masters and declared, “From today onwards, the Office of Special Affairs will be reformed. All of you are no longer arcane masters from the Office of Special Affairs.”


The arcane masters who had gathered in secret turned from shock to fear. They realized something and glared at a young man behind the encirclement.

The arcane master who was speaking first shouted without a care, “Ferguillo! You are the mastermind behind all of this! Not just Ayrin, your ability should also be restricted! Who knows whether that arm of yours will mutate one day!”

“Restrict?” Ferguillo calmly asked.

That arcane master continued to argue, “Although the Evil Dragon is gone, Ayrin’s power is still unparalleled. Who can guarantee he will not become the next Evil Dragon?”

“Then?” Ferguillo plainly spoke, “Restrict Ayrin’s power? Then? Without Ayrin, who will you restrict next? Is it Stingham? Next will be Jean Camus, Belo? Me or Chris?”

His plain voice seemed to contain a mysterious power that made everyone silent.

“This is a farce...... You don’t have the ability or authority to do that! So you better cease your pointless joke.”

Ferguillo’s calm voice began to carry an intense and irrebuttable power, “I will run the Office of Special Affairs next...... You can suspect me, but you must believe me. Only me and Ayrin can guarantee that the Kingdom of Eiche and Kingdom of Doa remain peaceful while we are alive.”


Thinker’s Stone Forest.

Several hundred Holy Dawn Academy freshmen timidly looked at Huston.

Notebook teacher Huston had a grim look on his face. Killing intent filled his eyes.

He had just received the news that there would be a new teacher coming to teach the freshmen foundation class, while he would be the assistant of the new teacher.

They must be kidding!

I am the official teacher in the Holy Dawn Academy! I taught the legendary heroes like Ayrin and Belo!

I have been in charge of freshmen foundation class for over ten years! Can there be anyone who’s more impressive and fitting than me?

And I heard that the new teacher is also in charge of Holy Dawn Academy’s newly established artificer laboratory!

How can a teacher specialized in artifacts be better than me at foundation teaching, physical training and combat techniques?

The notebook teacher took out his notebook. He decided to write the new teacher’s name on the first page and find a chance to slowly sabotage the new teacher.

The figure who slowly walked towards him was a silver metallic figure.

“Mer...... Merlin?” He called out in disbelief.


All the Holy Dawn freshmen immediately became excited. That excitement even overwhelmed the fear they held towards Huston. They even started screaming in excitement.

All the freshmen realized the identity of the metal clockwork war avatar approaching them.

This was one of the companions of their senior, the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline Ayrin. She was the legendary metal clockwork war avatar Merlin who shot out rainbow colored light rays which killed the Evil Dragon.

Huston became deflated.

He remembered Merlin’s background...... She was the instructor of a large Corps during the Era of the War with Dragons. If they compared qualifications, he would not even qualify to crawl at her feet.

Holding the last trace of hope, he asked Merlin, “But you can’t speak, how are you going to teach them?”

A pleasant female voice carrying a unique metallic humming sound rang out from Merlin’s body, “I can speak.”

Huston was dumbfounded.

“Im...... Impossible......” He stuttered.

Merlin’s silver pupils shone the light of human emotion. She softly spoke, “The Evil Dragon’s aura awakened some of my sealed memories...... I conducted a deep level of maintenance on myself.”

“Teacher Merlin!” Many innocent cheers rang out.

The notebook teacher’s notebook fell to the ground.

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