Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 12 - The Trends in the Demon Realm

Chapter 12: The Trends in the Demon Realm

The tri-horned rhinos walked slowly. Chen Rui and Athena both had their concerns, but neither of them spoke. The atmosphere was strange.

“Athena,” Chen Rui’s question broke the awkward atmosphere. “I’m human; I’m almost know nothing about the Demon Realm. Since I’m a member of Dark Moon City now, I’d like to know about the Fallen Angel Empire, can you tell me?”

That request was common so Athena started explaining without thinking.

Demon Realm originally had 7 royal families. After countless battles and eliminations, only 3 royal families were left in the end. They were the Lucifer royal family who reigned over the Fallen Angel Empire; the Mammon royal family who reigned over the Bloody Empire; and the Asmodeus royal family who reigned over the Dark Shadow Empire. These 3 empires in the Demon Realm had their own strengths and weaknesses. They had stood for tens of thousands of years.

The enchantment of the human world and the Demon Realm would be weakened every five hundred years, and it was the beginning of the wars between two worlds. Fallen Angel Empire’s Midnight Sun. Lucifer was the strongest of Demon Realm; he was respected by all parties. He served as the commander of the Demon coalition during the war with mankind about 300 years ago. He personally killed the 3 strongest humans. He once let the demon army saw the hope of returning to the bright world on the ground. However, the Lord of Midnight Sun was suddenly backstabbed and killed by a mysterious strong man, resulting in the army losing a leader. The demon army was defeated in the end and forced to retreat to the Demon Realm.

After the death of Lord of Midnight Sun, the Crown Prince, Grimm. Lucifer was too young to handle government affairs. Two foreign enemies, the Bloody Empire and the Dark Shadow Empire were also eyeing covetously. Fallen Angel Empire was once having internal and external problems..

At that moment, Midnight Sun’s younger brother, also Grim’s uncle, the Prince Obsidian stepped forward and temporarily taking over the government affairs; he was called the Regent. Although the strength and military power of the Prince Obsidian was far less than the Lord of Midnight Sun, his political means were brilliant. With the reason that his brother’s solemn sacrifice for the demons and the remaining prestige of the Lord of Midnight Sun in the Demon Realm, he signed a non-aggression agreement with the Bloody Empire and the Dark Shadow Empire.

However, after the Prince Obsidian resolved the external crisis, he did not return the power to his nephew, Grimm. Instead, he monopolized the power and eliminate the dissidents, indicating his objective of replacing the throne. However, Prince Obsidian did not receive the approval of the Lucifer family’s artifact “Sword of Fallen Angel”. Also, with the high prestige of Lord of Midnight Sun in the military, there were 2 out of 3 generals that supported the Crown Prince, Grimm. So, Prince Obsidian could only continue his title of Regent but he confiscated his nephew’s “Sword of Fallen Angel” and secluded him at the desolated Dark Moon estate, secretly sending people to monitor and control.

The Dark Moon Estate was dangerous; it had poor resources; there were also rampant thieves; and it even had horrifying creatures in the estate, the estate couldn’t grow and develop at all. He was depressed and died in such adversity, leaving two daughters in his late years, which were Princess Royal, Shea, and little princess, Alice.

Since young, Shea was indoctrinated by Grimm’s with the thoughts of regaining the throne and resulted in the development of her cold and tough personality. She was calm and determined. Unlike her relatively weak father, she had the model of her grandfather, Lord of Midnight Sun. She took over the Dark Moon City at the age of 16 and immediately established a prestige with a series of methods, governing the Dark Moon City successfully.

Yet, even with Shea’s impressive ability and ambitions, she couldn’t fundamentally change the nasty situation of the Dark Moon Estate. After the death of Grimm, another imperial general turned to the Regent, Prince Obsidian. The only military forces left supporting the Dark Moon was the first general George. Wells, also Athena’s father.

General George was now guarding the Warlock Fortress at the northern border with the Boody Empire. Three years ago, Athena came to the Dark Moon City under her father’s inspiration to show others that General George continued to support the Crown Prince’s bloodline.

Over the years, Prince Obsidian had been non-stop studying the “Sword of Fallen Angel” that supposedly belonged to Shea. Once he could unravel the mystery of the artifact and got the approval of the artifact, he would be justified as the true emperor. Even the opposition led by General George could only acknowledge allegiance.

“It wasn’t easy for Princess Shea; she almost single-handedly supported the Dark Moon Estate.” Athena said with deep emotion. “His Royal Highness was very strict on her. She has been carrying tremendous pressure, so she gradually developed a cold personality. Even Alice was afraid of her. Yet, according to Alice, Princess Royal was actually very gentle when she was young…”

Chen Rui only realized that the situation of Dark Moon City was so unfavorable. He suddenly remembered that if the Regent Obsidian finished his research on the “Sword of Fallen Angel” and started a war against the Dark Moon, no one could guarantee the poison dragon’s safety. If it lost, Master Paglio would likely be a trophy for the Dragon Slayer, then Chen Rui would also be dead. It seemed that he needed to at least help the poison dragon to break the <Lock of Light and Dark> and then find a safe place to settle down. Currently, the ability of the Super System was still unclear, so he could only sacrifice his sexual appeal in exchange for the strength of Athena.

Chen Rui plotted and probed simultaneously: “I once heard Master Aldas said that the royal family has a special blood talent. Do you know what are the talents of the Lucifer royal family?”

Athena replied, “I once heard from my father that the higher the level of awakening of the royal family, the more powerful talents they can use. The most powerful talent of the Lucifer family is the <Heart of Light and Dark> which can devour all power, even the human’s Power of Light is no exception. There is also the <Dark Flame> and <Holy Wings>. Back in the days, Lord of Midnight Sun relied on these three powers to be the strongest of Demon Realm. Even today’s most powerful demon in the Demon Realm, the Bloody Empire’s Raizen the Great can only concede defeat.”

When Athena talked about the Lord of Midnight Sun, her face was full of reverence. Chen Rui thought in his mind that this little girl was indeed someone who adored violence. If he really did what Paglio said to court Athena, he might not be of her taste. He probed again with the same composure, “Besides, are there other talents such as… <Mind Reading> ?”

” <Mind Reading> ?” Athena firmly shook her head without hesitation, “Impossible. The Lucifer family has only three blood talents as everyone knows in the Demon Realm.”

Chen Rui finally understood. The <Mind Reading> that Alice said was just a scare tactic.

He thought about it and decided not to expose Alice. Otherwise, this loli might have other wicked ideas. As for the issue of primeval age, he would settle slowly.

“Athena, my questions might be violating the taboos of the royal family. Please keep it a secret. Don’t tell the little princess especially.”

“No problem! I will never tell!” After Athena talked to Chen Rui for a while, the burdens in her heart were released a lot. When she heard that, she habitually patted her chest. Suddenly, her breasts were swaying, almost made Chen Rui’s eyes to swayed along.

The two continued to talk. Chen Rui got a lot of useful information from Athena. The power ranking of the demons in ascending order was: low-rank demon; middle-rank demon; high-rank demon; demon king; great demon king; demon emperor; demon overlord; demon supremo.

Each rank was equivalent to a watershed. Not only was there a huge difference in power, but also a certain rank suppression. For example, a middle-rank demon facing a high-rank demon could hardly fight at his or her full potential.

Although there wasn’t rank suppression among the same rank, there were still differences in power. For example, a veteran high-rank demon who had reached the peak could at least defeat 10 high-level demons who had just ranked up.

Demon supremo was the highest rank in legend. Rumors said that its power could terrify gods, but no one had ever heard of a demon that became a demon supremo. Three hundred years ago, the Lord of Midnight Sun was extremely talented. He trained to the peak of the demon overlord; he was a step away from demon supremo, but unfortunately, he died during the war with mankind.

Today, the Bloody Empire’s Raizen the Great and the Dark Shadow Empire’s Catherine the Great were both the veteran demon overlords, having a number of strong subordinates. but they were not comparable to the Lord of Midnight Sun. As for the Fallen Angel Empire’s strongest Prince Obsidian was also at the peak of a demon overlord, his strength was slightly inferior. Perhaps he could only tie with the other two countries after acquiring the strength of the artifact “Sword of Fallen Angel”.

Athena herself was a member of the great demon family, also known as the grim reaper. The grim reaper was a powerful warrior by birth, good at using all kinds of weapons; it wasn’t only limited to the signature scythe. Athena mastered the swordsmanship. Only at 19 years old, she was already at the peak of the middle-rank demon. She was only a hair’s breadth away from the high-rank demon. For the demons, she was considered an impressive genius.

Not every demon can train their way to the top. For example, the upper limit of the grim reaper was the high-rank demon and the imp was forever in the low-rank unless there was a rare mutation.

Chen Rui’s performance in the face of the poison dragon made Athena look at him differently. The communication with him became smoother. She felt that although this human wasn’t strong, his courage and wisdom were worthy of respect. He was not the type of guy she hated.

“Athena…” Alice’s lazy voice interrupted the conversation between the two.

“Alice!” Athena helped Alice up with surprise, “You’re awake!”

“Where are we?” Alice rubbed her blurry eyes. “The picnic isn’t over yet.”

“It’s over. You and Kia fell asleep while listening to the story. I brought both of you to the tri-horned rhinos. We are heading back to Dark Moon City.”

Alice tried to recall for a while, and she felt that it was really the case. She stretched and told Chen Rui, “Your story is good. As the princess, I order you to tell me one every day. Also, the barbecue…”

Chen Rui quickly expressed that he really couldn’t think of any stories anymore – the Snow White today was pitiful enough. Please don’t torment the other characters.

Athena replied: “Alice, that story isn’t interesting. Let’s just make Chen Rui make another burr puzzle.”

“Athena, you called him ‘Chen Rui’? Didn’t you always call him ‘human’?” Alice expressed her suspicion. “I remember that you like to listen to stories. You were also having a good time when the story of “Snow White” started. Why are you now……”

Little loli was examining Chen Rui and Athena for a while, then her eyes narrowed, “There is something; there must be something!”

Alice’s sensitivity sent Chen Rui a chill down his spine. Athena was also guilty. Little loli then asked again, “Athena, where’s your sword?”

Athena showed a pitiful face and lowered her head, “Just now I found a wyvern flying over, so I used to scare it off. As a result, the sword fell into the blue lake. It’s pointless to even dredge it up.”

Although Athena didn’t say the truth, the pity for the sword wasn’t fake. Alice knew that she had a skill of throwing the greatsword, so she didn’t doubt. Her two clear eyes fell on Chen Rui’s face, “I don’t remember how I fell asleep. Was I poisoned?”

Chen Rui was having cold sweat after listening. He took a sip of his water bottle to cover up the tension in his heart If it wasn’t the confidence for the poison dragon’s toxic and strength, I would suspect that Alice has been fake sleeping. This loli’s reasoning ability is too horrifying.

Suddenly, Alice raised her voice and said, “Chen Rui! It must be you lusting after my beauty, then you poisoned the barbecue with ill-intentions. In the end, it was discovered by Athena, but you used the reputation of the royal family of Lucifer as a threat to force Athena keeping the secret, and even succumb to your abuse, am I right?”

“Ch!” Chen Rui couldn’t swallow the water in time, and it almost sneezed out of his nose – the previous evaluation was wrong! This little loli’s reasoning ability wasn’t horrifying but indescribably shocking!

Athena was also stunned by Alice’s crazy imagination. Yet, she was used to it. She actually felt calmer. Chen Rui finally stopped coughing. As he was about to speak, he saw Alice’s sorrowful look. She touched her abdomen and said, “OMG, will I be pregnant with a human baby?”

Chen Rui had no time to criticize Alice’s superficial acting skills, but he was directly astounded by the lines and vomited blood.

Athena had already taken Kia who hadn’t woken up to another tri-horned rhino, pretending not to hear.

Alice still said self-pityingly, “When the child grows up and asks who’s the father, how am I supposed to answer?”

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