Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 20 - : Legend! Aldas, Famous For One Challenge

Chapter 20: Legend! Aldas, Famous For One Challenge

The prompt in Chen Rui’s brain sounded, “Ready to start the Super System. It will be completed in twelve hours.”

I still have to wait? What service quality is this!?

The excitement of an apprentice was suddenly lost. Initially wanted to show his tremendous power in the eyes of the public, but who knows there was still a delay. Yet, since he waited for so long, he didn’t bother to rush. What was imperative was to deal with this scumbag, no, scumbag demon.

“The taste of this potion isn’t that good. It’s fishy and bitter. I suggest that you put more vinegar next time and add some ginger. They can get rid of the fishy taste.” Chen Rui said seriously to the stunned Sandro.

Decades of hard work and determination, I sacrifice the master title just to keep my oath to develop the most powerful poison, is that it? Sandro’s body began to tremble. The insult from an apprentice didn’t matter anymore as compared with the failure.

Although Aldas hadn’t started to counterattack, Sandro understood that he had lost.

Master Zola and Master Kemp also understood that. Even with Sandro’s strongest poison, Aldas could resolve it easily. It was clear that detoxify was much harder than testing poison, so the dark elf master’s terrifying strike back would defeat Sandro definitely; it’s just that his life would certainly perish.

The No. 1 genius potioneer of the empire; a genius potion master in practical meaning; the darling with thousands of glories, was actually defeated in this small place in the backcountry! He actually lost to this unfamous dark elf!

If they knew that Sandro actually lost to a clumsy rookie apprentice, they would probably lose their minds.

“This battle hasn’t ended yet! Just now Master Aldas said, he can poison you to death with just his fart!”

That loud voice silenced the entire arena instantly. That’s right, Aldas had received all the challenges from Sandro. Now, it was time to fight back!

However, can just a fart poison the legendary genius of the empire, Sandro to death? For a moment, all eyes focused on him.

The human apprentice held a collecting bottle to Aldas with a serious look. The face of the dark elf was suddenly distorted. It turned out that the “farting” mentioned by Chen Rui was actually true, he actually wanted to do it!

Anyway, he was still a famous person in the Dark Moon City, a potion master. Was he really going to do that while everyone was watching…

The human apprentice’s looked firm, and he nodded with encouragement.

Aldas had the urge to jump up and choke the guy, but he was now the “wounded person” who was seriously injured. When dark elf planned to knock himself out, he suddenly thought of the promise by the human to kill Sandro just now. After contemplating for a while, he finally gave in and turned to his body.

Chen Rui carefully placed the collecting bottle at the back of the dark elf master’s ass. He turned his face to the other side while his other hand was pinching his nose as a defense. At that moment, the arena was in complete silence. All eyes were focused on the certain body part of a master.

Often times when one was more nervous, it was harder to succeed. The time passed minute by minute under the weird focus of the crowd. Even the initiator Chen Rui felt a bit stiff.

The dark elf incubated for a long time. Even his face became dark purple. With sweat on his forehead, he finally squeezed out a dull sound in indignation.

The long-awaited sound was heard almost by everyone. Although they knew it would be like this, the faces of many demons still became very weird when it actually happened. Little loli grabbed Athena’s hand tightly, blushing as she almost laughed out loud.

While both of the referees were astounded, the human apprentice frowned and quickly capped the collecting bottle. After that, he returned to the table and selected a few chemicals with a serious look then mixed them together. The focus actually had the look of Sandro a few minutes ago. Suddenly there was a “Bang” noise, luckily the bottle was only cracked, but didn’t shatter.

Chen Rui was thinking that it was so close. He didn’t dare to bluff anymore. He carefully poured the solution into another bottle and disgustingly spat into the bottle. He then configured a few more potions, and finally added everything into the collecting bottle with a certain kind of gas released by Master Aldas. He shook it and it was done.

Unsure whether it was the potions or the master’s gas, the potion was extremely powerful. Zola and Camp could smell a nauseous stink, even the guards closest to the arena frowned.

Chen Rui pinched his nose, shook the bottle at Sandro and said with a strange voice, “Do you dare to drink?”

Sandro was proficient in pharmaceutics. He could tell that Chen Rui bluffed for so long, but he only configured a very ordinary Stinky Potion, at most he added a few ingredients to make the stink doubled. This kind of poison was weak. Even if an antidote wasn’t used, it couldn’t kill anyone. It’s just that the smell was too bad; it was usually used to repel some kind of demonic beasts.

However, Aldas first farted in it, then the human apprentice also spat in it. It was obviously a great humiliation.

Chen Rui sealed the bottle with his thumb and said, “This is the potion that Master Aldas used his own poisonous gas that he had trained for many years to make. In order to extract such poisonous gas, the master hasn’t taken a shower for three years; hasn’t changed his underwear in five years; hasn’t changed his socks for ten years; eat specially made Lala Potato every day… only to create this bottle of “Ten Metres Scent”! Its poison is so strong that even a dragon can’t resist. If you don’t dare to drink, kneel down to the master and kowtow for ninety-nine times. Each time you have to cry and say ‘I am wrong’, then we will spare your life in this battle of life and death. What do you think?”

It was obviously impossible for Sandro to accept such conditions. If he truly did it, he couldn’t stay in this field anymore.

Alice couldn’t stand it when she heard the name of the potion and the training method of the poisonous gas. When she heard that it could even stink a dragon to death, she couldn’t help but jump into Athena’s arms and laughed; even her tears came out. Athena also started laughing. They made a mess together. The laughter had spread to most of the people who had been suppressing for a long time; the venue was filled with laughter.

Aldas now even had the intention to die. He felt that Chen Rui was more abominable than Sandro in some sense. Since he couldn’t move for his fake injury, he could only close his eyes and ears, acting and ac like he couldn’t hear anything.

However, in the eyes of the party from the capital city, this laughter was more like laughing at Sandro for not accepting the challenge.

“Two masters, please bear witness.” Chen Rui deliberately took the bottle and walked to Zola and Camp. The two masters saw the bottle being opened, they quickly nodded. and they didn’t dare to breathe hard. After all, Aldas still had considerable strength. Even if it was just a gimmick, it must not be underestimated.

In the face of the “Ten Metres Scent” handed over by Chen Rui, Sandro’s body trembled slightly. His teeth almost bled from clenching – today’s humiliation will be repaid doubled in the future!

Aldas! Human apprentice! I will definitely make you regret being born in this world!

Sandro looked with hatred at Aldas who closed his eyes to rest. To be cautious, he drank a few antidotes first, then he took the bottle; held his breath; endured the strong disgust; and downed it.

Wow, so badass! Chen Rui looked at Sandro in admiration while he was drinking the Stinky Potion. This guy is resilient. He is really a ruthless person.

Yet, in the face of the powerful “Ten Metres Scent”, his life was taken.

Sandro drank the potion in struggle and forcibly endured nausea. As he was about to speak ruthlessly, he opened his mouth, and his expression suddenly changed. Subsequently, his body became hollow. As a single note voiced out of his throat, it shattered his fragile body into green smokes, disappearing in the air.

Fallen Angel Empire’s No.1 genius potioneer vanished with just a potion configured with “fart”.

Due to long-term exposure to potions, potioneer itself had a certain level of resistance. How virulence was the potion that it could disintegrate a master-level potioneer instantly?

The change was sudden. Even Aldas who had just opened his eyes was taken aback. Shea was a little surprised, and her sight finally fell on Chen Rui. Those who came from the capital couldn’t believe their eyes, especially the two masters, Zola and Camp. The shocked mumbles were quickly overwhelmed by the thunderous cheers of the audience.

Master Aldas did not show excessive ecstasy. He still maintained a low-key mystery with his eyes closed. He was taken back to the lab to rest in the awed eyes of everyone.

The challenge ended, Master Aldas of Dark Moon City won the battle without any controversy. Not only did he gain a lot of money that was bet, but also the legendary battle of killing the genius potioneer with a fart was be recorded in history and passed down across generations.

The Potioneer Association wasn’t proprietary to Fallen Angel Empire, but a union of all potioneers in the Demon Realm. Sandro died in a fair fight, so even the Regent Obsidian couldn’t convict Aldas or the Dark Moon City.

The people who came from the capital was washed out, including Chelt who was rude didn’t say anything Out of courtesy, Princess Royal Shea held a banquet, but the welcoming banquet was obviously for farewell.

Master Aldas did not attend the banquet. This move seemed even more mysterious in the eyes of the two masters from the capital city. The dark elf master’s poison was scary, and his low-key behavior was equally scary. Perhaps because of that, the genius who thought he would definitely win came, only came to the Dark Moon City and perished.

In fact, ever since Adlas won, he was determined to isolate himself, and he wouldn’t appear in public for some time. The reason was simply because it was too shameful. The feeling of being watched by so many people was truly unforgettable.

As one of the contributors to the success of the challenge, the apprentice, Chen Rui appeared at the banquet. At this time, no one dared to ignore him. Even though the human was only a puppet being controlled in the battle, he represented the inscrutable master; a super master who could release a gas that shocked the entire Dark Moon!

Chen Rui had no interest in this kind of banquet, adding to the face that he knew almost no one, so he went to the balcony alone, hoping that this boring interlude would end soon.

“Chen Rui.” Athena walked over with Alice following at the side.

Athena was wearing a patterned red long dress today. It was quite fitting, giving people a completely distinct, amazing impression from the usual swordswoman. Alice was in a blue and white striped princess dress with a big bow at her front, fully exposing her cuteness. She attracted a lot of attention.

Alice frowned. “Chen Rui, your clothes are so ugly. You should wear a formal dress for a banquet.”

“I don’t have any formal, and I didn’t even go back to the lab. It’s good to have this apprentice suit already,” Chen Rui looked at himself and asked, “Does little princess actually like wearing a dress?”

“I don’t like it. I can’t move freely at all,” Alice twisted her tight dress, and she suddenly smiled mysteriously. “Today, you performed quite well, especially the “Ten Metres Scent”. What I don’t understand is, is master’s fart really that powerful?”

Chen Rui said in a mysterious way, “As I said, master eats specially made Lala Potato every day to reach such extent. Sandro died because of that scent technically. Does little princess want to try?”

“Really?” Little loli said mysteriously too, “Then I will go to the master to ask for those Lala Potatoes for you to eat. If your fart isn’t as stinky, you are deceiving the princess.”

Chen Rui shook his head. He secretly thought he really couldn’t rival with this loli on blackhearted-ness. Speaking of the potion that could kill a dragon with its bad odor, Athena also couldn’t help but laugh.

Alan in the distance saw Chen Rui was talking and laughing with Athena, his face got even gloomier. He was just drinking alone. Beside him, Joseph was talking with Chelt with a smile.

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