Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 27 - Pirated Princess Shop

Chapter 27: Pirated Princess Shop

Chen Rui contained his excitement and asked, “Are there any more of these semi-waste ores? How much is one? I think this is probably what the master needs.”

“Ordinary iron ore stains with those things will reduce its quality, so I don’t have much here. I probably just have 2 or 3. My brother, Quark’s blacksmith shop still has a few pieces. If you want, we can sell all of them at the cheapest price.” Zach couldn’t help but ask, “Can you give me some of that powder? With that, we can save a lot of waste ores.”

It turned out that the two blacksmith shops in the city were owned by two brothers. As for the powder, Chen Rui certainly didn’t want to blow his cover, so he said, “This is master’s secret powder, and it’s also highly toxic, so it cannot be divulged to outsiders. However, I can help you to remove the crystals from the rest of the ores now.”

The human’s generosity made Zach extremely happy. He felt that Chen Rui was exceptionally pleasing to his eye – such a good human! It seems that the Demon Realm’s rumors are wrong. Not all humans are sinister. At least this human is not bad.

Zach quickly made Kakan go to the other blacksmith shop to take the waste ores here. The total would be 7 pieces.

The “not bad” human was equally happy. 1 piece gives about 25 auras! And there are even 7 pieces!

Soon, all the ore with crystals from the two blacksmith shops were cleaned up. The crystals provided different values of auras. For now, Chen Rui’s total amount of aura reached 175 points. One could imagine the joy in his heart.

Based on Zach’s information, these ores were from the mines of Mount Xilang, which was one of the only mineral deposits in the Dark Moon, but it was highly dangerous. Rumor said that a terrible demonic beast deep in the mine broke the seal and took the lives of many miners. Over the years, the ore production became lower and lower. Even the last mining officer, Tim went missing during one of his inspection, and his body still hadn’t been found.

In the past, a large number of ores with crystals were treated as waste ores and disposed in the mine. Now, as the underground demonic beast was becoming increasingly rampant, the ore resources were even tighter. Zach had no choice but to buy these troublesome semi-waste ores. Even this kind of waste ore became increasingly scarcer.

Chen Rui secretly memorized the name of Mountain Xirang. Yet, the place is very dangerous, perhaps I should first familiarize with the Dark Moon City, and accumulate aura to a certain level, then I will find a way to the mine.

“Zach, I like to deal with a forthright person like you the most. What about you try to get these waste ores with crystals, the more the merrier. I can help you deal with the crystals, as for the price… ”

Before Chen Rui could finish talking, Zach opened his mouth and said, “In terms of price, I will give you 10 white crystal coins per piece. How about it? Today I will round up and give you 1 purple crystal coin.”

Initially, Chen Rui wanted to buy the ore that was extremely precious to him at a cheap price, who knows Zach would be willing to pay him instead – Such a nice centaur! It seems that the rumors of humans are wrong. Not all demons are ferocious. At least this centaur is not bad.

At that moment, the human and the centaur had a friendly connection.

Chen Rui gained a huge bargain, so he didn’t take the money. He told Zach to inform him at the lab whenever Zach got the ores; he’ll be there anytime.

“We, centaurs also like a forthright person too!” This attitude made the centaur felt even more favorable toward the human. He patted his chest, “From now on, you are my friend! I have a lot of friends in the city. Just tell them my name if you face any trouble!”

The human was sent to the door by the passionate Zach. Under the envious look of the imp, Kakan at the blacksmith shop, Slee proudly followed behind his master.

Chen Rui was in a good mood: This trip is so worthy, 175 auras! I can fire 17 <Aurora Shot>. It’s too bad that the skill can only be used twice a day, and it empties most of the Star Power every time.

“Oh right, Slee, didn’t you mention from the start that there is a store selling weird things? Let’s go there!”

Imp hesitated for a moment, and he seemed to think of something suddenly. He smiled and said, “Please come with me, master, you might have more surprises in that store.”

Chen Rui followed the imp walking around the corners and found the store at the end of a relatively wide street. The store had two floors; its appearance was strange and there was no signboard.

Chen Rui walked in with the imp. They were stared by a pair of sharp eyes the moment they entered. It was a female grim reaper. Her body was okay. Her facial features were not ugly, but her expression was fierce.

The female grim reaper was obviously the employee of the store. Seeing Chen Rui and Slee entering, not only she didn’t greet, but she looked at them coldly. Chen Rui couldn’t bother and began to browse the products in the store.

As Slee said, the things sold in this store were really weird. Demonic-beasts-looking dolls, beautiful hair clips, sleeping pillows, delicious Jade Dragonfruit, weird beads… but they were not the things Chen Rui wanted. Moreover, the price was terrifyingly high. A Jade Dragonfruit was actually priced at 50 purple crystal coins. The doll was actually priced at 10 black crystal coins. This is definitely an unscrupulous shop!

Chen Rui finally found a green stone at the corner that seemed useful. He immediately activated the conversion skill and wanted to inspect it. Before his hand could touch the stone, a cold scythe blocked swiftly before him like a lightning.

This female grim reaper is very strong! Ganke’s gang is incomparable to her!

Although he didn’t use <Analytical Eyes>, Chen Rui could roughly guess her strength from the attack just now. Even if he was prepared, he still might not be able to safely avoid the attack with such speed.

The female demon then sneered and said coldly, “Look but no touching!”

Such bad customer service! Don’t you know that your customer is… demon god?

Chen Rui was furious. This is wasting my valuable aura! Although I just obtained more than a hundred points, I still need aura for many things, so I have to use them cautiously.

At that moment, a charming voice came from upstairs, “You will not regret buying these two princess chess. Please come again.”

That is the attitude that a service staff should have. Chen Rui felt that the voice was familiar, then he saw a beautiful woman emitting a seductive power at the head of stairs. A male centaur customer walked downstairs while looking back, showing an obsessed and reluctant expression.

When Chen Rui saw the look of female shop assistant clearly, he was taken aback and blurted out, “Kia!”

It turned out that the female staff was the little princess’s maid, Kia, the succubus nicknamed “essence-sucking woman” in Chen Rui’s mind!

As Kia heard someone calling her name, she saw Chen Rui. During this period of time, Kia who was serving the little princess became a beneficiary of Chen Rui’s cooking. Her impression toward human had changed a lot. When she saw it was Chen Rui, she immediately the smiled charmingly, “It’s you!”

The centaur saw the goddess in his heart actually smiled at the human and was extremely envious. He went to Chen Rui and said ruthlessly, “I, Sir Obama is warning you to stay away from Ms. Kia! Otherwise…”

Chen Rui was no longer the same. He naturally would not be bothered by a threat by such a character. It was just that the name of this centaur made him a little shocked. Did that guy… cross over too? Yet, judging from his perverted look, it is more appropriate to call him Clinton or Berlusconi right.

The female grim reaper sneered, knocked the weapon on her hand on the ground and shouted, “Fuck off!”

Sir Obama trembled and the goods he just bought were scattered on the ground. He then quickly picked them up in a rush.

Chen Rui inadvertently saw the goods that Obama bought, and his gaze was frozen. This… seems to be… Huarong Dao?

However, the original Cao Cao, Guan Yu, and Zhao Yun had changed and became beauties?

Piracy! This is a mere infringement of intellectual property rights!

Wait, princess chess? Chen Rui suddenly realized that it must be that little loli!

Sir Obama picked up his things, didn’t dare to say more and left in a hurry.

“Kia, when did you open a shop like this?” Chen Rui went upstairs and probed. The female grim reaper noticed Kia and him were close, so she stopped obstructing. It was just that Slee was waiting downstairs; he was afraid to go up.

Kia shook her head, “The owner of this shop is the little princess.”

I knew it! Alice is still a businesswoman? Is that true?

No wonder the shop is filled with weird stuff. It’s just that such a shop actually has customers?

Chen Rui glanced at Kia who was emitting a natural charm and suddenly realized: Honey trap!

This little loli was too despicable. She actually relies on Kia’s beauty to promote. No wonder she also hires a tough-looking female grim reaper. If there is no strong deterrence by force, perhaps a lot of perverts will do as they please.

However, the stores in the Dark Moon City or the entire Demon Realm were fundamentally the mode of waiting for the guests to come. Even Alice was smart, she still didn’t think out of the box. If she implemented some of the business and promotion methods that Chen Rui learned in his past life, the store’s business wouldn’t be just like this.

Chen Rui looked at the goods on the second floor and found the location of the princess chess. Indeed, Huarong Dao was completely reinvented – becoming the plot of a beautiful, sexy female demon escaping several perverts or a mighty male demon escaping many sexy female perverts.

Chen Rui was dejected. The inventor of Huarong Dao would definitely shed tears if he saw this.

“This princess chess… did little princess make this?”

Kia saw his excitement and nodded. “Her Royal Highness is very clever. No one wanted to buy with the original look. Then, we sold out several sets after changing it… but you don’t have to be so happy.”

Do I look happy? Chen Rui was too “happy” for a moment that he couldn’t speak.

There were a lot of things on the second floor. There was not just the pirated princess chess, but also some books. The story that Chen Rui told Alice “Demon King and Princess: Latest Full Edition” was also in it; another piracy. It seemed that this little loli’s piracy will was too strong. She immediately put into practice after she learned, but she wasn’t sure if the books of the Demon Realm were printed or made with magic.

The first few books were still normal, but just the title of the books later made Chen Rui have a cold sweat.

“Men Are All Beasts!”, “First Sequel: Worse Than A Beast”, “Second Sequel: Incomparable to Beasts”, “Magic! Whoever You Stare Gets Pregnant”, “Who Says Men are Stronger than Women, Just Let Them Try Giving Birth to Baby”…

Chen Rui finally understood the reason or one of the most important reasons that little princess became a blackhearted and early-maturing loli.

One takes the behavior of one’s company, this is the huge impact of the educational environment on children!

Although he was deeply moved, Chen Rui was still very curious about Alice opening a shop to start a business. Kia told him that when Princess Royal Shea just took over Dark Moon City, she faced a lot of difficulties, especially her fundings. In desperation, Shea had to sell some of the only royal treasures left and her personal collections. Finally, she made it through the predicament.

This shop was left at that time. Later, Alice was bored, so she took over the shop. She usually sold tiny things to pass the time and earn some pocket money. Kia only came to help occasionally. According to Kia, two months after the shop opened, Alice never asked her sister for a single magic crystal coin.

This story was dull and lacked highlights, but Chen Rui still noticed a trace of sorrow. Shea experienced too many difficulties in order to govern the estate. She was even forced to sell her family inheritance, but she wasn’t stingy when she treated a talent like Aldas. Alice was also very sensible. Despite the mischief, she didn’t add more burden when her sister was at her toughest moment financially.

From the situation of this store, little loli was indeed a little smart; but unfortunately, she was still an amateur in doing business.

As Chen Rui was thinking, there was a voice from downstairs suddenly. It was Slee who intentionally heightened his voice, “Princess Alice!”

Little loli is here!

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