Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 338 - Ball

Chapter 338: Ball

As soon as Chen Rui returned to his residence, he saw Isabella waiting at the gate and welcoming him in with a smile.

“Welcome back, our senior sir consultant.”

Chen Rui was startled, “Senior consultant?”

“Just now, the Regent Royal Highness has announced that he will hire Sir Charles as the palace’s high grade consultant.” Isabella smiled, “The palace senior consultant has no real power, but the status is high. It is comparable to the nobles with knighthood. There are only a handful of senior consultants in the entire capital. For example, the president of the Fallen Angel Potioneer Association, the president of the Mechanic Association, and so on. Your human buddy Nero is also one of them. It seems that your plan has been successful. Congratulations, Charles.”

“Thanks to you, Yini.” He learned from Obsidian that Isabella did not provide any favored help, but Chen Rui did not expose this matter. “Actually, only the first step of my plan is successful, but this is a very good start.”

Indeed, Chen Rui’s plan had already taken the most successful and critical step.

“Great.” Isabella frowned suddenly, “You… seem to be injured. Did something happen just now? You seemed to be out of the inner city?”

“It’s nothing, just a trivial matter.” Chen Rui didn’t mention Diak’s matter as he shook his head. “As for the injury, I was attacked by Nero when I was in the palace… I almost died in his hands, but it’s okay now.”

“Didn’t the Regent Royal Highness summon you this time? Why would you have a conflict with Nero?”

Chen Rui didn’t know if Isabella had any part in arranging Nero to probe him, so he said casually, “It’s nothing, he’s just in a different force in the human world. I think we should keep a certain appropriate distance because Nero has reached the real Saint level which is the Demon Overlord level of your demons. It will be detrimental to you if you are too close to me.”

“Charles really cares about me.” Isabella said with a grin, “Nero only became Demon Overlord not long ago. He came to Demon Realm for this purpose. It’s just that his current state of power is not very stable. Maybe he will leave the Demon Realm in half a year. As for me… I’m just a small financial adviser, and I’m still insignificant to him. Besides, I also have a good friend called Krobelus. With this friend here, Nero will not dare to do anything to me.”

Chen Rui was surprised. Krobelus is one of the 3 people that Athena had mentioned to be careful of. Judging from the news disclosed by Isabella, the power of Krobelus is even higher than that of Nero.

The foundation of an empire was quite deep including Obsidian himself who was a Demon Overlord powerhouse. There must be a lot of hidden power. Otherwise, Manu and the others would have directly occupied the Fallen Angel Empire. However, the gap between Demon Overlord-level powerhouses was also huge. For example, when the strongest [War Puppet] couldn’t be used, Catherine could still suppress 3 peak Demon Overlord powerhouses at the same level.

I don’t know how powerful Raizen the Great will be.

Nero willleave the Demon Realm in half a year. Once he returns to the human world, he will most likely find out that the so-called “Charles’ plan” is a scam… Regardless of whether Nero will return to the Demon Realm again, my entire plan and launch time must be completed within 6 months just in case.

In the evening, the Fallen Angels palace held a small welcome ball for Chen Rui, the new palace senior consultant.

Those who attended the ball were all the upper-class nobles and celebrities of the empire. As for Chen Rui’s human identity, it was not disclosed just like Nero. Except for a few people in the upper-class core, no one knew that Nero was a human. Everyone knew that he was a mysterious powerhouse recruited by the regent.

Extravagant clothing, luxurious wine and food, overbearing elegance and faces filled with pretentious smiles. These were Chen Rui’s impressions of this kind of palace ball. He never liked this atmosphere, but he had to blend in now and deal with the men and women who came to strike up a conversation with the same pretentious grace.

Chen Rui met many nobles. Among them was Sartre, the patriarch of the Lincoln Family, who was the father of Lordan. Sartre seemed completely unaware of the conflict between his son, Lordan, and Chen Rui because he seemed very friendly.

Contrary to Sartre’s friendly attitude, Isabella’s rival, military minister Rommel seemed indifferent. After Isabella and Chen Rui showed a particularly intimate attitude in front of him, Rommel showed an indescribable smile instead.

Chen Rui didn’t have the mind to think about it so much because his original intention was not to enter the upper level of the capital and develop here. Instead, he only needed to complete his own plan. Moreover, Josh once said that Isabella was the most important help for this plan to be approved by Obsidian. At least she couldn’t be a resistance, so it didn’t matter if he was on Isabella’s side.

Chen Rui also saw the “gay” Diak who was “involved in sex scandal”, but the undead magician Sulfur was not by his side. Diak’s injuries had already healed on the surface with the use of medicine. However, when he met Chen Rui’s gaze, it was as if he saw the most terrifying thing. He quickly lowered his head, and all his former demeanour and arrogance disappeared without a trace.

Thinking of what happened in the suburban courtyard during the day made Diak shudder. Meanwhile, this “Charles” that scared him the most, turned out to be Prince Obsidian’s palace senior consultant. It seemed that he could only avoid him and take another path when he sees Chen Rui in the future.

One thing that surprised Chen Rui was that in addition to the traditional palace dance, there was actually a Waltz at the ball. It seemed that the duo at the Dark Moon really affected the court dance of the entire empire.

“Charles, this is called a Waltz. It was spread by an interesting human.” Isabella asked, “It is said that this is the court dance of the human world?”

Isabella was wearing a lavender evening dress with a white chiffon shawl on her shoulders tonight. It was elegant and noble with a touch of maturity and seduction. The smile on her face inadvertently revealed a faint charm. She looked gorgeous. From time to time, it attracted the attention of men, and even Chen Rui couldn’t help but secretly praise.

“Strictly speaking, it’s not really a court dance. It originated in a village in the Dragon Bright Empire. It was once considered a lowly dance, but over time, the original court dance style which is rigid and formal is gradually being eliminated. In recent years, this relaxed and natural dance with elegant grace has entered the upper class society and is accepted by more human nobles. I believe it will soon become a truly popular court dance.”

Chen Rui’s statement coincided with the origin and development of the Waltz. The reason why he said it vaguely and even brought the time to “recent years” was because he was afraid that Nero would see through it, but this worry was unnecessary at this time because Nero did not come to the ball tonight.

“I see.” Isabella asked expectantly, “Then does Charles know how to dance…”

“Yini, can I have this honor?” Chen Rui spoke first and got up to make an inviting gesture.

Isabella stood up with a smile as she accepted his invitation. The two began to dance to the sound of music. Isabella originally learned Waltz from the booklet given by Chen Rui, and then she brought it into the upper class of the Fallen Angel Empire where it became popular. Chen Rui was naturally proficient in this. He could also make adjustments in some small details to make the two people’s movements more compatible. Isabella felt this change, and her eyes brightened.

Now that the two were quite close, Chen Rui could already smell the scent of Isabella. It was a faint flower fragrance. Although it was not strong, it had a captivating feeling. With the changes in the movements, the two towering plumps were constantly undulating, and the gully in the middle also expanded and contracted accordingly. It was extremely attractive.

Chen Rui admitted in his heart that Isabella was absolutely worthy of the adjective of stunner. Whether it was her beautiful face or mature body, she was full of alluring temptation. Especially her special charming temperament that came from the noblility made people have a strong intent to violate her.

However, when he thought of this woman’s viciousness, the occasional faint thoughts in his heart disappeared without a trace. Moreover, the most beautiful dance partner in Chen Rui’s heart was not the poisonous flower in front of him, but the princess in white whose coldness was melted under the purple moonlight.

Thinking of the duo dancing in the Royal Palace of the Dark Moon, Chen Rui couldn’t help showing a warm smile on his face. Isabella noticed his smile, and a strange expression flashed in her gaze.

The two dancing people seemed to have become the protagonists of the ball. The beautiful dance with the perfect combination attracted almost everyone’s attention. Many people began to imitate their movements. Prince Obsidian who was in the distance also secretly thought, Charles’ dance is elegant and proficient. It’s definitely not an overnight work. If he is not the nobles of the upper class of humans, it is absolutely impossible to have such a performance.

At the end of the song, Isabella showed an alluring gaze, “Charles, I didn’t expect you to dance so well! It’s the first time that I am so in sync with someone.”

“Yini, you also danced very well. This is the happiest time since I came to the Demon Realm.” Chen Rui said with a smile, letting her hold his arm as they sat down on the sofa next to the dance floor.

The dance just now made many noble women look at “Charles” in a different light. There were already daring noble ladies who had come to invite him to dance together, but Isabella firmly “occupied” Chen Rui and performed several dances with him in a row.

This kind of “possessing” behavior stopped when a man walked in front of Isabella. Judging from Isabella’s expression, this man seemed to be her subordinate who wanted to report something urgent to her. Isabella followed the man out.

When Isabella walked away, the women who had been coveted for a long time immediately surrounded him. Some asked about the Waltz to strike up a conversation, while some directly invited him to dance. Chen Rui answered or responded politely.

Even if there was no outstanding performance on the dance floor, women would pay attention to the new palace nobleman. Many women even seduced outrightly, especially the hungry eyes of a few noble ladies which made Chen Rui cringe secretly.

If it was the womanizer who came here, this should be the guy’s greatest paradise.

Chen Rui finally got rid of the entanglement of these women. As he saw a corner with few people, he hurried over.

However, Chen Rui soon discovered that the reason for the lack of people here was because of a woman. Isabella was undoubtedly the most dazzling star in the ball tonight, but the woman in front of her looked no less stunning than Isabella. She had long green hair and wore a decorative green crystal between her eyebrows. She had a slender figure and beautiful features. However, the behavior of this beauty was a total surprise. She only did one thing – eat.

A more accurate description was to pig out.

Most people talked or danced at the party, while the food was just a proper tasting, but this woman seemed to be eating here like it was a banquet. As though there was nothing else in her eyes except food. Judging from the empty plates and bottles at the table, it could be seen that she had eaten a shocking amount of food.

Strangely, no one showed a strange look as if they were accustomed to it. No one invited her to dance as well. Instead, they stayed far away as they seemed… to be fearful of getting close to her.

In any case, at least he did not have to deal with those hungry noble women by hiding here. Seeing this woman eating scrumptiously, Chen Rui also felt a little hungry. As he went straight up, he met the heir of the Lincoln Family, Lordan.

Originally, after witnessing Chen Rui talking with his father and showing off on the dance floor, Lordan was looking gloomy. After spotting him walking towards the green-haired woman, thinking that he was going to talk to this beauty, the expression on Lordan’s face suddenly changed to a sneer. Even Diak, who was secretly paying attention to this side in the distance, lit up his eyes.

Chen Rui did not strike up a conversation as Lordan and Diak imagined. He walked not far from the green-haired woman and was suddenly startled slightly while seeming to frown. However, he sat down on the sofa in front of him and greeted the attendant to send one bottle of wine and 2 plates of food in order to replenish his energy.

As the waiter opened the wine bottle and stepped back, the green-haired woman suddenly turned her head and said to Chen Rui, “Hey! You! Give me the bottle of wine and the plate of beef.”

This tone and request seemed very rude. Chen Rui hesitated for a moment, but he did not refuse. He walked over with the wine bottle and food, and placed it on the table in front of her.

The woman unceremoniously picked up the wine bottle. Without using a wine glass, she gulped a few mouthfuls directly, and gobbled the beef quickly.

“The things I snatch are always delicious.” The woman said happily as she glanced at Chen Rui while nodding, “Good thing you acted appropriately. Old mother [1] will let you go. You can get lost now.”

Chen Rui was startled. Such a beautiful woman, but she ate and drank regardless of her mannerism. Now she even actually called herself an “old mother”…

“Still not getting lost?” The woman’s gaze flickered and suddenly thought of something. She showed a weird smile and handed him the remaining bottle of wine. “You seem new here? Alright, if you drink this bottle of wine, old mother will forgive your rudeness.”

Who is the one being rude?

Moreover, she took a few sips directly from this bottle of wine just now, and she passed it to me directly without hesitation. Could it be that she wants to have an indirect kiss?

Chen Rui noticed that there were already several men looking at this side, including Lordan and Diak in the distance. They all had the same expression, gloating.

[1] A proud and tasteless title that a smug woman call herself.

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