Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 420 - Two Kings

Chapter 420: Two Kings

In the eyes of the spectators, a ferocious black huge beast and an even more terrifying red beast that could no longer be described as “ferocious” entangled in an instant.

The ground was constantly undulating like waves as it was twisted and deformed by the foreign force.

Amongst the flying dust, one could vaguely see the huge black beast only persisted for a while before collapsing completely. After the giant snake-like red beast completely tore the huge black beast apart, its power did not weaken at all. It moved toward the Demon Emperor dark elemental with black wings.

If the body structure of the dark elementals had the concept of “nerve”, Helor’s nerves would be tightened to the maximum level now- This “weakling” who seemed weak and vulnerable previously has been hiding his power all the time. He killed Hesak and Hemos in a flash! What a cunning and vicious enemy!

As Helor had just swallowed the [Aurora Shot] and was weakened by the [Galaxy Territory], he had no time to dodge the terrifying Scorching Dragon that was rushing forward; he had to take it forcefully.

The result of a peak stage of the Demon Emperor power taking on the trump card of an early stage of the Demon Emperor should have been expected. However, Helor’s instinctive sense of crisis told him: I may not be able to take this move, especially in the strange weakening territory of the opponent!

Show weakness tactics, [Link Enhancement], territory, [Galaxy Territory], Northsea, [Aura Blade], [Scorching Dragon Kill]… Within just a few blinks of an eye, Chen Rui had already exploded with the strongest force that he could launch, even launching the hidden killing moves. He was mediocre at first, then he launched astounding killing moves.

As long as these 3 Demon Emperor level dark elemental elites were eliminated, and if Paglio who was empowered defeated the Dark Elemental King, the biggest crisis this time would be resolved!

At the moment, a figure appeared in front of Helor without warning. Due to the impact of a strange force, Helor’s defensive figure was irresistibly pushed back dozens of meters away.

Facing the oncoming Scorching Dragon with the fierce violent breath, this figure didn’t avoid. He stretched out a hand and instantly collided with the huge Scorching Dragon firmly.

In an instant, the whole ground seemed to shake violently, and countless shattered stones flew around. The dark elementals that were close by were hit by the shattered stones, and the weak ones were annihilated on the spot.

The moment the figure touched the Scorching Dragon, his body suddenly shook. There was already a faint red light. He began to slowly retreat; 1 step, 2 steps, 3 steps, and suddenly there was another hand which actually stabilized the figure. However, the ground could no longer withstand this terrifying pressure. Under the force field, countless shattered rocks defied gravity principles and rose one after another. Before they rose high, they were turned to powder.

“Open!” Hearing only a low voice, the Scorching Dragon quickly cracked open starting from the huge head and backwards. In a flash, the whole spiraling body was already torn apart by the terrifying power of the relatively small figure. The scattered red energy could no longer condense and disappeared completely.

Chen Rui felt the complete disappearance of Scorching Dragon, and he was secretly shocked. Besides the battle with Paglio and others in the usual training, it’s the first time someone forcefully tore apart my strongest attack!

If that’s the case, even [Scorching Dragon Possession] is useless! Also, judging from the opponent’s strength, even if I use [Scorching Dragon Possession], I won’t be his opponent!

Race: Wrath Royal Family.

Comprehensive Strength Assessment: S. Physique: S-, Strength: S, Spirit: A-, Agility: S. [Analysis]: Fire attribute.

A Demon Overlord indeed! Although he is only at the early stage of the Demon Overlord, his strength has reached the intermediate stage of the Demon Overlord. Chen Rui felt that the data of this man was a bit familiar, but he had no time to think about it. A terrifying impact was approaching at an extremely fast speed; there was no time to dodge it at all.

Chen Rui shuddered. He instinctively felt that he absolutely couldn’t withstand this blow. Even in this [Galaxy Territory] that weakened the opponent and strengthened himself and even if he used [Link Enhancement] and wore Mystic Jade Armor, he still couldn’t withstand it.

This blow contained extremely massive power. In fact, it almost reached the level of a “Rule”. Although it should not be able to destroy Mystic Jade Armor, the body in the armor would be completely destroyed just like the Scorching Dragon!

Chen Rui was completely targeted by this terrifying energy. He had used up the 2 teleports, and it was too late to use [Star Diversion]. He immediately launched a life-saving skill without thinking.

At the very moment, the blow hit Chen Rui’s body firmly and exploded. The violent aftermath blasted the ground behind him into a pit which was a dozen meters long.

Athena who was watching the battle trembled, and her heart almost stopped beating in an instant. However, it was not flesh and blood that burst apart, but countless flies. The scattered flies regrouped into the figure wearing the cloak.

The artifact, God-Eating Mask technique- [Demonic Flies Transformation]: The body can split into countless demonic flies; immune to all physical attacks. (Active; can only use it once every day. Current usage 1/1).

Athena’s almost gray eyes finally returned to the bloody color, but her heart was still tight. Although her power was not excellent, she could see that the power of this enemy was far better than Chen Rui.

Chen Rui himself was also in shock. The opponent only attacked in the air, and the power was already so terrifying. If he did not act decisively and used the [Demonic Flies Transformation] technique, perhaps his body would really be completely shattered. At that time, even with the special characteristic of [Regeneration], he couldn’t heal.

“The Beelzebub Family? This level of [Demonic Flies Transformation], is it mutated talent?” That man’s voice sounded slightly surprised. He could see Chen Rui’s “origin” at a glance, but he did not seem to link it to God-Eating Mask; the mask had been missing for many years after all.

The fierce battle in the air continued. Paglio, who received the [Link Enhancement], was clearly beginning to gain an upper hand. When the Dark Elemental King felt the disappearance of the Demon Emperor-level dark elemental elites, he was extremely furious, but he was firmly controlled by the enemy in front of him. He immediately channeled out his power and yelled, “Lambost!”

The sound spread afar, seeming to penetrate into the distance.

With this distraction, Paglio had already spotted a flaw in the opponent. His fist with a green flame struck the Dark Elemental King’s ribs like lightning, but this fist seemed to have fallen into a bottomless mud. It was clearly just a short distance, but he couldn’t hit the opponent even after exhausting all his strength. It was as if the short length had become a very long distance.

The Dark Elemental King took the opportunity to attack Paglio with a punch. Paglio was still stuck in the “mud”, so he couldn’t react in time. He was punched in the chest and flew backwards for several meters, but he was safe and sound. Those black smoke which tried to penetrate him were quickly swallowed by the green flame on his body.

There was a wave of twists and turns in the air, and a figure with fine features appeared. His whole body was blue and faintly translucent, wrapping in a faint icy breath, “Hegel, finally you need me to make a move?”

Paglio stared at the figure in front of him warily, and said coldly to Dark Elemental King Hegel, “Incompetent guy! Even if you have a helper, I am not afraid. Both of you can perish together!”

Even though Paglio said that, he was clear that the strength of this Lambost who suddenly appeared was by no means under Hegel; he was even stronger. The most troublesome thing was that Paglio’s most prideful poison had no effect on these 2 enemies. He could only rely on his own strength to fight. Even with the help of artifacts and that inexplicable strength, he still had no chance of winning by fighting against 2. The reason for his bragging was to use words to deter the opponent.

——Once the 2 enemies join forces, let alone winning, it is quite difficult to escape with Chen Rui and Athena. I must find some way to get out.

“Dragon! I admit that your strength is strong, but you are not worthy of the 2 Elemental Kings joining forces,” Hegel sneered, “Besides, my current strength is only barely restored through the secret method; it has not been fully restored. If I am in my peak state, it is not certain who will win!”

Chen Rui had been watching vigilantly at the face of the opposite Demon Overlord, whose face was covered up with an item. He was ready to launch the skill in his hand at any time, but he also paid attention to the battle in the air. As soon as he heard Hegel, he was utterly shocked.

If there is anything worse than meeting an Elemental King, it is meeting 2 of them at the same time!

2 Elemental Kings!

That blue figure… By the way, the Earth Elemental King once said that the entrance to the water elementals’ nest should be in the Dead Sea area. Isn’t the Dead Sea at the south of Town Lupin? Then this Lambost should be the Water Elemental King!

Judging from the strength of Hegel previously, he is almost on par with the poison dragon. With Lambost now, not only me and Athena, even Paglio is in danger!

“Help me to hold this dragon for a minute. I’ll go and settle the guy who dared to destroy Hemos!” As Hegel finished talking, he shouted to the guy on the ground, “Bridget! That guy is mine! Don’t you touch him!” After discovering that Chen Rui was “Beelzebub Royal Family”, Bridget hesitated for a while. When he was ready to attack again, he heard these words, and he stopped his action with a snort.

Paglio was shocked. As was about to go rescue Chen Rui, Lambost was already blocking in front of him, “Dragon, 1 minute. After 1 minute, I will never intervene.”

“Get lost!” Paglio knew how terrifying Hegel was. He could kill Chen Rui several times within 1 minute. This was not normal training, but a real life and death fight!

Lambost smiled slightly, and circles of water-like ripples moved toward Paglio. The ripples turned into ice-like crystals as they approached him. He yelled, and his body glowed with black light. With a punch, the crystal shattered like a ruin.

“Very strange skill, I feel my defense has been weakened a lot. No wonder Hegel can’t beat you in this dark area.” Lambost’s calm tone sounded, “It’s a pity that you are facing me. The defensive ability of water elementals may not be as good as earth elementals, but our endurance is the strongest. Your special poison will only increase my strength. As I said, 1 minute. There is still 52 seconds left.”

On the other hand, Chen Rui had been shrouded in the greatest crisis. The Dark Elemental King did not show mercy to this mere “early stage of the Demon Emperor” because of his identity. He started attacking with a heavy blow. He was determined to smash the damned enemy into pieces for killing his confidants.

The overwhelming manic power had already enveloped Chen Rui. The power of this blow was more powerful than Bridget’s attack just now. Under that terrifying pressure, Chen Rui didn’t even have the chance to launch [Star Gate].

He couldn’t teleport nor use [Demonic Flies Transformation] now.

Fortunately, he still had [Star Diversion].

In the overwhelming black manic power, suddenly there were sparkles of bright light like the starry sky in the dark night. The terrifying fist power was diverted by the strange rule of the starlight; it rushed toward Bridget.

The direction of [Star Diversion] had always been difficult to grasp. Chen Rui had tried many times in training, but he could only control the general direction in front of him. He seemed lucky this time as the target was very accurate.

If he could use the power of Dark Elemental King Hegel to kill that early stage of the Demon Overlord Bridget, it would definitely be the most ideal result.

Bridget’s body turned red, and his muscles seemed to swell in the blink of an eye. He actually parried the fist with a loud shout.


In the terrifying collision, Bridget’s whole body flew backwards. After landing, he stabilized himself by plunging his feet into the ground; he actually did not fall down. He reached out to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth. He seemed to show a hideous smile, but it was not clear because of the magic item covering him.

Chen Rui was shocked in his heart. Bridget actually has this ability. The strength he has shown by withstanding this blow alone is far greater than the degree of tearing the Scorching Dragon just now!

However, he had no time to think further right now because Hegel’s second punch had already arrived. After the second punch was diverted by [Star Diversion] again, Hegel finally showed a surprised look.

This weak man with only the strength of the Demon Emperor not only possesses a strange territory power, but he also has this kind of secret technique!

Chen Rui secretly complained. Although [Star Diversion] is wonderful, the opponent’s power is too strong. Not only does the Star Power itself cost a lot, but also the 10-second usage time is about to end.

There was a dragon roar in the sky, and the Dark Elemental King had a warning sign in his heart. He turned into a light smoke and flew backwards, avoiding this breath in time; the breath which missed corroded a black hole in the ground.

A huge body appeared in front of Chen Rui. It was a giant dragon. The snake pupils were dark gold, and the scales were tawny. There was a row of short horns on his head, and his 2 cheeks had fin-like things. His body was actually wrapped in a set of black armor, looking majestic. It was Paglio who had transformed into a dragon.

“Hmph! Can’t you hold him for even a minute?” The Dark Elemental King said in a dissatisfied tone.

As the ripples in the air twisted, the Water Elemental King appeared beside him and said calmly, “I just don’t want to be hurt unnecessarily. At most, I will help you deal with this dragon.”

Paglio turned back into demon form again, and there were still bloodstains on the corner of his mouth. He desperately used his own blood just now to activate a certain inscription power to force the Water Elemental King back and appear in front of the Dark Elemental King in time. However, this had seriously damaged his vitality.

Facing the Dark Elemental King Hegel, Water Elemental King Lambost, plus that strange Demon Overlord Bridget, Paglio was not an opponent even if he was not injured, unless Zola was here.

No one could have imagined that despite bringing a peak stage of the Demon Overlord powerhouse like Paglio during this trip to the Blue Lava Estate, they would still be in such a dangerous situation!

Maybe Zola, the powerful dragon magician, could appear magically in time…

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