Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 443 - Promise and Banquet

Chapter 443: Promise and Banquet

The office of the president of the Bloody Empire Mechanic Association.

Chen Rui lowered his head while listening to his “teacher,” Nate’s lesson.

Nate’s face is a bit gloomy, “Young people are inevitably hot-blooded and impulsive, but what achievement is there to cause such a big fuss for a woman? One is my nephew and the other is my disciple. My reputation is about to be all lost because of you useless guys!”

“Sorry, teacher, I was so angry at the time. After that, I do think that I was really impulsive, so I came here to admit my mistake to you.” Chen Rui lowered his head with a look of regret. In fact, he didn’t do much to Aebew. He just fed Aebew the psychedelic potion with some added ingredients. Then he stripped Aebew naked before throwing him to the capital road.

Under the effect of the drug, Aebew’s “hungry and charming” attitude, various illusory and bizarre postures and so on were all seen by passers-by. Many even took out their mobile phones… Um, recording stone to record him.

The raging flames of gossip had no difference across the realms and borders. Even in this era without the Internet, this “video” would be widely circulated in the shortest possible time, making Aebew’s popularity skyrocketed out of thin air.

Probably Aebew wouldn’t even dare to go on the street for quite some time, let alone trying to get Beluan.

“Hmph! Nonetheless, it’s also good that you saved Turia’s daughter. Turia and Mavinna are now husband and wife, and they are both the association’s masters. If something really happened to Beluan, I’m afraid even I can’t explain it.” Nate glanced at Chen Rui, “You never forget Beluan. Do you regret leaving Turia’s door?”

Chen Rui shook his head and said frankly, “Teacher, don’t get me wrong. Once I decide something, I will never regret it. It’s just that I do have some interest in Beluan. But I know very well that I should focus all my energy on mechanics now, and make more efforts toward the goal of becoming the top in the Demon Realm.”

“Do you really want to be the top in the Demon Realm?” Nate’s eyes flashed lightly.

“Of course!” Chen Rui changed the topic calmly, “But I can’t reach the teacher’s level in my life. I just want to train my magic eyes talent to become the top appraiser. As long as I reach this level, why would I still be afraid of not having a woman?”

“Well said! I admire your sensibility the most. You know how to prioritise what’s important unlike the hopeless Aebew who only thinks of women all day long!” Nate nodded in satisfaction.

“Teacher, I have basically remembered the third floor information. I just need to understand it slowly. During this time, I have a special feeling. My magic eyes talent urgently needs to accumulate more information. A powerful mutation may happen again at that time.”

“New mutation?” Nate’s eyes lit up, “Are you sure?”

“Almost sure!” Chen Rui nodded affirmatively, “I had a similar magic eyes mutation 10 years ago. I could only identify the attribute previously. After the second mutation, I can identify the materials. I don’t know what new abilities will be available if this mutation succeeds. Teacher, I want to go to the fourth floor of the Book Collection Hall to try and see if I can to get the opportunity of the second mutation.”

“The fourth floor!” Nate’s eyes narrowed as if he was lost in thought. Chen Rui learned from Master Turia that this floor had always been the biggest secret of the Book Collection Hall. Even a senior master of the association must have Nate’s permission to enter. The entry not only required a lot of contribution points, but one also had to prepare a large amount of special materials that needed to be consumed.

There were not many masters in the entire association who had entered the fourth floor. In addition to the high contribution points and the scarcity of materials, there were also strict restrictions of time. Everyone seemed to see different things. Master Turia had only gone in once, while Master Mavinna only went in twice. According to the memories of the 2, it seemed to be a very strange place with countless rich information, but the 2 of them did not remember what they saw afterward. Only some special comprehension or memory at that time remained in their minds.

After Nate thought about it for a long time, he finally said, “Even if you are my personal disciple, you are not eligible to enter with your current qualifications and contribution points. However, your magic eyes talent is one of the important powers to develop and expand the Bloody Empire Mechanic Association. I can specifically allow you to enter, but the fourth floor is by no means as simple as the first 3 layers. It contains unimaginable things and even dangers, so we need to prepare special materials and magic protection items. When everything is ready later, I accompany you to try it!”

“Thank you, teacher!” Chen Rui was overjoyed. In fact, in case Nate didn’t agree, he still had a backup trick which was to use the God-Eating Mask to make Nate a puppet to achieve this goal.

The current God-Eating Mask puppet was only Kanita. Snowden had been “dead” in the civil strife of the Red Spirit Estate. There happened to be 1 vacant spot.

It must be noted that puppets were not omnipotent. They had been exposed by people such as Azgalor and Samuel before. Moreover, the Bloody Empire was likely to be the core force of Bloodfall. It was difficult to guarantee that he would not be exposed by powerhouses, so there was a danger of losing all previous efforts.

Now that Nate agreed to it, it was naturally better. It was just that Chen Rui’s current Demon Emperor strength had already keenly sensed. Nate’s eyes would occasionally have a strange look when he looked at Chen Rui as though he was looking at his prey slowly getting fat.

In fact, Chen Rui had never let down his vigilance against Nate in certain aspects. After seeing this look, he secretly sneered in his heart. You will have to pay back for what you have done sooner or later.

Who is the hunter and who is the prey? You will know by then.

Nate spoke again, “Today is the 200th birthday of Third General Adelaide. A grand reception will be held at the mansion. Raizen the Great and the princes will also be there. I have received the invitation letter. Go and change your clothes. Come to the banquet with me later.”

“Me?” Chen Rui had learned about Adelaide’s birthday from Tren. The Demon Realm’s hundred years old birthdays were the most important ones. Adelaide, who was originally from the royal family, had now been appointed as the third general of the empire. It was not surprising that Raizen led the princes to attend the banquet, but he didn’t expect Nate to bring his disciple along.

“Your magic eyes talent has been known for a long time. You are considered a popular person with some reputation in the capital. Many people want to see you, and you can also see the big scene.”

“But… His Majesty Raizen will also go, and there are many nobles…” Chen Rui lowered his head again. He already wanted to explore the background of Adelaide initially. The reason why he did this in front of Nate was completely to play the cat-and-mouse game. This timid attitude was in line with Richard’s “village” background.

“Um… teacher should bring Aebew.”

“Hmph! Do you think with Aebew’s current condition, he still has the face to go to the banquet?” Nate snorted with dissatisfaction. “Since you are Nate’s disciple, stand upright! Remember some basic etiquette. There are so many scenes like this which you have to face in the future. If you embarrass me in front of His Majesty Raizen this time, let alone the fourth floor of the Book Collection Hall, get lost from the association soon!”

These words were encouraging as well as exciting. He indeed seemed like a teacher. If Nate truly played the role of a “teacher” like Turia who trained the younger generations, then Chen Rui’s targeted plan might need to be changed accordingly. Unfortunately, Nate most likely chose the position of a “hunter”.

Chen Rui responded with quivers, and he nodded determinedly, “Understood, teacher!”

At night, the residence of the third general in the inner city was very lively.

The guests from all walks of life gathered together. Almost all the influential people of the capital were present. Adelaide being promoted as the new third general and his 200th birthday was a double happiness. His normally cold and stern face was filled with smiles.

In the spacious lobby, a variety of food and wine were displayed. It was slightly similar to a buffet style, but now no one touched these drinks and food because everyone was waiting for the most honorable guest to arrive.

Finally Raizen the Great, the supreme ruler of the Bloody Empire, appeared at the gate, followed by several princes. Adelaide hurriedly led the crowd to greet them. Everyone bowed and exclaimed “Your Majesty.”

“Alright! Don’t be too polite. Everyone just be casual. The protagonist tonight is our General Adelaide.” Raizen said as he walked into the hall, and everyone followed suit.

The Demon Realm’s banquet rules were indeed more casual. They didn’t have special seatings, and they were free to enter and exit. Even in such occasions where the emperor came in person, small circles of people holding wine glasses while chatting could be seen everywhere.

It was the first time Chen Rui witnessed the demeanor of this top powerhouse up close. Raizen was not tall. He had long black hair with a typical appearance. His first impression was ordinary.

This ordinary person seemed to sit at the highest position casually without deliberately holding back or showing his demeanor. It seemed like he was of no threat, but the values displayed by the [Analytical Eyes] were all S. This showed that the power of Raizen had reached the realm of entirely proficient. He had even slightly grasphed the feeling beyond the peak stage. Chen Rui suddenly had a hunch that Catherine would not be Raizen’s opponent in individual battle. This was true even after her last Nirvana success, plus the black potion he gave her.

The princes also had their own small circle, but no one stayed by Raizen’s side. To be precise, no one dared to approach him.

Seeing Raizen’s high but empty throne, Chen Rui felt more loneliness in his heart. Perhaps, a real powerhouse is lonely, and a real powerhouse must learn to enjoy loneliness.

Far away, is she who is on another throne also this lonely?

Raizen’s gaze slowly turned around and fixed on Chen Rui. He seemed to feel his gaze and emotions. Chen Rui saw his eyes, and he only felt that the sea of ​​soul was shaking and rolling. Suddenly, there was only Raizen left in the noisy hall. No, there were only those strange black eyes remaining in the entire world. The power of those eyes penetrated into his heart as if all defenses had lost their function.

“Your Majesty, this is my new disciple, Richard. He has a special magic eyes talent.”

Nate’s words caused Chen Rui to return to his senses suddenly, only to realize that he had already come to Raizen with Nate at some point.

Chen Rui was secretly shocked. Is this strength? Or talent? I just glanced once… “Richard!” Nate frowned and reminded Chen Rui who was actually in a daze in front of Raizen the Great.

Chen Rui instantly came back to his senses. As he was about to salute, Raizen said, “Richard? Not bad.”

There was a hint of appreciation in his voice. Chen Rui hurriedly bowed, “Your Majesty, I come from the village and I don’t understand the rules. I was nervous just now because I saw your majesty’s demeanor for the first time, and I came here unknowingly. Please forgive me if I was rude, your majesty.”

Chen Rui deliberately “told the truth” like that because he wanted to conceal his strength in order to avoid Raizen’s suspicion.

However, this worry was obviously unnecessary. Raizen didn’t pay too much attention to “ants” like him, but he attributed some special feelings to the “magic eyes” talent. In fact, even Chen Rui’s true strength was still not worth mentioning in front of Raizen.

Raizen praised, “Very good talent. Unfortunately, you are not a combat trainer but a mechanic. I hope this talent will enable you to set foot on the pinnacle of your field in the future.

“Yes.” Chen Rui was afraid of revealing his flaws, so he dared not say more, and he bowed respectfully.

It was quite rare to get Raizen’s evaluation of “very good”. This sentence fell in the ears of the nearest Young Prince Teris, and he couldn’t help but look at Chen Rui a few more times.

Raizen did not pay much attention to Chen Rui, and he asked Nate a few matters about the Mechanic Association. In the face of this top powerhouse, Nate also appeared very submissive and respectful. He answered one by one.

When Master Nate left Raizen, a voice which was familiar to Chen Rui sounded. It was Teris, “Master Nate.”

Nate heard the greeting and quickly brought Chen Rui over. There was only 1 person beside Teris, a woman.

She had blue hair, a mask, and a well-proportioned figure. It was the mysterious Demon Overlord girl that Chen Rui encountered in the special store-Tiffany.

Chen Rui remembered that he didn’t see Tiffany at the beginning, nor did she come with Raizen. I don’t know how she appeared. There seems to be a lot of surprises tonight.

Putting aside the mysterious girl, Teris first attracted Chen Rui’s attention.

Race: Greed Royal Family.

Comprehensive Strength Assessment: A-.

Physique: A-, Strength: A-, Spirit: A-, Agility: A-.

[Analysis]: Dark attribute.

Chen Rui clearly remembered that the power of Teris was only the peak stage of the Great Demon King B, and he had weak strength and physique with strong spirit power. However, he had advanced to the Demon Emperor this time. Even the values ratio of the various attributes had changed. He actually had the optimum state of the early stage of the Demon Emperor where both strength and spirit power were extremely balanced.

This kind of advancement did not seem to be in line with the standard. It was by no means a simple breakthrough.

Hmmm, weird… if he could advance so easily, why was he staying at the Great Demon King level?

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