Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 677 - The Top of the Holy Light Mountain

Chapter 677: The Top of the Holy Light Mountain

Vantis disappeared in the blink of an eye, and 6 people remained: The 3 major cardinals’ combat powers were relatively weak, but each had their own means; Paladin Captain Parsali, known as Glorious Swordmaster, had been famous for many years with extremely rich combat experience and powerful combat power; Holy Lady Eudora and Archbishop Pusmeer’s strength had reached the S++ level. This was not their ‘home field’ of the Holy Blessing Hall and Star Hall, so they could only display their own original power, but neither of them was an opponent that could be easily solved.

What’s more, Vantis might return at any time, so he must hurry up.

Chen Rui smiled casually as he slowly walked a few steps toward the Snow Dallet Tree, “Everyone is the top powerhouse of the church. Since I have come here, I have prepared for the worst, but before I die there are 3 holy trees to be buried with; I’m not dead in vain.”

“Do you think this can threaten us?” Eudora’s gaze was exceptionally gloomy. Although her face could not be seen clearly, one could imagine the expression on her face at this moment. She always had a witty mind, but she was tricked easily by this ‘Richard’ who lurked beside her. She even conferred him as the Holy Light Guardian Knight in the Holy Blessing Hall which was a shame.

She had at least half of the responsibility that ‘Richard’ could sneak into and make trouble at the Snowy Summit Stage. Besides, there was 1 thing that Eudora worried about the most – The phoenix’s egg of the Hall of Flame!

“Her Holiness Holy Lady, if I were you, I wouldn’t stay here now.” Chen Rui’s simple sentence hit Eudora’s concern severely. In fact, the phoenix’s egg was now in his space ring, the fire source power was also in the storage warehouse, and the Hall of Flame only had an array of ancient runes to create illusions.

Eudora’s complexion changed. Her eyes flickered for a moment, and she finally calmed down, “Don’t think about playing any tricks! I will take you down by myself!”

Chen Rui didn’t expect Eudora to leave because of a word. He smiled coldly and ignored her.

At this time, Paladin Captain Parsali spoke, “Sir Richard, I’ll just call you that for now. As a powerhouse with at least the strength of peak stage Saint, don’t you think this kind of threat is too naive? I, Parsali. Stron, is willing to be your opponent to fight you upright.”

“You’re more naive than me, Sir Parsali. Even if I defeat you, can you guarantee me to leave here?” Chen Rui laughed, “I know you all want to kill me. These 3 trees are key material for the transformation ritual of the [Body of Light Blessing]. If it is completely cut off because of me, my life will be worth it.”

Chen Rui just learned the role of the Snow Dallet Tree from the Light Elemental King, and he immediately used it now. No doubt, everyone had a greater expression of fear. They dared not step forward.

Archbishop Pusmeer frowned, “Don’t be impulsive! As long as you don’t touch the Snow Dallet Tree, I can guarantee you will leave the Holy Light Mountain safely.”

Don’t touch the Snow Dallet? I came here for this!

“His Holiness Pusmeer, do you think I’m a child? As long as I leave this position, I’m afraid you will all attack together!” Chen Rui sneered as he threateningly stretched his hand closer toward the Snow Dallet Tree. A faint mist radiated without a trace, blending into the mist on the outside of the Snow Dallet Tree. It was the power of the Star Garden.

The Super System prompted, “Unknown faith creature, Star Garden cannot transplant”.

Faith creature? Unable to transplant? Chen Rui’s heart sank, but the prompt was not over yet, “It can be converted to the Star Conferring Platform. The conversion takes 20 minutes and consumes 100,000 faith crystals. Do you want to convert?”

It turns out that Star Conferring Platform even has such a function! Chen Rui was ecstatic. The number of faith crystals consumed is staggering, but even more is worth it!

This was thanks to the use of Shura’s power to steal a lot of faith power along the way. After transforming the faith power obtained by the Yang Shao Capital, coupled with the automatic generation in the Super System, the total number of faith crystals was close to 300,000, which was enough to cover this expensive conversion fee.

“Yes!” Chen Rui muttered silently in his heart. A star-like brilliance covered the Snow Dallet Tree like a translucent light cocoon.

System reminder: The conversion begins. The controller must not leave within 100 meters of the conversion. Otherwise, the conversion will fail. The current progress is 1%.

Everyone in the church thought he wanted to perish together with the trees, and they all shouted, “Stop!”

Chen Rui used conversion for the first time, and he didn’t know it caused such a huge commotion. He secretly lamented. Parsali, Pusmeer, and Eudora had already rushed up first. He immediately shouted, “Back off now! Otherwise, I’ll let the Snow Dallet Trees shatter now!”

Their movements undoubtedly paused. Parsali shouted angrily, “What did you do to the Snow Dallet Tree?

“It’s just a preventive measure because I have already thought of a way to get out that is- defeat all of you.” Chen Rui deliberately made up a reason to delay time.

Pusmeer’s eyes narrowed, “Are you sure you have this ability?”,

“I’m not sure if I have it, but I’m not sure if I don’t either.” Chen Rui’s smile showed great confidence, “I only have 1 condition, 1-on-1! Do you have the guts?”

Parsali’s eyes flickered, “Good spirit! 1-on-1 then!”

“Perhaps Sir Paladin Captain really wants to fight with me 1-on-1, but who can guarantee that the others will not join forces, so my precautions are necessary.”

Several balls appeared in Chen Rui’s hand and slowly floated around the Snow Dallet Tree. At the same time, his fingers began to draw a variety of mysterious symbols, “This is magic thunder that can be triggered by the mind. Once it explodes, even Saint powerhouses will inevitably be injured, let alone the Snow Dallet Tree that loses its protection magic circle. If you dare to sneak attack or fight in groups, I will set off these magic thunder and turn the Snow Dallet Tree into ashes.”

Eudora sneered coldly, “How do you guarantee that you won’t set off the magic thunder to perish together when you lose?”

Chen Rui was glad to talk more to delay time, “If you have the ability, you can knock me out or kill me before I can trigger it. Or let’s talk about other possible conditions?”

Pusmeer slightly pondered, “Okay, just a 1-on-1 battle. If you can really defeat the 6 of us 1 by 1, you can naturally leave here openly!”

Eudora glanced at Pusmeer, and she seemed to understand something. She didn’t say anymore.

Parsali took a few steps forward, holding a greatsword with both hands, “I will be your first opponent!”

“It’s a great honor to face the Glorious Swordmaster in the first battle.” Chen Rui shrugged and secretly calculated the progress of the conversion, “Before the battle, may all unrelated personnel retreat outside 100 meters.”

On a hill near the top of the Holy Light Mountain, “[Supernova Explosion]!” 3 overlapping voices sounded.

Immediately afterward, a strong ray of light rose from the top of the mountain. It was even more dazzling than the sun as if the star exploded. The whole part of the top of the mountain shook and turned into nothing. It was suddenly shorter.

The terrifying destructive light gradually dissipated, and a huge body fell from the air. When it fell to the ground, it actually fell apart like glass. The huge giant dragon head rolled to the feet of the figures that gradually merged into 1. The almost collapsed vertical pupil was still filled with horror and disbelief.

With a move of that foot, the giant dragon’s head was kicked out and torn apart in mid-air.

Shura’s disdainful voice sounded, “Hmph! The holy dragon is known as the strongest dragon, but that’s all! Besides, you’re just a puffy guy strengthened by power that doesn’t belong to you.”

Although he killed the guard, Holy Dragon Radamaro, Shura’s body was already in badly damaged due to his injuries and power loss, but his red pupils seemed carefree. His body fluttered and swiftly appeared on the mountain road ahead. He continued to walk quickly toward the top of the mountain.

In the front, he didn’t feel anything, but when approaching the top of the Holy Light Mountain, he sensed danger. As the intangible pressure gradually increased, Shura could clearly sense it. This was the power of faith.

The difference from the past was that this faith power was no longer gentle. Instead, it contained strong aggression and destruction. It should have been drawn by some kind of foreign force and changed. It was just like the soft and gentle water in the ordinary days had suddenly changed to become the ice that could easily cut one’s throat.

The mountain wind blew on Shura’s face. With a ‘Swoosh’ sound, his face actually had a wound cut open by the wind.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh…

1 after another terrifying wound appeared on his body as if they were not wind, but countless sharp blades.

Not only the wind, but the trees, stones and even light… Everything in the environment had become a deadly weapon.

Shura’s eyes flashed with red light. His body suddenly twisted and turned into a black hole. The black hole moved forward slowly. All the offensive faith power that struck nearby was devoured.

These faith powers were all pure and condensed powers. The quality was even above the 3 temples. It was far superior to the Holy Light City or the Yang Shao Capital. The ‘stock’ that had been emptied was immediately replenished. However, the more forward, the stronger was the faith power. Even with the extremely powerful devour characteristics of the black hole, there was a faint tendency to be torn apart.

A red light vaguely appeared in the black hole with destructive breath. Shura had integrated illusion, devour, and destructive power into 1. He tried his best to activate the power of the black hole to progress step by step to the top of the Holy Light Mountain.

He could already vaguely see the hall on the top of the mountain shrouded in white light. A special breath suddenly appeared in the air. This special breath instinctively made Shura feel an unprecedented restraint. His destructive power was suppressed to the lowest point. He could no longer maintain the state of the black hole and was returned to the human form.

As soon as he regained his human form, his body slowly disintegrated and dispersed like ashes. It was just like the ice and snow approaching the sun. At the same time, Vantis’ raging shout sounded behind him.

Above the Light Divinity Temple, there seemed to be a luminous thing floating. It was the source of that special breath and the root of all faith power. However, one couldn’t see the specific appearance…

This was the last thing Shura saw. In the blink of an eye, he was turned into flying ash.

TL: Is it an artifact? Thought Shura was gonna fight Vantis. So, the short trip to the human world will end in 20 minutes?

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