Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 766: Raizen’s Determination

Chapter 766: Raizen’s Determination

This was a much-awaited day because the 3 empires’ peace talk finally took place in the Dark Shadow Empire as scheduled.

In the previous battle of the Warlock Fortress, the Fallen Angel Empire and the Bloody Empire were in a stalemate. It was not until the participation of the Dark Shadow Empire that there was a truce negotiation between the 3 empires. However, in the truce negotiation, the 3 rulers were attacked by the unexpected dark force, the ‘Bloodfall’, resulting in the death of the Bloody Empire’s Young Prince Teris. The internal strife of the 3 empires also occurred at the same time. The 3 rulers suspended the peace talk to focus fully on calming the internal strife. Now the 3 empires have returned to stability, so the peace talk had finally resumed.

Similar to the last time at the Town Nimbus, a ’round table’ was set up; the negotiation centered on the 3 rules began in the conference hall of the Dark Shadow Empire palace.

It stood to reason that the negotiation process this time should be much smoother than the last time because the 3 parties had reached consensus on many conditions at Town Nimbus. However, unexpected differences actually appeared on the most critical issue.

The critical issue was: Armistice agreement or peace covenant?

In this kind of negotiation, the meaning of the 2 was very different. The armistice agreement represented that after the time for recuperation and rejuvenation had passed, the war was likely to continue; while the peace covenant was the real stop just like the covenant signed by the 3 empires to prevent any war from happening 300 years ago. The empire that went to war first would be attacked by the other 2 empires.

The key to this disagreement lay in Raizen, who only agreed to sign an armistice agreement and was unwilling to sign a peace covenant.

Catherine sighed, “Your Majesty Raizen, up till this point, is your goal still at war?”

“It’s not that I want war, but you all want it.” Raizen shook his head, “The development of the Fallen Angel Empire is obvious to all, as is the Dark Shadow Empire as a partner. With this momentum, the Bloody Empire will become the weakest in existence a few years later. As long as the war is started, the Bloody Empire will be the first empire to perish.”

“It’s my honor that the development of the Fallen Angel Empire can be affirmed by Your Majesty Raizen.” Shea said, “But Your Majesty is over concerned. The Demon Realm in the future will be the common development and prosperity of the 3 empires where the people enjoy a peaceful and prosperous age away from war.”

“Throughout the history of the Demon Realm, there is no real peace at all. As long as there are empires, there is no way to avoid disputes and wars. As a ruler, ambition and the interests of the empire are the 2 most basic qualities. In fact, we all know it well. Once the ambition exceeds the constraints or once there is enough interest to launch the war, then the so-called peace covenant will become an empty contract. In that case, the peace you are talking about now is only for the preparation of the future war.”

“Your Majesty Raizen. ” Shea frowned. “I think you have misunderstood something.”

“I have not misunderstood. What you said just now cannot convince me. Let’s be clear, Edmund and Aleus are dead; Teris is also dead. ” Raizen’s tone became low when he said these names, “Although I still have a son… the Bloody Empire has no inheritor.

Your existence and development speed make me feel a huge threat. After I retire or fall, the future Bloody Empire will probably lose the ability to compete with your 2 empires. I would rather fight now. “

Hearing Raizen say this, Catherine and Shea looked at each other and fell silent for a while.

Next to Shea, Chen Rui’s voice sounded, “3 Royal Majesty, please forgive me for interrupting. I have a few words, I don’t know if I can say it?”

Shea and Catherine naturally had no objection. Raizen glanced at Chen Rui and nodded.

Several secretaries who were in charge of recording showed a surprised expression. ‘Aguile’ is just the fiancé of the Fallen Angel Empire’s empress. He has no say in this kind of negotiation, but he is unbelievably approved by the 3 rulers.

The secretary naturally didn’t know that in the battle of Town Nimbus, if it weren’t for this ‘prince consort-to-be’ , the 3 rulers would have fallen, and the Demon Realm might have changed too.

“Why didn’t the 3 Royal Majesty consider merging the 3 empires into a true empire alliance?” Chen Rui finally put forward a concept he had been brewing.

The 3 rulers were surprised at the same time. Merging the 3 empires?

Shea’s first reaction was surprised. Chen Rui rushed to the Dark Shadow Empire this morning. Perhaps because of time constraints, he did not communicate this idea with her.

Catherine was also surprised, but her gaze behind the veil was more indifferent.

Raizen said more directly and contemptuously, “This joke is not funny at all. If your purpose is not to fool us, then I can only give this proposal a 2-word evaluation, naive and ignorant.”

“Any complex things have a pure and single origin. As for ignorance… That’s why I’m fearless, that’s why I can break the stereotypes,” Chen Rui’s expression remained unchanged, “As Your Majesty Raizen said, as long as more than 1 empire exists, war is inevitable. How about we shift the perspective to change this number into 1? This will be an unprecedented system, and may become an epoch-making change. Each empire participating in the alliance still has independent legislation, power of administration, military, finance, and so on. Ịt is still a sovereign independent empire. Each empire will achieve comprehensive cooperation and sharing in technology, economy, resources and other aspects. We will share the same honor and disgrace as well as the benefits. Resolutions related to the alliance can be passed to the summit conference for approval before taking effect.

This is only a preliminary idea, various difficulties and differences will be encountered in the implementation, but as long as we have a unified understanding and unremittingly improve and advance in this general direction, I believe that the alliance will gradually achieve unity in strength, economic and freedom. Our people will abandon hatred, stay away from war, and usher in true peace…”

The expressions of the 3 rulers finally changed. Although Chen Rui gave a detailed explanation of several key issues later, the system committee of this ’empire alliance’ was unheard of. Even Catherine could not help but show doubts and frowned without speaking.

Hmph!” Raizen sneered, “Are you sure the Beelzebub Royal Family is willing to accept the so-called alliance? If this alliance is really established, then the God Eater Empire will never be able to reestablish the empire.”

“The Beelzebub Royal Family actually has nothing to do with me,.” Chen Rui shook his head, “If I were the leader of the Beelzebub Royal Family, as long as I can let the people abandon their hatred and war, regain glory in peace, and live honestly, then I will seriously consider the proposal here instead of treating it as a joke.”

Raizen was silent for a moment and asked, “Are you sure you can dispel the curse of light and darkness on my body?”

“If the light element and the dark element can be canceled separately, I’m 100% sure.” Chen Rui did not boast. The Snow Dallet can be used for the light element curse while the dark element curse… will be easy with the help of the Dark Elemental King. Listening to Teris’ words back then, the curse of this dark element was originally cast on Raizen by the Dark Elemental King at the Dark Furnace.

“Okay.” Raizen asked another irrelevant sentence suddenly, “How long will it take to unlock your law artifact?”

That kind of gaze made Chen Rui frown, and he faintly guessed something in his mind, “I don’t understand, what does this matter have to do with today’s negotiation?”

“You… will understand.” Raizen looked directly at Chen Rui as if he was the only person in his eyes, “Since you beat the person I have been chasing after, my opponent has been replaced by you. I need the answer now.”

Chen Rui glanced at Catherine, “2 years.”

Due to some special reasons, the 2-year period of the Shackles of True Flame had been shortened a lot. In addition, in the sleep after defeating Teris this time, it seemed that he had realized a trace of the strength of the destruction law. Chen Rui expected to be able to absorb the Shackles of True Flame’s strength completely within 1 year, but he didn’t tell the truth because he already had a decision in his heart, an important decision.

“Then…” Raizen nodded, “This time the armistice period is 2 years. The Bloody Empire has a Ranking Martial Battle every 10 years. After 2 years, I will hold a martial battle again, but this time it’s for the whole Demon Realm. If you can defeat me or win the first place in the martial battle, I will seriously consider what you call alliance and peace. I will do what I say.”

Chen Rui did not answer, but he looked at Catherine and Shea.

“Raizen, perhaps as that person said, you are more suitable as a warrior than a ruler.” Catherine sighed, “Isn’t it too sloppy to determine the fate of an empire in this way?”

“You can take it as I need to recuperate for 2 years while observing the situation of the Demon Realm; you can also take it as I’m eager to solve problems using Raizen’s way… Catherine, if you want to persuade me, you can also use the same way. This is actually the Demon Real’s way too – the stronger one is honored. As long as your fist is big, you are the reason. Aguile, what do you think?”

Chen Rui has made up his mind without hesitation in his eyes, showing strong confidence, “Your Majesty Raizen, I agree with you for the first time. I only hope that Your Majesty will not regret today’s decision by then.”

“Very well!” Raizen suddenly showed a rare smile, “However, even if it is an armistice, the corresponding terms are absolutely indispensable. In these 2 years, especially 1 point, the new things and new technologies that emerge in the Fallen Angel Empire must be shared with the Bloody Empire.”

Shea looked into Chen Rui’s eyes, took a deep breath, and said, “If Her Majesty Catherine has no objection, then we can now negotiate the terms of the armistice.”

Catherine glanced over at Shea and Raizen before turning her gaze on Chen Rui. Her silent eyes flashed slightly, and she finally nodded.

After reaching this consensus, the following term negotiation went very smoothly.

Within 2 years, the 3 empires will stop all wars.

The Fallen Angel Empire will share technologies such as magic television, battle ball, and aromatic millet wine with the other 2 empires.

Within 2 years, all new technologies that appear in the Fallen Angel Empire will be shared with the other 2 empires.

At the beginning of next year, the upcoming potioneer contest of the Fallen Angel Capital will be changed to the alchemist master contest which is co-organized by the 3 empires, including the mechanic contest and the potioneer contest. It is divided into 2 groups, the alchemist and the alchemist master contest. The rankings are calculated separately.

In the second half of the year, the 3 empires will hold an exciting battle ball league. Each empire will have 3 teams to compete at home and away. The team that accumulated the most points at the end of the season will be the winner. All competitions will be broadcast live on magic television.

TL: Well, 2 years, Raizen will consolidate his kingdom; can Chen Rui realize his own kingdom law?

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