Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 904: Master Fiancee

Chapter 904: Master Fiancee

It had been more than a month since Chen Rui left the Ghastly Floating Land and returned to the Dark Moon, and this time he returned with 1 person, Vesilna, who became his subordinate.

In the choice between life and death, freedom and a puppet, Vesilna, the Demi-God level powerhouse, finally made the right choice.

Not to mention other things, even if the other party didn’t kill her and just left, she couldn’t bear to be locked in that kind of damn place for a lifetime. Sometimes, loneliness was even more terrifying than death.

This ‘Raikkonen’ can activate the 7 artifacts including the God-Eating Mask, the Sword of Fallen Angel, the Wrath King Armor, so maybe he is some kind of god reincarnation. Furthermore, his strength is stronger than mine. If I don’t surrender, I will die or become a puppet. I can only choose to surrender.

Just after Vesilna gritted her teeth and signed the master-servant contract, Chen Rui launched the charged [True Red Extinction] at the island beside. Obviously, this was to show his prowess. Seeing the terrifying sight of everything being wiped out, Vesilna couldn’t help shivering while secretly breathing a sigh of relief. If this move was activated on her, even in her heyday, she would never be able to take it.

Compared to the humiliation of surrender, the ‘benefits’ that followed made Vesilna surprised and even ecstatic.

First of all, the magical [Star-level Enhancement] had refined her basic strength which was like separating the wheat from the chaff. She would naturally understand the benefits of this ‘refinement’ at her current level. The higher the level of the trainer, the more difficult it was to break through. Take Vesilna’s current intermediate stage of the Demi-God as an example, every small step would take countless effort. The ‘refinement’ had not only improved her strength to a certain extent, the difficulty of breaking through the bottleneck would also be reduced a lot in the future. Not only that, but when she was with her ‘master’, her strength would get a special powerful buff. This ability was comparable to the legendary god’s blessing.

The subsequent star conferring even made Vesilna confirm the guess in her mind. Her title was Star Apprentice. Since she was a super powerhouse, she was directly promoted to “True Star Apprentice”.

True Star Apprentice: Increase movement speed by 50%. Special attribute [True Lightning Dash]: Increase attack or casting speed by 50%, double effect of the acceleration magic buff, and half deceleration magic effect.

This kind of attribute buff was an incredible leap for a Demi-God powerhouse who was struggling to make progress. Coupled with the role of ‘Emperor’s Deterrence’ and ‘Devotion’ in the star conferring link, if she was still resentful to become a servant before, she was completely a devout believer now.

Chen Rui had not been idle these days. He did not return to the Dark Moon, but he calmed his mind and stayed in the Ghastly Floating Land. He was digesting and comprehending the destruction origin law obtained in the Chaos Realm while using the hunting of the wandering spirits to train and validate the comprehended law. Of course, the time training ground in the Super System was also indispensable.

After Vesilna passed the [Star-level Enhancement] plus Chen Rui’s medicine, her injury had already fully recovered. She assisted Chen Rui to fight together. Not only did she improve her own strength, but she also gained a lot of law fragments.

After Shura’s resurrection. Chen Rui got a new insight, and the law power had been further enhanced. However, the mystery of origin law was profound. Although there were origins of Shura and the 3 silver boxes, what he had understood so far was only relatively simple. If he wanted to fully master and integrate the origins of the 3 silver boxes into 1, it was definitely not something that could be done in the short term. This ‘short-term’ was not just about time, but also including experience and integration or perhaps even an enlightenment.

Chen Rui understood the truth that haste makes waste, so after reaching a certain bottleneck state, he did not force it. Instead, he chose to stop and return to the Dark Moon. He needed time to settle down his mental state before he could consolidate the foundation step by step, and then try to break through.

The first who sensed his return was not Zola but the little phoenix daughter.

“Daddy!” A fire flashed over at a rapid speed, and Chen Rui could know with his eyes closed that this was his daughter’s unique secret skill – Angry Birds.

The little girl bounced in front of him, pounced on him with an open posture and wrapped her arms around his neck. ‘Smooch smooch’, Madam Duoduo printed several watermarks representing her sovereignty on daddy’s face.

Chen Rui smelled the faint milky fragrance of her daughter’s body, and he felt an unprecedented warmth in his mind. He kissed Duoduo’s face.

“Bad daddy! Your beard is so spiky!” Ms. Duoduo touched the place where she had been kissed in dissatisfaction, and she kissed daddy’s face a few times in revenge.

Chen Rui laughed. Seeing that his daughter was dressed a little weirdly, he asked, “Darling, tell daddy, what are you playing again today? The Lord of the Rings?”

Haha, daddy guessed wrong! We just played the Lord of the Rings the day before yesterday. Duoduo was the Great Demon King Sauron. With the help of Dodo, I captured all Aunt Athena’s Ring Guard team!”

Chen Rui was awkward for a while. I wonder who did this reversal plot.

“Today is the Legend of the White Snake,” Ms. Duoduo said in a childish voice, “Duoduo is Fa Hai. I just repressed Lady Bai and Xiaoqing, and I am about to marry Xu Xian!”

“What?” Chen Rui was shocked. Master Fahai?

Not to mention suppressing the green snake and white snake, he is even getting married? And the bride is actually… Xu Xian?

“Daddy came just in time. Let’s go get married together. Oh Hohoho…

When Chen Rui heard the strange laughter that her daughter had deliberately imitated at the end, he was speechless and an ominous premonition filled his mind.

Oh Hohoho…” A familiar smirk sounded in front of him, and it seemed that the ‘original version’ was correcting Ms. Duoduo’s wrong pronunciation.

The laughter made Chen Rui’s hair stand up as a scourge’s name blurted out, “Lalaria!”

Hohoho… it’s me indeed.” A flat-chested loli appeared before Chen Rui while shaking her head. She was wearing a hat with a large pincer, but without a mustache.

It’s actually Lalaria. After losing the last martial battle competition, didn’t she go back to Dragon Island?

Behind the flat-chested loli were Isabella, Kia, Roman, Delia, and others. They were all wearing strange makeup, but Athena and Zola were not seen.

“Aunt Lalaria is a centipede spirit and Duoduo’s teacher. She taught Duoduo to snatch Aunt Xu Xian Isabella from the green and white snakes.”

Centipede spirit became Fa Hai’s teacher, then asked Fa Hai’ to snatch love, defeating the 2 green and white snakes to get married to Xu Xian? This is no longer a plot twist, but a radical turn!

Chen Rui looked at Lalaria with a strange smile. Suddenly, he understood who the screenwriter of this good show was, and he shivered a few times. As the saying goes, the future is determined when you are 3 years old. You must start education from a young age. I must not let my daughter be poisoned by this weirdo loli, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.

“Chen Rui, you’re back.” Isabella and Kia stepped forward with joy in their eyes.

En.” Chen Rui responded, freeing a hand from Madam Duoduo’s embrace. He took turns hugging the 2 girls, and a kind of ‘home’ warmth lingered in his heart.

“Daddy, who is that new aunty?” Ms. Duoduo asked while pointing at Vesilna.

“There’s a ‘new member’?” Isabella and Kia both had wary eyes.

In the blink of an eye, the warmth of the family turned into the public trial vibe in the courtroom, and the most hateful thing was the 2 bad friends on the side. They actually cheered to celebrate in gloat.

Although Vesilna was brainwashed into a devout believer, she was not a fool. She immediately said to Isabella and Kia while bowing, “Vesilna. Beelzebub, greetings 2 madams.”

The title ‘madam’ and Vesilna’s respectful expression made Isabella and Kia look at each other, and they were relieved. Only Lalaria’s eyes were fixed on Vesilna, and she seemed to gasp. It took a long time before she asked carefully, “Demi-God powerhouse?”

Bang!” The cups of the 2 gloating friends who were clinking glasses suddenly shattered into pieces. This woman who called Chen Rui as ‘master’ is… a Demi-God powerhouse?

Vesilna could naturally see that Lalaria was just entering the level of Demi-God, and she nodded slowly, “Thanks to master’s blessing and guidance, as a believer, I have already touched the peak stage of Demi-God, and it is only a matter of time before the breakthrough. “

“Demi-God, who is about to reach the peak stage, is your believer?” Lalaria was shocked as he looked at Chen Rui in disbelief. The poison dragon was even more exaggerated. He spurted a mouthful of wine to Roman’s face.

Chen Rui carried his daughter on his shoulder, turned his head back to the flat-chested loli, “None of your business. Let’s go, Darling Duoduo. Daddy will take you to the real drama mission.”

“Why is it none of my business?” The flat-chested loli rolled her eyes and pulled Olypheus, “Uh, that… Vesilna, Olypheus and I are his fiancées, so you should call us madam too.”

“Wait a minute!” Chen Rui was shocked, “When did you become my fiancée?”

Hmph! Who am I? As a gambling king, of course I’m willing to admit defeat!” The flat-chested loli slapped her flat chest and said with dignity, “Since I lost to you in the martial battle competition, of course I am your fiancée!”

“That doesn’t count, right?”

“It doesn’t count just because you said so? Are you going to not admit it?” The flat-chested loli looked sad and indignant. Outsiders might have thought that she was abandoned by Chen Rui after being taken advantage of.

“Boss, my father knew that Lalaria lost to you, so he froze her property and drove her out of Dragon Island. He said that unless she fulfilled her promise, she could only be the poorest dragon.” Olypheus on the side quickly took credit by breaking the news. She also took out a communication stone, “This is what father left for you.”

When Chen Rui just took the message stone, the old father-in-law’s roar came from it, “Boy! I’ll give you both of my daughters now! Take good care of them. If you dare to mistreat them, I’ll rip your bones!”

This burden is thrown… Chen Rui could imagine the scene when a scourge was being driven out of Dragon Island, all the dragons were cheering🎉🎉. He was very speechless as he came to Lalaria, “Say a price, brother.”

The flat-chested loli’s eyes lit up, and she patted Chen Rui on the shoulder with a look of ‘you are very sensible, “Materially, compensate me for half of my property, then give me Kia or Isabella as spiritual compensation. I promise to leave immediately, and I will never come to harass you again. Screw the old man and the so-called engagement.”

“In your dream!” Chen Rui turned his head and left with his wives and daughter without even looking at the greedy and lustful loli dragon.

Not to mention Kia or Isabella, the wealth that Lalaria had accumulated over the years was an astronomical amount. It was one thing to lose money to eliminate disasters, and it was another thing to be blackmailed.

Hehe!” The fiancee master was not discouraged, but showed her trademark weird smile, “We shall see.”

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