Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 910: Zola’s Acquaintance

Chapter 910: Zola’s Acquaintance

“The sunshine of the human world is quite comfortable after getting used to it.” Master Poison Dragon leaned on the deck of the Devil’s Snare Ship and took a sip of wine comfortably. The slime at the opposite side was also holding a wine bottle while nodding quickly.

Zola and Krobelus stood at the end of the ship, watching the hurricanes in the distance while discussing something in a low voice.

Krobelus came to the human world for the first time, so she treated Zola as her guide.

Zola originally came from the human world, so she was no stranger to this world full of light elements, but she had been in the Demon Realm for 20,000 years. Everything in the human world had become unfamiliar. She hadn’t been to the Storm Sea area even in those years.

The relationship between the 2 dragon beauties had always been good, and their men were friends of life and death. Although Zola sometimes habitually dazed, there was never a shortage of topics between women, especially between acquaintances.

As the saying goes, 3 women played a show. However, there was a ‘pillar’ that was not together. It was not that Isabella had a bad relationship with the 2 women. On the contrary, Isabella’s closest best friend was Krobelus, and she had a good relationship with Zola normally, but she didn’t join their discussions. Instead, she snuggled up beside Chen Rui.

Different from the powerful dragons, the demons who were used to the dark element environment needed a certain amount of time to get used to the sunlight that was full of light elements. Not only that, Chen Rui was also using the power of the Evil Pupil to cooperate with the Belphegor Royal Family’s secret treasure ‘Evil Blue Tear’ to try to completely block the dark element breath on Isabella’s body. In that way, it could perfectly conceal Isabella’s demon identity.

‘Evil Blue Tear’ was known as the first treasure of the Belphegor Royal Family under the Breeze Shadow Boots. Not only could it greatly enhance the spirit power in a short period of time, it could shield the breath on the body so that others could not see through the real strength. It also greatly enhanced the bloodline power of the Eye of Evil, thus promoting the mutation of a normal demon’s bloodline. However, this mutated power had great side effects which would greatly reduce the lifespan of the recipient, and the effect was far less than that of the devil fruit.

This was the treasure that Royce dedicated to Chen Rui. It had once led to the root cause of the tragedy of Royce’s family.

Now to Isabella, the most important function of the Evil Blue Tear was naturally to shield her breath. After combining Chen Rui’s modification and the Evil Pupil power, the shielding breath function of the Evil Blue Tear had rose again. Even a super powerhouse could not see through this layer of disguise.

“Yini, are you okay?”

En.” Isabella rested her head lightly on his shoulder, “I’m much better. Actually, it’s not just my body… I’ve been a little nervous in my mind.”

Chen Rui stroked her hair gently, “Are you afraid of seeing ‘that person’ again?”

“A bit. I have more hatred for that person.” Isabella smiled bitterly, “Actually, the one I should hate the most is myself.”

“It’s the past, whether it’s fear or hatred.” Chen Rui wiped away the moisture from the corners of her eyes and held her hand, “You don’t have to be obsessed with this matter. No matter what you have to face, I will always accompany you.”

Chen Rui didn’t mention the ‘Breeze Shadow Boots’, but he must try to get it this time when going to the Holy Light Mountain with Python.

“I feel very fortunate now.” Isabella felt her heart calm down. She got closer and held his hand.

It’s great to be able to hold these hands for a lifetime.

Storm Island could be seen ahead. The sandmen maneuvered the Devil’s Snare Ship over.

After 1 hour.

“Is this the Storm Island where the Wind Elemental King is located?” Zola looked around curiously, “No doubt, the wind elemental breath is extremely strong. If the wind element magic is activated here, its power will be doubled.”

While walking, Ms. Fairy Dragon held Chen Rui’s hand intimately. Isabella and Krobelus were chatting and laughing together. Master Poison Dragon could only carry Master ‘Truly Handsome’.

Chen Rui knew that Isabella did this on purpose. When sailing on the Devil’s Snare Ship, Madam Aunt ‘occupied’ him most of the time. Although Ms. Fairy Dragon and Betty were chatting speculatively on the side, they occasionally glanced over here, and it was inevitable that she felt something. Now that Madam Aunt intended to let Ms. Fairy Dragon had him ‘exclusively’, so Zola’s heart was naturally a lot more balanced.

Yini was not only smart, but also considerate, which made people feel very caring. In general, she could make the harem more harmonious, but don’t underestimate the power of Ms. Secret Intelligence. Once she wanted to make some trouble, the lethality was absolutely several times better than the charming succubus.

“Are those thunderbirds hovering in the sky?” Isabella looked up at the dozens of the thunderbirds in the sky, “Dodo, they seem to be familiar to you?”

The slime said triumphantly, “Of course, Madam Isabella, Dodo is—truly—handsome!”

“Handsome your onion ass!” Chen Rui showed a 😦 expression. Let alone Dodo’s strange appearance, this matter had nothing to do with his appearance – The thunderbirds were of course ‘familiar’ to the egg thief.

The last time he experimented the [Star Gate], he had left Dodo on the Storm Island for 2 days, and he nearly stole all of the thunderbirds’ eggs, triggering a mass rampage of the thunderbirds on the Storm Island. When Chen Rui arrived, there were still 2/3 of the poor thunderbird eggs left. If the slime didn’t want to keep it for the master to make delicious braised bird eggs, all of it would have been eaten up.

Chen Rui eventually returned those surviving the thunderbird eggs to the thunderbirds. Now that the smell of egg thief appeared, the thunderbirds naturally stepped up their defense and patrol.

Paglio disliked the thunderbirds’ noise and released a little dragon demeanor. The dragon demeanor at the Kingdom level was no trivial matter, and the frightened thunderbirds retreated.

After walking for a while, a huge figure appeared in the basin in front. Sensing Chen Rui’s spiritual imprint breath, one after another titan knelt down.

“Master.” The sound of heavy footsteps gradually approached, and the slow voice unique to Oceanus sounded.

Zola keenly sensed the difference, “The titans here seem to be more powerful than those of the Demon Realm; they have clearer minds and complete autonomy.”

“Oceanus, these are my wives, Zola and Isabella. This is my brother, Paglio, and his wife, Krobelus… The titans are to respect and obey them as they respect me.” Chen Rui introduced the crowd to the titans. Dodo had been here last time and needed no introduction.

“Your order is the will of the titans, great master.” Oceanus bowed his head respectfully, “I have something to report to the master. Yesterday, a team of dragons from Dragon Valley arrived at Storm Island and started the magic game’s illusion trial…”

Chen Rui patiently listened to Oceanus’ slow report. This trial was the masterpiece he shared with Zola’s father, the Elf King Span. The main content was a small dungeon of the magic game ‘Infinite Warrior’. In addition, there was magic circle trap tests and actual combat tests with the Titans.

Although this kind of trial was only a small part of the magic game, the effect was surprisingly good. Whether it was the dragons or dragon riders, they all showed great interest. Chen Rui thus successfully resolved the hatred between the Dragon Valley and the Storm Island. With the mediation of his mother-in-law Madam Meria, the 2 became partners.

Since then, dragons had come to Storm Island several times for trials, and the feedback was favorable. This time, it was an elite trial led by senior elders, and all the participants in the trial were dragons with outstanding strength or potential in the Dragon Valley.

“Elite?” Paglio grinned strangely, “Just in time to let ungifted people like us witness it.”

“You seem to be very resentful? Dead duck dragon with envy and hatred?” Chen Rui grinned and hugged Zola, “Let’s go and have a look. I wonder if we can meet your acquaintance from 20,000 years ago.”

“Dead duck? Your whole family is…” Before Paglio finished, Ms. Fairy Dragon glared at him. Thinking of the ‘friendly training’ where he was completely abused a few days ago, Master Poison Dragon suddenly shriveled and stopped talking.

The trial field was a basin with a cloud of mist in the center. In fact, it was a small ‘magic game server’ combined with a magic circle. Participants would wear special helmets to enter, and those who successfully complete the dungeon would appear at the entrance; those who couldn’t complete the dungeon would either be teleported out, or in the worst case, they would be stunned by a spirit recoil or even suffered severe soul damage.

The main reason was the lack of a central life crystal at that time, so this game server’s controls and spiritual imprint transmissions were also quite flawed. Chen Rui obtained a large amount of the yuan crystal from the Lost Land, where the mystery was located, and now he had successfully produced a core control crystal dedicated to the magic games. It was being stored in the storage warehouse.

Despite such flaws, the dragon testers were still very enthusiastic and had long been mentally prepared. After all, this method was already very safe compared to the previous dangerous trials that often involved death. Moreover, the magic circle also allowed a chaperone to enter the trial. This chaperone would wear a sense helmet. When he discovered danger, he could forcibly cut off the spiritual imprint power in the game to avoid accidents.

There were many men and women standing outside the basin. Obviously, the dragons all used human figures. The leader was a middle-aged man with a thin face and body with a mustache. Next to the man was the Wind Elemental King Sethtine; they were talking.

The arrival of Chen Rui and others attracted the attention of the dragons. Many dragons expressed surprise, especially when they saw the titans who could rival the giant dragons kneeling down on 1 knee and bowing to the man.

“You’re here.” Sethtine flew to them. In the eyes of the Elemental King, there was no difference between demons and humans. After resolving the biggest crisis with the help of Chen Rui last time, even the wind elementals, known for their fickleness, also became his friend.

Sethtine introduced the 2 to each other, “This is Sir Pelin, the senior elder of the Dragon Valley, 1 of the leaders of the Dragon Valley trial this time, and an Elder Gueroas who is protecting the dragons participating in the trial. This is the creator of the trial field, Sir Richard.”

“It turns out to be Sir Pelin, nice to meet you.” Chen Rui remembered that he had heard the name ‘Pelin’ somewhere, but he couldn’t recall it for a while. He politely paid his respects.

The [Analytical Eyes] showed that Pelin was a blue dragon whose strength had reached SS+, peak stage of the Kingdom level. Judging from the element breath sensed by the Evil Pupil, this was a powerhouse that could control terrifying wind element power.

Pelin looked at Chen Rui, who only looked like a Demon Overlord-level breath, and showed an arrogant expression, “Are you the Richard who signed a contract with Meria?”

This attitude made Chen Rui frown, and he gradually looked grim.

Pelin’s gaze turned to a certain spectacled lady who was holding the man closely, and he stopped immediately. His gaze became more and more surprised.

Before Pelin could speak, a trembling voice sounded beside him, “Zo… Zola!”

The voice was from a short-haired dragon with a beautiful appearance and a slender figure, but unfortunately, her chest was a little flat, giving a neutral and special beauty. However, this beauty’s face was full of horror as if she saw the most terrifying thing. Her eyes were twitching.

Such a moving appearance made one feel sympathy for her.

Chen Rui was stunned for a moment, but he never thought that he would actually meet Zola’s acquaintance. Zola must have done something back then to terrify this beauty like this.

Hmph!” Zola said contemptuously while pushing up the frame of her glasses, “Karru, you are still like this. When will you truly be a man?”

“Man?” Chen Rui, Paglio, Isabella, and Krobelus blurted out at the same time.

“So cute, he must be a boy” – Chen Rui’s mind summed up this ‘famous saying’ from his previous life.

Only 😦 could be used to express everyone’s mood at the moment.

“The daughter of that bastard elf and Meria actually…” Pelin’s eyes widened.

Hearing this sentence, Chen Rui suddenly recalled. Pelin, Karru! That’s right, Zola’s escaped marriage from this sissy Karru back then! And Pelin is Karru’s father!

We actually met such an acquaintance, or more accurately, it should be the ‘inevitable clash of enemies.’

When Zola heard that Meria was going to marry her to Karru, she beat up Karru violently in a rage. Then, she robbed all the wealth of this poor sissy before running away from home.

When the Elf King Span learned that his daughter had run away from home, he knocked on the door in a rage, beating the poor sissy and his father violently. Then, he robbed Pelin Family’s wealth and left.

It seemed that the protagonists and the experiences of these 2 stories were strikingly similar.

What to do? They were father and daughter.

Chen Rui could understand why Karru was so frightened when he saw Zola. Poor child, he has been traumatized for 20,000 years, and now the ‘nightmare’ is coming again.

The dragons were already whispering.

“Zola, the daughter of the great elder?”

“I heard that she ran away from home 20,000 years ago?”

“She is so affectionate with this man named Richard… ” Pelin narrowed his eyes, hiding his surprise and hatred, then he changed to a smiley expression, “So it’s Zola. After not seeing you for many years, you finally showed up. What a coincidence. This time Uncle Pelin will take you back to the Dragon Valley. “

Ms. Fairy Dragon gave Pelin a dazed look, “Who are you?”

“I’m Karru’s father!” When Pelin was unable to take advantage of the topic, a trace of blue lightning lingered on his fingertips, “It seems that I need to teach you on behalf of the great elder what basic manners are.”

Before Pelin could ‘teach’, his hair suddenly stood up. A purple electric spark faintly emerged from Zola’s body. An extremely dangerous feeling surged in the blue dragon’s mind.

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