Di Daughter's Rebirth: Sheng Shi Wang Fei

Chapter 15

“Xiaojie, how are you these days? Why is it that you look unhappy?” Chun Ye gave Shen Jingshu some snacks. Seeing Shen Jingshu frown made her heart very worried.

Xiaojie had become really different, before she was mischievous every day, and made the many servants have more work than they could handle. But recently, Xiaojie had become very silent, it seemed like she suddenly had a lot on her mind.

“Chun Ye, it's nothing.” Shen Jingshu shook her head as she looked at Chun Ye. Looking at her made Shen Jingshu remember Chun Ye's fate in the past life. Chun Ye suffered second uncle's abuse and in the end, committed suicide by throwing herself into the well to end her misery. Remembering it made Shen Jingshu's entire face fill with regret.

In this life, she would definitely protect this yatou1 and would not let her be hurt again!

“My Xiaojie, don't try to hide it. Look at your brows, both are furrowed to your eyes. How is it nothing!” Chun Mei poured Shen Jingshu a cup of hot tea. Looking at Shen Jingshu, who was acting like an adult in a child's body, she felt a bit suspicious.

Their Xiaojie recently seemed to have changed into a different person. If they were not certain that this was Xiaojie, they all would be worried that Xiaojie was exchanged with another person!

Shen Jingshu sighed, “Chun Mei, I am just worried about mom. You all saw that Xi Que, she's always trying to create a chance to go to daddy's side. I am worried…" Speaking to this degree, Shen Jingshu carefully looked at the always silent Chun Xi, whose eyes were hiding some deep thoughts. Then she turned her gaze to Chun Mei, looking at Chun Mei's expression, it was actually filled with warm intentions.

In the previous life, the servant girls at her side were all removed due to second aunt's schemes. Chun Mei’s end was the most miserable. She was discovered having a romance with a young page and was beaten to death!

Now, it could be a.s.sumed that the original her was really useless. Otherwise, why did she not bring a single ally with her?!

“Xiaojie don't worry, this Xi Que is only jumping again, but she is jumping and not going anywhere. With her acting like that, would Laoye find her appealing?” Chun Xiao's face was filled with a look of disdain. Watching Chun Xi who never spoke, Chun Xiao was somewhat unhappy, “Chun Xi, what are you thinking? Why aren't you speaking?”

“Oh, it's nothing. Xiaojie your tea is cold, nubi will go heat up a new pot for you and bring it over!” After Chun Xi said that she left immediately. These days she constantly had a feeling of being stared at by someone secretly, it made her rather uneasy. Just now, looking at Xiaojie's appearance, she was reminded of some things and was lost in thought. Now, she wanted to go to a quiet place for awhile and think of what to do when that time came!

“This Chun Xi… what's been going on with her these past few days? Why is she always in a daze?” Chun Xiao pouted her lip, Chun Xi had recently started acting differently and became slightly strange.

“Who knows? This yatou's age is now older, perhaps she also has her own ideas, right?” Smiling, the corner of Shen Jingshu’s mouth was somewhat strange. She did not forget, Chun Xi, this yatou's thoughts were very complex!

“This yatou, can be really…” Chun Mei also felt that Chun Xi had been acting strange recently, but when she looked at Shen Jingshu, she did not say anything about it. “Let's go, Chun Ye. Let’s go see mother!” Shen Jingshu watched as Chun Xi went out, she then quickly went to see Dan Yuerong.

Now, the most important thing was her mother’s stomach, the other things, she would slowly take care of them!

“Mom!” Shen Jingshu happily ran to see Dan Yuerong. When she saw that Dan Yuerong was in the middle of eating something, Shen Jingshu sniffed at the smell that was coming from her mother's food and suddenly frowned, “Mom, what is that?"

“It is a tonic Qian momo made for me. Now that my body is weak, I must nourish it." Dan Yuerong had recently been glowing, Qian momo really cared for Dan Yuerong well.

“So Mom, today the sun is pretty good, can we go out and walk around?” Dan Yuerong was now three months pregnant, the dangerous period had finally pa.s.sed. Shen Jingshu did not want Dan Yuerong to always be trapped indoors. “Xiaojie, Furen’s body is weak, the doctor said she must recuperate. If Xiaojie wants to go out and play, she can play in her own courtyard. Furen's body is very precious, it cannot be b.u.mped and knocked.” Qian momo directly rejected Shen Jingshu's proposal and did not let Dan Yuerong speak. Even though Shen Jingshu had never experienced childbirth in her previous life, Shen Wenli's household had many concubines, she also knew a few things. If pregnant women did not exercise, it was very likely that they would have a difficult birth. Listening to Qian momo's excuse, naturally, she was unhappy, “Qian momo, the doctor came a few days ago, didn't he say that mother's current body is recovered? And also said that mother can appropriately exercise? Qian momo, why are your words so different from the doctor?"

Did she not know what was on this person’s mind? Every day she gave her mother many tonics to eat. Recently mother's complexion was good and her whole body had become plump. Although this was a good thing, Shen Jingshu remembered in those years, Shen Wenli had a small concubine that he favored a lot, when she became pregnant she ate too many tonics. This resulted in the fetus being too big and the labor was obstructed, in the end, it was one corpse, two lives. 2She did not want Dan Yuerong to have any danger.

“Aiya, Xiaojie, these years this old servant has continuously cared for Old Madam's heath, and also looked after Old Madam that year she gave birth. Is it possible that this old servant would lie to you?” When Qian momo heard Shen Jingshu question her words, naturally she did not like it. She and Zhao momo were equal, she was also an old aid by Mother Shen's side. Here, naturally she considered herself to be very high, why would she allow people to voice objections to her actions?

In any case, Old madam did not like Furen, letting her come and serve was only because of the child in Furen's stomach. She only had to serve the child well, other than the child, she couldn’t care less.

The master’s mind, they, these servants, naturally understood. Mother Shen not liking Dan Yuerong was not a secret, everyone in the Shen household knew. Of course Qian momo would not sincerely offer Dan Yuerong any kind of consideration.

“Qian momo, Shu-er did not mean it, she has only seen me stay in the room these few days and wanted to pull me out to walk around. Qian momo, do not be angry with her, children don't know any better!” Dan Yuerong could see that Qian momo was unhappy, of course she did not want Qian momo to dislike Shen Jingshu. These two momo were difficult to handle, rather than saying Mother Shen allowed them to come help her, instead, Dan Yuerong sometimes felt that these two Buddhas needed to be handled with care and waited upon.

“Xiaojie is young, naturally this old servant will not be bothered by it. But this old servant received Old Madam's order, I must take care of the child in Furen's belly. This old servant would not dare be negligent!” The implied meaning was that she did not care about Dan Yuerong. These words from Qian momo were somewhat excessive, as Dan Yuerong listened she was not happy and wrinkled her brow, “Qian momo, the child in my stomach, perhaps I can not take care of it myself? Could it be that momo believes that I am a reckless person?"

In the end, this was not the capital, Dan Yuerong did not want Qian momo to be too impudent!

“Furen, this old servant did not mean it. This old servant was just worried.” Seeing Dan Yuerong unhappy, originally Qian momo did not care. But she remembered Zhao momo suffering from her own misstep, and the power to manage the household had been withdrawn, Qian momo could only temporarily be more docile.

"Momo do not worry, I understand. But like momo, I also care for the child in my belly, so momo doesn't need to worry too much. “

“Yes, Furen!”

“Mom, we can go out and walk around, right?” Seeing Dan Yuerong confront Qian momo, it could be considered as her having confidence. Shen Jingshu calmed down, but seeing that Dan Yuerong had recently grown some meat, Shen Jingshu decided that in the future, she would ask Dan Yuerong to go out and walk more.

“Alright, let’s go!” Perhaps it was to give Qian momo a show of strength, or maybe she had stayed in the room for too long. Dan Yuerong saw the longing expression in her daughter’s eyes and she could not refuse.

Qian momo watched as the two people left, she wanted to say something but recalled that a moment ago, Dan Yuerong did not look at her once to ask for permission. In the end, she had to unwillingly force down the words in her throat.

Servant girl/Girl Both mother and child died

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