Di Daughter's Rebirth: Sheng Shi Wang Fei

Chapter 17

Original t.i.tle: 快穿女配:反派BOSS有毒

Author: 墨泠 (mo4ling2)

Translated t.i.tle: Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke


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Editors: , Ars, Agent Psyx o7

Translation Checker: Blobber

Proofreaders: Blooming Frost, Nox, Willow


System: Host, what is that thing in the sky?

Shi Sheng: An intergalactic s.p.a.ceship.

System: …This is a cultivation world, where did an intergalactic s.p.a.ceship come from?!

System: Host, what are you holding in your hand?

Shi Sheng: Xuanyuan Sword.

System: This is an advanced scientific world, where did an ancient divine sword come from?! Wait a moment… Host what are you doing?! Σ(°△°)︴

Shi Sheng: Breaking apart the main couple. ヾ(^▽^*)))


*Translator: Just in case you didn't get it, shipping is the term people use when they want two people to be a couple.


This story has a lot more filler in it but all these fillers can be stand-alone stories of their own, which why I love the serial transmigrations genre.

Schedule: 3 x per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Table of Contents

Main Glossary:People:

时笙 - Shi Sheng (Our Main Character)

Places (unlocked from Arc 41 onwards):

Other Ent.i.ties:

系统 (***) – System (unlocks nickname: ***)


时之间隔 – Gap In Time (Special consumable)

Main Explanation:Anyways, I figure I'll just add some more common references here, don't worry I'll actually add them in the chapters too but I'll put them here for anyone who actually wants to read them.

So sometimes the author will refer to Shi Sheng as her 'daughter' and a 'biological' one at that. Needless to say, it's not literal. It's just a way of saying the author loves the s.h.i.t out of her and gave her tons of cheat codes and hacks. Shi Sheng is a 'stepmother-type author' which means she does the exact opposite and absolutely tortures her protagonists.

For when characters address someone with a form of endearment by adding '小' or 'little' in front of their name, I'll be using 'xiao' unless it sounds better otherwise. If it is placed in front of the surname I will put it in the format, 'Xiao [surname]'. E.g, 'Xiao Chu'. If it is placed in front of the given name, I will put it in the format, 'Xiao[name]'. E.g, 'Xiaosheng'.

Also there's this thing where in Chinese, the word for two, '二' which is p.r.o.nounced, 'er' has a connotation of 'idiot'.

In the translated text, I might put stuff in cursive brackets: {} so as to highlight or remind you guys stuff that I figure doesn't warrant a full-length footnote.

When Shi Sheng refers to the main characters of those story worlds she's entering I'll use lead and protagonist interchangeably.

Whenever the author says ‘妖’, I will use ‘Spirit’ if it is used without a negative connotation (such as when used by the ‘妖’ themselves) or ‘Devil’ when used with a negative connotation. ‘魔’ will be ‘Demon’.

The term “single dog” might pop up. It’s a way of poking fun of singles (usually by themselves). Similarly, “dog food” refers to public displays of affection while “dog abuse” would be excessive public displays of affection.

Arc 1: Rich Family's Young Miss


This is the first arc for this novel, Rich Family's Young Miss. The setting is in modern times.



南宫妇人 - Mrs Nangong (Mother of current arc's male protagonist)

南宫政 - Nangong Zheng (Father of current arc's male protagonist)

南宫景 - Nangong Jing (Current arc's male protagonist)

许乘月 - Xu Chengyue (Ex-fiancée of current arc's male protagonist, now played by Shi Sheng)

楚棠 - Chu Tang (Business legend, also Shi Sheng's future love interest, Feng Ci)

苏衣衣 - Su Yiyi (Female protagonist)

肖薇 - Xiao Wei (Antagonist to female protagonist of this arc)

夏柠 - Xia Ning (Roommate)

安安 - An'an (Roommate)

汪律师 - Lawyer w.a.n.g (Lawyer who Shi Sheng calls)

蓝雪 - Lan Xue (girl who told Xu Chengyue about Su Yiyi and Nangong Jing but is an utter b.i.t.c.h)


The t.i.tle of this arc was '豪门千金' (hao2men2qian1jin1). The first two characters refer to a rich or prestigious household while the last two characters literally means 'thousand gold' but its also another way of saying 'daughter'. So she is the daughter of a rich family. However, I thought calling her 'Young Miss' sounded more in keeping with her status.

Arc 2: Patron, Please Keep Me


This is the second story in this novel, Patron, Please Keep Me. The setting is in modern times in the entertainment industry. Please forgive me.



江晚, 小丸子 - Jiang Wan, nickname Little Meatball/Xiaowan'er (Owner of the body Shi Sheng takes over. Nickname is only given when Shi Sheng owns the body)

席墨 - Xi Mo (Male protagonist for this arc)

夏满 - Xia Man (Female protagonist for this arc)

林姗姗 - Lin Shanshan, antagonist, bullied Jiang Wan {<-i feel="" like="" this="" could="" be="" written="" on="" an="">

米兰 - Milan (Jiang Wan's [now Shi Sheng's] ex-agent)

唐隐 - Tang Yin (Shi Sheng's new agent)

宋韩 - Song Han (random director)

陆清韵 - Lu Qingyun (our ML)

陆大鹏 - Lu Dapeng (side branch of Lu family. Related to Lu Qingyun. Was Lin Shanshan's backer)

苏宜修 - Su Yixiu (Lu Qingyun's friend)

夏萱 - Xia Xuan (Xia Man's older half-sister and the main villain for this arc)

胡硕 - Hu Shuo (paparazzi)

唐妍 - Tang Yan (legitimate child of Tang family, actress, first shows up in C.25 but wasn't named)

林导演 - Director Lin (Director of reality TV show Shi Sheng partic.i.p.ated in)

韩灵 - Han Ling (Random side character, female. Part of group)

方瑾瑜 - Fang Jinyu (Random side character, female. Part of group)

言泽 - Yan Ze (Random side character, male. Part of group)

姜明 - Jiang Ming (Random side character, male. Part of group)

方立秋 - Fang Liqiu (Person who's buddies with Shi Sheng later on)

陆老爷子 - Grandpa Lu (Lu Qingyun's grandfather)

胡梦 - Hu Meng (Random side character, gender unknown, was one of the perpetrators of the torture of other youths)

周毅 - Zhou Yi (Side character, male, kills Xia Xuan)

江真真 - Jiang Zhenzhen (Jiang Wan's cousin, daughter of that horrible uncle of hers)

江源 - Jiang Yuan (horrible uncle)


青市 - Place that Jiang Wan escaped to.

卡莱尔酒店 - Carlisle Hotel (Also referred to as Grand Carlisle Hotel)

Other Ent.i.ties:

东方娱乐 - Dongfang Entertainment (Entertainment company owned by the male protagonist of this arc.)

《倾城》 – 《City-Toppling》 (Jiang Wan was on set for the shooting of this drama when Shi Sheng took over her body)

白绾 - Bai Wan (role Shi Sheng auditioned for in C.25)

有间娱乐 - Youjian Entertainment (Lu Qingyun's company.

《极限世界》 – 《Extreme World》(name of reality TV show Shi Sheng partic.i.p.ated in)

漫天娱乐 - Mantian Entertainment (Company started by Shi Sheng & Xia Man)

211大学 - 211 University (University Xia Xuan studied in)

211分尸案 - 211 University mutilated corpses case/211 University case (Case where mutilated bodies were found at 211 University)

《帝皇书》 - 《Emperor's Book》 (show mentioned by some fans)


The raws was ‘金主潜我’ where the first two characters refer to a rich backer, the third character refers to the underlying rules in the entertainment industry, where celebrities sleep with people to get funding/opportunities/etc. Since there wasn’t an actual word for this, I decided to just subst.i.tute with the next closest thing which is being ‘kept’. Those who are ‘kept’ listen to their ‘keeper’ in return for money or opportunities. The difference between them and a normal employee is that the only thing they give in return are s.e.xual favours.

Arc 3: Another Type of Cultivation




叶清秋 - Ye Qingqiu (Main character of this world-arc)

商殊 - Shang Shu (Ident.i.ty Shi Sheng is using)

玉箫 - Yu Xiao (Shang Shu's teacher/master)

楚夜 - Chu Ye (Senior disciple to Shang Shu. Under another Peak)

林一一 - Lin Yiyi (Martial Niece to Shang Shu… No, it's not the same Yi as in Su Yiyi from arc 1…)

白琅 - Bai Lang (Lin Yiyi's master and Shang Shu's Senior Martial Brother)

楚凝 - Chu Ning (Chu Ye's younger sister… who's a bro-con)

凤辞 - Feng Ci (Our ML)

龙玦 - Long Jue (MLofThisWorld)

布丁 - Pudding (Dragonkin caught by Feng Ci as a mount for Shi Sheng… she has terrible naming sense…)

穆晴 - Mu Qing (Kidnapee #1)

叶瑶 - Ye Yao (Kidnapee #2)

君无期 - Jun Wuqi (Demon Lord)

紫华仙君 - Celestial Lord Zi Hua (An immortal renowned for his great divination skills {lot of good that did him…})

陆章 - Lu Zhang (Grand Steward of Celestial World)

枕风仙君 - Celestial Lord Zhen Feng


天尽峰 - Heaven's Edge Peak (Place Shang Shu is disciple of)

魔界 - Demon World (It's the place where demons live… duh…)

修真界 - Cultivation World (Place where low level cultivators are)

仙界 - Celestial World (Goal of high level cultivators to ascend to)

凡俗世界 - Mortal World (Place where mortals live)

死亡森林 - The Forest of Death (Located in the Mortal World)

飞升台 - Ascension Platform (Place where newly ascended immortals first appear in the Celestial World)

无厌峰 - Tireless Peak (Chu Ning is a disciple of this place)

云舒峰 (主峰) - Cloudrest Peak (Main Peak) (Main headquarters of Misty Sect)

紫竹山 - Purple Bamboo Mountain (Site of seal on the Demon World)

北山 - North Mountain (Located at… the north of the Celestial World… Yu Xiao's domain)

南海 - South Sea (Located at, you guessed it, the south of the Celestial World. Home base of the main dragon clan)

Other Ent.i.ties

缥缈宗 - Misty Sect (Shang Shu's sect)

宗门大比 - Inter-Sect Tournament

胤蛇 - Snakekin

胤龙 - Dragonkin

归天剑 - Reaper's Sword (Demon-sword Shi Sheng got)

桐山派 - Mt. Tong Sect (Venue of Inter-Sect Tournament)

暹荧花 - Xianying Flowers (Flowers that increase chance of building foundation)

炽焰门 - Burning Flame Sect (Random sect #1)

紫宸派 - Purple Dawn Sect (Random sect #2)

接引之光 - Guiding Light (Imagine a spotlight that causes people to fly…)

千年玄冰 - Millenial Darkice (Magic… chuuni… ice thing. Very cold.)

十软香 - Tensnake Fragrance (An aphrodisiac)

冥蝶 - Nether b.u.t.terfly (It's a poisonous b.u.t.terfly… psst, the poison is an aphrodisiac…)

Cultivation Levels (from lowest to highest)

炼气期 - Qi Refining Stages (Consists of 10 in total)

筑基 - Foundation Building

金丹 - Azoth Core

元婴 - Nascent Soul

化神 - DemiG.o.d

大乘 - Immortalisation

渡劫 - Ascension

Immortal Ranks (from lowest to highest) {Might be inaccurate}

仙 – Immortal

仙君 - Celestial Lord

仙尊 - Senior Celestial


The t.i.tle for this arc is “另类修真”, which means Another Type of Cultivation. As you may have guessed from the t.i.tle, this is a cultivation world. As I am not experienced with cultivation worlds, please forgive me for any terms you might find inaccurate.

Arc 4: Zombie Empire




戚明雪 - Qi Mingxue (Original female villain turned MC… now a villain again? d.a.m.n I'm not doing a good job explaining am I?)

顾南 - Gu Nan (Original MC, became a cannon fodder, now the body of our MC)

顾父 - Papa Gu (No this is not his name. It's how I'll refer to him because it's d.a.m.n awkward to do what I did in arc one every single arc…)

顾母 - Mama Gu (Same deal with Papa Gu…)

余良 - Yu Liang (Random side character #1. Also referred to as 'Yu-ge' or 'Older Brother Yu')

余静 - Yu Jing (Younger sister of random side character #1)

胖子 - Fatty (Random side character #2. Doesn't have a proper name so capitalising this is completely up to whether I felt like it or not…)

宋拾 - Song Shi (MLofThisWorld to Qi Mingxue)

苏霁夜 - Su Jiye (Random side character #3. Man with a baby face)

赵景 - Zhao Jing (Random side character #4. Driver)

程素 - Cheng Su (Gu Nan's real mom)

千黎 - Qian Li (Our ML! Hidden quest target as usual. He's got a mysterious ident.i.ty too~)

赵妍 - Zhao Yan (One of the original female villains. Er, now she's just cannon fodder {got demoted}. Related to Zhao Jing, aka random side character #4)

常新 - Chang Xin (Random side character #5. A captain of a military division)

清玉 - Qing Yu (Little bro #1. Biggest little bro.)

林风, 外号疯子 - Lin Feng, nicknamed "Crazy" (Little bro #2.)

小胖 - Little Fatty (Little bro #3. Do not get confused with the random side character called 'Fatty')

锦记 - Jin Ji (Random {dead} side character #6. Used to be with the little bro group)

王图 - w.a.n.g Tu (Random side character #7. Trouble-maker.)

程松 - Cheng Song (Cheng Su's older brother and Gu Nan's uncle)

小五 - Little Fifth (Little bro #4? Zombie…)

莫文 - Mo Wen (Gu Nan's father)

路老大 - Boss Lu (Random side character #8. Admittedly one of the somewhat more important ones)


B市 - B City

A市 - A City (location at start of arc)

D县 - D County (SS-cla.s.s mission location, please note that this term can be used interchangeably for the county itself and the county capital)

金凤山 - Mt. Jinfeng

Other Ent.i.ties

晶核 - Crystal Nucleus (Crystal stuff found in zombie brains that promotes healt- er… superpower growth. Will refer to it as just 'Nucleus/Nuclei' most of the time)

晶核 - Crystal Nucleus (Crystal stuff found in zombie brains that promotes healt- er… superpower growth. Will refer to it as just 'Nucleus/Nuclei' most of the time)

飓风佣兵队 - Hurricane mercenary band

不服来战 - 《Fight Us!!!》, acronym FU {What? You try saying out the full name in speech!} (Shi Sheng's faction name…)


This arc is t.i.tled “丧尸帝国” which I think is pretty self-explanatory, given the fact a quick look in Google Translate tells you it means Zombie Empire. Although I usually wouldn’t use Google Translate, in this context, it’s accurate.

Arc 5: Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce!




北枳 - Bei Zhi (Shi Sheng's new ident.i.ty)

纪小鱼 - Ji Xiaoyu (FLinThisWorld)

北泽 - Bei Ze (Bei Zhi's older brother and MLinThis World)

沈瑾言 - Shen Jinyan (Ji Xiaoyu's love interest #1)

北父 - Father Bei (Father of Bei Ze. Adoptive father of Bei Zhi. Because he's not that close + he's from a large family with tons of etiquette, decided to use a more formal address… You can just take it that using Papa here sounded weird.)

北母 (真名:淑容) - Mother Bei, given name: Shu'rong (Mother of Bei Ze. Adoptive mother of Bei Zhi. Same deal with Father Bei.)

严律师 - Lawyer Yan (Random side character #1. Shows up for one chapter then disappears, never to be heard from again…)

何叔 - Uncle He (Steward of the Bei household)

林茵 - Lin Yin (Person who becomes friends with Shi Sheng {ship ship ship ship ship…*nosebleed*})

傅衾 - Fu Qin (Our ML! He has a dog…)

简叔 - Uncle Jian (The steward who has been taking care of Fu Qin)

蒋娜娜 - Jiang Nana (She's a b.i.t.c.h… to the FLinThisWorld. She's quite okay to Shi Sheng actually…)

高安朗 - Gao Anlang (Guy who Bei Zhi maimed. He's a sick pervert)

蒋母 - Mama Jiang (Jiang Nana's mother)

蒋父 - Papa Jiang (Jiang Nana's father)

傅饶 - Fu Rao (Fu Qin's father)

白薇 - Bai Wei (Papa Ji's new girlfriend… and a con artist)


艾莉丝学院 - Alice Academy

少阳山 - Mt. Shaoyang (Outing destination)

御景学府 - Regal Pointe


长生 - Chang Sheng (Our ML's dog. Literally. His name means longevity.)

正义之剑 - The Sword of Righteousness (Our poor iron sword comrade's new name in this world…)

天辰 - Tian Chen (Some random company opposing the Bei Family's company)


This arc’s t.i.tle is “学渣吃药”. You might’ve noticed by now that the author only uses four character arc t.i.tles. I love this since it’s short, simple and to the point, unlike some novels I won’t name… Anyways, “学渣” refers to someone who’s bad at studies, which I translated to “dunce” since there wasn’t really a better term for the opposite of a valedictorian, or “学霸”. The other two characters means “eat medicine”. Though there’s not much context, from the contents of this arc, I decided to phrase the t.i.tle in a way it seemed like the dunce was being spoken to.

Arc 6: Server Enemy No.1


Chapter 171: Server Enemy No.1 (19)

Chapter 172: Server Enemy No.1 (20)

Chapter 173: Server Enemy No.1 (21)

Chapter 174: Server Enemy No.1 (22)

Chapter 175: Server Enemy No.1 (23)

Chapter 176: Server Enemy No.1 (24)

Chapter 177: Server Enemy No.1 (25)

Chapter 178: Server Enemy No.1 (26)

Chapter 179: Server Enemy No.1 (27)

Chapter 180: Server Enemy No.1 (28)

Chapter 181: Server Enemy No.1 (29)

Chapter 182: Server Enemy No.1 (30)

Chapter 183: Server Enemy No.1 (31)

Chapter 184: Server Enemy No.1 (End)Glossary:Explanation:

The t.i.tle for this arc was “全服公敌” which literally translates to “common enemy of the entire server”. But that felt like too much of a mouthful…

Arc 7: The Hallmaster Wants to Get Married Off


The t.i.tle for this arc is “殿主求嫁” where “殿主” is Hallmaster and “求嫁” means begging to be married off. Admittedly, it could be understood as him wanting our dear MC to get married off to him but… well you’ll see why I translated it like this.

Arc 8: Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With






The t.i.tle for this arc is “小鬼难缠” where “小鬼 ” could be translated as either imp, or as a play on “小人” which refers to a petty person. “难缠” means difficult to deal with. I think this is actually part of a saying that went something like “Yama is easy to deal with, it’s the imps beneath him that are hard to manage.” I think it means people who play petty tricks at the bottom of the food chain are harder to deal with than those at the top who can’t be bothered. Not that it’s really relevant, but I thought I might as well include it..

Arc 9: You go, HighG.o.d!


The t.i.tle for this arc was “上神威武” where “上神” means HighG.o.d {*coughs* totally didn’t steal from CD}, and “威武” is like cheering for someone by calling them awesome at [insert violent act(s) here].

Arc 10: A Rose Wedding


The t.i.tle for this arc is “蔷薇花嫁” where “蔷薇花” are rose flowers, or Chinese rose flowers {I’m not a botanist!}, and “嫁” means to get married off/into another house. Usually only reserved for women, but we all know our Ci is the real FL of this novel…

Arc 11: It's Not Easy Being the Head of Household

Arc 12: Green Plum Meets Wine

Arc 13: Daily Life in a Demon Sect

Arc 14: The First Song of Qin

Arc 15: Proper Palace Intrigue

Arc 16: Top Actress Dominating Headlines

Arc 17: Differing Paths of Humans and Spirits

Arc 18: One Thought Stops Here

Arc 19: CEO Gone Bankrupt

Arc 20: This Dungeon Means Serious Business

Arc 21: The Crime-Sweeping Belle

Arc 22: I’m A Landowner

Arc 23: The Troublesome Head Editor

Arc 24: The Enlightened State Teacher

Arc 25: The Fortune-Teller is Not Cute

Arc 26: The Endless Escape

Arc 27: Long Live the Ghost King!

Arc 28: The Gap Between Royal & Subject

Arc 29: Fanciful Case-Solving

Arc 30: Handing Over to The Nation

Arc 31: The Pavilion Master’s Orders

Arc 32: Bad Students

Arc 33: Are You Crazy?!

Arc 34: Phoenix Nirvana

Arc 35: The Prince Who Knew Joy

Arc 36: Don’t Tempt Me, Young Marshal

Arc 37: The Law of Evil Demons

Arc 38: The Great King Goes On Patrol

Arc 39: Different Paths Converge (ship t.i.tle, wordplay)

Arc 40: The Edge of The City

Arc 41: Tyrant of The Galaxies

Arc 42: h.e.l.lo, a.s.sistant

Arc 43: The Falling of Silk Startles Autumn

Arc 44: Grandmaster of The Supernatural

Arc 45: Undead Magi

Arc 46: Warmth Meets Trust

Arc 47: We* ARE The World

Arc 48: Wrath of The Sea G.o.d

Arc 49: Game-addict’s Idol

Arc 50: The Ambience of Jail

Arc 51: The Elven Crown

Arc 52: Blood Curse of The Night

Arc 53: The Alliance of Jianghu

Arc 54: Seeking Life in The Desert

Arc 55: Ruler of The Galaxies

Arc 56: Sung in Praise

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