Di Daughter's Rebirth: Sheng Shi Wang Fei

Chapter 24

“Shen furen is too modest.” When Qi furen saw Shen Jingshu, she was very pleased with her. Both families had good social standing and they both were located in this place now. Qi furen had watched Shen Jingshu grow up and her son was also fond of Shen Jingshu. Since the two children had gotten along well since they were young, how could Qi furen not be happy?

During that time when Dan Yuerong first came to Jingnan, Qi furen saw that the two children got along well and jokingly said that in the future, the two families would make their children husband and wife. Dan Yuerong did not give a positive response. Qi furen knew that Dan Yuerong was still thinking about it, so she treated Shen Jingshu well these years. Of course it was to get this daughter-in-law married through the door. In the future, the two families could look out for each other.

“Shu-er, in inviting a teacher for you, we will have to trouble Qi furen, you must properly thank Qi furen!” Towards this matter, each person had a tacit understanding regarding what the other thought. Dan Yuerong thought that this child was still too young, so for the time being, she did not want to decide. However, this did not prevent her from observing Qi Shaodong, over these years, she had been very satisfied with him.

“Thank you, Qi furen!” Etiquette once again required this gesture. The way Shen Jingshu treated Qi furen now was much more polite than before. Naturally, Qi furen could also tell the difference.

“This child has matured to the point that she has become distant with me. Before you would always pull at me and ask about your Shaodong gege 1 , why did you not ask today?” Grinning, she looked at Shen Jingshu. Qi furen did not see that inside Shen Jingshu's sleeves, her small hands were firmly clenched into a fist!

Qi Shaodong, Qi Shaodong! She hated that she could not drink his blood and chew on his flesh in the past life! She did not think that he would appear so soon!

At that moment, all of the hate that had been suppressed at the bottom of her heart almost came out. Shen Jingshu was afraid that everyone would see something so she lowered her head, and in the calmest tone possible said, “Qi furen, I know Shaodong gege is very busy. The reason he did not come must be because his teacher occupied him with something." When the words 'Shaodong gege' came out of her mouth, Shen Jingshu felt nauseous. But, she knew if she were to let it show it would attract everyone's attention, so she could only temporarily endure it.

“Look at this yatou, to become this clever, it really makes people envious!”

“You must not envy me, isn't your daughter the same? Why did she not come today?”

"Ai, a few days ago this child played too much and fell ill, these several days she has stayed in the house.”

“Is it serious?”

“It is much better now. Because of the child’s illness a few days ago, I could not come to personally congratulate you. Now, seeing you look so good, I can also be at ease. After so many years, you finally got what you wanted. Congratulations!"

“No wonder I can see that you've recently lost weight, but how did Xueyan become sick, why didn't you say anything? If I hadn't asked about it just then, would you have hidden it?”

Ever since Dan Yuerong came to Jiangnan, Qi furen had taken care of her, coupled with Qi furen having that little idea, the two have become closer over the years. It's only natural that Dan Yuerong and Qi furen were good friends.

“Now that you are pregnant, it is not a serious illness to bother worrying you with. She is a lot better now but she can not be out and about. Wait for her to get better, and I’ll bring her to come see you!”

“Alright, a few days ago I got some first rate blood swallow nest, you take some home in a while. This child is physically weak, wait for her body to get better then use this as a supplement.”

“You, do not trouble yourself. I still have some blood swallow nest at home. What about you? You have a child in your stomach now, you have to take your health more seriously.”

“I am fine, this shows my intentions, you better not refuse!”

“Alright,alright. Then, thank you.” Seeing Dan Yuerong insist, Qi furen did not say anything. Finally, after saying several more words to Dan Yuerong, she left. Before leaving she explained a few things to Dan Yuerong, Dan Yuerong felt relieved.

It wasn't until Qi furen left that Shen Jingshu could breath easier. She did not want Dan Yuerong to notice anything so Shen Jingshu found an excuse to back to her room, once she returned she took out her copy book and began practicing calligraphy.

Seeing Qi furen once again, Shen Jingshu's heart, that had been peaceful for many days, was unable to settle back down. If it weren't for the fact that it had been a few months since her rebirth, she was afraid she would have been unable to resist going to question Qi furen early on, during those years why did she treat her that way!

Recalling the things from her previous life now, Shen Jingshu tried hard to remember, but only vaguely remembered her and Qi Shaodong's engagement during that time. It was not long after Dan Yuerong's miscarriage, at that time, Qi furen was still very willing towards this marriage and still treated her very well. At that time she and Qi Shaodong had known each other since childhood, he was very friendly towards her and followed her around, naturally she liked Qi Shaodong!

For this reason, she once felt that she would be very happy in the future. Up until the marriage day with Qi Shaodong, she had always looked forward to the marriage that would be like a fairy tale ending and her benevolent mother-in-law. However, when the day finally arrived, she realized that it was all an illusion. Like a flower in the mirror, like the moon reflecting in the water, it was never there to begin with!

Why did Qi furen's att.i.tude change so much towards her? In the previous life, Shen Jingshu was foolish, so of course she did not understand Qi furen's true nature! If both of her parents were alive, with that kind of status, with daddy's talent, why would she have to lower herself and marry Qi Shaodong?

Although that person had some talent and was somewhat good looking, Qi laoye had little talent. When she got married that year, Qi laoye was only a second ranked government official. Then, he also took the opportunity and replaced her daddy's position! Now, her daddy was still alive, it was certainly not possible for Qi daren2, this second ranked official, to do so!

Although Qi furen appeared good natured, in fact, she was also a schemer. That year, the reason she wanted her to marry Qi Shaodong was because she highly valued the Shen family's status, right? Otherwise, after daddy pa.s.sed away that year, why did Qi furen never come to see her again, and also did not deliver good things to her as she did before?

In those days, she foolishly believed that Qi furen was apprehensive of her being in mourning, so it was not good to show off. After she got older, she always stayed at home and did not go out. During that time, Qi furen also did not come to see her. But now, she was not so foolish!

She would have to look out for those kinds of people again. Qi laoye and those who wanted to rely on daddy to climb up, think again! In this life, she would not let them succeed!

That afternoon, Shen Jingshu was in the room carefully reminiscing on things from her past life, but now matter how much she thought, she could not understand Dan Yuerong's att.i.tude towards Qi furen. Why did Dan Yuerong promise a marriage between the two families? In those days, what happened in the end?

No matter how much she thought she could not understand, Shen Jingshu knew Dan Yuerong would never quickly decide her marriage. Even now, Dan Yuerong had clearly not wanted to discuss her marriage too early, if that's the case, what made Dan Yuerong change her mind?

No matter how much she thought, she still could not understand. Shen Jingshu grew somewhat annoyed of how useless she was in her previous life. She only knew how to be naughty and mischievous and did not know the outcome of many affairs.

However, in this life there was still a child in mom's stomach. Since the miscarriage did not happen, then this marriage would also not be likely. Now, she only needed to pay attention to Qi furen's movements because she absolutely could not allow the other person to succeed!

In this life, that family would have no relationship with her!

Older brother, does not have to be blood related. In this case it is used more as a term of respect towards an older male and shows how close their relationship is. t.i.tle of respect towards superior

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