Di Daughter's Rebirth: Sheng Shi Wang Fei

Chapter 6

“Oh, really? Grandmother really treats mom well!” Although in her past life Dan Yuerong had tried to conceal her painful experiences from her daughter, in this life, how could Shen Jingshu not know these people’s true intention in coming?

Dad and mom were deeply in love and their relationship had always been harmonious. These past few years, daddy had solely doted on mother and refused to take a concubine. Grandmother had probably long since become resentful. “Your grandmother is also extremely worried about me!” Although her mother-in-law was not fond of her, which caused her to feel distressed, she loved her husband and her clever, sensible daughter. And now that there was hope for a new life in her belly, Dan Yuerong felt that a little suffering was nothing.

“Mom, who is this pretty Jiejie?” Seeing Xi Que, Shen Jingshu remembered her actions from her previous life and felt an urge to cut her into a thousand pieces!

In her past life, mother was in anguish after losing her child and was unable to focus on attending to household affairs. She had been so swallowed up in grief, blaming herself for the miscarriage, that she even became more distant towards daddy. This person used the opportunity to climb into daddy’s bed. In the end…

That year, because of this matter, mother had progressively lost weight and became sickly. Daddy had also blamed himself because of this matter and felt guilty towards mother. Shen Jingshu would never let that person off!

“She is Xi Que, a person from your grandmother’s house.” Listening to her daughter’s words, Dan Yuerong seriously looked at Xi Que. She found that the other person’s eyes were alluring, but also contained a hint of impertinence, as if she was not satisfied with her status. Later, Dan Yuerong would have to guard against this person!

“Oh, so it is Xi Que jiejie. Xi Que jiejie is really beautiful!” Seeing how her words caught Dan Yuerong’s attention, Shen Jingshu felt more at ease. This Xi Que certainly did not respect other people’s marriages. If this was not the case, then those things would not have happened in her previous life. However, the situation in this life was different. Currently, mom and daddy were deeply in love and mom also had a baby in her stomach. Shen Jingshu believed that mom could easily handle this matter on her own, she just needed to secretly lend a hand!

“Yes, she is indeed a beauty.” Smiling, Dan Yuerong’s gaze examined Xi Que closely. At that moment, Xi Que felt gooseb.u.mps. It seemed as if Shen Jingshu was intentionally behaving this way, but how could that be the case?

Could Xiaojie know her intentions? Was it possible? She was obviously just a five-year-old child, nothing more!

With her heart feeling anxious, Xi Que tried to appear submissive in order to let the people in front of her feel at ease.

Dan Yuerong looked into Xi Que’s eyes. She hadn’t noticed it before, but now she could see it. Dan Yuerong kept this realization in the back of her mind. Seeing the other people waiting, she pulled Shen Jinshu over to introduce them. “Come Shu-er, mom will introduce you to these people. This is Zhao momo, a capable momo from your grandmother’s side. This is Qian momo. She is quite knowledgeable about childbirth and in the past, she took exclusive care of your grandmother’s diet. This is Lian Zhi, a close servant of your second aunt. And you met Xi Que just a moment ago “

When Dan Yuerong mentioned Lian Zhi, she paused for a while, confused regarding the intentions of the second branch. However, that person had already been sent over and she couldn’t send them back. Now, she could only be cautious with each step.

“Shu-er greets Zhao momo, Qian momo!” Towards the people at grandmother’s side, Shen Jingshu had to give them respect, no matter how superficial.

“Keke, it’s been many years, and Xiaojie is more clever and grown up. If Old Madam knew she would also be happy!” Greeting the two momos, Shen Jingshu’s expression was filled with kindness.

“Momo, there’s no need to exaggerate. This child can’t handle too much praise.” Of course, these words were just spoken to be polite, but when Dan Yuerong heard them praising her daughter she felt especially happy in her heart.

“Furen is modest. Old Madam often talks about Xiaojie. Now, Old Madam has sent the two of us over to carefully take care of Furen. We are here to a.s.sist you in smoothly giving birth so Old Madam will also feel relieved.”

“I’ll be troubling momo.” With these two momos, there was one to take care of running the household, and another to take care of her health and diet. It was clear to see that, although Old Madam had misgivings about her, she was still given top quality help. If Old Madam had not also sent those two young beauties, then Dan Yuerong would have felt happy and grateful towards Old Madam.

At a glance, Dan Yuerong could see that they were tired, and did not make any more small talk. “You rushed here from the capital by ship and carriage. It must have been an arduous journey, please take a rest. Any other matters can wait, we can discuss them after you have rested.” Dan Yuerong presented a considerate att.i.tude towards the people from the capital.

“We’ll be troubling Furen.” Those people were indeed tired after traveling on the b.u.mpy road. The two younger ones were slightly better off, but the quick pace that they set on the road was unbearable for the two older ones. Hearing Dan Yuerong invite them to rest, they were naturally obedient.

After helping those people settle in, Dan Yuerong’s face appeared a little tired. Shen Jingshu saw this and wanted to find an excuse to leave so that Dan Yuerong could go to bed. However, Dan Yuerong wanted to learn those four people’s background, or else her mind would not feel at ease. “Zhang momo, what do you think mother’s intention is?” Sending a capable momo naturally placed importance on her, but it was hard to stop thinking about the intention behind those two young ones.

“Furen need not worry. In the end, the child is still Old Madam’s heir. Now that you are pregnant, no matter how much she dislikes you, it is unlikely that she will use this opportunity to try and cause you harm.” Otherwise, she probably would not have sent over two capable people in order to a.s.sure a safe delivery, right?

“But, sending over Xi Que and Lian Zhi, what do you think the second branch’s intention is? Are they trying to take advantage of an opportunity, or joining in on the festivities? Do they really not want things to work out for me?”

“Furen, do not be angry. The second branch has never gotten along with us. Furen must not injure your body because of them. This old servant believes that Old Madam meant nothing more than to allow master to take a concubine so that there will be more heirs and the home will become more lively. ” Old Madam was not fond of Furen, naturally she could not bear to see Furen happy. She also could not bear to see that Master and Furen had been married for eight years, and only had one daughter. Old Madam must have been feeling impatient.

“She actually wanted to prevent me from blocking Laoye from taking a concubine. These years, I have not become pregnant so she wanted to force Laoye to take an able concubine. If Laoye had not prevented it, then she would have succeeded. Now, after much difficulty, I have finally managed to become pregnant and she still does this. Momo, could it be that she is truly unwilling to see me prosper?” This mother-in-law really gave Dan Yuerong a headache. Since the moment she had stepped through the threshold, the other party had never given her any good will. No matter what she did, it was always a mistake. That woman always nitpicked, and Dan Yuerong was forced to endure it. But now, perhaps it was because of her pregnancy, Dan Yuerong was unable to control her emotions.

“This is what mothers are like. Laoye supports Furen, naturally Old Madam’s heart is uneasy. However, Furen must not be anxious. When Laoye and Furen were still a young married couple, Laoye made a promise, so Furen has no need to be anxious regarding this matter. Wait for Laoye to return and discuss it with him so as to avoid making things difficult. ”

“You are right. I will wait for Laoye to come back and tell him that currently, my body cannot tend to his needs. If he cannot bear it, then why doesn’t he make one of them his concubine!” Saying this, Dan Yuerong was really resentful!

“Furen, do not be this way. Now is not the time for you to lose your temper. Don’t allow a moment of anger to bring you suffering.” Zhang momo had watched Dan Yuerong grow up, and was very familiar with Dan Yuerong’s temperament. These past few years, Shen Wenhua had spoiled Dan Yuerong, and she had a slightly more childish temperament than the average person. Zhang momowas very anxious, this type of behavior could damage the married couple’s relationship.

“Momo, rest a.s.sured. I know how to act!” She had only been venting and said things that she did not mean. But, if Shen Wenhua actually took in a concubine, she would not be able to stand it!

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