Disabled Prince and Silly Princess: Substitutive Bride and Genius Doctor- the Seventh Miss

Chapter 14

"What happened to His Royal Highness?" Gu Lanxi shouted loudly.

That young military doctor was scared at first, and now he was even more trembling. "Your Excellency... bad thing happened... His Royal Highness has a terrible fever. He’s twitching now."

Without saying anything, Ye Liuli grabbed the alcohol and salicylic acid that had just been extracted, and rushed over.

There were many people running in the palace, but only one princess was running wildly.

Ye Liuli had no time to care about her image at this time, and there was only one sentence in her head... If the prince of virtue died, she would also be in trouble!

In order to live a good life, she must save him, even though she could only make his life linger!

Gu Lanxi saw Ye Liuli rushing out, and he also followed her.

Following the memory, she rushed back to the yard, " Get out of my way!"

It was true that Ye Liuli’s bellow was extremely deterrent. The subordinates surrounding jumped aside subconsciously, and made way for her.

Upon entering the room, the thick heat wave mixed with the smell of medical soup came.

"Repress the prince, someone come to suppress the prince, feed him medicine, now!" The military doctor Liu's voice was almost hoarse, and he roared constantly.

The subordinates were in a mess. they had saw many patients, but the patient now in front of them was the prince, how could they not be panic? For a time, although Dr. Liu was roaring, no one dared to stand out and help.

Ye Liuli rushed to the bed without saying anything, "Where is the medicine bowl?"

Although Dr. Liu stupefied for a while, he handed over the medicine bowl subconsciously. It was not because of her status as a princess, but rather the convincing prestige surrounding her, though Dr. Liu did not know why a teenage girl had such convincing power.

Ye Liuli put the medicine bowl on the table, opened the cork of the ceramic bottle, and poured the hot salicylic acid panadol into it. But when she was just about to pour, a question came to her mind... Dosage!

Damn it, what was the correct dosage?

At this moment, the thing Ye Liuli regretted most was that when she rescued the patient who attempted to commit suicide at first, why did she not pull a pharmacist to jump off the building together, so that she could travel through time with the pharmacist, couldn’t she? If there was a pharmacist here, she would not be so anxious for the drug, and rack her brains to think about the dosage, would she?

Anyway, just do it!

Thinking about it, Ye Liuli closed her eyes and put some inthe bowl, but still not so much in the end.

It was not because she was afraid of killing the prince of virtue, but because thinking of extracting salicylic acid against the risk of corrosion of retina and respiratory mucosa, and spending a whole day in deep processing., This small bottle of salicylic acid paracetamol was too precious for her to use too much.

After adding salicylic acid paracetamol, she stirred it quickly with a spoon and handed it to Dr. Liu. "I’ll press the patient's legs, you feed the patient medicine immediately!"

Dr. Liu was muddled and took the medicine bowl from her subconsciously.

Patient? Referring to the prince? Why did the princess speak like a doctor?

A disciple of Dr. Liu pressed the upper body of the prince of virtue. Ye Liuli immediately went forward and pressed his legs fiercely. "What are you waiting for? Feed him medicine now!"

Only then did Dr. Liu come to himself and begin to feed him medicine.

Nevertheless, the medicine could not go down at all, and the soup flowed out along the corners of the prince of virtue 's mouth. Dr. Liu still kept on feeding, which made Ye Liuli heartache badly.

God, this was the medicine that she had made with such a hardship and a risk of disfigurement, and it had been wasted like that?

Ye Liuli finally couldn't stand it any more. "Dr. Liu, you come here and press the patient's leg, and I'll feed the patient medicine!"

Doctor Liu was shocked. It took him a long time to come round and pass the medicine bowl over.

Not saying a word, Ye Liuli raised her head and poured the medical soup into her mouth, and then used one hand to pinch the man's nose and the other hand pressed his chin, and put her lips on his.

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