Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Chapter 019 – Destination – Southern Suburb Woods

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“I’d better work hard to become a high-tier beastmaster. As for a beast cultivator, we’ll see what happens in the future.”

Zhang Che shook his head. He had no intentions of developing in the field of a beast cultivator for the time being. Although he could ‘see’ the materials needed to cultivate beasts, he had no idea what they were.

If he wished to differentiate the different materials, he had to learn everything from the beginning. The time and effort needed was definitely not little; it wasn’t really worth it.

In the future, it was better to work towards increasing the level of fusion, so that he wouldn’t have to worry about not having a good subdued beast to use when he became a mid-tier beastmaster.

“Hmm? It seems like fusion can be used on two-star cards, too!”

Looking at the nine two-star black iron cards on the table, Zhang Che suddenly realized that he could continue to fuse them. That was another few points of experience!

He immediately put his thoughts into action. Zhang Che picked up a pair of two-star beast cards and activated the fusion skill. In the next moment, the two beast cards in his hands immediately turned into a blur of light and fused into one, leaving only a black iron card with three hexagrams behind.

Looking at the three-star Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly card in his hand, there didn’t seem to be any signs of happiness on Zhang Che’s face.

This time, fusing the beast cards didn’t yield him a single experience point!

“Could it be that beast cards that have already been fused won’t give any more experience points? As expected, this system is truly strict. There is actually not a single loophole that I can exploit!”

Although the second fusing didn’t yield any experience points, he still chose to fuse the remaining two-star cards, resulting in four three-star cards and a two-star card in the end.

Due to the first round of fusion resulting in an odd number of cards, there was a two-star card remaining that he couldn’t fuse. Zhang Che wasn’t feel sad about it.

When he advanced into a Tier Two beastmaster in the future, he could use this two-star Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly card.

With a hallucination-inducing poison attack, it would surely be very good support to have!


The next day, Saturday morning…

A row of fierce-looking military vehicles were parked in the schoolyard of Qian Wei City Number Two Secondary School.

The military vehicles employed the latest technology. Their armor was mixed with light and tough exotic beast materials, increasing their defenses greatly. The body of the cars were fit with countless hook-like iron spikes, which could cause great harm to beasts that attacked the vehicle.

Similarly, their tires were mixed with the latest materials as well. Even rifle bullets were unable to penetrate them.

With such a fierce ride, even if they encountered a two-star silver-tier beast, it wouldn’t be able to hurt the passengers inside within a short period of time, as long as the beasts didn’t have any elemental attacks.

At this very moment, a messy group was standing behind each vehicle. They were the Year 3 students who had become beastmasters and owned a beast.

It was close to 8 AM. Most of the newbie beastmaster students had come to school early in the morning. Following their homeroom teacher’s instructions, they gathered at the schoolyard. The moment the clock struck 8, they would move out to the training location.

In a group that consisted of Class 2 students, about twenty students including both sexes were lined up in two rows, whispering among themselves.

The little fatty, Liu Haowei1 scanned the members in his group and silently estimated inwardly, then whispered to Wu Junyu, who was in front of him doubtfully, “Mm? It seems that the beastmasters in our class have all arrived. Why hasn’t Teacher Han had us board the vehicle?”

Before Wu Junyu could say a word, Huang Tielan who was in the girls row suddenly turned her head and glared at Liu Haowei. “Che, which eye of yours saw that everyone is here? My Zhang Xiaoche isn’t here yet!”

Liu Weihao turned his head slightly and looked at Huang Tielan with a ridiculing gaze and said, “Hah, you’re saying Zhang Che that fellow? I’m afraid he can’t make it here.”

Huang Tielan hated others talking bad about Zhang Che. She couldn’t resist glaring at Liu Haowei hatefully and chided, “What do you mean by that!? Mind your words!”

Under the gathering eyes, Liu Haowei wasn’t afraid of the fierce chick, Huang Tielan. He chuckled, “Hehe, you thought I wouldn’t know that that kid Zhang Che got ahead of himself and went into the beast world? It’s already been a few days, and there’s still no news of him. I’m afraid you won’t ever see him again!”

To his side, Wu Junyu chimed in, “Huang Tienan2, it’s such a pity for your tender affections, but Zhang Che doesn’t exist in this world any longer.”

Huang Tielan was astonished, and her face turned furious. She was worrying about Zhang Che’s safety over the past few days, and now she heard these two punks speaking viciously about him. She nearly lost control of herself and wanted to teach them both a lesson.

Just as she was to put her thoughts into action, she heard her homeroom teacher, Han Sheqing’s voice from the side, “Its unbecoming of you to cause such a ruckus. Stand properly. We’ll head out when everyone is here.”

Huang Tielan felt a slight joy in her heart after hearing Han Sheqing’s words. -So there are still people who have yet to arrive. Could it be that Zhang Che returned from the beast world?-

Standing in the line, Wu Junyu and Liu Haowei felt a little doubtful. The former couldn’t help but ask, “Teacher Han, aren’t all the beastmasters in our class here? Who else is there?”

Han Sheqing let out a faint smile, “I forgot to tell you guys a piece of good news. Zhang Che returned safely from the beast world yesterday, and he has his own beast now. So now we’re waiting for him.”

-What, that kid really returned from the beast world, and even has his own beast now!?-

Wu Junyu and Liu Haowei didn’t dare to believe what they just heard.

But this came from Han Sheqing himself. It surely wouldn’t be wrong.

-How is that possible?

-Zhang Che is only a damn pauper. Even if he became a beastmaster by luck, where did he find the money to buy equipment, and how was it possible for him to hunt the myriad species of beasts in the beast world, obtaining his own beast card?-

On the other hand, Huang Tielan’s face was beaming with delight.

-So it turns out that my Zhang Xiaoche really has come back!

-Like I said, with the Fiery Scorpion I gave him, it was impossible for him to be unable to kill any beasts!

-But since he returned yesterday, why didn’t he tell me?-

A complicated expression showed on the young woman’s face.

As for the other beastmasters present from class 2, their faces were a sight to behold. None of them expected the mediocre Zhang Che to actually dare venture into the dangerous beast world to hunt beasts right after becoming a beastmaster by a stroke of luck. Their understanding of him was completely overturned in an instant.

While they were each having their respective thoughts, a familiar figure suddenly came running in from the school gates. The figure looked around for a short while and immediately ran towards the group of class 2 students.

“I’m sorry, Teacher Han. I was stuck in a traffic jam.”

The heavens could bear witness to his words; Zhang Che was really stuck in a traffic jam earlier. He ran into a car accident on his way here, which caused a traffic disruption. He got off the bus and ran some distance before flagging down a taxi, reaching the school in the nick of time.

“Stand in line.”

Han Sheqing nodded at Zhang Che, then walked towards a second lieutenant standing by the military vehicle. He turned around and waved to his class, “Everyone get on the bus. We’re going to the Southern Suburb Woods!”


Translator Note:

1 Liu Haowei was introduced in Chapter 16 as Liu Weihao, but in this chapter, the author referred to him as Liu Haowei in the raws every time.

2: Wu Junyu called her Huang Tienan intentionally. He replaced the word Lan(兰/orchid) with Nan(男/man) to tease her manly stature, and the Tie(铁) in her name means metal/iron.

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