Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Chapter 025 – Spider Swarm

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Looking at the strength displayed by the Five-Colored Poison Spider, Zhang Che estimated that he didn’t have much chance at victory even if his Fiery Scorpion went up. After all, the poison spider could spit out spider silk. Its overall combat ability was slightly higher than a one-star silver-tier beast…

Even so, Lieutenant Qi could go toe-to-toe against the Five-Colored Poison Spider using only a blade-type beast card and not any other beasts. Not only that, he still held a slight advantage over it. It went to show how strong he was.

With his beast in the picture, the three-star bronze-quality Five-Colored Poison Spider was killed after exchanging a few moves. It truly got one’s heart pumping to witness this.

It turns out that a beastmaster could be this strong!

And that was without relying on any beasts, owning such powerful combat strength!

No, the blade in Lieutenant Qi’s hands was also a beast!

Zhang Che suddenly thought of the situation he witnessed before and focused his gaze, looking towards the long blade in Lieutenant Qi’s hands.


[Giant Horned Rhinoceros Beetle]

Level: Four Star (Level 38)

Quality: Bronze

Type: Weapon Type

Characteristics: Sharp, Tough, Ideal For Penetrating Armor

Weakness: Corrosive Fluid

Potential: D Rank: 25% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 2.5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality. Chances Halved on Next Upgrade. Upgradable 2 Times

Cultivating Directions: …



Zhang Che couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. It was no wonder Lieutenant Qi could penetrate the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s carapace with one slash. The attributes of this blade beast card were very decent.

In terms of pricing, this weapon-type beast card could sell for at least two million Alliance dollars!

From the looks of it, Lieutenant Qi’s high combat power was mainly due to him relying on this blade’s attributes.

Of course, Lieutenant Qi himself was not weak. If it were any ordinary person, even if they had a powerful weapon, they wouldn’t have been able to hurt the three-star bronze-quality Five-Colored Poison Spider.

“Officer Qi is so strong, he actually killed such a powerful beast!”

“Woah, I really couldn’t tell that Officer Qi was actually so powerful!”

After seeing Lieutenant Qi successfully killing such a seemingly powerful Five-Colored Poison Spider, the group of boys and girls all looked at him, admiration growing in their hearts.

If it wasn’t for Lieutenant Qi coming to their rescue in the nick of time, at the very least, Wu Junyu wouldn’t have escaped death and would have become the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s food.

Moreover, in this world, the strong were the ones who are most worthy of respect. Some famous high-tier beastmasters had even more influence than those pretty boys or girls.

After Lieutenant Qi killed the Five-Colored Poison Spider, he first instructed the others to stop advancing for now and remain vigilant, then used his blade to dissect the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s corpse.

The materials found on a three-star bronze-quality beast were very precious, worth a hundred thousand dollars at the very least.

Lieutenant Qi’s movements were very fluid and practiced, displaying the fact that he had done this countless times. In just a short while, the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s carapace, chelicerae, limbs, and poison gland were cut off, and stacked into a small pile.

After doing all this, he turned to the others and waved at them, saying, “Alright, let your subdued beasts come and have a meal. The flesh and blood of a three-star bronze-quality beast has a good effect on your beasts’ growth.”

The group of students immediately went wild with joy and hurriedly rushed up to the front with their respective beasts, afraid to lose out to the others, wanting to gain the most benefit out of this.

After all, increasing a subdued beast’s level was something very difficult to achieve. Consuming the flesh and blood of a higher-level beast was much more effective than fighting and training. Naturally, no one was going to give up on such a rare opportunity.

“Wait!” Lieutenant Qi shouted at the students with a furrowed brow. He said with a low voice, “Look at yourselves. There’s not one bit of discipline in you. If the lot of you were my subordinates, only the heavens know how many times you’d get punished by me in a day.”

The huge wave of beasts suddenly halted in place, and the youngsters revealed embarrassed looks.

Lieutenant Qi swept his gaze across them and let out a sigh. He waved his hand, saying, “Don’t be anxious. Wait for your turn.”

He thought to himself that they were only a group of students, after all. He couldn’t possibly treat them like they were his subordinates, and expect too much out of them.

Although the Five-Colored Poison Spider was huge for a spider, it was only as big as a millstone. After Lieutenant Qi cut off the usable materials off the corpse, there wasn’t much flesh remaining. Class 2 had a total of 26 preparatory beastmasters, and amounting to over thirty beasts. Each of them could only get a small piece of the corpse.

Thus, the Five-Colored Poison Spider’s corpse was soon fully distributed.

As for Lieutenant Qi’s beasts, naturally they wouldn’t bother with the flesh of a mere three-star exotic beast.

No matter what type of a beast it was, they could transform into their original forms to enjoy the flesh of other exotic beasts. However, only original combat form-types possessed any kind of combat strength in their original forms.

Seeing their own beasts got a share of the trophy, the students were looking forward much more to what was coming next. They looked at Lieutenant Qi, waiting for his next instructions to continue on their trip.

However, just at this moment,Lieutenant Qi’s face suddenly changed. He replied sternly to his earpiece, “Roger. Understood!”

What was going on? Was there an unforeseen event?

While the group was curious about what happened,Lieutenant Qi looked at them with a serious gaze and said, “There’s bad news. I just received notice that a Five-Colored Poison Spider nest was discovered in the woods, and there’s a huge amount of them swarming out. Today’s outdoor training ends here!”

He paused for a moment, then pointed in the direction they came from and yelled, “Now, I command all of you to return immediately! Get back to the ad hoc camp as soon as possible!”

A Five-Colored Poison Spider nest was discovered in the woods?

Zhang Che couldn’t help but feel astonished. He had witnessed the powers of a Five-Colored Poison Spider for himself. If there was really a big group of them swarming out at this moment, even if the military had deployed defense personnel in the woods, it was impossible to guarantee there wouldn’t be any casualties.

After all, there were nearly three hundred preparatory beastmasters in the entire Year 3 cohort that came here!

Most of them were pretty much useless in actual combat. It was no easy feat to keep every one of them safe.

After hearing what Lieutenant Qi said, everyone’s faces changed. They didn’t dare to waste any time. The front and back of the group reversed positions and quickly headed back to the camp they came from along the small path they had taken.

They weren’t ignorant fools; all of them saw the strength of a Five-Colored Poison Spider for themselves, and had a clear understanding of them. If they delayed for even a moment, they might get into an extremely dangerous situation.

Dadada… Boom!…

Not even a minute after they started retreating, the clear sounds of a machine gun firing could be heard from the depths of the forest. There were even explosions occasionally. Those were the sounds of grenades going off…

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